Gotta Love These ‘Fact-Checkers’!

It is always good fun being the subject of the “fact checker” police!

Whenever you hear the words “fact checker” you should run for the hills. Usually those resorting to this do not have the slightest interest in facts, evidence or truth. They are only after one thing: cramming secular left ideology down everyone’s throats. Instead of actually dealing in argument and debate, they just run with hatchet jobs and fake news.

Their sole purpose is to demonise any individual or group that dares to think differently than they do. So if you are conservative or Christian – or worse yet, conservative AND Christian – they will go after you big time, and happily tell one lie after another to make you out to be further to the right than Attila the Hun and Adolf H.

As a great example of all this, check this out:

“Overall, we rate CultureWatch or as an extreme right-biased and factually questionable website based on poor sourcing, promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and one-sided perspectives. (M. Huitsing 05/07/2023)”

Ha! So I must be really evil. At least this loony leftist outfit thinks so. But it is an honour to join over 6100 other Christian and conservative groups on their hate list. I must be doing something right to be in such good company. You can read for yourself what these folks have to say about me:

It is a real doozy. All up they mention 4 articles of mine as proof of my great crimes and misdemeanours. Um, I have 6219 articles posted so far on my website. Have they carefully read every single one of them, along with the 87,295 posted comments featured there? Somehow I just don’t think so.

Yet they claim to now be experts on me and my site. Wow, these guys are so amazing! Never mind that they go on to say this: “Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information; therefore, fact-checking and further investigation are recommended on a per-article basis when obtaining information from these sources.”

So they recommend checking things out on a per-article basis. Yet here they have fully condemned me and my entire website, with over 6200 articles totalling around 10 million words, all on the basis of a quick scan of four measly articles! Good grief. And we are supposed to take these clowns seriously! They really do need to find a new day job.

But I must admit that their hit piece really did give me a few hearty chuckles. Consider just one paragraph from these goofballs:

CultureWatch is a website that covers a broad range of topics related to Christianity and culture. One example of an article on CultureWatch is “The Dangers of Compromise,”the author cites various Bible passages throughout the article to support his argument. However, the website, in general, publishes articles with strong, emotionally loaded language, such as“Our Beloved Leader: Embracing Chistophobia and Islamophilia,”and uses derogatory language, such as “Danistan,” to refer to the state of Victoria and calls the premier “Dictator Dan” in a derogatory manner. The author also accuses the premier of promoting homosexuality and being “anti-Christian” without providing any evidence to support these claims.

Oooh, I use the Bible sometimes! That makes me the son of Satan! And I use words like “Danistan”! Wow, that really puts me beyond the pale, doesn’t it? But even funnier is if these guys will read this piece. I will hurt their little snowflake feelings even further! Poor diddums!

Oh, and these guys proudly state on their homepage that outfits like the BBC, Newsweek, NBC News, Snopes, Washington Post, Politico, LA Times, etc., use their material. That is really reassuring – not. No wonder the lamestream media is so utterly unreliable, untrustworthy and worthless.

Why do I suspect that these guys would be better served working at a different job, perhaps flipping burgers or something a bit safer, and requiring less intelligence. Although I am not sure any business worth its salt would want to employ such misfits.

Well, these dudes obviously have far too much time on their hands, so I will keep writing articles. Maybe one day they will look at a fifth or a sixth piece. Maybe one day they will get up to checking out more than 0.06 per cent of my total output! You know, do some REAL fact checking.


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13 Replies to “Gotta Love These ‘Fact-Checkers’!”

  1. I always find the words “Independent Fact Checker” highly amusing; the question then arises as to who appointed these illustrious ones and certifies their “Independence”??

    And by the way what or who are they “independent from” anyway??

    The term “Independent Fact Checker” is essentially meaningless unless there is some sort of way of establishing what source or sources the “Independent Fact Checker” obtained his or her “facts” from and then in turn where those sources obtained their “facts” from etc etc. ad infinitum!

    In an era of “personal truths” and “personal worldviews” the term “Fact” is potentially whatever an individual or group wants it to be; until of course we arrive on the Day of Judgement and then it may be quite difficult for an “Independent Fact Checker” to argue with God!! As a former work colleague of mine used to like saying, “Good luck with that”! Lol!

  2. Good morning Bill
    I absolutely get your frustration dealing with these loopy liars
    They cannot or will not make any effort to find truth ( very sad for them)
    Keep up your good work
    Best wishes

  3. Keep up the amazing, edifying work for the Kingdom, brother!
    God bless you!

  4. Thanks Bill.
    Their diatribes make me chortle with a belly-laugh.
    Do these guys ever think to do fact-checking of their own stereotyped cliches, epithets, and labels? Do the epithets “right-wing”, “homophobic”, “Islamophobic”, “transphobic”, and all the other “—phobic” labels have any factual or meaningful content?
    Take “homophobia” for example: a combination of bad Latin (homo simply means “human being”, not homosexual), and even worse Greek (phobia is from the Greek phobos: “fear”, not hate). Yet the word is generally understood as “hatred of homosexuals”. Do these fools even know what they themselves are talking about?
    For my part, I refuse to use these newly-invented “—phobic” epithets: not only because they are a prostitution of language, but they have no meaningful content.
    Moreover, to take another example, is “Islamophobia” a disease or mental condition, like claustrophobia or pyrophobia? Is there a pill or a potion for it? If it is a disease, then I say to your detractors, Cut the use of these terms as blame terminology!!
    But of course, these terms do in fact serve well as epithets of abuse, which is the way your opponents, and a multitude of others, use them.

  5. Bill, I understand how you have been attacked for sharing Bible verses, evidence and TRUTH.
    As I shared evidence and data with another, I was described as ‘lacking compassion!’
    Stand and stay strong Bill.
    The TRUTH will save lives.

  6. My reply to the one who attacked me, “I have a responsibility to tell the truth. What you do with evidence and data, I leave with you. Facts, evidence and data cannot be denied.
    The TRUTH is the TRUTH, no matter how unpalatable. The TRUTH never changes, otherwise it is not truth.
    The TRUTH will save lives”.
    Be encouraged Bill.

  7. Dear Bill, Don’t ever change! I thank God daily for people like you who speak the Truth unpopular as it is in some circles. Michael Matt of Remnant video and Taylor Marshall are two others I could mention. They are American like you were originally.

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