Dealing With Anti-Christian Bigotry and Hatred

A tremendous legal win for superstar Bernard Gaynor:

Many have warned that when the secular left radicals get their way, things fall apart very quickly and thoroughly. The path from prohibition to permission to promotion does not take long at all. When a culture and its legal apparatus push extremist ideologies and lifestyles, it does not end with some happy status quo. It ends with those who dare to differ being pursued, persecuted, penalised and punished.

This site has documented case after case of this occurring over the years. And often the worst offenders here are the homosexual militants and the trans activists. They do not want to be left alone to do their thing. They want full societal endorsement and celebration of their lifestyle. And they want the full force of the law brought to bear on any recalcitrants who have the temerity to differ even in the least.

So many of these tragic stories are found on this site – and elsewhere. One champion who has been through hell and back is the subject of no less than 22 articles – in part or in total – on CultureWatch. I refer to Queensland Christian Bernard Gaynor.

In one of my articles from 2019 I spoke of the terrible persecution he has endured not just from the sexual militants but even the Australian Defence Force! As I said in that piece:

If we think that deleting a few paragraphs here or altering a few sentences there will somehow placate the militants, we are living in dreamland. Books like mine are totally anathema to them. It is NOT a question of making some changes – or even many changes: it is a question of having the book renounced, apologised for, and then destroyed. That would be the endgame of the militants. They are not into compromise – they are into complete dominance. I mentioned to these folks that they should read the latest writings of Bernard Gaynor. The Queensland Christian has known hardcore persecution from the militants for years now, and it has been enormously costly for him.

He has endured so much for so long. Indeed, imagine going through eight years of hell and being the subject of 41 legal complaints by a serial litigant and hater. Yet after all this misery there is some good news to be shared. Bernard has just posted a statement on “END OF EIGHT YEARS OF LGBT LEGAL PERSECUTION” and it is wonderful indeed. Let me share parts of it with you:

On Friday, 2 September 2022, the New South Wales Local Court dismissed all remaining complaints lodged against me by serial litigant and homosexual activist, Gary Burns, under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). As such, I now have an unblemished 41-0 record after eight years of farcical litigation against me.


This persecution has been aided and abetted by the State of New South Wales, the New South Wales Attorney General, the New South Wales Crown Solicitor’s Office, the New South Wales Department of Communities and Justice, Anti-Discrimination New South Wales and the Attorneys General of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.


I have faced a system which has claimed legally untenable retrospective and extra-territorial powers. And this system has rubber-stamped complaints so absurd that they involved Gary Burns claiming that he was vilified by his own comments which he left on my Facebook page.


Yet, despite the enormous resources of state that have been arrayed against me, not a single finding has been made against me. It is a fitting epitaph to the sheer incompetence of each of the bureaucrats involved in perpetuating this injustice.


Nothing highlights the corrupt processes of the New South Wales anti-discrimination industry in this eight-year saga more than these facts:


– The only person who has admitted to breaking the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) is the former Acting President of Anti-Discrimination New South Wales and current Chief Operating Officer of the New South Wales Bar Association, Elizabeth Wing. In September 2016 Elizabeth Wing admitted that she had failed in her duties and responsibilities to provide me with progress reports of her ‘investigations’ under S.90C of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).


– The only organisation found to have acted unlawfully is the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal which was found by the New South Wales Court of Appeal in 2017 and the High Court of Australia in 2018 to be acting inconsistently with Chapter III of the Constitution of Australia.


– The only person who has apologised and withdrawn any statement in these proceedings is Magistrate Susan McIntyre who unreservedly withdrew and apologised for unprovoked and derogatory slurs she had made about my solicitor and, by extension, me during these most recent proceedings.


– In the course of these and other proceedings, Acting Judge Nancy Hennessy (a Deputy President of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal) was forced to recuse herself from matters involving Gary Burns after uncontested evidence was presented to the Tribunal that she was seen meeting with him.


