The Trans War on Children

Trans militants have declared war on our children:

Adult activists pushing their radical ideologies on innocent children have a lot to answer for. Children should be allowed to be children, but today they are in the cross-hairs as everything is being politicised, including medicine and science. This is certainly being played out in the trans war on children.

I have documented far too many examples of this, and there seems to be no end in sight. How many children for example have been sexually abused by other children who have transitioned, or are simply considering it? One of the more recent cases of this in the US involves a school board that seems to have been covering up such sexual assaults:

Another commentary on this horrific story begins this way:

Woke schools implementing ‘guidance’ on trans pupils literally opens the bathroom door to manipulative potential predators, while teachers colluding to hide a child’s gender worries from their parents is a gross breach of trust. As a parent of schoolkids, I’m all up for pastoral care, a bit of safeguarding, wellbeing and welfare protection but when that oversteps the mark into teachers and administrators deceiving mums and dads about what’s going on with their children, I’m sorry, that’s too much. If that deception, however, also involves the cover-up of children being raped by their fellow pupils as a result of a woke school administration’s gender policy, then that would take most parents’ anger to a whole new level.

Adults of course suffer as well. Consider this horror story: “Women jailed with biological male face extra jail time unless they refer to him as a woman. A woman raped by a man claiming to be a woman could be kept incarcerated longer if she refuses to call him a her.”

And just a few weeks ago the Supreme Court of Western Australia ruled against the parents of a 15-year-old who was removed from their care because they would not support cross-sex hormone treatment for the child. Sadly there are countless other parents losing their children to the trans revolutionaries.

Like the homosexual activists before them, the trans activists push an agenda and an ideology that is long on emotive stories and short on actual facts and evidence. For example, they routinely make the claim that there are only two choices for a child thinking about such matters: transition or suicide. But playing fast and loose with stats to push an agenda is all too common with social activists, and the so-called research on this has been called out.

Image of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality
Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Joyce, Helen (Author) Amazon logo

Consider one important new book on these matters: Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality by Helen Joyce (Oneworld, 2021). She cannot be fobbed off as someone from the religious right – she is an atheist and a feminist, and her book has been praised by people like Richard Dawkins. Her volume is an excellent look at how children especially suffer because of the trans agenda.

She challenges the ‘transition or suicide’ myth: “As academia and medical research have become politicised, high-quality research casting doubt on affirmation has been suppressed, and low-quality research in its favour gets fast-tracked to publication.After examining some of these studies, she writes:

Despite the lack of evidence, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) claims that gender affirmation is the only ethical treatment for gender-dysphoric children….


The lack of decent research and misrepresentation of findings mean gender affirmation cannot even be described as a risky experiment on children, since ‘experiment’ implies someone, somewhere, is tracking outcomes and comparing them with other options. But what can be said with some certainty is that it is not so much a treatment for gender dysphoria as a means to ensure that cross-sex identification persists….


Doctors are usually cautious when treating children, especially when interrupting normal physical development. But very surprisingly, puberty blockers have never been put through clinical trials for use in gender medicine, and are not licensed by their manufacturers for this purpose. Their main uses are to treat hormone-related conditions in adulthood, in particular endometriosis and prostate cancer, and to ‘chemically castrate’ sex offenders….


Their only licensed paediatric use is to treat ‘central precocious puberty’, a rare condition in which children’s bodies mature far earlier than normal. This causes major physical and social issues, but even so, there are concerns that the side effects are unacceptable. The drugs stop calcium being laid down in bones, and studies suggest a significant drop in IQ. American women treated in childhood for precocious puberty are suing the manufacturer of one puberty blocker, Lupron, alleging that it caused brittle bones, mental problems and chronic pain.


Whether blockers cause such direct harms will not be known for years. But there is no doubt about an indirect harm that will be suffered by any children who start taking them young enough to avoid puberty altogether: sterility. Cross-sex hormones cause the secondary sex characteristics of the desired sex to develop – breasts, beards and so on – but only a person’s own sex’s hormones can cause their ovaries or testicles to mature. These children may well be sacrificing their future sex life, too.…


All in all, gender affirmation not only locks in persistence but creates trans adults who have lost fertility and sexual function, and exposed themselves to unknown health risks, in return for passing better. And those trade-offs are being made, not by adult trans people in full awareness of the risks, but in childhood, when parents and clinicians decide to socially transition children, or give them puberty blockers, without anyone acknowledging where this is almost certain to lead.

