The Persecution of Christians IS Real

Yes there is very real persecution of Christians happening in Australia.

Despite what some trendy lefty Christians are trying to tell you, persecution of Christians in Australia (and much of the West) is alive and well. Sure, we are not having our heads lopped off – yet – but very real persecution and anti-Christian bigotry is happening here all the time.

Indeed, for those who are actually losing their jobs, being heavily fined, or even jailed, this most certainly is real persecution. Let the religious left, the SJWs, and the friends of the world scoff at these claims, but I can assure you that it is happening far more than you think.

We of course have had plenty of very public examples of this – including the Israel Folau case and so many others – but what most folks are not aware of are so many cases that have to go unreported. There are many private cases of persecution that are causing great damage to believers.

‘So, if they are private, how do you know about them Bill?’ Good question – I am glad you asked. I happen to know about many of these cases for the simple reason that I have been involved – at least indirectly – with some of them. Over the years those who have quoted from me or commented on my site have been dragged before the courts and tribunals.

Some of the outcomes have been settled privately or without great media fanfare, but because I have been involved in these cases – at least in part – I obviously do know a fair amount about them. Some of these cases will never be made public, while others eventually will.

So you will just have to take my word for it – at least for a while with some of these cases. But I know of quite a few really appalling cases of anti-Christian bigotry where careers were ended or fines levied. Some Christians and conservatives have never fully recovered from their ‘punishment’ and despicable treatment.

One case that is a little bit known – at least to some folks – but needs to be much more widely known, concerns another culture warrior that I know and have shared platforms with over the years. She is now paying the price big time for daring to speak out.

Melbourne housewife Marijke Rancie had simply gotten sick and tired of all the crap being rammed down the throats of her young children, including the deplorable “Safe Schools” programs. She set up websites and Facebook pages called “Political Posting Mumma” and she has become an outspoken critic of cultural Marxism and political correctness. Also see this important site that she is involved in:

Early in June she was taken to task for a post she had put up, along with the comments of others on it, and she was forced to make a public apology as well as pay a huge fine. The lawsuit was dropped after the two parties came to a settlement in mediation. As one report said:

A woman who shot to fame as a concerned mother in an advertisement against same-sex marriage has issued a public apology to an LGBT youth leader who sued her for defamation over a Facebook post. Marijke Rancie runs the “Political Posting Mumma” Facebook page, where she regularly posts content arguing against same-sex marriage, transgender rights and LGBTI education in schools. It has more than 19,000 followers.

She was sued last year by Adele Moleta, also known as “Delsi Cat”, who runs the queer party organisation “Unicorns” and has previously worked as a school teacher and at LGBTI youth charity Minus18. Moleta brought the lawsuit after Rancie shared pictures of her on Facebook in Dec. 2017, saying in the caption that it was a “sneak peek” into a “rabbit hole that is pretty sick and twisted to your average Australian family”, among other things. Rancie, a prominent campaigner for the losing “No” side in Australia’s national same-sex marriage vote, posted a public apology to Moleta on her Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

She is now seeking to raise money to cover the costs, and has managed to get $29,000 so far in her $100,000 goal. You can contribute to her cause here:

A few days ago on her Facebook page she said this:

I have only just received the list of names of all of you wonderful people who have donated to me and my family! It made me cry and filled my heart more than I could ever adequately explain. Knowing you all have my back is truly overwhelming. I will be contacting each and every one of you personally soon. The strain that a $100,000 settlement fee puts on a middle class family is significant, but our burden has been significantly lightened by your goodness and generosity. $25,000 is AMAZING!!! 

It’s a humbling experience asking for help. Being a dissenting voice in the culture war is incredibly important. We have only just begun really. Anyway, if you support me and my voice and want me to have an even bigger platform, please consider donating to this secure site so we can continue to recover some costs. God bless all of you for the part you play in pushing back.

Imagine having to raise $100,000! The other side is of course awash with money, and even has plenty of government (taxpayer) funding. They can bully and threaten whoever they like, knowing that except for a few wealthier folks like Folau, most victims of their intimidation and persecution will never be able to fight back. They simply do not have the funds, the legal teams, or the time to take on Goliath.

So this is how the misotheists, the Christophobes and the radical secular left keep winning: they bully and attack all opponents, and in most cases, they are able to silence us with threats of lawsuits, being dragged to the courts, being taken to the tribunals, and so on.

Most ordinary Christians and conservatives cannot deal with all that, so they simply capitulate or surrender or compromise. And fair enough, as most of these folks have families that they need to look after. It is easy to tell them to stand strong and resist the leftists and alphabet tyrants, but feeding your family is obviously a top priority.

