Victoria: The Nutjob State

So now you can legally change your sex at least once every year in Victoria.

When you are driving around the country on lengthy trips, you will sometimes alleviate the boredom by looking at license plates. On them you will see the different mottos of each state. For example, Queensland is the “Sunshine State.” Victoria used to be the “Garden State,” but now it clearly is the “Nutjob State”.

I have documented this far too many times already, but it just seems to get steadily worse. The latest insanity to come out of the hyper-left Andrews’ government is to destroy our birth certificates. Sure, it’s not the first Australian state to push this madness, but added to all its other radical agenda items, Victoria leads the way in moonbattery.

One news report today offers this coverage of the story:

Transgender and gender-diverse people in Victoria will be able to change the sex on their birth certificate without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery, after reforms were passed in parliament overnight. The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill introduced by the state government passed 26-14 in the Victorian upper house on Tuesday night and will now go to the Governor for royal assent.

The bill will remove the current requirement for transgender people to undergo sex reassignment surgery before updating their birth certificate. They will also be free to self-nominate their sex as male, female or many other non-binary descriptors of their choice.

Children will also be able to alter the gender on their birth certificate, provided they have parental support and a statement from a doctor or registered psychologist stating that the decision is in the child’s best interests. Victoria became the fifth state in Australia to adopt the reform, bringing it in line with Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and the ACT.

For those who still have possession of their rational faculties, this is so very wrong on so many fronts. First, it plays into the war on biology and the war on reality. Simply identifying as another gender does not make you that. A boy remains a boy no matter how much he identifies as a girl.

Plenty of kids in their fantasy life and at play identified as astronauts or aliens or race car drivers. Should governments now acknowledge these preferences and identities? If a four-year-old kid identifies as a famous Ferrari driver, should the state allow him into this year’s Grand Prix?

If not, why not? Andrews and Co are now insisting that identity trumps reality, so why not here? To ban a kid from joining in on the race is obviously the height of bigotry and discrimination. Time to lift your game Andrews and stop this ugly intolerance.

Moreover, what are birth certificates for? Among other things, they are officially recognised identity documents that assist in establishing citizenship. They are very important documents for other reasons, including medical reasons.

But now they are in many ways becoming meaningless. And with kids and others allowed to change their certificate every 12 months, this will just become a never-ending circus, with our more usual changes to hair colour or apparel outstripped by endless gender options.

And it is not just some bigoted cisgender stuff we are talking about here – the sky is the limit. The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2019 says this in its section on definitions: “sex descriptor includes—(a) male; or (b) female; or (c) any other sex”.

Hmm: “any other”. There are now more possible gender options than there are moonbeam proposals coming out of the Victorian government. Here are just a few of them in case you have forgotten what exciting options we have to choose from: ambigender, skoliosexual, neutrois, androgyne, nanogender, two-spirit, pangender, transmasculine, and vapogender.

Wow, so if a guy lives to the ripe old age of 99, he could potentially identify (officially and legally) with some 90-plus genders. Freedom! Liberation! Talk about telling biology to take a hike. Talk about creating your own reality. The New Age mind-over-matter and creative visualisation folks ain’t got nothing on these trans morphisms.

The war against biology and reality is at heart a war against the truth. But since when did the left give a rip about truth? Telling lies on our birth certificates impacts every single one of us. As Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill said in a recent piece:

The midwives and doctors who delivered a baby with a penis were telling the truth when they said: “It’s a boy.” And their truth was recorded, faithfully and dutifully, by the public registrar. The end result was a birth certificate, one of society’s essential documents. The birth certificate is the measure of ­society itself: it tells us who was born, when and where they were born, and who their parents were. To alter such documents — to falsify them — is to interfere with the history and knowledge of society itself.

This is very different to when a trans person changes their name by deed poll, which it is absolutely their right to do. It is even different to when a trans person changes the sex on their passport, which also makes me feel uncomfortable, but I can live with it. Because when we change sex on a birth certificate we sanction lying; we deceive future generations.

