Transanity and Total Destruction

This is one of the most destructive and harmful ideologies yet to be unleashed upon us:

Militant transgenderism kills – literally. People have died because of this insanity, and many more have been injured for life. And it brings about death in so many other ways. The very notion of womanhood is dying. Childhood is dying. Biology is dying. Truth is dying. Freedom of speech is dying. Freedom of conscience is dying. On and on goes the list.

As I have often said, this website could simply go 24/7 in documenting the latest cases of trans madness. Here are just a handful of recent examples, offering a brief global wrap-up of events, beginning with an actual death. You likely never heard about this, so we need to make people aware of just what is going on.


A recent article looked at some earlier Dutch research and what we find is quite shocking:

A 2016 medical article documenting the tragic death of one of the participants in the linchpin Dutch study upon which the entire child sex change experiment is based indicates that puberty suppression was to blame for the young person’s death.


The case is that of an 18-year-old trans-identified male whose puberty was blocked by the Dutch researchers at a very early stage, meaning there wasn’t enough penile tissue for surgeons to use to create a “neo-vagina.” Therefore, a more risky procedure using a section of the patient’s bowel was necessary, which resulted in fatal necrotizing fasciitis….


The patient is described as being a “healthy” 18-year-old for whom standard vaginoplasty surgery was “not feasible” due to having undeveloped genitals as a result of early puberty suppression.


Before returning to Europe and other overseas nations, let me focus on Australia for a moment. Those who know anything about the hyper-leftist Premier Dan Andrews know full well that he is on a full-tilt search and destroy mission. So many areas characterised by Christianity, conservatism and common sense are being targeted by this government. Consider this from today’s press:

Expanded anti-vilification laws that would protect disabled and LGBTIQ+ Victorians from hate crimes could be legislated within 18 months. Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes on Tuesday confirmed the government was in discussion with stakeholders about drafting legislation to make civil and criminal vilification easier to prove to help people seek justice through the courts.


In 2021, the government committed to extending anti-vilification protections beyond race and religion to also cover areas such as a person’s gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and HIV/AIDS status. A parliamentary committee called on the government to toughen these laws and recommended lowering the legal threshold for incitement-based vilification.

It is already becoming quite difficult to speak truth about the militant trans agenda. If even more repressive laws like this go through, free speech will be further strangled and it is quite likely that websites like this will be permanently shut down – which is exactly what the radical secular left wants. They do not want open debate and discussion, they want a full purge of anyone who dares to offer a differing point of view.


Things may be even worse in NSW if that is possible. This shocking article should bother every single one of us. It involves a friend of mine, Kirralie Smith. It says in part:

An Australian woman was reported to police after making posts on social media about a male who identifies as transgender participating in the women’s football league. Kirralie Smith was visited by New South Wales Police after speaking to media about Riley Dennis, a trans activist who had been the subject of mass complaint last month after reportedly injuring female players.


Police visited Smith on March 30 and handed her an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) requiring that she does not discuss or approach Dennis – despite the fact that Smith lives over 200 miles from Dennis. The AVO acts as an interim order that will stand until a hearing later this month, at which point the court will decide whether it is justified.


Smith, a spokeswoman with an organization established to combat gender ideology, has been a vocal critic regarding gender self-identification in sports. [She tweeted this}: “NSW police have applied for an apprehended violence order against me. I am currently opposing it. I am 51, with a busted knee, & have never been violent in my life. It is not violence to speak the truth.”


Returning to Europe, we have this madness from Scandinavia. A woman’s museum is no more. Now it is a non-binary museum! Women are being erased all over the place. This is madness on steroids:

A museum in Denmark originally built to honor women was renamed to be “inclusive” of all genders and features a nude man “breastfeeding” a baby. Gender Museum Denmark, previously known as The Women’s Museum, has attracted significant attention this week for an exhibit pushing gender ideology. In the museum’s main hall stands an 11-foot-tall statue of a naked man with male features and genitalia who is also depicted as having female breasts. The man is shown holding and “breastfeeding” a baby.


Although originally sculpted in 2021 and met with controversy throughout Denmark, news of the obscene display is now reaching other nations and making its rounds across social media.

This is madness compounded, and simply promotes more falsehoods and propaganda. As one meme rightly puts it:

World population: 8,030,610,062

People born from women: 8,030,610,062

People born from men: 0

Feel free to fact check.

Also in Denmark, it is not just women who are being targeted but children. What follows may seem like a minor matter, but it is just one part of the attempt to push the gender wars onto our children. The activists know that if they can reach our kids with their propaganda, their war is nearly won.

Lego has weighed into the inclusivity debate with the release of its new gender neutral range of toys. The plastics manufacturer said it wanted to break down the “silos between girls and boys” with its LEGO DREAMZzz release – which includes a pegasus horse, a robot, a crocodile car and a shark ship.


Two quick items (of so many) from the US. In the leftist state of Massachusetts a schoolboy was actually booted out of class for expressing basic truth:

A video of a middle school student defending to a school board his decision to wear a T-shirt affirming biological truth has gone viral. During an April 13 school committee meeting, Liam Morrison, a seventh grader at John T. Nichols, Jr. Middle School in Middleborough, MA, recounted his experience of being removed from class because of the message on his shirt, “There are only two genders”. He also pointedly asked why he was barred from practicing his First Amendment rights.