Those who are conservatives and people of faith who are willing to publicly stand up for their beliefs are certainly finding that we are in a very real war. The persecution is real and is getting worse by the day. The other side will NOT stop as they seek to silence all opposition and contrary voices.

CultureWatch at risk

As I said, I am not only aware of and friends with many of those who have been publicly attacked and intimidated by the other side, but I am also involved in many of the cases that have not yet come to light. Their fate is often tied in with my fate, including one new case that is very ominous indeed, and may go public sooner rather than later.

The simple truth is this: I am utterly amazed that CultureWatch still exists and that it has not yet been closed down, with me thrown in jail or heavily fined. It is only the grace of God and his divine protection (aided and abetted by all your prayers and spiritual warfare) that has kept this ministry going.

I dare not be presumptuous here. At any time I could get the knock on the door, the letter in the mail, the phone call or email informing me that my time is now up. And when that happens I will only have my faith and your prayers to sustain me.

I certainly have no money to take on legal challenges or pay massive fines. If need be, we will have to sell our home and try to cope as best we can. As I just told a group of faith and family leaders today, this threat is absolutely real. And while there are helpful Christian legal teams in the US that take on cases of Christian persecution for free, we have very little of that in Australia.

We are basically on our own when the hardcore persecution ramps up. We will need all the help we can get from fellow believers, including possibly things like accommodation, food, and transport. The trouble is, so many “Christians” will actually think that those of us who face such persecution actually deserve it!

Many churchians are so carnal and so compromised, that when people like me lose our ministries or are jailed, they will simply say, “Good!” So only a small remnant of believers will be counted on to help us as this persecution gets worse.

I assure you, I am not fear-mongering here. All this is absolutely real, and it is getting worse by the week. At best, if one day you try to visit this site and cannot find it, then you will know that what I warned about has finally transpired. It is likely just a matter of time now.

This is above all else a spiritual war. That is why I cannot survive without the prayers of others. Our spiritual enemy wants this ministry and others like it stopped. It is only by your fervent prayers and intercession that work like this can survive and thrive.

So please, keep praying thanks. The days are getting darker, and we all need to stand together and support one another while we still can.

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27 Replies to “The Persecution of Christians IS Real”

  1. As well as the more public examples of Christian persecution that are increasing by the day, most people are unaware of the targeted persecution that goes on behind closed doors where a Christian’s enemies are literally the members of their own household. While many family members might tolerate their Christian ‘nutcase’ relative, many do not, and these can undergo extreme persecution at the hands of their family who will do anything to stop them believing, going to church, fellowshipping with other Christians, and owning Bibles or other Christian literature and music.
    While any family relationship can bring persecution, my own experience was that of an ‘unequally yoked’ relationship. We married as unbelievers, but we both became Christians at the same time, very early in the marriage. However, he quickly fell away, saying that Christianity was a joke, while I went from strength to strength with my faith. This was the beginning of 20 years of a relentless pursuit to make me deny Jesus and to keep my children from finding Him too.
    What does this persecution look like when it is hidden behind closed doors? That will vary from case to case. I share here some of the experiences I endured – not for sympathy, but to make people aware of the experience of many Christians in Australia – maybe even someone in your own church. They won’t talk to anyone about it – or if they do, they will minimise it – thinking they are somehow at fault in their Christian walk. Not only that, talking about what’s happening brings threat of repercussions. The list below is only the tip of the iceberg – some things I cannot bring myself to write.

    • Twice having all my possessions taken to the local dump –including my Christian library, clothes, baby photos and my father’s valuable stamp collection, genealogical photographs and certificates, art supplies, my art work and 10 years worth of personal correspondence and personal diaries;
    • Once having my belongings dumped in the street and being prevented from collecting them, while the weather and traffic destroyed them;
    • Being given the silent treatment for weeks and months at a time – imagine what that has done to the children;
    • Not being given housekeeping money to buy food or clothes for the children;
    • Being held hostage, with death threats if I went near the phone or the door;
    • Threatened if I gave thanks or prayed softly prior to meals;
    • Being separated from my children with my husband in between us for two hours, wildly swinging an axe as he cut down trees;
    • Monitoring my emails and reading my mail;
    • Forced isolation from other believers;
    • Threats to harm my Christian friends;
    • Held captive in a car while being driven at dangerously high speed;
    • Economic control – making me apply for jobs to contribute to the household then making me quit them before starting to keep me financially dependent.

