A Miracle Win in Victoria?

Is this the answer we have been praying about?

If Scott Morrison was the miracle man to win the 2019 Australian federal election, Adem Somyurek might just be the miracle man to help defeat one of the worst pieces of legislation in Victorian – if not Australian – history. The corrupt and power-hungry former Labor politician seems to have been the answer to prayer as his refusal to support the bill might undo the evil machinations of another corrupt and power-hungry politician: Premier Dan Andrews.

He has said he will not support the Dictator For Life legislation, leaving the government reeling, now seeking to find another way to rush this terrible bill through. A flurry of phone calls have already been made, and Andrews is now in panic mode. For all intents and purposes the bill was a done deal, set to pass through the Victorian upper house, thanks to the three deplorable crossbenchers who have been doing dirty deals with Dan for years now.

But now there is hope that it will not go through. The talk now is that Andrews will delay a vote on the bill until he can again guarantee enough votes to see it pass. He is now a vote short and he is in full flight seeking to get it. At the very least, it is nice to see him squirm for a change.

I have written often about how diabolically bad this bill is. Plenty of others have also warned about it, including 60 QCs and many other legal eagles who have warned about it. Tens of thousands of concerned Christians have been praying steadfastly against this terrible bill, and many have been attending mass rallies in the city.

Like so many others, I have been praying that God would somehow do a miracle. I certainly did not expect that it would come in the form of the disgraced Labor power-broker Adem Somyurek. He now sits on the crossbenches as an independent, and he has just recently returned to parliament – just in time.

And if that is the way this thing is to be defeated, so be it. Fine by me. If God wants to use a rather deplorable politician to help stop another rather deplorable politician, that is quite alright in my books. And if this bill is stopped, it may lead to other steps to challenge Andrews and his corrupt regime.

So we must pray even more than ever. And we must keep contacting MPs, joining in the freedom marches, and anything else we can do. This battle is not over yet. But news of this surprise move by Somyurek has certainly given me and so many others a bit of hope.

But those celebrating a tremendous win here are being a bit premature. When you have corrupt and sinister politicians like Andrews around, you can be sure he will try anything to get this bill back on track. He will resort to any trick and any manipulation and any coercion to seek a win. We must pray against all this.

In the meantime, here is one recent piece from the Herald Sun on the latest developments:

The Andrews government’s controversial pandemic management Bill is in disarray with former government MP Adem Somyurek revealing he will block it. Mr Somyurek on Wednesday night told the Herald Sun he would sensationally return to parliament to oppose the Bill, saying it gives “too much power to the government” and could lead to a “tyranny of rule by decree”.


Victoria was already “essentially an elective dictatorship”, he added, saying the bill does not include adequate checks to prevent abuses of power. The government had assumed it would win the upper house vote scheduled for Thursday with the support of three crossbench MPs it secured a deal with on Monday.


But Mr Somyurek’s decision as he returns to parliament for just the second time since June 2020 will mean the government will fall short of a majority, providing the eight other crossbenchers – who have already committed to opposing the Bill – vote against it. In that scenario, the Bill will fail.


Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes hit the phones late Wednesday night in a desperate 11th hour bid to help save the government’s scuppered Bill. Ms Symes personally phoned members of the crossbench to try and secure one more desperately needed vote.


Speculation about Mr Somyurek’s intentions on Wednesday prompted suggestions the government would delay the critical vote until the next sitting of parliament, in two weeks, rather than risk the embarrassment of such a high-profile loss.


That would give it time to win over at least one more crossbencher, but would likely involve massive concessions being made. If the government cannot force the bill through in the next two weeks before the State of Emergency expires, it will not be able to enforce any pandemic orders.


Mr Somyurek said he had been moved to return due to concerns there was inadequate independent scrutiny built into the controversial Bill and it could lead to unjust government and “despots”. “Had I continued to be a member of the Andrews cabinet, I would have argued around the cabinet table that this bill is a bad idea because it gives too much power to the government,” he said.