Leftists have always sought to deceive people, and the totalist state works overtime at perfecting this. Andrews must have studied carefully the works of George Orwell and others. In Orwell’s prescient dystopian novel 1984, the hero Winston Smith is being tortured in the ‘Ministry of Love’. His interrogator is trying to ‘cure’ him of his belief that reality is found in anything other than as the State sees it. As he informs Smith:

You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes; only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal.

Welcome to the Andrews’ Ministry of Truth 2019.

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  1. Hi Bill, can you imagine the total chaos and confusion when a celebrity on Ancestory DNA TV show finds out their father wasn’t what they thought he was but in fact a woman, their mum!



  2. Yeah! Bill.
    Years ago my home state, bad old Victoria had the number plate slogan; “The State of Excitement”.
    It wasn’t long before it changed into ” The State of Death”.
    Oh well!
    Obviously to much excitement is not good for a state?
    Terry McDonnell

  3. I wonder if they are going to make provisions for all the ‘different sexes’ in our prison system? Could be a very expensive exercise especially if the prisoner wants to be moved every 12 months depending on their current chosen sex. Anything less would surely be discrimination? And what’s to stop dangerous criminals identifying as female in order to gain access to females in a female prison. A quick internet search lead me to an an article where already trans men to women in some Australian prisons are allowed to share shower facilities with women prisoners- whether the women prisoners agree or not. Surely this is one rule for some and not others. I do accept that trans people do have a very difficult time in our prison system. Don’t think this legislation is gonna help though.

  4. Years ago the Victorian number plate slogan was, “Victoria – On the move”. It was dumped as being a negative as Victorians were leaving the state for warmer climes. But I think it was prophetic… Moving ever so much further away from God’s plan and purpose for his people… Into total and utter debauchery and lunacy.

  5. Hello Bill, I agree with you in totality, and I believe that when the insane idea makers (ie the university knowalls) go a little more insane and psychotic, then there will be a revolt, just like in the USA, and hopefully we get a Trump like Government.

  6. Mark Emerson I would gladly move out of Victoria with this lunacy.
    Another point.. imagine the distortion to our Census results too.

  7. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the article.

    I have only ever visited Victoria once which was about eleven years ago and I was left with the impression, mainly because of some of its modern architecture, that it was a bit too trendy for its own good. The laws that it has brought in since then confirms this impression and this latest one takes the biscuit so the title Nutjob state suits it very well

  8. Back up the bus Lucifer, we have have another load for transport to a hotter climate!

  9. Victoria is approaching the state of cultural rigor mortis.
    Andrews is destroying our state on so many levels – our education system, sexualizing our children, our energy supplies, our access to land, chicanery with China, abortion laws, gender lunacy laws, euthanasia laws, taxes and tolls, safe injecting rooms, $400K for a Muslim mosque, etc. The list progresses whilst Victoria regresses.
    Those who voted the Andrews government into power should hang their heads in shame, and are guilty of naive treason and abetting child abuse.

  10. Thanks, Bill. What also worries me is that this bill was passed by such a wide margin. By my rough estimate, Labor has 19 upper house members (not a majority), yet the difference was 12 votes, so there are around seven non-Labor members who are part of this madness.

  11. My husband is a born and bred Victorian – now I understand why he never wants to go back!!

  12. Mixed nuts for sure.
    Perhaps a peanut will want to realise it’s true value by insisting on being for sale in a hardware store, being in mechanics bolt and nut drawer.
    Why 12 months? Who made this reasonable rule? Why not accommodate the more imaginative by making it once a month?
    Surely we should not discriminate against the more unstable.
    What is the fee for changing the birth certificate? This change is elective.
    Seriously, the description on a birth certificate should reflect the status at birth, not later.

  13. We remember: The Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous distributed to children in Catholic schools, a thoughtful booklet outlining the Catholic position on marriage.

