Farcebook Follies, Episode 938

On being a social media repeat offender:

Hmm, another day, another case of sheer idiocy from the faceless folks at Fakebook. These guys are such a joke. As I have said before, it seems in order to get a job there – and with most of the other social media giants – you have to sign a contract which says you must have the IQ of a kumquat, and you must detest everything to do with the Big 3 C’s: Christianity, conservatism and common sense.

Between the incompetent, inept way they go about things, and the utter hatred of anything that goes against their woke agenda, they are a major pain to deal with. Sure, we get the same sort of thing in just about every government bureaucracy. In both cases, you are forever being frustrated. For example, you never actually get to speak to any human being there, you cannot get an explanation for anything, you are unable to lodge a complaint, and so on.

It seems government bureaucrats and Fakebook workers both graduated from the same training college. We are dealing with folks who seem to think that customer service is a waste of time, that applied intelligence is to be avoided at all costs, and dealing fairly and judiciously with the public is something to snicker at.

But before I describe some recent episodes of their incompetence, censorship, intolerance and bigotry, I better deal with a question many of you already might have in your head: ‘Well Bill, if FB is so bad, why don’t you just leave?’ And my reply – as always – is this:

I am on five or six other alternative social media sites, and I post on each one daily. But the simple truth is, none of them – at least so far – has anywhere near the number of users as FB. Even those that come a bit close may have just a tiny fraction of users, and in terms of friends, the best of the bunch likely only has ten per cent of what I have on FB.

Sure, when I was permanently given the boot by FB nearly two years ago, I lost almost 5000 friends, and my new incarnation there is a slow build, with only round 1300 friends. But on the other alternatives I have at most just several hundred.

I have tried to get others to join me at those sites, and some have. But most of my contacts are at FB. And why does that matter? It would NOT matter if my main aim was to show pics of what I had for breakfast or my latest cat antics. But my main reason for being on any social media platform, as with CultureWatch itself, is to share truth far and wide – to as many people as possible.

That is why I keep using FB, as annoying and discouraging as it is. When I am not in the FB gulag, I can share some truth to an audience that in turn can pass it on to others. Who knows how many people can be reached in this way. So that is why I am there, and that is why I will keep trying to use it, no matter how sick and tired I get of the idiotic buffoonery, brainless bans and censorship.

Indeed, it has become a bit of a game. Every day when I log on I expect to find these words from Big Brother: “Your account is restricted for 7 days (or 4 weeks, or whatever). Your previous posts didn’t follow our Community Standards, so you can’t do things such as post or comment.” There may be no more Orwellian term in cyberspace than FB “Community Standards”

What standards? They have no standards but double standards, and those of past tyrants and dictators. And worse yet, they have more power and control than any Stalin or Hitler ever did. The way they can make or break anyone and any view, and lionise or demonise others is simply mind-boggling. It is an ideal form of indoctrination, propaganda and proselytism.

Even more hilarious is when the good folks at FB inform me that my posts are causing harm to others. Oh really? Two of the recent posts of mine that have resulted in me being thrown into the FB slammer have both been memes – Grumpy Cat memes.

I kid you not. One was a pic of Grumpy Cat with one word: “Never” And for that the yokels at FB again imprisoned me, telling me I was causing harm to others. Good grief, are these guys for real? Are they really such senseless and humourless num nums? Are those traits conditions for employment there?

Of course I always challenge these foolish decisions of theirs. But it usually does no good. I think only once did I get a mea culpa from them. It went something like this: “We’ve reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards. We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.”

Well duh! I could have told them that! But they also did not bother to tell me which one of my many banned, shadow-banned or censored posts they were referring to. Real helpful guys. Makes things so much easier for me! That will really help me in knowing what I can and cannot post next time.

Things are not any better for my most recent jailing. It was again a Grumpy Cat meme. Someone commented, ‘They must really hate Grumpy Cat.’ If I could have responded, I would have said: ‘It seems it is their contempt of me, and anyone who dares to share truth, that is really at work here.’ Of course it is usually for my ‘unacceptable’ political and social posts that I get booted into FB prison. But it appears any excuse will do.