And it is not just woke schools pushing this, but the woke and bumbling President of the US:

Former All-American swimmer Riley Gaines slammed ex-college swim champ Lia Thomas over the trans athlete’s vocal stance on the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX. President Biden announced that his administration wants to establish that outright bans on transgender athletes would violate Title IX.


However, schools that receive federal dollars could still enact policies that limit transgender students’ participation, specifically in high school and college sports. Thomas, a transgender woman who swam for the women’s swim team at the University of Pennsylvania, supported part of the new rule but said it was not enough in an Instagram video she posted Monday….


“Does it not break your heart to see women lose out on these opportunities? The Biden Admins proposed bill denies science, truth, and common sense.” Gaines also said Thomas’ “take is selfish and shows an utter disregard for women. The Biden Administration is actively and aggressively working to pass laws that erase decent and fair treatment for women in sports.”

Thankfully plenty of Americans are getting fed up with the non-stop trans ideology being rammed down their throats. The Bud Light saga is but one example of this, one that I wrote about recently:

An update on the situation offers some good news:

In what’s been hailed as one of the most successful conservative boycotts in recent memory, embattled beer brand Bud Light continues to suffer major financial losses following its ill-fated April partnership with trans-identifying TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney. 


In the latest report, sales of Bud Light products outside of establishments like bars and restaurants in the week ending April 22 were reportedly down 26.1% compared with last year, while sales of competitor brands like Coors Lite and Miller Lite ticked up, The U.K. Daily Mail reported.


The continuing shortfalls for Bud Light come after it saw its sales drop 6% in the week following its April 1 public pair-up with the 26-year-old male actor-turned “transgender” activist and 17% in the week ending on April 15.

Just as I was concluding this piece I noticed that on another site Jonathon Van Maren had written a similar piece. His closing words will serve as my closing words:

Those are just a few of literally dozens of stories from just the past couple of weeks. Why do I report on them? In order to assure people that they are not insane. Things are changing, and at breakneck speed. You’re not crazy for noticing — but you are being gaslighted. Society is being transformed around you, but you’re accused of bigotry for noticing and asking questions. But it is happening, and we need to speak up.

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11 Replies to “Transanity and Total Destruction”

  1. I’ve read, heard and watched all the above in the last few days. The Western world is mad. I’m depressed with it all. But…God is still in control and we know this will get worse before it gets better. Tomorrow is another day but today I feel like going back to bed and pulling the sheets over my head. Thanks for your work Bill, I don’t know how you do it day after day. Bless you.

  2. Ditto to your sentiment, Margaret. When this insanity actually hits your own family just about every day starts with that desire to just stay in bed and pull the sheets over your head. If it weren’t for you, Bill, and others faithfully speaking truth about this, and the loving hand of God in my life to keep me going, I doubt that I’d be functioning at all. These articles give me hope and remind me that I’m not the crazy one in the midst of a sane world. There truly is such a thing as reality and there are others who also recognise it. It’s the world that has gone crazy.

  3. We, in the west, are reaping what we have sowed. We have rejected God, and we have been given strong delusion to believe a lie. This is a spiritual battle and it is dark spiritual forces who are in control.
    The worst thing is when people who claim to be Christians support this agenda.

  4. Transgenderism; this is ‘toxic masculinity’.
    When a man wants to be a woman, look no further.
    Alinsky; rule 4, “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

  5. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article. I hadn’t heard about this so called ‘art’ work before. It makes me want to vomit! I would say that the so called ‘artist’ is guilty of blasphemy because the human species was created by God Himself and He knew what He was doing when He created them male and female. You only have to have a few operations to realise how wonderfully made the human body is. Also the human body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to make an image perverting God’s Creation in this disgusting way seems just as evil for instance as when a man took an axe to Michelangelo’s beautiful statue of the Pieta in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome a few years ago. That man has a lot to answer for and the people of Denmark should demand its destruction.

  6. It’s the work of Satan. This GLBT garbage is perversion and confusion and comes from Satan. Satan wants to confuse people. Everything God has created Satan has perverted. Satan has twisted distorted perverted and has made a mockery of all the things God has created.

  7. This article came to my attention on 6 May, just a few hours after my post on transsexuality, transhumanism, and transableism. With these things and also with fish-to-fool evolution, it is a blatant rebellion against and attack on the created order. God created humans, and we return the favor by trying to “evolve” into something else. It is also rebellion against the family, as you indicated.

  8. “they want a full purge of anyone who dares to offer a differing point of view.”

    An apt phrasing of what they intend.

    LEGOS used to be gender neutral before they started selling all these kits. You could buy a bunch of LEGO blocks and build whatever you wanted from your imagination. Then it was decided to make kits instead and poof you could only get the LEGOS in the kits so imagination was stifled. “We can’t have you think your own thoughts. You must think our thoughts. You must dream our dreams. You must love our loves. You must be us.” The left reminds me so much of the Borg from Star Trek, I’m a big fan of Trek no longer for aliens but the technology, “Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Your life as you have known it is over. From this point forward you will service us. Resistance is futile.”

    It’s true you reap what you sow but you can also reap what your enemy sows. If you sow nothing in your fields your enemy will come along and sow in them and then you will reap the penalty of his labor on your fields. Too often Christians in America and elsewhere sowed nothing in our fields while satan came in and sowed and we have been reaping the penalty of his labor ever since.

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