But things are still in a state of flux, and we must keep vigilant. This fight is not over yet. Indeed, while there is more than enough political commentary on this matter, my main concern here is to highlight the spiritual connections. As mentioned, the totally unexpected development may be a part of the answer to millions of prayers that have gone up over this bill.

Just recently I wrote about the ‘stones speaking out’ – a reference to what Jesus said: if his own disciples will not speak out, God is able to even get the stones to speak up: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/11/09/when-stones-speak-out/

So God can raise up voices and actors from unexpected quarters. He could use Balaam’s ass for his purposes in the Old Testament, and he could use non-Christian leaders in the New – consider the warning given by Pilate’s wife about the crucifixion of Jesus (Matthew 27:19).

God is able to do all sorts of interesting things. And when far too many Christians are silent and are not speaking out about the things that matter, and when too many weak opposition leaders and parties are not up to the task of opposing dangerous legislation, then God is quite able to raise up even an ex-Labor Party bigwig.

But we must not let up now. As I say, this matter is not finalised yet, and Andrews will try every sneaky and intimidating thing he can come up with to push this through. So please keep praying. Please keep marching. Please keep contacting MPs.

Even if this despicable bill is stopped – and that will be a massive victory indeed – that does not mean the end of the despotic Andrews’ regime. He has already pushed through so much ungodly and anti-Christian bigotry in various bills and laws, and he will keep on doing so.

But if he were to be rebuffed here, that would hopefully be just the start of even more fightback. We need the political fightback, but it must be based on a spiritual fightback. Keep it up friends.

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  1. Samureyk is a typical politician who having dumped on Andrews at the IBAC is now seeking to stop the Danistan bill as it should be called as another means of personal revenge. My understanding is the 2 Liberal Democrats & Independent Catherine Cumming who haven’t disclosed their vaccination status for the right reasons should reconsider. Then the bill would definitely fail.

  2. It’s good to hear that the pandemic bill can’t get through for now.

    Now what is happening on the so-called “lifting of restrictions” as from around midnight as the state of Victoria approaches the 90% vaccination target?

  3. Today all Victorians can shop anywhere. Maybe not tomorrow with the new rules to come.

  4. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Andrews. Maybe those in the ALP may just muster some decency and courage and finally unseat this despot.

  5. Yes Ken that has been my prayer that this might be the end of the Dictator, and that a few Labor MPs still with a conscience and some basic decency will break ranks and stand for what is right.

  6. Mr Somyurek said he had been moved to return due to concerns there was inadequate independent scrutiny built into the controversial Bill and it could lead to unjust government and “despots”.

    We must be ever vigilant. Adem has not said he would “kill the Bill” only that it doesn’t contain safeguards.

    That telegraphs to me that he is not philosophically opposed to centralised power, only that he doesn’t like the look of this particular version.

  7. Essential? How come I get the feeling houses of ill repute and houses of abortion would be considered essential yet houses of worship wouldn’t.

  8. That’s a travesty Bill. Sex only will bring temporary thrills and abortion kills a baby and often scars a woman but when the women need to get help afterwards or when the guilt sets in from seeing a prostitute the Reich says nien your on your own. If one didn’t know better you’d think the government likes larger suicide numbers and domestic violence numbers. One might think there is a war on religion.

    Yes it is troubling that his objection ISN’T to the powers being given but safe guards which usually go unused as politicians fear going up against someone they basically agree with. Sounds like he wants there to be a mechanism to stop the abuse on paper at least. “I can support it because if he becomes a dictator we have legal means written into the bill to stop him.” Ink on a page!

  9. yes and yes

    People in parliament are often so desperate to achieve something “they will vote for any movement that appears like progress”.
    Little do they know that “The most progressive people are those who go back to where they went wrong and then move on.” -Lewis and Tolkien

  10. Thanks Bill for keeping us up to date. As far as Dictator Dan is concerned, just keeping speaking the word that he will fall off his perch and he will in God’s timing. God and Jesus always spoke first before it happened, we are to do the same. God Bless you all down in Dictatorland.

  11. So nice to have a little roadblock in the path of this rush by all our Governments. It was interesting to note just how huge the opposition to this Bill has been, and yet how determined Dan is to push it through. Praying on.