    Response: Porteous is required to front the Australian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner.

    Meanwhile: Tim Minchin sings, “I Still Call Australia Homophobic” – a re-work of (AIDs victim) Peter Allen’s, “I Still Call Australia Home”. The Minchin song denigrates, in appalling terms, those supporting the Christian position on marriage.

    Response: Minchin is celebrated, with his video shown in-part, on the ABC TV Insiders, current affairs program.

    Hypocrisy, hypocrisy.

  14. Sooner or later the “re-education state” is going to butt up against reality. When you start to see men taking doctors to court because they refuse to give them a hysterectomy or women getting sick and tired of being beaten in sport by men who have decided to be a woman for that year or women getting sick and tired of perverts being allowed into women’s dressing rooms and toilets because they have decided to be a woman for a year or our embassies having to waste time because countries refuse to allow people in who’s visas don’t match the reality, etc. etc. etc. people will have no choice but to admit that the Labor party is completely insane.

  15. A couple of old but relevant quotes:
    Sophocles in ‘Antigone’ : “Evil appears as good in the minds of those whom god leads to destruction”
    “Whom God wishes to destroy, He first sends mad.” Boswell Johnson 1783.

    The sad part is that we will have to watch many we love being caught up in that destruction, unless God intervenes.

  16. Diabolical Dan must be one of the most evil politicians in the nation, even outdoing some of the Greens in his demonically inspired agendas. That’s my opinion.

  17. I think I might have a good compromise on all this: Two options on the birth certificate: “Born with penis” or “Born with vagina”, followed by the statement: “For current orientation or identification, refer to the holder of this certificate.”

  18. David Williams. My sentiments too. Perhaps the following fields on the BC could apply?

    ‘Birth Biological Sex’: (required; acceptable values: ‘male’, ‘female’)
    ‘Preferred Gender’ (optional; acceptable values: ‘male’, ‘female’, ‘other’)
    ‘Selected Biological Sex’ (optional; acceptable values: ‘male’, ‘female’).

    No changes to ‘Birth Biological Sex’ value can EVER be made since this requires all witnesses present at the time of birth to cooroborate a change to their sworn statement. Coersion is illegal, changes after birth imposes legislated lying on to doctors, midwives, parents.

    Changes to ‘Selected Biological Sex’ is possible under the following rules (minimum age 18; once per year, two doctors agreement, only after reassignment surgery completed).

    Changes to ‘Preferred Gender’ is possible under the current proposed legislation (once per year, suitable fees payable).

  19. So what does the word “male” now mean? It can no longer refer to a biological male with a penis and XY chromosomes. So how is male” now defined? Ditto for the word “female”?

    I thought a birth certificate was a record of what happened at birth. How can that be changed? Now that birth records can be changed can other birth details be changed? Can I change my date of birth (this is already being tried in a case overseas)? Can I change my place of birth, my parents’ names, etc?

    If a biological male prisoner becomes “female”, are they transferred to a female prison? If not, they will claim discrimination. If they are transferred to a female prison are sexual relations with female prisoners permitted, as lesbian prisoners no doubt already do? Imagine the numbers of male prisoners wanting to become “female” in order to transfer to a female prison.

    Conversely, if a biological female prisoner identifies as “male” are they transferred to a male prison? When this recently happened overseas the woman was immediately raped.

    What happens to boys or girls who attend a single-sex school who identify as the opposite sex? Are they required to leave that school?

    The University of Technology Sydney, in an attempt to attract more female IT, Engineering and construction students, will now admit women with lower ATAR scores than men. How will they handle applications from men who now call themselves women? Will some males change to female just to get in?

    What will happen if a biological male, now a “female”, turns up at a women’s refuge?

  20. Good questions, indeed, Phil.
    If such changes are legal (and surely they now are), the law must be on their side.
    In relation to single-sex schools, logic would indicate a student of the opposite sex would be required to leave. But where do logic (and reality) come into the equation?

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