Big Win In Virginia – Big Defeat of Radicalism

A huge upset win for conservatives in the US:

I have said it before: politics is not everything. But politics is still important nonetheless. And when elections are held in which conservative values and principles trounce leftist ones, that is good news indeed. And that is what has just occurred in the United States.

In a surprising and devastating blow to the political left in America, Republican Glenn Youngkin – a conservative Christian businessman – looks to have won the Virginia governor’s race, beating former Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe. Most experts did not expect this, with Virginia being a big-time blue state – a Democrat stronghold. And it was a much bigger voter turnout than expected.

But the radical leftist policies of McAuliffe had turned off far too many sensible voters. And it looks to have been a clean sweep, with the Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General positions also going to the Republicans. And despite all the lies from the Dems that the Republican team was nothing but white racists and nationalists, Winsome Sears, the new Lieutenant Governor, is a Black woman – and a Christian!

This is a massive win for the Republicans and a real slap in the face to the radical Democrats, and it will have real significant repercussions for the 2022 midterm elections. And beyond. All this is giving the Democrats a major headache right now – and rightly so!

Local issues and bigger tickets items both contributed to this big win. The school closures, Critical Race Theory, and the infamous trans sexual assaults on girls in the Loudoun County school district were all major parts of what swung this. I mentioned before how the school board had been pushing radical trans ideology and covering up sexual assaults:

And see more on this important issue here:

Especially galling to so many parents was how they had been regarded by the left as fringe nutters for being concerned about how their children were being treated and educated. Being labelled racists and bigots and white supremacists and domestic terrorists by so many on the left really enraged these parents. Everyone from Biden to CNN to local teacher unions ran with this deplorable line that parents were violent thugs seeking to take over school board meetings as they voiced their concerns about all this.

Imagine being labelled such things simply because you care deeply about your sons’ and daughters’ education. These parents were sick of all the leftist PC trash being forced down their children’s throats. Parents, not school boards, should be the ones who decide how and what children are taught.

For a humorous piece by the satire site Babylon Bee concerning “Terry McAuliffe Baffled That Telling Parents The State Owns Their Children Wasn’t A Winning Strategy” see this:

But there were also bigger issues such as the ongoing porous southern US border under Biden, his appalling Afghanistan debacle and the like that alerted many voters to the dangers of Democrat leftism. So this was as much of a rejection of the Biden administration as it was a referendum on local issues (recall that both Biden and Obama campaigned there). Indeed, McAuliffe had kept saying that a vote for Youngkin was a vote for Trump. Well, there you go. How the tables have turned.

The truth is this: while the left has a stranglehold on many key institutions (the media, higher education, Big Tech, popular culture, etc), it does not have one vital thing: the majority of the people. The voters spoke and spoke clearly in Virginia: they are sick and tired of the political left and its dangerous policies.

Other gubernatorial races include the one in New Jersey where it looks like Republican Jack Ciattarelli may have just beaten the incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy, who had also been expected to win easily. And there were contests such as the Minneapolis mayoral and city council races. Leftists there lost a vote to dismantle the police. Blacks have been the hardest hit by this insane policy, and many Black leaders had stood up to speak against it.

Moderate Democrats really need to wake up here. The Democrat Party has become far too extreme in its radical secular leftism. Even US VP Kamala Harris recently admitted when she campaigned in Virginia that the result of this race would have real implications for the rest of the country in the days ahead.

That’s for sure. Biden and Co must be shaking in their boots right now. This is a huge slap in the face to the Democrats and their far-left lunacy. Moderate Dems will need to decide real soon just which way they will proceed in the near future. They need to resist moving to the left, and they need to rein in their far-left colleagues.

Bear in mind that all the final votes are not yet counted in these various contests. But at the time of this writing, things were looking very good indeed not just for the Republican party, but for ordinary concerned Americans who have become sick and tired of seeing their country being destroyed by the hardcore leftist ideology and policies of the radical Democrats.

I started by saying that politics is not everything. And it needs to be pointed out that while we know that a whole lot of people voted, and voted against the Dems, we will not so easily know how many Americans were praying and seeking God’s face, to bring an end to all the Democrat madness wreaking havoc in the land.

An informed people who vote wisely who are also a praying people make for a powerful force indeed. May it keep on keeping on.

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  1. Thanks Bill, it’s good to know that some states in America are waking up. I think you have said we need prophet and priest to keep the king/government in check so we need all three for freedom.

