And Now Australia Post is Promoting Fake Marriage

So now Australia has fake marriage postage stamps!

Why is Australia Post – a government-owned business – forcing on Australians something that millions of people are fully against? Why are they using their monopoly powers in selling stamps to support and promote something that so many folks strongly disbelieve in and are greatly offended by?

I thought that outfits like this were so much into diversity and tolerance – so why is it deliberately offending millions of people, and worse yet, forcing those who are offended to have to indirectly subsidise it as well? This is a slap in the face to millions of Australians, and none of us should put up with it.

I refer to two new $1 postage stamps that Australia Post will release from October 1-31. They both celebrate “marriage equality”. As the picture shows, we get the fake news “love is love” baloney featured on one of the stamps, and a big “yes” on the other, complete with homosexuals kissing – and of course the mandatory rainbows.

This is what the official September-October 2019 Stamp Bulletin says about this new release:

Marriage in Australia was legally defined as a union between a man and a woman in 2004. Same-sex unions were treated as de facto unions under federal law. These unions provided couples with most, though not all, of the legal rights of marriage, although those rights may be difficult to assert and were not always recognised in practice. A voluntary postal survey, designed to gauge support for same-sex marriage and the removal of legal discrimination was held between 12 September and 7 November 2017. The survey returned 7,817,247 (61.6%) “Yes” responses and 4,873,987 (38.4%) “No” responses. An additional 36,686 (0.3%) responses were unclear and the total turnout was 12,727,920 (79.5%). This important survey closed on 7 November 2017 and the results were released on 15 November 2017. Liberal senator Dean Smith introduced a historic marriage equality bill to the Australian parliament and senators from across the spectrum rose to endorse it just a day after the release of the survey results. Legislation to allow samesex marriage, the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, passed the Australian Parliament on 7 December 2017 and received royal assent from the Governor-General the following day. The law came into effect on 9 December, immediately recognising overseas same-sex marriages. The first same-sex wedding under Australian law was held on 15 December 2017. The stamp designs are celebratory, showing the highly recognisable rainbow colours and slogans synonymous with the Marriage Equality campaign.

“The stamp designs are celebratory.” Yeah, they sure are. Imagine if Australia Post tried to release postage stamps celebrating and promoting biblical Christianity. There would be a huge outcry from all the usual suspects: leftists, secularists, atheists, Muslims and so on. They would demand that Australia Post stop being so insensitive and so bigoted and so deliberately provocative.

And in an effort to fully represent ALL Australians, will Australia Post also be issuing a set of stamps honouring and acknowledging all those who voted against fake marriage? And to be really honest and fair, will they also issue some stamps celebrating all the divorces that have already taken place by homosexuals who “married” since the law change?

Or imagine stamps being released that celebrate the original marriage act in Australia that referred to marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Hey, that is as much a part of Australian history as the fake marriage campaign. When will Australia Post release stamps promoting what was always considered to be real marriage? Or are they worried it might offend some folks?

Yet here with this rainbow activism everything is just hunky-dory. ‘Let’s see how many Christians and others who voted against fake marriage we can offend.’ Since when is the Australia Post fully in bed with the activists, doing their bidding? Why do Australians have to have this propaganda rammed down their throats?

Some might say, “Well, I won’t be buying any of those stamps.” Good, but that is not enough. We need to bear in mind that Australia Post, as a government-owned corporation, has monopoly powers on letters and stamps, so all of us are still propping it up, at least indirectly. Thus it does not matter if you do not buy the stamps – we are still involved in the whole thing.

I suggest that all of you contact your local Federal Members and complain about this matter. You can find contact details here:

“Nothing will change” the militants told us over and over again before the marriage vote. Yeah right – now you can barely post a letter without being subject to the activist’s propaganda. It just never stops. This is a deliberate attack by Australia Post on the fundamental values and beliefs of millions of Australians who voted no. Enough is enough.

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  1. Perhaps the next lot of stamps could celebrate something novel, like decency.