– A Tipstaff in the New South Wales Supreme Court, Thomas Poberezny-Lynch, used an unofficial and private email address to communicate with Gary Burns. How this email address was obtained and what communications were made with it have never been disclosed.


– During this and other associated litigation, Gary Burns has been found by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have engaged in conduct constituting contempt of court and to have lodged vexatious complaints. He is now also bankrupt. But he remained free to continue his persecution of me.

He continues:

I stand here today, after eight years of attack, proud that I have been courageous enough to describe this behaviour for what it is: perverted, degenerate and evil. I note that all of this has occurred under the cowardly and craven watch of the supposedly ‘conservative’ New South Wales Liberal government. It has nothing but my contempt. Its pretence of conservatism is nothing more than a charade.


It is obvious to anyone who has paid the slightest attention to these proceedings that the only reason they have been allowed to continue is because the New South Wales anti-discrimination industry has basely and maliciously abused its power in order to protect and promote shameful evil. All involved are dishonourable and reprehensible. And all involved will one day answer to God, who will provide perfect justice. I look forward to that day.

And he finishes with these words:

I call on the media who would gloatingly publish stories of my destruction to do its duty and shine a light on corruption, abuse of power and evil. For years, mainstream media has peddled fake news that Christians persecute homosexuals. Nothing is further from the truth. It is Christians who face real persecution: the loss of their jobs, their livelihoods, their homes, their reputations, their schools and even the destruction of their churches in the face of this merciless onslaught of evil which has already cowed so much of our society into silence.


I thank all those who have supported, encouraged and generously donated to assist me over the past eight years. I can truly say, without your help, that I would not have been able to defend myself. This victory as much yours as it is mine. I thank my wife, Elle, who has stood steadfastly by my side. She is the real and silent hero in this battle. Most of all, I thank God who has protected me from the evils I have faced, despite my own failings.

And on the social media he has a terrific picture of himself, his wife, a few friends and his legal aide having a quiet celebration in a restaurant a few days ago. Under it he says this:

Thanks be to God for this victory! And at lunch time today I enjoyed a glass of bubbly with my solicitor and Marella, Anne and Beverly who all came in for the judgement. Most importantly, I shared a glass with my wonderful wife Elle who has been my rock throughout this 8 year battle.


And next week it is time to work on costs. Burns has not been ordered to pay costs for a single one of his failed complaints. Unfortunately, it seems clear to me that the NSW Local Court is intent on protecting him once again. I hope we can change this. Thank you for your help, generosity, support and prayers – without them I would not have been able to defend myself today!

Indeed, so many of you have prayed for Bernard and contributed to his legal funds. Thank you for this. He is indeed a champion. There have been some other brave fighters who have not capitulated to the hyper-left mobs. But they are few and far between.

How many of you could have stood strong over 8 years and with 40 legal challenges? Most would have given up and given in. Most would have put up the white flag of surrender. But not Bernard. He stood tall. Bless you mate – you are a hero.

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  1. Thank you Bill and all of your readers who have helped me through this. And I can truly say that you are one of the few and far in between!

    If there is one lesson from this saga it is this: stay the course.

    I did not win because of strong legal argument (although I am absolutely confident in my legal position). None of the last 8 years has been about principled legal argument. How could it be in a system that makes a mockery of justice?

    I won because I refused to back down and eventually the rotten stench of corruption became too much. I won because the magistrate wanted to unshackle herself from Burns and make this case go away.

    The decision to end this case was as political as the decision to start it. It began with the hatred and greed of evil. And it finished in the fear and self-interest of evil. God used evil itself to confound evil. And I rejoice in that!

  2. Sadly today, unbelievers would like to exterminate us Christians; they’ve made a start by attempting to remove Christian prayers from parliaments & Scripture classes in schools, & they won’t stop until they can remove all traces of Christianity they can find in society.

