The Tyranny and Terrorism of Trans Militancy

Oppose trans madness and you will be thrown into prison:

The sexual radicals will stop at nothing until all opposition and resistance to their agenda is fully and finally eliminated. And since most Western governments are now quite happy to jump into bed with the militants, the full force of the law is being brought to bear on any recalcitrants. You WILL accept and celebrate the entire sexual revolution or you WILL be punished.

But because the majority of people are not willing to go along with the radical sexual agendas and especially the trans madness being forced down our throats, punishments must be meted out to ensure their full compliance. You WILL be happy calling a guy a girl – or else. Make no mistake this is now where we are at in the decadent and debauched West.

I have documented case after case of these punishments being handed out. How many folks have been fined, lost their jobs, or even arrested for daring to side with reality, biology and common sense as they say no to the sexual fascists? Far too many. No one should ever be hounded by the state for staying true to the way we really are. Affirming reality should not be a punishable offence.

But it is happening all the time. Simply refuse to call some male a female, or vice versa, and all hell will break loose. Consider what has just happened to this Irish Christian:

A teacher who refused to use gender-neutral pronouns for a transgender student was jailed in Ireland for contempt of court. Enoch Burke, an evangelical Christian, was put on paid suspension by Wilson’s Hospital School in Co Westmeath for refusing to call the pupil “they”. He was later jailed for breaking a court order not to go to or try to teach at the Church of Ireland School.


“I love my school, with its motto Res Non Verba, actions not words, but I am here today because I said I would not call a boy a girl,” he told the judge before his jailing. The court heard on Monday that Burke had refused to stay away from the school on paid leave during the disciplinary process. Instead, he would sit in an empty classroom and declare he was there to work.


The judge told the History and German teacher he must stay in prison until he agrees to comply with the terms of the injunction, which would purge his contempt of court. Burke said: “Transgenderism is against my Christian belief. It is contrary to the scriptures, contrary to the ethos of the Church of Ireland and of my school. It is insanity that I will be led from this courtroom to a place of incarceration, but I will not give up my Christian beliefs.”

Wow, imagine that: thrown in jail for speaking truth, for affirming reality, and for staying true to your Christian convictions. The world really is going mad, and Christians are the ones who suffer the most with all this sexual lunacy being unleashed in the West.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson just said about where we are now at: “I said very clearly in 2016 that the first people jailed for ‘pronoun misuse’ would be dragged through the courts and then hit with contempt charges. ‘Nobody will be jailed for pronouns’ was the reaction. Wrong. More than once now.”

And Caroline Farrow, after looking at some of the ins and outs of the Burke case, concludes her piece with these words: “Regardless of his eventual fate, you cannot doubt his courage or tenacity. After all he is right, no school, least of all a Christian one, ought to be confirming children down the path of irreversible physical, emotional and spiritual harm.”

One bit of good news

Thankfully every now and then we do get a win however. Sure, those who went through hell as they faced the wrath of the trans tyrants would not want to have a repeat of their experiences, but some of them did manage to come through the other end with a bit of justice. Consider one recent case in America about this. As one news report states:

A Kansas teacher has been awarded nearly $100,000 after being suspended from her school due to her refusal to use a transgender-identifying student’s new name in class. Fort Riley Middle School will be forced to “pay $95,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees for violating a math teacher’s First Amendment rights when they reprimanded and suspended her for addressing a student by the student’s legal and enrolled name and forced her to conceal the student’s social transition from the student’s parents,” the Alliance Defending Freedom said in a press release.


The ADF said Pamela Ricard was “challenging a school district policy that forced her to use a student’s ‘preferred name’ to address the student in class while using the student’s legal name when speaking to parents,” which she claimed constituted “actions that violated her conscience.”

The Christian (Dis)connection

Sadly while most Christians are aware of the dangers of all this, and many – including myself – have been warning for decades now where all this is heading, some rather clueless Christians have hopped on board the sexual revolution bandwagon.

This site of course has warned for many years now that when we open the door to all that the sexual militants are demanding, it will never end, and we will all pay a price. How many times for example during Australia’s debate on homosexual marriage did I warn that everything will change if it goes through?