  2. I’ve always maintained that this was a ‘survey’ and NOT a formal ‘vote’. And I also know that a significant number of elderly non-SSM advocates refused to cast their survey position out of few of future reprisals. And so we have our government implementing Legislation on surveys instead of compulsory plebiscite votes. Not a good sign.

    Of course, what AP doesn’t tell us about “The first same-sex wedding under Australian law was held on 15 December 2017” is that it was also the first same-sex marriage divorce. The couple only got married in order to be able to divorce! (Unfortunately I can’t locate the source) At that time, SSM had a 100% failure rate!

    What has driven AP, at this time, to release stamps about SSM? It wasn’t until December that the act was passed, so what’s behind this push which was no doubt planned quite some time ago.

  3. I urge all descent Australians to boycott these so called stamps as a blatant promotion of ungodly behaviour.
    When we purchase stamps at the Post Office, before taking delivery, look at the stamps and if we are served with one (or both) of these outrageous so called stamps them simply ask the attendant to supply acceptable stamps and not THIS RUBBISH as it offends our religious observance.
    If the attendant does not have any other, either walk out or purchase a stamped envelope (without the so called fake rainbow rubbish).
    Please remember: Section 116 of OUR Constitution provides that no law may be made that prohibits the free exercise and observance of religion. There is no provision in the Constitution that provides any protection of non religion.

    All homosexual and queer conduct is an affront to God and our religious observance and any promotion of same is also an affront.
    John Abbott

  4. Thanks, Bill,

    for your ”Watchman” ministry to so many brothers and sisters in Christ + others.
    I have for the first time contacted my local Federal member with the questioning of Australia Post issue of a ”celebration stamp” for equal marriage purpose):

    ”Not happy Jane”

    Cheers & blessings


  5. The guy who runs our post office is a Muslim.
    I will talk to him about this and give him support if he wants to make a stand.

  6. When you consider the CEO of Australia Post, when I last heard is a devout Muslim, I am speechless. But as Australia Post is a secular company and the way the world is at the moment, promoting anything LGTB, I am not in the least bit surprised, or especially shocked. I should be.

  7. Bill, I just sent an email to my local member about this…..and I included a copy of your article because, let’s face it, you nailed it!

  8. Bill, yet another excellent informative article.

    I wonder what the activists will seek to do next?

    Maybe the design of some famous gay Australian on the Bank Notes of Australia?

    Now that would indeed be more worrying as those notes I believe will be permanent.

  9. When considering the leading gay proponents of SSM – Penny Wong, Bob Brown, Andrew Barr, Trent Zimmerman, Alan Joyce, Senator Janet Rice, Senator Louise Pratt, Ian Thorpe, Magda Szubanski, Rodney Croome – none have taken up what they demanded.

    They would probably say > we did it for others.
    I suggest, rather it is > we demand government endorsement of homosexuality.

  10. Perhaps we should have a stamp celebrating the first known time in Australian history where an immoral and probably unconstitutional plebiscite was held where only one side was allowed to put their case.

    I’m sure this is how it will be remembered in history. It is a very clear turning point in Australian history where all morality, fairness, reasonableness and democratic principles were set aside so we could celebrate and promote lies, immoral government and sexual deviation.

    I suspect, however, by the time this happens we will no longer be using stamps.

  11. The vote was 4 to 6. That’s 40% opposed, and 60% in support. That’s almost half of all Australians against SSM. This is the velvet hammer at work …

  12. I have talked to our post office staff, (the manager wasn’t there), and they had no idea about these stamps being issued. There was the sense that they have to sell what they are given.
    Anyway they now have my phone no. and they know they have support for a boycott if they want to proceed with that.

  13. Thanks Bruce. Although I was told by one fellow who has an Australia Post franchise that he will not sell them, and he does not have to sell them. So I am not sure who is right here.

  14. These stamps are collectables and according to the bulletin are available for 7 months i.e. till Apr 30th.
    They can be purchased a number of ways including from “participating post offices”.
    Our post office may not sell any collectables, in which case, no direct issue for them.
    If a post office was in the habit of selling collectables and chose not to sell this one, there may be an issue if someone complained.
    That complaint could come through Australia Post, or from a “hopeful” customer.

