Conservative Aboriginal Leaders of Note

You need to be aware of Josephine Cashman:

If you relied purely on the mainstream media, you might not be aware of Aboriginal leaders in this nation who are conservative, or Christian, or both. But there are many of them. Some rather well known social and political leaders include Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine.

But here I want to focus on one key leader who makes no secret of her conservatism and Christianity. I refer to Josephine Cashman. The Daily Declaration website says this about her:

Josephine Amy Cashman is an Aboriginal Australian lawyer and entrepreneur, of Warrimay heritage. Cashman was an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council in 2013, appointed by Tony Abbott. She has addressed a UN Human Rights Council session focussing on violence against Indigenous girls and women.


Josephine is a former Crown Prosecutor, a lawyer and a businesswoman with more than two decades of experience working towards economic progress for Aboriginal people. She sits on the Board of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. Josephine was selected as a friend of the Commonwealth Treasury in 2016 and in 2018, and was an honoured recipient of the UTS Faculty of Law Alumni Award for Excellence. She has undertaken numerous consultancy and voluntary roles for a variety of private, public and not-for-profit organisations.


In 2016, Josephine founded the Big River Impact Foundation (BRIF), an Indigenous philanthropic entity committed to community involvement in decision making and economic freedom for Aboriginal people. BRIF aims to transition Indigenous people away from welfare dependency towards economic freedom. Josephine has also founded One Voice Australia, which is committed to a united Australia.

She has had a number of key media appearances and has penned a number of important articles, noting how the political left has sought to claim the Aboriginal community for its own. In one such piece she says this:

Of course, there were problems when Europeans first arrived. But people forget the French were not far behind. The British were generally far more enlightened than the French, largely as a result of the activism of the Christian Quakers who ended slavery in the British Empire. Had the British not arrived and annexed Australia, the Aboriginal people would have most likely fared far worse.


Even with the British, things were not always rosy for the Aboriginals. Some lost land. There were inevitable conflicts, but the British settlers were not hostile to Aboriginal Australians. There were no Crown sponsored massacres. Most importantly, there were benefits from the arrival of Europeans, and let’s also not forget that there were freed African slaves and Jewish People on the First Fleet.


We mixed from the start and now 77% Aboriginal people marry outside their race. I would not have been born if the British had not arrived and it is something I will never regret. We can celebrate our combined achievements including the technologies my ancestors never had access to. We are one of the youngest and longest democracies, People forget that for most of human history human beings have been enslaved.


Thanks to the Nation the British created, the common person has a vote and a voice. The British built a nation that most people were happy to be part of. Why wouldn’t we be? This is the greatest nation on earth. Most other people in the world want to come here.


I carry an Australian Passport. My tribal lands are protected by the Australian army along with the rest of my nation. Unfortunately, a few decades ago, a new and insidious element began to infiltrate our communities and our country. Those of the green elites who began stirring up hatred and resentment amongst Aboriginals. There are always malcontents in any community and ours is no different.


They speak for us and even pretend to be us. These elites put words into the mouths of these people and use them to prosecute an agenda which is harmful to all Australians, but especially to Aboriginal people. They give these people airtime on their TV channels and pretend that they are speaking for all Aboriginal people but they aren’t. Some of these people wrote books promoting mostly false narratives because most of them have only the most tenuous links to the Aboriginal world, like Bruce Pascoe for instance.


Most Aboriginal areas were functioning well as recently as the 1950s. Unfortunately, the hard left argued successfully that the police were racist oppressors. This is the language of division and Aboriginal people have little faith in Communism. Sadly, the communists were successful in arguing for a withdrawal of the police from Aboriginal communities. That was our ‘defund the police’ moment.


What do you think happened then? What do you think would happen to your community if the police withdrew and criminals never went to prison? It became a nightmare. Criminals and criminal gangs took over. Violence became endemic, as did drunkenness, drug addiction and hopelessness, where once we had hope.


Now, there is a group plotting to take over most of Australia using the Aboriginal victimhood narrative as an excuse. They are using “The Voice” as a trojan horse to steal Australia from its people. I believe the UN is behind this with its ‘Agenda 21’ and ‘Great Reset’.

Cashman has a number of terrific articles on The Daily Declaration site. One of them, “The loony Left do not represent Aboriginal people – it’s time to walk away” begins this way:

A new Indigenous organisation — Your Life Your Vote: Take Control — was launched last week on 8 July 2021, with the aim of stopping the Labor Party, the Greens, and other extreme Left-wing political movements from using Aboriginal votes to pursue ineffective economic policies and weird “woke” social ideas, which are not shared by the vast majority of Aboriginal people. Last week was National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week in Australia.


