On Dishonouring Our Dead

Now they want to sexualise and politicise our dead war heroes!

When 18-year-old boys signed up to fight in overseas wars – be it WWI or WWII or other conflicts – they did NOT think: ‘I am doing this so that one day we can publicly celebrate and promote two men having carnal relations with one another’. They would have had many reasons for joining and being willing to risk their lives, but to defend some radical minority group’s sexual agenda item was not one of them.

As such, plans to turn our most sacred and venerated site for the war dead into a pro-homosexual billboard is the height of disrespect and dishonour for those who served and died. Yet this is just what the politically correct clowns who care nothing about their sacrifices are pushing. Consider what one recent news report says about this:

A plan to light up the Shrine of Remembrance in rainbow colours for the first time to honour LGBTQI+ servicemen and women has been denounced as divisive and inappropriate. Rainbow colours will be projected on to the Shrine colonnades at dusk this Sunday following a Last Post service in commemoration of the contribution of gay and queer military members.


The event will mark the opening of the Shrine’s Defending with Pride exhibit, which will run for a year from August 1, charting the history of LGBTQI+ people’s military service. The rainbow flag was “divisive” and was a misuse of the sacred Shrine building, 3AW host Neil Mitchell said. “No disrespect to the gay community but the rainbow flag can be divisive,” Mitchell said.


“It’s not the role of the Shrine to be leading that debate, the Shrine should be above politics and political debate.” Mitchell railed against Sunday’s planned light display, saying the Shrine would be “lit up like a gay billboard”. Veterans’ advocate and former Hawthorn RSL president Lucas Moon said it was important to recognise the contribution of LGBTQI+ servicepeople but the Shrine was not the appropriate building to be lit up in rainbow colours.


“We saw the Shrine mistreated when we were locked up during Covid – for the first time, we saw it used as a protest site during the anti-lockdown protests,” Mr Moon said. “It appears now that the Shrine, which stands well above any person or cause, is being used for political purposes. “I don’t think the veteran community has been consulted at all, let alone the LGBTI parts of the veteran community.” https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/radio-host-neil-mitchell-slams-rainbow-light-plans-for-shrine-of-remembrance/news-story/18027439e964907666843e4225559848

Hot on the heels of the Manly rugby team debacle in alienating numerous players for not consulting them about having a homosexual pride round and being forced to wear divisive rainbow jerseys for a game on Thursday night, this is just another example of the homosexual juggernaut rushing ahead, crushing everything in its path.

See my earlier piece on the push by the Rugby League to be inclusive – by way of excluding everyone who dares to have a different point of view: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/07/26/the-end-of-sport-politicising-everything/

Nothing is sacred. Everything and everyone MUST be forced to embrace, promote and cheer on all things homosexual – or else. There is no neutral territory here. The homosexual behemoth is crushing all in its wake as it demands total submission and complete endorsement and compliance.

My friend Ed reminds us of what is happening here in the leftist stronghold of Victoria: “The Andrews government had peaceful protesters shot with rubber bullets for ‘desecrating’ the memory of the soldiers that the shrine represents. Protesting for freedom was not OK. Now the Andrews government is actually going to desecrate the Shrine by bathing it in colours to promote LGBT sexual behaviours.

Yep. And as the noted Victorian politician Bernie Finn put it: “Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance is a sacred place. It is no place for a tawdry stunt. Bruce Ruxton must be turning in his grave!” Exactly right. This madness will infuriate millions of ordinary Victorians who have lost loved ones who bravely served in overseas combat.

As one such gal just told me on the social media: “My Dad, and many more of our diggers, would turn over in their graves! This is disgusting!It most certainly is. The radical sexual militants will not stop until every institution, every custom, every social group, and every aspect of culture is fully and finally homosexualised.

There will be no room for any dissension or rebellion. Everyone WILL be made to bow and worship at the homosexual shrine. Those who will not will be vilified, persecuted, and run out of town. There is only ONE sort of inclusion allowed here: and that is full-tilt worship of the god of the sexual revolutionaries.

If this appalling move goes ahead, the Shrine of Remembrance will forever be remembered as a Shrine of Political Correctness, of Woke-ism run amok, and of the surrender of our freedoms to a bunch of sexual radicals. It will mean we no longer value free and democratic societies.

Cowering under the jackboot of the sexual militants may be the path that some will take, but it is not my way. And it sure was not the way of all the diggers who fought and died to keep us free from all forms of tyranny. And the tyranny of our homosexual overlords is just as destructive and debilitating as that of any other coercive reign of terror.