  15. Well written Bill. I’ve sent an e-mail to my Federal member and asked if she will speak against these stamps.

  16. It’s EVERYWHERE! I’ve just received the latest Mornington Peninsula Shire magazine. And they are proud to announce the new IDAHOBIT Day. That is, “The International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia” – with the raising of the rainbow flag at council offices. Shire Mayor David Gill proudly represents and celebrates the diversity of our community and encouraged everyone to learn more about IDAHOBIT Day and what it stands for. IDAHOBIT Day is celebrated all over Australia where the public join together in the fight against discrimination in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer friends, colleagues and families.

  17. 61.6% of 79.5% = 48.972% which is not a majority for the Yes vote.
    Similarly 30.528% voted No. And 20.5% did not care either way. As an old Maths teacher, I can say that the media cannot do the Maths.

  18. If Australia Post was consistent, the letters with those stamps would get returned to sender.
    We could call it ‘address equality’.

  19. We can play them at their own game. All who appose these stamps. Go to the post office and ask to buy 2 stamps. When they offer you rainbow stamps. Say no thank you and leave. I intend to do this when they come out. If every person did this it would cause quite a stir and I think they would get the message. It will only cost you a few dollars if they offer you any other stamp. Please try this and spread the news to any who will be happy to do this. Take it to your church, ladies meeting ect. Thank you

  20. Be careful what you wish for.
    Most Australians are a laid back lot and prior to the Plebiscite would utter words like, it doesn’t affect me so what the hell.
    I bet they are having second thoughts now that the cat has been let out of the bag. Anyone would think that now the majority of the population were all LGBTQ with all this virtue signalling being shoved down our throats.
    I’ve just returned from a trip to the eternal City, Rome and when you visit the Vatican and all of the beautiful churches and see the frescoes and paintings of the persecuted Christians who were slaughtered by the 100’s of thousands in the Colosseum for their beliefs you may now wonder where it’s all gone wrong and did they all die in vain.
    Funny how history repeats itself!

  21. Hello Ann,
    I’m another Mornington Peninsula Shire resident and yes, I’ve noted that as well, along with such things as the ‘rainbow flag’ at the Shire offices for a week earlier in the year.
    2 of the 3 Seawinds ward councillors in Mornington Peninsula Shire are Left-wingers (I’d emailed one about the rainbow flag but never got a reply) , and so was the *Liberal* candidate for the Nepean seat at the state election last year.
    Meanwhile, the ALP candidate who got the narrow victory then is little more than an shallow juvenile; (IIRC) he did a school visit to Indonesia and after that regards Muslims as friendly (and therefore seems to ‘tune out’ to criticisms of Islamic violence).
    The big problem is that there are far too few genuine Christians in public office to be a counterweight to the socialists.


  22. As my commenting rules clearly state, anonymous comments are not allowed. But since your comment is so typical of how the other side “argues,” it is worth running with anyway. Let me call your bluff: As anyone can see who goes to that link, it has nothing to do with “a traditional wedding”. It is simply about “love” in general, and Valentine’s Day in particular. So that of course can mean anything to anyone. It can mean a brother loving his sister, a dad loving his daughter, a guy loving his cat, or a group of homosexuals loving each other. As such, it has nothing to do with traditional heterosexual marriage, and everything to do with some feel-good bumper sticker. So your comment was not an indication of a reasonable person I am afraid.

  23. Dear oh dear, a reasonable person? and by whos definition. Certainly not reasonable persons. Actually, your opening gambit is so far away from any possible acceptance of reasonable. In fact, it’s in the ballpark of downright unreasonableness.
    How on earth can you expect a reasonable response to an unreasonable assumption?
    stop playing with semantics then you may actually have something to say that people may not dismiss after the first few words.