    I have come through those years unscathed and positively shaped by my past experience, now using it to be a comfort to others as God comforted me, but I cannot say the same for my children. I had God by my side all the way – the children did for a time, but where our experience strengthened my faith, they were unable to maintain theirs.
    I will leave it there, agreeing with Bill that persecution of believers is more widespread in our society than people are aware of. It is not just confined to places ‘over there’ somewhere. But it is increasing here and becoming more acceptable. With the increasing approval of Christian persecution, I fear not only for those who are now being targeted with potential job losses, because of their faith (it could be me next time) but also for those suffering out of sight in their own homes, where persecution is likely to intensify if it is encouraged.

  2. It is one thing when unbelievers say Christians aren’t targeted, but I agree with you – I am disgusted when professing ‘Christians’ (some of them probably wolves) try to make the claim that we don’t have persecution in Australia. I fully agree that some Christians in places like North Korea and any other leftist dystopias have a terrible time living out their faith, but some of these people need to stop attacking their brethren and back them. Whose side are they on? Why do they tear down people they should be supporting?

    Jesus defined persecution quite broadly – witness the end of the Beatitudes:

    “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” – Mt 5:11-12

    Jesus calls being reviled, lied about and mocked for living to please and glorify God persecution. It isn’t just being thrown into jail or execution, terrible as that is. According to Jesus the word has a wider definition, no doubt because the experiences he spoke about are more common to all believers.

  3. Too many say you dont have to go so over the top. Just talk to other who believe the same as you. But how does that bring others to christ? Persecution for being a Christian has been subtle as in curse words using our Saviour’s name, or getting stared at when your out eating, say McDonald’s and you hold hands to say Grace or thanks be to God for the food and bless the people who cooked it. Or sports, markets etc are held on Sundays and you dont want your kids to miss out so you skip church (ive been guilty of these things too at times im not just finger pointing) Now its your job or offending some one because of your beliefs from the bible. Taking your car home and money. So tell me again there is no persecution for following Jesus Christ in Australia!

  4. Dear Bill, Your ministry is so important and it is alarming to read what you’ve written about bring shut down, but I know it is a real possibility or likelihood. Thank you for your boldness and your work as a Christian culture warrior. God bless your ministry and family.

  5. God bless your ministry, Bill, as you continue to speak the truth. I’m saddened to learn of these developments as I’ve only recently discovered your site, and can fully believe it. Let’s pray that any new Religious Protection Act will do just that for people such as yourself. The devil is certainly having his fling as we have been forewarned, but we also know that Christ will be the final victor. Stand strong! For the LORD said “them that honour Me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.

  6. Dear Pastor Muehlenberg,

    Please come back to America. You are desperately needed here and we are not as far gone as Australia, Canada and Britain.
    To quote Judi McLeod, publisher and editor of Canada Free Press: “Without America, there is no free world.”

  7. Hi Bill
    I recall recently a past CEO of World Vision Australia, a Christian organization, scoffing when asked by a journalist if he thought there is persecution today being experienced by Christians.
    Your article Bill is spot on!

  8. Christian persecution certainly is real. After reading this I did a quick mental calculation as to how much persecution against me has cost me and I would not be surprised if, compounded over time, this could be valued at maybe half a million dollars. Now if you multiply that by say 2 million working Christians you could easily come up with a figure of a trillion dollars over one person’s lifetime. Even if the real figure is only a tenth of that you are still talking about 100 billion dollars in Australia taken from decent people and contributed to immoral people over one lifetime and that figure does not include how much immorality is subsidized by our government systems and departments (although part of this definitely did occur while I was working for the government) and through our taxation and is only what could possibly have occurred in just one country. The figure worldwide is vastly greater and many counties are far worse than Australia.

    Yes people like Israel Folau get media attention because he is a sporting hero and the amount of money involved is huge but most people’s persecution comes in much smaller, more easily hidden doses but it definitely compounds over a lifetime. Fighting a case like Israel Folau’s is hardly worthwhile without support from outside so the overwhelming majority of people simply have to put up with the government subsidized and business promoted corruption and immorality

  9. Christians are slowly and surely being silenced. I should reread Mary Eberstadt’s book again “It;s Dangerous to Believe-Religious Freedom and Its Enemies”

  10. Hi, Bill, To me Marijke Rancie appears like a modern-day Florence Nightingale.
    She is ringing her bell to warn us (as you do Bill) that the persecutors are alive and active.
    It most always seems the case that when you come up against persecution there’s bucket loads of money available to the persecutors.
    Israel Folau for example. He is able to take his case to the high court and can afford to do so. On the other hand, RU Australia also has lots of readies so neither of the combatants will compromise, incidentally, RU traditionally, is a game supposed to be played by gentlemen. Not much of that going on here.
    I reckon that Adele Moleta was well aware of Marijke’s financials. so the courts were used by her to bully Marijke into submission.
    So what’s the rub? I guess we all know well – prayer and more prayer. God bless Marijke Bill and all the front line warriors in this war.