  2. In his breakdown as to why the Democrats didn’t achieve the sweeping victory (the “Blue Wave”) they expected in the 2020 US election, (leftist, atheist and Democrat voting) Bill Maher said words to the following effect (not a direct quote),

    “The Democrats truly believed that no-one could prefer the Republicans to what they were offering.
    But they could and they did.
    In fact, over 70 million voted Republican as a bulwark against what you’re offering.”

  3. If only the same type of upheaval could take place in Hellinois, er-Illinois…..but alas I fear it won’t. When the cemeteries are full of folks who arise to vote every 4 years, such would be all but impossible. And let’s not forget the votes of those not legally here–they count as well. Obviously the Democratic machine in VA is unaware of the nuances of going for the voting jugular like they do in Hellinois.

  4. Unfortunately Bill, really too soon to tell as urban Republicans (RINOs) stateside are more socially liberal than economically conservative. Until there is an issue that threatens the heart of the rural conservatives and their urban counterparts that typically don’t bother to vote consistently only then do they turn out, The most recent example in Texas was the defeat of the ultra liberal “Beto” when rural conservatives turned out in droves. In my area of the Hill Country, a 15-minute exercise turned into a 90-minute wait to vote (thankfully).

    All too often Republicans election strategy is somewhat more conservative than their governing or reelection strategy.

  5. You’ve got this right, Bill. And I pray that there will be an awakening in Australia as well.

    As of a couple of hours ago, the Republican was leading for the New Jersey governorship by 803 votes out of 2.25 million votes cast. There will be recounts.

    Some leading Democrat analysts are insisting that these losses are because Democrats didn’t run hard-left enough. I think that’s backwards. In Virginia, people rejected the rule of the leftists and the teachers’ unions over their children. In New Jersey, people rejected the vaccine, shutdown, and mask mandate charades which have damaged so many lives and failed to stop the virus anyhow.

  6. Could all the ‘prophets’ who got it so wrong about Trumps return in 2020, actually end up being right, but just in 2024?

  7. We must keep in mind though an outright rejection of satan isn’t in and of itself a endorsement of Jesus. They may be rejecting far left godlessness but that is still different than embracing godliness. There are many men who don’t want to be ruled by satan by also refuse to be ruled by Christ. This is good they rejected the far left BUT we mustn’t take it as an embrace of us but a chance to make our case. Otherwise we’re still an ungodly culture just not AS ungodly as the far left wants.

    Hate to sound like a downer but I have seen too many times conservatives and Christians win a big victory against evil forces only to squander the opportunity. Or assume we have new allies because the rejected those we oppose. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

  8. No one is saying that the Kingdom of God has arrived on earth with these election results Paul. I said at the very beginning of my piece that politics is not everything, yet it is important. In a fallen world we can rejoice in relative good over relative evil. Christians are realists: the defeat of Hitler did not mean Messiah had come, but it was a tremendous good to see him stopped. The same here: giving parents real choice in the education of their own children – to name but one issue – is a real social good, and nothing to be sneezed at. Had I or others said Jesus now reigns in Virginia, then critics would have a right to be such ‘a downer’ – but we did not! So I for one will thank God for small victories, while being sober-minded enough to know that this does not mean heaven has now fully come to earth.

  9. I think your misinterpreting what I am saying. I put this up mainly for those who will get overly jubilant at these election and think the tide is turning massively and things are about to break out. (I wasn’t going after you) Or for those who might just think this rejection of the left mean embracing the right. As I said I’ve seen too many do that and then it goes no where. I guess I can illustrate it with the 2016 election where conservatives and Christians weren’t as much embracing Trump as rejecting Hilary but Trump, unlike standard politicians, worked to show us we could and should embrace him. We haven’t been embraced but since they rejected the other side let’s show why we should be embraced. And that means why we are different NOT we are the same but we add Christ too.

  10. There is still the bad taste of the 2020 Presidential election. That this travesty has been allowed to continue unchecked is perplexing.

    Stay alert America. Don’t get caught up in the hubris of a small win now.

  11. Ths feels like we’ve at the very least won a significant battle, in the overall war, against radical leftist darkness.

    An El Alamein, of sorts, the momentous WW11 desert battle which Winston Churchill referred to as not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning.

    And I would say Glenn Youngkin is a compelling case that there is much to be gained from conservative politicians taking on the culture wars.

    If only Scott (“free speech doesn’t create a single job”) Morrison could do likewise.

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