Good and Bad News on Trans Tyranny and Terror

Some ups and downs in the trans debate:

The agenda items of the left are a litany of destruction and devastation. It has always been this way, but the more recent trans revolution has taken things to a whole new level. Women, reality and biology are all being denied as the militant ideologues smash everything in their path.

One can argue that the trans madness is one of the most daft, diabolical and destructive movements now afoot. That we as a culture have come this far is not very reassuring when we consider the survival of the West. But let me offer some good news on all this – along with some further bad news.

Good news

The swimming world’s governing body FINA has just made a decision about men in women’s swimming. Meeting in Budapest, some 72% of 150 countries involved voted in support of a ban on transgender women from female events once they reach puberty or the age of 12 – unless they have already transitioned. But as one write-up explains:

However, the rules will only apply at FINA sanctioned events, including the Olympics and world championships. Individual countries will still be able to determine their own regulations for domestic competitions. The momentous ruling will kick in as early as next week, meaning swimming’s highest-profile transgender athlete, American Lia Thomas, won’t be able to compete in women’s races at the 2024 Paris Olympics and beyond.

As is expected, all the usual suspects have already come out of the woodwork screaming about “discrimination” and the like. But others who still have their moral and mental faculties in place have praised the decision, most notably female swimmers. For example, former U. K. swimmer Sharron Davies said this to BBC Sport:

Four years ago, along with 60 other Olympic medallists, I wrote to the IOC and said ‘Please just do the science first,’ and no governing body has done the science until now. That is what [FINA] has done. They’ve done the science, they’ve got the right people on board, they’ve spoken to the athletes, and coaches. Swimming is a very inclusive sport, we love everyone to come and swim and be involved. But the cornerstone of sport is that it has to be fair and it has to be fair for both sexes.

So this is certainly a good start. It is not a perfect decision, but it shows a bit of sanity in an otherwise insane world. It is hoped that other sporting groups will follow suit soon. However, it is not all sweetness and light in the trans world. There is plenty to still be horrified about.

Bad news

Three recent articles on the madness and maleficence of the trans movement are worth drawing to your attention. The first one speaks about the infamous Tavistock Clinic in London. The piece begins: “Since 2010, the number of teenage girls referred to the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service has increased by 5,000 per cent. Now former patients and staff members are speaking out.”

The lengthy piece features a number of horror stories. Let me share what Dr David Bell had to say. He is a distinguished psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who was also staff governor at Tavistock, where he’d worked for 25 years:

He puts medically transitioning children alongside the early 20th-century craze for curing mental illness with lobotomies. “Like lobotomy, there is no evidence. Like lobotomy, it starts with a patient in an impossible state and, initially, seems to work, then it becomes the universal cure.” Bell argues that with mental (as opposed to physical) medicine, “The existence of a treatment creates the illness. Good centres for pneumonia wouldn’t create more pneumonia cases. Whereas with ‘false memory syndrome’, in the Nineties, suddenly you had lots of cases. It was the same when Freud wrote about hysteria.


“So I think we have a group who, at one time, would have been anorexic. A lot of them became self-harmers, had borderline personalities, and then became transgender. So they’re people dealing with similar kinds of problems, but they get refracted through the lens of what’s going on in the culture.” Would he recommend GIDS to a young person uncertain about their gender? “Definitely not.” Bell does not believe a national child gender service should exist. “It doesn’t make sense. We don’t have a national service for people who are depressed. It’s illogical, because any problems with gender need to be seen in the context of all the other properties children have.”


The piece concludes: “It looks ever more certain it will be the Tavistock whistleblowers, rather than those advocating sterilising drugs and double mastectomies for troubled children, who will end up on the right side of history.”

Another article puts a very real human face on a transitioner who, like so many others, has detransitioned. This is a small portion of a somewhat graphic account. But we need to hear such stories:

Then theres the dreams. I dream often, that I have both sets of genitals, in the dream I’m distressed I have both, why both I think? I tell myself to wake up because I know its just a dream. And I awaken into a living nightmare.? In those moments of amnesia as I would wake, I would reach down to my crotch area expecting something that was there for 3 decades, and it’s not.? My heart skips a beat, every single damn time. Then theres the act of going to the toilet. It takes me about 10 minutes to empty my bladder, it’s extremely slow, painful and because it dribbles no matter how much i relax, it will then just go all over that entire area, leaving me soaken. So after cleaning myself up, I will find moments later that my underwear is wet – no matter how much I wiped, it slowly drips out for the best part of an hour. I never knew at 35 I ran the risk like smelling like piss everywhere I went.? 


Now i get to the point where im detransitioned and the realisation that this is permanent is catching up with me. During transition, I was obsessive and deeply unwell, I cannot believe they were allowed to do this to me, even after all the red flags. I wasn’t even asked if I wanted to freeze sperm or want kids. In my obsessive, deeply unwell state they just nodded along and didnt tell me the realities, what life would be like. And finally, theres dilation, which is like some sort of demonic ceremony where you impale yourself for 20 agonising minutes to remind you of your own stupidity. This isn’t even the half of it. And this isn’t regret either, this is grief and anger. F**k everyone who let this happen.?

