5 Great Reasons For Russia To Invade Ukraine – Not

An article I did not want to post:

This article has been sitting around for at least a week now. I have been hesitant to post it for the simple reason that I am absolutely fed up with how some folks – and mainly some Christians – have been dealing with this entire crisis. The truth is, I have seen hundreds of posts and comments now from people who somehow think Putin is God’s chosen vessel to save Europe and bring peace on earth and good will toward men.

They really do think Putin is a messianic figure, if not Jesus actually returned in the flesh. Seeing these asinine posts day after day has made me want to quit the social media for good. Along with struggling with my wife’s cancer, all this has really been very difficult for me. At times I just want to give up. I expect pagans to say stupid and useless things, but when I see people claiming to be Christians who have basically turned Putin into an idol, I am grieved to my very soul.

I feel sick in the stomach every time I see these folks coming along defending to the death everything Putin says and does while denouncing Zelenskyy as the anti-Christ. It does my head in to be honest. That is why all my recent articles have been of a more devotional and spiritual nature. I just wanted to get away from the madness that I see all around me.

Nonetheless, here is the piece I started some days ago, plus a recent addition to it. My original post had to do with this: I think I have now heard every lousy excuse in the book by the Putinphiles as to why he is perfectly justified in invading Ukraine and levelling it to the ground.

And as I keep saying when folks mention that they never see such posts: you folks obviously move in much different circles than I do. I get them all the time. They seem to be everywhere. And I tried to explain in an earlier piece why I think this is the case: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/03/02/on-discernment-gullibility-and-healthy-scepticism/

So here then are the five most common cheap excuses I hear everyday from the Putin cultists:

1. Biolabs

I would be a very rich dude by now if I got a ruble for every time I heard this one brought up. The Putinphiles think biolabs in Ukraine fully justify Russia invading and destroying the nation. Um, most countries have biolabs in one form or another. That Ukraine has them is not in dispute. What exactly they are being used for and so on is rather less clear.

And we can use some consistency here. We know that there are biolabs in China. Are these folks also demanding that Russia (or Australia or America) immediately attack China – or at least Wuhan – and raze it to the ground as well? If not, why not? And if biolabs are so evil that we must decimate entire nations to get rid of them, well, we know that Pfizer has its headquarters in New York City. Should we bomb New York to smithereens to purify the land?

2. Homosexuality

We know that Putin has taken some steps to promote family values more or less, and that has included not being so open to homosexuality and the like that most Western nations have been. Is it good that Russia is a bit more pro-family than some other nations? Sure. But does that make it OK therefore to take over and raze to the ground another country?

By the reasoning of some of these Putin-lovers, since America is full of blatant homosexuality, China would be fully justified to invade it and raze it to the ground. And since Australia is full of blatant homosexuality, Indonesia would be fully justified to invade it and raze it to the ground. Um, my take on biblical ethics is a bit different than that.

3. Soros

How many times have we heard that George Soros is up to his ears in mischief in Ukraine? Hey, you won’t get me defending Soros. He clearly is one very evil dude – one of the worst. But of course he has his grubby hands in all sorts of countries, not least of which, America.

So according to the Putinphiles, to make the world a Christian paradise we should invade those other nations as well. America should be the first country to be targeted. Maybe wiping out Washington DC or New York would be a great place to begin. After all, we must bring righteousness to the land.

4. Old territories

We hear all the time that Putin is not invading anyone, and that he is not an aggressor. He is merely reclaiming former territories. And this, the Putinphiles assure us, fully justifies the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Once again, let’s at least be consistent here. Will we insist that Rome now starts working on restoring the old Roman Empire? And for that matter, should we insist that the old Canaanite peoples – if they are still around – seek to reclaim lost territory and try to oust Israel? Oh, and of course Alaska was once a part of Russia. Will the American Putin-adorers be cheering him on if and when he invades Alaska, threatening to use nukes if it does not surrender immediately?

5. A new Nebuchadnezzar

This is one of the most idiotic and shameful things I hear far too many ‘Christians’ saying. They actually believe God is somehow using Putin as his servant to judge an evil Ukraine. You know, just like he used the Assyrians and Babylonians to judge Ancient Israel.