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13 Replies to “On Dishonouring Our Dead”

  1. Thank you for your comprehensive update on this Bill and for exposing all that is going on with plans for rainbow lights and much more…It is a terrible blight on the servicemen and women of the past and their heroism in war.
    I grieve that that those who have an agenda want to use past history for their own ends.
    Thanking God though that the media at least are standing more with the Manly players who objected.
    May God now use the media to object to desecration of memories at the Shrine of remembrance and bring good out of this situation Romans 8.28. ay the plan fail and backfire and many speak up and the media listen and object to this outlandish move to spread a gender issue.

  2. Bill, what can we do? Who should we write to? Would a petition to the Shrine help? Make it easy for your readers to register their protest at this disgusting proposal!
    Thanks in advance…

  3. Just when you think everything that can be ‘rainbow-coloured’ has been, this desecration comes along.
    I agree with your comment that we could start by writing to our local state MPs, but what I would like to ask is:
    who is it who gives authorisation for such desecration? Of course, the GLBTQI+ will push for such things, but who gives them the go-ahead?
    My grandfather, who lost his life in France in 1917, would, like a multitude of other grandfathers, be turning in his grave.

  4. Thank you for your comments. It has gotten worse, as the abortion debate. I’m so tired of government involving themselves in this sin, especially those who claim to be devote Christians. I pray for the return of our Lord.

  5. Next we will be told that James Cook and Buzz Aldrin were both gay.
    Anyway, more Christians are killed each week in Africa and the Middle East than gays — so let’s promote a ‘Christian month’ — WITHOUT making Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist and gay league players wear crosses! It will stop the outrageous gay promotional nonsense in it’s tracks.
    I hope Sheridan and/or Bolt et al say as much.
    And besides, is this current ‘whole gay matter’ to do with the change of government — the Aboriginal flag taking precedence over the gay flag — me thinks so.
    Regards abortion, the mid term elections are coming up and the Democrats have nothing to run on, hence all opposition to the SC decision; genuine women’s healthcare isn’t the issue, winning the mid terms is. But the Dems won’t win as Hispanics are the second largest ethnicity in the US and they are all going to the Reps. as they are largely all immigrants and have seen the destruction and death that socialism brings.
    God Bless Bill.

  6. I just want to say, there is NO LGBTQWERTY…etc, ‘community’. Just like there’s no Frotteurism ‘community’. It’s a political makeup to give perversion more force than it has in an attempt to legitimise it. Even if there were persons of perverted sexuality in the armed services, I’ll bet they served because of loyaltly to the nation and not their so-called (but non-existent) ‘community’.

  7. Interesting that your picture shows the rainbow on the shrine in 7 colours.
    The LGBTIs have hijacked the rainbow, which is a sign of God’s covenant never to destroy again the earth by flood. (Gen. 9:12-16).
    A church elder pointed out that the LGBTI rainbow is 6 colours, lacking indogo, the “royal colour”, symbolic for the absence of God the King.

  8. It is affecting everyone regardless of their personal beliefs. I couldn’t believe my once well respected High School, Burwood Girls Home Science High, was one of the first to paint their Sports Pavillion in a large Rainbow Flag and insist all pupils honour homosexuality wearing rainbow colours on Rainbow Day at School. Even worse today I heard of our local ‘Uniting’ Nursing Home (once run by my beloved Methodist Christian Church) now celebrates Rainbow Day forcing residents to parade and witness all things ‘Homosexual’, and ‘Harmony Day’ celebrating Aboriginal culture but come Easter one is struggling to find even a tiny black Cross celebrating the sacrifice of our Saviour for this fallen sinful world. May God in His mercy wake up the Church. “Lord, send out your Light and your Truth, let them lead us.”

  9. It should be no surprise that the Western world is in such disarray. Our moral and ethic standards of behaviour have been smashed. Christianity, which has (and continues to be) the benchmark by which we should all seek to attain, is continually attacked unabated. No wonder all Western societies are finding themselves in complete turmoil, take the following for example:

    Following on from the Manly Eagles disgrace is this story by the Sydney Morning Herald:
    Toby Rudolf, an openly gay man, is a forward player for the Sharks and in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald said this about his sexuality: “Sexuality is very fluid. I’ve been out and kissed many gay men, kissed many straight women and kissed many gay women,” Rudolf said.
    “I’m not a one-stop shop. Love is love, and I love to share it with everyone. You could say I’m open to both genders but only attracted to one of them.”

    What a disgusting role model for our children. With men like him in sport, being paid huge sums of money, he should not be permitted to be promoting his perverted lifestyle. Yet instead of being reprimanded for their behaviour, they are applauded.

    Vince Lombardi is considered by many to be the greatest coach in football history, and he is recognized as one of the greatest coaches and leaders in the history of all American sports. He is best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He once removed a player from his team for ‘acting improperly’, with a young lady. We need Vince Lombardi’s today.


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