Please read his entire, moving account:

And my third piece looks at the issue of “Puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and youth suicide.” It opens with these words:

Lowering legal barriers to make it easier for minors to undergo cross-sex medical interventions without parental consent does not reduce suicide rates—in fact, it likely leads to higher rates of suicide among young people in states that adopt these changes. States should instead adopt parental bills of rights that affirm the fact that parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education and health, and that require school officials and health professionals to receive permission from parents before administering health services, including medication and “gender-affirming” counseling, to children under 18.

The piece concludes:

At a minimum, the results presented in this Backgrounder demonstrate that efforts to lower legal barriers for minors to receive cross-sex medical interventions do not reduce suicide rates and likely lead to higher rates among young people in states that adopt those changes. States that currently facilitate minors’ access to routine health care without the consent of a parent or legal guardian should consider revising such policies. States should also adopt parental bills of rights that affirm that parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education and health, and that require schools to receive permission from parents before administering health services to students, including medication and gender-related counseling to students under age 18.


This research adds to the well-established wisdom that children are better off if they are not allowed to make major life decisions without their parents’ involvement and permission. In general, parents are better positioned than anyone else, including the children themselves, to understand the needs of their children when making important decisions. State policies that undermine this relationship between parents and children are dangerous and should be repealed. Similarly, those who work with children in professional capacities, including health, education, and counseling, should be careful about substituting their own judgment for that of the parents. The research presented here supports the view that children fare significantly better when their parents have the authority to know about, and help to make, major decisions for their own children.


Lastly, given the danger of cross-sex treatments demonstrated in this Backgrounder, states should tighten the criteria for receiving these interventions, including raising the minimum eligibility age.

It is great that FINA seems to have come down on the side of sanity and reality. But how many hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps millions, and especially children – will be damaged for life because of the diabolical trans insanity?

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11 Replies to “Good and Bad News on Trans Tyranny and Terror”

  1. Thank you again, Bill, for articles like this. I am always pleased to see such confronting articles that may help others to know the truth of this barbarism, and see the issue for the mental illness it really is. But as a mother of an adult son who believes he is a woman, I cannot often read such articles through to the end. I have barely stopped weeping for my son since I read this earlier today, praying that the Lord has prevented him from going as far in his transition as in the horrific accounts you relate. It is a dread I wake with each day and it also often intrudes on my dreams.
    I was relieved to hear of FINA’s decision – a glimmer of much needed hope that that some are starting to see sense. When I saw my son playing on a woman’s sports team about 6 years ago it was heart breaking. I am ashamed to admit that at the time I prayed that his superior strength might actually hurt a woman on the opposing team, in hope that someone on that team would make a complaint to have my son removed. I heard that the team he was part of had no qualms with him on the team as he certainly helped them win their games. They were even happy with him winning best player for a while, at least until the other team members realised they had no chance of winning it for themselves. I believe my son’s conscience overwhelmed him in the end and he dropped out of the team.

  2. Thanks Bill, I wish sporting bodies would do a chromosome test for athletes. Females have two ‘X’ chromosomes and males have a ‘XY’ chromosome. It may cost a bit but they test for drugs and hormones so why not chromosomes. I thought knowledge of chromosomes was taught as early as Year 7 science in high school so it really shows something like a demon has come into our school system and said ‘hath God said that if you have male genitalia you may not be a male, you could be a female and vice versa. ie its just another trick of the devil to ruin young lives but what worries me is that cultures like Islam wouldn’t go along with all this stupidity and so they will increase while our Judeo-Christian nationalities may decrease.

  3. A wonderful consequence of the trans madness is that an increasing number of parents are pulling their kids out of government schools and either homeschooling or private/Christian schooling. The faster the state loses it’s monopoly over education, the better off our kids will be. Every child removed from government-controlled schools is a child saved.

    As with abortion, we must aim to save actual children, one at a time, by convincing their parents to scale back their tony lifestyles to pay for their children’s Christian education either at home or in private schools.

    Our political goal is to have a true voucher (one with no strings attached to it) on the back of every child. Remember this goal.

  4. It is indeed a painful subject. My early twenties niece has been receiving treatment to transgender to identify as a male. She was in hospital yesterdsy for breast reduction to eventually go through the full process. This beautiful vivacious young woman will one day face the fact that what she had can’t be undone. I hold members of the medical profession and others including government accountable for the damage they are doing even though they must think they are somehow justified in doing what they do. Shame!

    Anonymous by request as this is very difficult for the family.

  5. As has been said before, if every child today grew up being what they identified with then the world would be full of princesses, police officers and pirates, the last having a single eye, half a leg and one hand; equality. Current public education is the doctrine of asylums. God doesn’t make ‘mistakes’; send your kids to a Christian school.

  6. Well Mike don’t forget the kids that identified as dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and a menagerie of other animals!

    Problem Kristen is a number of private and even Christian schools are giving in some because of laws requiring even them to trans the kids others for the sake of “compassion”. So parents definitely need to do their research before putting their kids in any school.

  7. FINA is discriminating. That’s not a slur, that’s what adults do. They discriminate between foolishness and wisdom. FINA has come down, almost, on the side of wisdom.

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