Um, wakey wakey folks. As I have said so very often now, back then God had his prophets to tell his people just what was going on. When Jeremiah for example told Israel NOT to resist Babylon since God was using this pagan nation as “his servant,” then that was the end of it. These prophets were speaking as inspired and authoritative spokesmen for God.

We do not have such inerrant prophets today, so all we can do is speculate when a Hitler or a Stalin or a Putin is allowed to get away with murder – and a whole lot of murder. But claiming or implying that we have some inspired word from God telling us Putin is God’s beloved son in whom he is well pleased as he rapes Ukraine is utterly nuts – and blasphemous. Shame on those Christians for even remotely suggesting this.

There are plenty of other reasons given by these folks, seeking to fully defend and justify Putin’s barbaric assault on Ukraine and the deaths of so many innocent men, women and children. But the Putin-worshippers do not seem to give a rip about any of these lost lives.

Instead they only seem to worry that Russia is facing some cancel culture in the West. Um, if some Western university stops promoting a Russian play or music or poetry or whatever, yes that is a somewhat silly protest and I am no fan of cancel culture generally speaking. But if this is going to get the Putinphiles all bent out of shape, while they say NOTHING about the slaughter of the innocents in Ukraine, then they are blatant hypocrites and fake Christians.

Another voice

Let me finish by mentioning a brand new piece by American Christian commentator Michael Brown. He has too been writing about this conflict for a while now, and more than once I have been tempted to get in touch with him and say, ‘Michael, you seem to be a bit too soft on, and defensive of, Putin. His piece today seems to get the balance right. He begins:

I do not believe that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a perfect saint and that Russian President Putin is Satan incarnate. Nor do I believe that all Ukrainians are innocent and that all Russians are guilty. But when it comes to Russia’s war on Ukraine, I see no possible justification for Putin’s murderous actions, and in that sense, he is guilty and the people of Ukraine are innocent. Therefore, I stand with the people of Ukraine and against the actions of Putin. It is that plain and simple to me.

And he brings up one gal who I have seen so many Christians running with of late as if she is a terrific Christian and the ultimate authority on this matter. No, Lara Logan is not a Christian, and her attack on Zelenskyy (‘he actually once wore high heels’) is NOT the last word on the matter. Says Brown:

But, to repeat my question, what does this have to do with the slaughter of the people of Ukraine? As a headline in Rolling Stone stated sarcastically (yes, I’m actually agreeing here with Rolling Stone), “Lara Logan: Zelensky Wore Leather Pants so Maybe the Russian Invasion Isn’t So Bad.”

He also runs with the line that I have for weeks now, that all Western nations should be invaded and obliterated since most promote things like homosexuality. And he reminds us that this should include Israel, since it is such a mecca for homosexuality in the Middle East.

He also talks about how moralistic vigilantes – and maybe even some ‘Christian’ vigilantes – could feel fully justified in hunting down and murdering homosexuals in America today – after all, this is a sinful lifestyle. Brown then says this: “It’s the same with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is no moral justification for it, and that’s why we stand with the people of Ukraine, spots, blemishes, warts, and all.”

Brown notes how Hitler also opposed some forms of immorality. He then writes:

Yet there is absolutely no doubt that, when America stood with the allies to fight against Hitler and the Nazis, we were doing what was morally right. (And let’s remember that, at that time, segregation was still widely practiced in America, making us far from morally faultless.) It’s the same with Russia and Ukraine. Let’s not complicate matters. What Putin is doing is wrong, murderous, and unjustifiable. That’s why we stand with Ukraine. https://askdrbrown.org/library/let-s-not-get-morally-confused-when-it-comes-russia-and-ukraine

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30 Replies to “5 Great Reasons For Russia To Invade Ukraine – Not”

  1. Hi Bill and family,

    Thank you for your constant defense of biblical Christian values…
    Sad to hear about your lovely wife’s illness, we’re praying and believing in healing for your wife.

    We have lately had some remarkable testimonies of cancer-ridden friends recovering from the gravest situation, testifying to the healing power of our Lord Jesus!

    In regards to social media, I am just about ready to get off completely the idiotic so-called “Christian opinionated” morons, masquerading as shep but are ravenous wolves!

    Even some used to be, conservative Christian commentators, have suddenly become irritated, merciless, quarrelsome, and graceless gongs! What is going on?