  24. Hey, Bill, my post here was not aimed at you it was at the anonymous writer please pardon me if I gave you that impression. All blessing to you Michael

  25. Hi Bill,

    Love your work, mate! I was much dismayed throughout the entire so-called debate over fake marriage here in Australia as I never once heard espoused any statistical information on the terrible health risks associated with homosexuality. And that’s no surprise considering how contrived and repressive the mainstream media of any arguments that are injurious to the homosexual agenda. Were the world the right way up, there’d be a ‘Surgeon General’-type warning long ago announcing in the public interest that these activities are every bit as dangerous to people’s health as smoking – or even more so – and take years off their lives, causing untold misery, humiliation and agony.

    With the modern rejection of science as well as God and common decency, perhaps society at large would be interested in self-preservation and become less accepting of this nonsense if they were informed of how dangerous homosexuality was to public health? Perhaps that’s why dissenting voices in the health services are being so aggressively silenced? For example, the proctological term ‘gay bowel syndrome’ was very quickly suppressed.

    Markedly increased domestic violence, suicide, promiscuity, mental illness and disease: here’s a link to the kind of information ALL adult persons should be aware of (grab the two minutes between 18:45—20:20 if you want to get straight to some of the sad statistics, though the whole Fuel Project’s “War on Truth” series is well worth a look):

    I’d like to leave you with some random thoughts that came to me on these matters – slogans that truthers and Christians might like to adopt in correcting the wayward. Imagine if these entered into the popular conscience?! —

    Truth Is Truth

    Truth Will Have Its Way

    Truth Is Inevitable / Irresistible

    Truth Is Exclusive

    True Love Is Exclusive

    Truth Is No Respecter Of Persons

    Truth Irrespective

    Truth Is Irreverent And Always Relevant

    Truth Is Irrepressible

    Denial Of Truth Is Folly

    Love Without Truth is Not Love

    Love The Truth And Live

    Truth Is Love

    True Love Is Truthful

    Lies Are Hateful And Unloving

    Truth Wins!

    God bless you Bill, and may our Lord bless you and your readers with wisdom, peace and grace to face the challenges ahead; in the Spirit of Holiness; in truth, love and eager anticipation of the blessed hope: our Lord Jesus’ Christ and His soon return!

  26. The fact is that the majority of Australians did not vote for same-sex marriage. The majority of people who voted voted for same-sex marriage but of the total population, only 47% voted for it, therefore, it should not have been passed into law.

  27. Roger Marks as I’ve always maintained, it wasn’t a ‘vote’. And our politicians at the time, particularly Turnbull who promised there would be no ramifications, used a survey to make policy to appease the radical left. It should have been a plebiscite. But that’s history now.

  28. The changing in the law was a political decision backed by 7,817,247 yes declarations on a non binding plebiscite. This figure is less than 50% of the eligible constituents who numbered in total 16,006,180 which left a staggering 8,188,933 who were not persuaded to endorse a change in the laws.

  29. So what has to be done to get ScoMo to come clean on the statistics and the fact that the majority of Australians did NOT agree with the change to marriage law, and reset this ridiculous situation? Or do we have to wait for the total destruction of our society before someone starts to listen to reason and common sense? Oh, that’s right… Common sense went out the door with the plebiscite…

  30. Thank you brother, of course the Christian consensus has gone in Australia but God’s plan prevails. Parenting is God’s plan. Society allows for the destruction of the family. What makes us so embarrassed about the Gospel? The best words to address these abominations of mankind are God’s Words, so the best way to stop what may look like the advances of lawlessness in our world which belongs to God is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus because he will forever be the way, and the truth, and the life. There’s is no other way to the Father except through Jesus, we need to stop living for ourselves and start living for Jesus. Stop conforming to the world and be transformed by the renewing of your mind then you can test and approve of what God’s will is, his good pleasing and perfect will. In the churches quest to be relevant with all the technology advances, Christ’s Church is fast becoming irrelevant specially when the written word is replaced by screened images. Noticed you don’t talk about Kindle or other devices used for reading Bill, I think you’re a dying breed, please correct me when I am wrong and may God continue to bless you and your loved ones especially brother.

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