Big Tech and the Erasure of History

The censorship of the tech thought police is a huge problem:

Well, since I am once again in the Facebook slammer, I guess I might as well find something else to do – like writing an article. As I will detail in a moment, most of the tech giants have decided that they will wage war on history. Of course being mega-secular left outfits, they are simply doing what all secular left outfits have done.

All tyrants have known that to control the masses and keep them in submission, you need to take away their history. If you can get the people to be ignorant about their own past, their future can be so very easily molded and directed. Three quotes from Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four nicely make this point:

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the party is always right.”

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

In the past the Big Brother statists did all they could to control history, to rewrite history, and to deny people their own history. Today many of the tech giants are doing exactly the same. Whether it is Twitter or Google or Facebook, the amount of censorship and heavy-handed manipulation of information is staggering to behold.

And a place like Communist China has brought all this together and made it into an art form. It employs old fashioned violence, arrest, torture and death with all that modern technology has to offer. In the very important 2019 book, We Have Been Harmonized, Kai Strittmatter puts it this way:

We are witnessing the return of totalitarianism in digital guise. The People’s Republic of China has always been a dictatorship. But it was only for a few years under Mao that it was a totalitarian state, which tried to creep into every last corner of its subjects’ brains, its eye watching over their bedrooms and their closest relationships. The new totalitarianism will be much more sophisticated than the versions that Mao and Stalin gave us, with undreamed-of possibilities for access and mind- control, now that we have all stored our minds in smartphones – now that we record every step we take and every thought we think digitally. Best of all, the new totalitarianism has the luxury – unimaginable in the past – of being able to dispense with terror as an everyday tool. It’s enough if the violence remains at a subliminal level, as an ever-present threat. In this way the new regime insinuates itself, quietly and imperceptibly at first, making citizens into its accomplices.

Image of We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China's Surveillance State
We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China's Surveillance State by Strittmatter, Kai (Author) Amazon logo

And here in the West we are seeing the same sorts of things emerging all over the place. I have written often for example about the experiences that I and so many others have had with Facebook and its army of censors and thought police. Leftist group-think is being pushed, and woe betide anyone who dares to take a different view on things.

I have lost count of how many times I have been thrown into the Fakebook Gulag. And so often it was for doing nothing other than sharing historical facts. All one has to do nowadays is simply mention a certain word or concept and the tech gestapo are on you like a ton of bricks.

These mind-police clearly do not know how to read or think. Whenever a verboten term or thought comes along they will immediately pounce. You will be hauled off to their prison for as long as they think you need to be there. Rehabilitation is not their concern: they just want to shut you up and prevent you from speaking.

And let me nip in the bud the idea that this is nothing more than just impersonal algorithms at work. I am sure they have a role to play, but we know that groups like FB have armies of censors working full-time to keep any wrong ideas from appearing.

And just like in the old Soviet police state, there never is a proper explanation as to why you are being thrown into prison. And there is no process of appeal. It is all a kangaroo court. You are accused, found guilty, and sentenced in the same breath, with no hope of defending yourself.

In my most recent case of being sin-binned, I simply referred to two of the most important historical events of the past 100 years. In both cases the tech tyrants jumped on me immediately after I posted. Now I am a persona non grata once again. Whether I will be allowed back on tomorrow or sometime remains to be seen.

But just consider the idiocy of how these clowns operate. Yesterday was September 11 – at least in Australia. So I did some posts on this horrid event – 21 years on. I referred to some old articles of mine, used a few quotes, and posted a few famous pics as well.

One of the most well-known and saddest picture was of a jumper – someone falling from the towers to escape the flames. This is a photo that would have been seen millions if not billions of times by now. Yet the folks at FB instantly covered it up and said it was inappropriate content and that it violated their useless “community standards.”

Good grief. It might be one thing to have a bit of a covering on a pic like this in case it caused some people distress, and then let folks decide for themselves what they will do with it. But to treat me as a common criminal and claim I am somehow stirring up violence or aggression and so on is just moronic.

This was a major part of American and world history. So do the censors at FB think they have the right to keep people from their own history here? Everything about these posts of mine were of course to remind us that there is real evil out there, and it should never be promoted or championed, but resisted. Yet the mindless wonders at FB think I am the one who is evil and must be resisted.

And today I did another historical post. In fact it was simply a comment on a post I had done about how there is a lot of foolish stuff circulating on the social media, and that folks can post what they want on their own sites, but we need some discernment in what we share.

People were sending in comments agreeing with me, saying how some of the stuff folks are running with can be quite problematic indeed. To that I replied with these words: “Many just watch videos for countless hours – one fellow I knew became absolutely convinced that Hitler was actually the good guy and the Allies were evil!”

And once again the Brownshirts pounced! I was told it had to be pulled for once again violating their ‘standards’ by promoting terrorism and hatred, etc. WHAT?! How in the world does a comment that clearly says Hitler was a BAD guy and that he should NOT be defended violate any standards? It was not only a perfectly true statement, but it again took a stand AGAINST hatred and those who push violence – in this case the Nazis.

Um, is it a requirement at FB that all those who get a job there must first prove that they are illiterate and have an IQ of a carrot? What is wrong with these people? And if some want to again excuse FB by saying it is all just algorithms, then just what is being suggested here?