  3. It is time to learn from Bernard Gaynor and take of the gloves and stand up to these persecutors and those who give them comfort.
    Christian soldiers – TIME TO STAND TALL AND FIGHT HARD.
    John Abbott

  4. Stephen Chen – You are correct, “They won’t stop until they can remove all traces of Christianity they can find in society.”

    Alternatively, ‘they’ have no problem promoting, anything-but-Christianity.

    Consider this:

    ‘Welcome to country’ – is it showing respect or is it paganism?

  5. Thank goodness this has all come to a close. After 8 years and i’ve been following Bernard Gaynor’s plight since 2017 and all the updates he has made regarding this serial bankrupt pest who at one point even doxxed Mr Gaynor’s address to hardline Islamic extremists by accessing The Electoral roll. But ultimately Mr Gaynor won. And as for those who aided and abetted Burns Justice will come for all of them. No one escapes Judgment. However a hearty congratulations to you Bernard Gaynor and as you say at the end of your emails Christus Rex indeed Christ is King.

  6. Thanks Bill for informing us of this 8 year battle – the same time King Saul chased David as he was jealous of David. And glad it is over for the time being. We need people like Bernard in parliament.
    The corruptness of our state’s judiciary was also mentioned recently by the Kangaroo Court’s article regarding Lynette’s Dawson’s disappearance – it took 40 years to make a conviction which we hope is correct.

  7. Congratulations Bernie so pleased to hear of your triumph after all these years.
    God bless

  8. Good on you Bill for highlighting this. A huge congratulation to Bernard and his wife. How they didn’t give up in the face of overwhelming evil juggernaut – which has been given the power from the god of this world: Satan, is more than amazing! Thank God who instilled in both Bernard and his faithful wife, the tenacity, stength and courage … and, yes, even dry wit and humour (which we saw on many occasions throughout Bernard’s articles), to persevere. Over the years it was like seeing a lone man get scourged repeatedly and then come back for more, knowing all along he was speaking the truth, while his enemies shamelessly grinning. There have been no NSW supposedly conservative Liberal MPs to help you. There have been no Catholic leaders nor Protestant church leaders to help you. There have been no ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) to help you. Yes, there were many reasons, good and understandable ones at that, for Bernard to have pulled the pin and walk away from it all, but he and his wife didn’t. God bless you both. Moreover, praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has given you such a sweet and glorious victory!

  9. Why not launch a GoFundMe for Bernard? He has lost so much materially that he deserves every dollar that we could raise. I am only a pensioner but I supported him financially as funds were available so if we all did that I am sure there is money out there for him.

  10. No GoFundMe is 100% Woke. You only need find out what happened with Israel Folau. However there’s a conservative equivalent called GiveSendGo

  11. With reference to Deuteronomy 19:15-21. Martin G. Collins wrote:

    If enacted today, the Old Testament law—that a false witness would receive the same penalty that would have been given to the accused—would substantially reduce the number of lawsuits in our courts! People sue indiscriminately because they have no penalties to fear. God considers such things as abominations!

    In the UK we see so many instances of the police arresting and throwing into jail Christian street preachers and upright citizens for posting politically incorrect comments on twitter or facebook. Inevitably those victims are exonerated and monetary compensation is made by the police. But who really pays? it is the tax payers – you and me my dears, allowing the one who made the false accusations to walk away and continue in their wickedness with impunity. As long as the LGBTQs and their allies are allowed to continue making false allegations so injustice will accelerate and we the people will pay for our own persecution.

    David Skinner UK

  12. What a Champion of a Man with such a lovely, stalwart wife and family behind him…as well as the wider Church.

    We Salute you, Bernard.

    We Give GOD all the GLORY, Honour & Praise – it truly was a David vs Goliath battle…

    We have much to learn from Bernard’s Perseverance, Standing strong in the Lord and Refusing to succumb to Evil as we will all be tested mightily in the coming days…

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