  12. Thanks Bill.
    Having been kicked out of a Target store, and from a Rivers store in quick succession this morning, and hearing the plea, “I’m just following government orders”, I now feel the iron boot of the Daniel Andrews regime. This sort of ribald discrimination has never been seen in this country in our history; and the plea of “just following orders” I had thought was buried forever following the Nuremberg trials. However, it is back, dusted and polished, with the soporific and altruistic wrapping, “To keep you safe”. that was the line when my wife was kicked out of Target.
    “Freedom Day”? Claptrap! It is segregation day. And if this continues, and if as—we see already in Queensland—we can expect a huge concentration camp, with cyclone wire fences topped with barbed wire, and row upon row of huts to contain the unvaccinated lepers and pariahs, this is a recipe for civil war.
    You can push people so far with lies and vilification, but there comes a time when the floodgates will burst, and the sight which ensues won’t be pretty. Note: this is an observation; not an endorsement—just for the information of any bureaucrat who may be monitoring this site.

  13. Thanks Murray. Yes I was kicked out of a cafe the other day. Although they apologized, I ended up drinking a take away coffee in the cold and rain – they would not even let us sit outside of their cafe under their awning!!

    Sure, businesses do not want to go out of business or face big fines, etc. I get that. But this is the time for action, not capitulation. If enough businesses stood up and told the State to get lost, that they were not going to obey these unjust, discriminatory and wicked orders, we could turn things around. But we are surrounded by cowards and sheeple alas.

    it is very scary indeed Murray. I am glad you and others can see through the delusion and have not drunk from the Kool-Aid.

  14. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. Throughout history God has been known to choose some very unlikely people to use in the search for TRUTH. Perhaps this is another example. We HAVE to keep believing that TRUTH will triumph in the end.

    Daniel Andrews has stooped as low as he can go with his spiteful remarks about the protests in Melbourne branding the protestors as extremists. No city has that many extremists Dan! Peta Credlin of Sky News put it very well when she said that most of the people attending the protests were just ordinary people ‘mums and dads’ who would not usually bother to attend protests but felt that this issue was too important to ignore. Then of course there is the 60 lawyers whom he can’t ignore.

    I hope this spells the end of the Premiership of this evil man.

    Long live Christ the King!!

  15. What we are seeing is apartheid pure and simple. Morrison finally speaking out for the unvaccinated. Thank God. So how are the laws being enforced in Victoria? Do these businesses ask to see a pass of some sort before they serve you? They will soon tire of doing that surely. Or if they serve you and the police come by it’s the business owner who cops it? Are police empowered to stop you and ask to see your pass? If you don’t have one do you get fined? Can you opt for jail time? It all sounds so 1984. It’s what we might expect in Qld. You Bill, just stay strong. We need you!!

  16. Pastor at Baptist Church here in Agnes Water where we are holidaying announced last Sunday they had no intention of discriminating against the unvaccinated when or if the time comes. I hope there will be many others but I fear not. Based on what I have observed so far. Where are the Bonhoeffers?

  17. I don’t think people today know about Nuremberg. It would truly shock people if they knew all this progressive government concentration of power happened before and what it led to.

  18. I can imagine a new production of a Shakespeare play, say Macbeth.

    Daniel Andrews as MacBeth, Jenny Mikakos as Lady MacBeth, the three witches whose advice he follows slavishly would be James Merlino, Brett Sutton and Jeroen Weimer. Adem Somyurek as MacDuff springing up at the end, with nothing to lose, as Avenger, and Birnam wood all the thousands of protesters dismissed as a few ugly people.
    Not sure who Banquo’s ghost would be, maybe the good reputation of Victoria, motto “Peace and Prosperity”, both murdered. Or maybe the Labor party, founded by people spinning in their graves right now.

  19. On another note, a Melbourne friend told me of a hairdresser in the Eastern suburbs who had the required sign up saying that the government had mandated that only vaccinated customers are allowed, but then another bigger sign next to it to the effect that “All are welcome here. We won’t ask anyone about their vaccination status”. Apparently they’re doing a roaring trade.

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