Throwing people in jail for not calling a woman a man is one such logical outcome of all this. You WERE warned. But the really sad thing about this are those ‘Christians’ who have been wrong about these matters, and have sided with the activists. They decided to go with all things homosexual. They went along with fake marriage. Now these clueless wonders are going along with the trans insanity. As one recent article has put it:

The push to abandon objective reality and adopt an irrational mindset around transgenderism and its various cousins is propped up by Evangelical leaders such as former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear who says he would use preferred pronouns:


“If a transgender person came into our church, came into my life, I think my disposition would be to refer to them by their preferred pronoun. When we want to talk about gender, I will be clear to them about the truth. The question is: Is that the battlefront you want to choose.”


This illogical reasoning is prominent throughout mainstream Evangelicalism and outlets such as The Gospel Coalition (TGC). Echoing the sentiments of “pronoun hospitality” by Southern Baptist president, J.D. Greear, Rachel Gilson at TGC argues for tolerance of transgenderism in the Church by insisting that using the “preferred pronouns” of transgender people is a “matter of conscience” rather than an abandonment of reality.

And here in Australia we have more of the same. Consider this new report:

Australia’s Catholic bishops have issued new guidance on transgender issues for Catholic schools, promoting a change of “gender,” and unisex toilets along with advice to use students’ “preferred name” and pronouns, while also noting that gender ideology is “inconsistent” with Christianity.


Entitled “Created and Loved: A guide for Catholic schools on identity and gender,” the guidelines were drawn up in response “to the individual social and pastoral needs of students,” according to a press release.

Hmm, no wonder we keep losing. When you have ‘Christian leaders’ like this bringing this madness into the churches, you know it will not end well. The persecution will simply ramp up and those who remain true to biblical morality and values will be targeted even more.

In the meantime please keep the devout Christian Enoch Burke in your prayers. What he is going through right now is just diabolical. No one should have to experience this ugly fascism by the sexual revolutionaries.

And soon enough many of us may well meet the same fate – unless we act now!

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12 Replies to “The Tyranny and Terrorism of Trans Militancy”

  1. Truth doesn’t stop being truth just because someone is offended by it. Unfortunately the only way to enforce such delusions is to use extreme draconian measures against those who refuse to play the game.

  2. Thanks Beverly. As I often say when asked such questions, the sky is the limit in terms of what we can do. But for starters we can learn more about these things, then share that info with others. Getting the word out in the social media, on talk back radio, in letters to the editor, talking to our neighbours, etc. Who we vote for is part of this. Where we send our kids to school is also part of this. There is so much we need to take into account. One older piece I wrote offers a bit of advice on this:

  3. I am so sick of this “preferred pronoun” nonsense. If someone demands I use them I’ll insist they address me by my preferred adjectives “brilliant, amazing.. & humble”.

  4. As we know Bill there will come a time “when good will be called evil and evil will be called good”
    Also it was reported in Paris last June that two homosexual men committed bestiality with their pet dog.
    As the New Testament says we are living in the last days before Christ returns. How much worse can it get before our Lord and Saviour returns ???
    Terry Hill, New Gisborne

  5. And will King Charles III really defend the Protestant Faith against the Paganism of other faiths like Marxism or will he like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II look the other way when his subjects are openly persecuted by Stonewall and the LGBTQs?

    David Skinner UK

  6. I often considered it no big deal to use the preferred name as a name is a name. If a person wants to change it fine. And if it would stay at that it would be on thing but we have learned from the militants it won’t. Even if they would be pushed back into accepting just preferred names for now within a generation, more likely 12-15 years, they would push for more.

    The worst is yet to come. Forced celebration won’t be enough forced PARTICIPATION will be required. You will have sex with them or else. If people capitulating now think cheering at pride parades etc is going to be enough and that God is fine with it how will they explain participation in this without option??? Now maybe they try to say “since you aren’t talking part in what they do God holds you blameless”, which isn’t true but they might think that, how will they justify the forced participation???

    What we do in our bedroom was never going to be enough, civil unions were never going to be enough, weddings were never going to be enough, indoctrination was never going to be enough, public sex won’t be enough, they must have the RIGHT to have sex with those who disagree with them – to force people to have sex with them or suffer the consequences.

  7. Oh I agree with you on preferred pronouns. But other I saw preferred names as a good compromise because one can change the name legally, I could go from Paul to George for instance, so I used to think it no biggie. But we know the rainbow warriors have often been about incrementalization, slowly pushing their agenda to change people’s minds over time, so even allowing them the change from Jack to Jacqueline would a firm their delusion, their “identity”, and further them down the road of their sin.

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