As to my latest incarceration, they said it was a 48-hour ban. If you are familiar with how FB works, you know that if you try to like or share or comment, you will get their warning thingee popping up, showing the time remaining before your sentence is completed.

Well, three days ago when I tried to do this, I kept being told that I have 48 hours to go in their internment camp. A day later I finally got the countdown: 47 hours, 46 hours… So now my FB imprisonment is really three days, not two. It is 72 hours, not 48 as they had said.

What is wrong with these nincompoops?! Either they can’t count, or their dislike of me just keeps ramping up. So who knows when I will get back on – if I ever do. It is getting to be like what folks have experienced in communist hellholes, albeit on a lesser scale. But it is just as infuriating and maddening.

It is enough to make a grown man cry. Such complete lunacy from these moonbats. They really are doing their best to drive folks away. And many have left – so sick and tired of all the nonsense. But as mentioned, if I get back on, I will keep using it to share truth as much as I can, until my next prison stint, that is.

Oh, and I don’t really buy the lame excuse that all this is due to algorithms and robots and the like. That may be part of the reason, but behind all this is an army of faceless FB worker drones, doing their best to censor anything that Zuckerberg and CO consider to be virulent and therefore verboten.

Fascistbook is a fully apt and appropriate title for this outfit. In addition to wanting to get rich, their other main goal in life is to enforce the woke and secular left narrative at all costs, and to shut down and silence anyone who dares to differ.

And this is basically true of all the Tech Giants and media outfits. They have declared war on people like you and me. Our thoughts, values and beliefs are NOT welcome, and they will do all that they can to keep us from spreading much-needed truth.

All the more reason to keep speaking out, any way we can.

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17 Replies to “Farcebook Follies, Episode 938”

  1. Bill, be encouraged! They wouldn’t be on your tail if you weren’t stepping on their toes! You are an encouragement to many of us to speak the truth, regardless of the consequences! My own journey online, to make the truth known, began after reading your posts, and I appreciate what you say!

  2. A friend on mine posted on Facebook recently and her post came up with a warning that the picture showed sensitive content. I had to click on the button to see what was such ‘sensitive content’. It was a verse: Be still and know that I am God!

  3. Bill
    I don’t know how you stand it. The FRUSTRATION caused by these dopes is of epic proportions. I can understand why you love to read – books are so much easier to get along with than putting up with the dark arts of the tech companies. Being banned so much must give you more time to take refuge in the written word – that’s the only positive I can think of!
    Bless ya

  4. Thanks for all your work Bill.
    Quick question – any book recommendations on a modern work on what it looks like to seek first the kingdom and his righteousness in current day.

  5. Just farcical Bill. I only use Fb because It has our Online church and messenger Group as well as some dear brothers and sisters who are born-again, committed to Jesus and God’s Word. I enjoy their time-lines and posts. And yes it is also it is easier to use. Yet to remove our religion and political views from our profile and the absolute nonsense of community standards where an old suspended profile can’t be removed with ID Proof to get it reinstated and then for me to be able to remove it has meant others can use my old profile and name for poaching and phishing purposes of my friends via messenger it’s atrocious to be suspended on a Grumpy cat meme.

  6. Thanks Bill
    Appreciate the response and the book.

    Want to express gratitude for your work, courage and faithful willingness to speak truth via your blog. Most of the Christian’s i read are dead, but nice to see one who is alive in Australia running the ball up. I’m aware you must get pushback and i am sure it’s water off a ducks back but want to express my thanks all the same.


  7. I’ve closed my social media accounts because the platforms have become toxic sewers. They only exist to steal our personal information and flog it to marketeers for massive profit. The so-called “friends” lists are full of fake bots, encouraged by Facebook, Twitter etc. to make users think they actually have an audience.

  8. Thanks Bill, It’s been hard keeping up with you now that I’m working full time for a few weeks. I’m not on FB but had a good laugh as now I know how to spell nincompoop and a few other words.

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