She spends quite a lot of time examining all the risks to children, including these physical risks. But too often the activists have swayed lawmakers to proceed full steam ahead:

As I write, the gender-affirmation bandwagon is rolling on in the US. In many states, laws are being considered or have been passed that ban any other approach. Activists have exploited legislators’ ignorance about the likely course of childhood gender dysphoria. . . . These laws are so sweeping that a therapist who seeks to explore what might lie behind a child’s declaration of a cross-sex identity, or who merely tells parents that desistance is common and suggests they delay social transitioning, risks being struck off or even prosecuted. Similar laws are being proposed and passed in other countries, including Australia, Canada and the UK.

Thankfully there is some fightback finally going on – at least in Europe. As one recent article notes:

While progressive elites in North America have accepted the diktats of gender ideology as dogma, Europeans appear far more willing to push back. In the U.K., the High Court ruled that minors could not consent to puberty blockers — that case was recently overturned by an appeals court but will likely end up at the Supreme Court. Finland’s medical guidelines are almost entirely opposed to puberty blockers and sex changes for minors. And as I’ve noted before in this space, a prominent Swedish hospital has also ended the use of puberty blockers.


French clinicians are also now taking a stand. In an open letter published four days ago on the L’Express website (and covered almost nowhere in the international press), over fifty medical professionals and prominent academics, including doctors, legal experts, educational experts, philosophers, sociologists, psychiatrists, judges, and psychoanalysts excoriated transgender ideology and condemned “sex reassignment” in children. Published in association with the Observatory of Ideological Discourses on Children and Adolescents, the letter is worth reading in full.

Yes it is worth reading in full. It opens this way:

We can no longer remain silent about what appears to us to be a serious drift committed in the name of the emancipation of the “transgender child” (the one who declares that he was not born in the “right body”). Radical discourses legitimise requests for sex change on the basis of feelings alone, which are set up as the truth. But this is at the cost of lifelong medical or even surgical treatment (removal of breasts or testicles) on the bodies of children or adolescents. It is this phenomenon and its high media profile that concerns us, not the choices of transgender adults.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute in the US said this about the letter:

They have risked their careers to speak the truth. There’s enormous pressure to go with the flow, to pretend that our sex at birth is an insignificant detail that we can accept or reject. These French professionals have the courage to say ‘Non.’


The detransitioning movement is made up in part of adults who were brainwashed by the gender ideology as adolescents or children. Now they’ve come to see the truth of their sexual nature – that it can’t be changed, only disguised. They’re suffering the physical and emotional anguish of decisions they made as children because adult society allowed and even encouraged them.

We need more experts and authorities to speak up about this radical movement which is causing so much harm to our kids. This war against our children must stop.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    We have been fighting this for years, Bill, but people just aren’t getting it.

    The recent video below will shock any naive parent or grand parent. Hopefully people will pass it on; nothing will happen unless we get the message out there.

    Moira Deeming is a rational, informed teacher who speaks from first hand experience, and what she describes is true and happening now. This is verified by the current explosion in cases of children as young as three being transitioned at places such as the RCH.

  2. Legalised experimentation – a chance to play Dr Frankenstein or Dr Mengele without condemnation, because the subjects of experimentation are willing, aided and abetted by those who have spun them a corresponding delusion – the idea that the problem can only be fixed by allowing such mutilation.
    Bless you, Bill, for your faithfulness in speaking truth on this issue and keeping it in the public eye. Those whose families are touched by this nightmare are so grateful for those such as yourself who continue to speak on their behalf, where many of them have been gagged, fined, imprisoned, abused and targeted in so many ways for trying to stand up for, speak up for and save their own loved ones from this horrific abuse.

  3. Here in Victoria Daniel Andrews seems to be beholden to the LGBT extremists. He has passed laws that potentially can fine or jail you if you don’t support a child’s transition under the Change Suppression law. Even prayer is listed as a prohibited event.

    Even more concerning is that the Liberals, other than a few dissenters, were in support of this draconian piece of legislation.

  4. What we find is like with abortion once the deed is done the activists are no where to be found. They got what they wanted from you so you are no longer their concern. They claim we don’t care but WE are there after birth or after abortion and WE are there after transition fails to help.

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