  11. A bit off topic but you mentioned pray so I wanted to ask if you have anything on the answers to prayer?? some christians speak of unanswered prayer because they pray for something and don’t get a yes so to them it is unanswered but God answers all pray sometimes it is no and sometimes not now but later. a lot seem to think that the only answer to pray is yes, like God is some sugar daddy how wish to give us everything we want we only need ask, and thus are not open to a no or not sow so they never hear and answer to certain prayer because it isn’t the answer they want or the one they are looking for. others think the is some magic formula to pray that if you say the right words you get what you want or only with the right words are you forgiven, many insist you have to say the sinners prayer to be forgiven, but God is not a genie that using the right words will get you your wish or legalistic such that is you say the right words he is bound to forgive you or give you salvation.

    Along those lines I have had several christians say if you end your prayer with “if it be your will” you just negated the whole prayer. even though even Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane when asking the cup be removed from him asked only if it be God will. some have told me our will is God’s will so it is unnecessary to add that since what we want is what he wants. but even the Lord’s prayer say “your will be done” not ‘our will be done’ our ‘our will which is your will be done’. don’t know if you have anything on these or not.

    I pray things go well for you. Problem is with all these tribunals they are all bureaucrats unelected and thus unaccountable essentially mini-dictators and thus they can do whatever they like and are always appointed to their positions based on ideology. you wont find a person opposed to inventing new rights for reality deniers or based on who you have sex with on these panels (or you find one token member with is far out numbered by strict adherents to the ideology so their being there is of NO value) so you know the outcome before you are even brought before them.

  12. Georgina Sarikoudis:
    Qantas worker files discrimination claim over crucifix ban October 21 2014
    A FORMER Qantas employee has accused the airline of banning crucifixes while allowing Muslim women to wear head scarfs. Georgina Sarikoudis claims the airline discriminated against the Christian faith by demanding she and others discard the religious insignia. Mrs Sarikoudis, a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, claims in tribunal documents she was subjected to “threats and ridicule” by managers who ordered her to cut off her prayer-knot bracelet and remove her necklace with a crucifix on it. QANTAS CEO is Alan Joyce.

  13. Another reason to be good stewards of our finances so we can respond to situations like this. We serve God and not mammon, and we need to use the money we have been given faithfully. The parable of the shrewd manager comes to mind.

  14. Bill, we have disagreed on certain issues in the past (and still do, I suspect), but this development is dark and dire. I have suspected for some time that matters would come to this. It is vital that your website remains up, as with other websites of similar ilk. I will pray for your continued ministry. My only request is: give us hope, and stress the hope we have!
    We have the blessed hope (Titus 2:13) beyond all this nonsense, or am I not supposed to say that, lest it be construed as wanting evil so that the supreme good (the Second Coming) may come?

  15. Re fines it is not clear to me why there was a settlement costing $100,000. It leads to the supposition that the defendant is admitting fault. I would have thought this sort of case should be vigorously defended. Fining Christians could become a lucrative racket, financing guess what.

  16. Thanks John. I am not privy to all the fine details of the case. And the word ‘fine’ was mine – ‘settlement’ may have been a better term.

  17. ALL our Christian churches need to do more than bow to these minority groups. What people do behind closed doors as far as same sex marriages, but this does NOT GIVE permission for these people to CORRUPT our children and confuse them over their gender. This entire issue would not have succeeded had it been carried out via a TRUE REFERENDUM which should have been done at the last Commonwealth elections. The signings of the Lima and more recently Paris UN agenda agreements to name a few are what we were sentanced with. Until we can outnumber homosexuality among the elected politicians the Christian’s will continue to be outnumbered, especially when our nation is running under Whitlams false constitution and not our original 1901 Constitution which requires ALL law or Act changes MUST be Done via a REFERENDUM of the nation’s people. Even a High Court judge has saige the Marriage Act change would be overthrown if challenged in Australia’s High Court as they are still governed by the 1901 Constitution. To be ratified it would have to be returned to the House of Lords which with UK’s current situation would cost big funds to complete. The false constitution from 1970’s is why we lost all mention on our monetry system etc of the word Commonwealth, when the Queen refused to allow Whitlam to alter our 1901 original constitution. WAYNE GLEW is worth Googling and listening too. The sooner we can get free of the UN the better then our nation can START overthrowing these EVIL, CORRUPT UN and its Globalization agenda…..

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