In many parts of the world, traditional political allegiances are breaking down. Whether it’s Labour’s “Red Wall” in the United Kingdom, African Americans “walking away” from the Democratic Party in the USA, or coal miners and other working people deserting Australian Labor, it is clear that people from all walks of life and sections of society are increasingly alarmed by the loony Left and the failure of traditional Labor/Labour or social democratic parties to genuinely represent them.


Your Life Your Vote: Take Control chairperson, Josephine Cashman, said the following:


“The same is true in Australian Aboriginal communities, which have often returned big majorities for the Australian Labor Party in the past. This has produced little practical return or improvement in their lives and in most communities, things are getting worse.


“This is despite the Left establishing and controlling most Aboriginal policy and organisations for decades, since the 1970s. Aboriginal Australians are also disturbed by weird ideas that are now often described as ‘woke’, and which are being adopted and promoted by the Labor Party, Greens, and even small sections of the Liberal Party.


“Increasing numbers of Aboriginal Australians have had enough of being used for divisive and destructive politics and even ridiculous social-engineering policies. NAIDOC’s 2021 theme is Heal Country, Heal Our Nation. Well, that won’t happen while many Aboriginal people remain tied to the under-performing and increasingly weird and woke Labor Party and ridiculous Greens.”

And she is not just resisting the leftists and their exploitation of Aboriginals, but she is bravely fighting against the rampant woke culture in all its forms. Let me share another article she has on The Daily Declaration site. It is about how the kid’s group the Wiggles are pushing the woke agenda. Her piece on this begins as follows:

Australian children’s entertainers The Wiggles have been criticised for adopting diversity advice that effectively amounts to grooming children into “woke” gender and sexual fads, which have no place in Aboriginal culture. Earlier this week the Wiggles announced, amongst other changes, that they were including “new non-binary” characters in their performances.


The Wiggles can have a culturally diverse band — we have no problem with that — and they can decide ultimately to ruin their international brand and reputation by adopting woke fads, but they should not use Aboriginal people or Aboriginal culture for anything to do with “non-binary” sexuality and our children.


Children are innocent and it is not appropriate to send subliminal suggestive messages, such as this, to our kids in song and dance. It is coercive and should not be acceptable. The Wiggles are not their parents or family, and they have no right to do so.


In our society we have freedoms, but this does not mean they have the freedom to push their non-age-appropriate ideas into our children’s minds and use our culture, which is opposed to this. The majority of Aboriginal people consider it child abuse. It is not right to interfere with a child’s mind like this. It is sexualising them. It is, in fact, a form of grooming, and to see a once-admired group like the Wiggles go down this path is unfortunate.

Josephine Cashman is a much-needed voice of reason and a breath of fresh air when so many others are pushing all the usual leftist narratives and agenda items. We need many more champs like Josephine Cashman. Please follow her online and keep her in your prayers, as she certainly has a lot of enemies and she gets plenty of push-back.

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  1. Thanks Bill, I agree we need people like Josephine especially when the Cairnsnews reports ‘Across Australia Indigenous communities are being coerced and bribed into taking experimental covid injections.
    The corporate Australian governance has sent police and military into these communities to administer these injections.’ The video is under the heading ‘Aboriginal elders speak out against government covid criminals – All Australians unite’

  2. Thanks for posting Bill. What an impressive young lady. Speaks so much common sense.

  3. I quite like Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine. It was exciting when Price was preselected as a CLP Senate candidate in the 2022 federal election.

  4. This article on Josephine Chapman is an eye-opener. See the Daily Declaration website for more details beyond what we find on Bill M’s website.

    This kind of information rarely if ever gets into the mainstream media. Many people have long suspected some manipulation of the facts by various activists claiming to have lots of grassroots support. Many apparently well-meant projects to help the Aboriginal people simply failed but criticisms are soon hushed up. It’s time to ask why.

  5. Sounds like aboriginals are treated like blacks and Native Americans in the USA – you’re children and you need Nanny to tell you want is best and do what is best for you. Dems have been promising blacks the moon since LBJ and never delivered. Finally they are waking up. Glad to see aboriginal people are waking up to their leftist users. The left treat minorities like children they need to help yet it is the right that is called racist.

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