Is FB actually now saying that the word “Hitler” will NEVER appear anywhere on its site? Really? Even if he is being condemned in the strongest possible language? And if it is Hitler today, then will it be Nazis tomorrow? Or Stalin? Or Communists? Perhaps Christ and Christianity will be the next set of historical terms that will be banned on FB.

And then the good folks at FB said I could use some independent review board if I did not like their decision. Yeah right, that will be as useful as their ‘independent fact checkers’! So I wasted some time going to that site and sharing a few concerns, even though the site said that most appeals would not even be considered! Hey, that does a whole lot of good.

What an utter farce FB and most of the other tech giants are. The only “community standards” they give a rip about are their own bogus secular left standards. Everyone else can just drop dead. And if folks say that I should get on the other social media sites, well, I already am! I am on most of them in fact.

But sadly they are all much smaller and I have far fewer friends there than on FB. So I stay with FB because I have the biggest chance of sharing truth far and wide – even though of course it means I regularly get censored and I routinely get banned. So I will continue to use it and the other sites as long as I can.

My goal is to share truth in the social arena. I know FB hates that, but tough beans. I will keep doing it until they again permanently ban me. Yes it is frustrating as all get out to deal with these little dictators. But I am doing my bit to help prevent these mini-tyrants from becoming full-tilt CCP dictators. That may be in vain, but I will keep trying.

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13 Replies to “Big Tech and the Erasure of History”

  1. Yep Bill it seems that they have robots there that look for words and that’s that. Context is irrelevant.
    I’ve only been pinged a couple of times but one was for saying something like “haters will hate” or maybe “killers will kill”. It had real meaning in context, but apparently “community standards” has to be maintained.

  2. And we love you and your articles SO MUCH, Bill…
    And we know you’ll keep posting, Bro in Christ until the end…
    Especially when you hit the funny bone…Ya Sausage…

    “Um, is it a requirement at FB that all those who get a job there must first prove that they are illiterate and have an IQ of a carrot?”

    Go CATTERS 2022!

  3. George Orwells 1984 is referenced a lot these days. One other that is just as profound is Ray Bradburys book, “Fahrenheit 451”.

  4. I think it should be obvious that if we have enough AI capability to recognize faces or tell the name of a tune we play, then we have more than enough AI to parse your Hitler sentence correctly.

  5. Move to GAB Bill — it’s Andrew Torba’s site. If you don’t know of him, he is a Christian and has just released a book called Christian Nationalism.
    GAB is similar to FB but is a free speech site – and is big on Christianity! It has Australian, kiwi, Christian and lots of other groups with varying interests. You can also download Defender from GAB which is their search engine, it is easy to use and looks good. I look at the free version of GAB most days as I haven’t yet paid for the premium service.
    Thanks, and God Bless Bill.

  6. Bill – if it wasn’t so serious it would be simply silly.
    I’m still trying to work out why FB ‘hid’ my reply to a caption which read, ‘My hobbies include putting my pajamas on as soon as I get home.’
    My response was, ‘Presumably it’s the Yanks who put on pyjamas while the Poms (and Aussies) put on pyjamas.’
    Which was the naughty word?
    Go figure…

  7. This strikes a chord as the UK Medical Freedom Alliance has had their service discontinued at Paypal. The question is whether there is any purpose to be gained in boycotting Paypal – probably not. If I can negotiate their defences against users wanting support I may be able to send a message to them that I am praying that God will break their power.

  8. Keep your old encyclopaedia sets if you have them or get any cheap or free sets you see advertised. Won’t be long til the internet is so controlled by the crazy left that every conservative & truth site will be banned. I also make sure I keep real physical books. So glad I never took up ebooks. Much prefer physical books anyway.

  9. Sounds like the FarceBook algorithm has set Bill on code red, so he gets clobbered for things that ordinary folk would get away with. Easy to test. Make another Fakebook account and re-post the same wording and I bet nothing happens…

  10. Thing that bugs me the most is at lately they don’t even tell you what community standard or term of service you violated just “you violated our TOS or our CS”. Thus you have NO defense against them because you don’t know what you did. It is the technical equivalent of being arrested, tried and convicted without ever being told what law you broke.

    Sometimes, I know this personally, they don’t even tell you WHAT it was you did. (I love how they’re supposed to email you what you did, at least one such social site is, but when you contact them because you never were emailed what you did they count THAT as an appeal, which of course gets denied since you gave them nothing, and then CASE CLOSED! No account and cancelled accounts can’t be reinstated.) That being the technical equivalent of being arrested, tried and convicted not only without ever being told what law you broke but without ever being told what you did in the first place.

  11. Sad to say there is a Christian Forum just like that. It is very pharisaical, very anti-biblical in its responses to its posters and there is no recourse for the writer once the moderators have decided you are persona non grata. Above all, they are deeply offended if you question them.

    The site is Christian

  12. True Roger all while extolling their righteousness and claiming to be the true bride of Christ. I haven’t met this group but met one called RITAN. They have move to Facebook now. Glad I’m not on Fascistbook. I refuse to be assimilated.

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