    Never mind Bill, “He will never leave us or forsake us” he promises us, his children…

    Stay safe, sane and blessed

    Cheers & blessings
    Eric Hansen

  2. Well said Bill.
    There’s no justification for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, there may be motivations and excuses. E.g. it’s not dissimilar to The USA response to the Cuban missile crisis and Putin is simply doing the same thing for the same reasons – he doesn’t want a perceived enemy in his backyard; and NATO broke promises not to take former soviet satellites into NATO – and Russia has been watching that happen again and again, and now Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep. But none of that justifies an unjust war.

  3. I agree this is murderous and wrong. While he might be being used by God to judge Ukraine in the Bible when God does this he is simply allowing the evil nation to do what it wants but using it for his purposes but he STILL punishes the evil nation for what they did. Babylon, Mede-Persia, Rome none got off Scot free.

    I believe the West, US and Europe, will get involved as, one way or another, we will reach a point where we have no choice but it will come at a HEAVY price. Perhaps we will be judged for homosexuality after all.

    Ukraine is begging Israel to get involved too. Perhaps setting up Gog Magog war???

    A great dying is coming and a scattered rebirth. The last rays of light are slowly disappearing beyond the horizon and dark and terrible night is about to descend upon humanity. The gates of HELL rattle as great evil soon will burst forth. One can feel the forces of evil pushing at the door waiting to get in. The push hard because they know their time is so near. The effects of sin in the world are palpable sometimes almost unbearably so.

    Lincoln called America “our last best hope of earth”. That hope is gone it failed the Lord and keeps failing him. We squandered our reprieve now things will be far worse. End our suffering Lord bring the righteous judgement without further delay.

  4. Hello Bill
    I hear both sides of the arguments but as ambassadors for Christ we need to go a seriously large amount higher.
    As a Christian, I do NOT represent earthly rulers. I represent Christ.
    So coming from this position I will restate what I said to my men’s group.
    I said, we cannot continue on this path as a nation and continue to increase in sin without consequence. If we could then I would be forced to say either God lies or there is no God. Of course neither of these statements is true. God does not lie and there definitely is a God.
    I also stated that the protection that we had as a Christian nation has been removed.
    The world has rejected God. It is free to do that but God has to obey His word that he has given. It contains blessings for obedience and accepting His Son and curses for disobedience.
    The blessings that we had as a Christian nation has been lifted. That does not mean that God will forget His people but He has turned His face away from the nations.
    The war in the Ukraine is another symptom of our problem we have now. The world has and will become more and more unstable until the people return to God.
    This war in Ukraine could end suddenly or expand unexpectedly. If it ends unexpectedly then something else will come to trouble the people. This will go on until there is genuine repentance but at the moment I can’t see much either in the church or the nation so it is likely that it will become a whole lot more uncomfortable for people.
    My hope is that the people will turn to God because when it becomes uncomfortable for them I too become uncomfortable. The only difference is that I am not consumed with fear and I know that God is doing what is best.
    The alternative to God not acting is that we would destroy ourselves
    God bless

  5. Offensive Wars are hard to justify as “Just”.
    A Defensive war is more likely to be “Just” .
    In the current case of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, clearly Russia is an Offensive agent, whilst Ukraine is a Defensive agent.
    The tragedy of the whole situation is evident to all, as the conflict proceeds not only as a clash of professional military combatants, but rather as an intentional, indiscriminate genocide of Ukrainian civilian aged, women and children seemingly aggressively pursued as a consequence of greed (cf, James 4: 1-2).
    Kyrie eleison.

  6. Thank you for your very sensible post on this. I have Christian Ukrainian friends (in Melbourne since 2014) who can tell you all about Putin and his propaganda and motives. Every day they are posting first hand accounts of the war from Ukrainians and western missionaries and the terrible conditions for the Ukrainian people. The images are distressing. I can’t believe so many Christians have been brainwashed by Russian propaganda into thinking that this war is justified or, in the case of one friend, denying that there is a war happening and thinking it’s all a staged set with actors in the mainstream media. It is wickedness!!

  7. Thanks Lesley. Yes I have actually seen comments like that: they claim Russia is not in Ukraine, there is no war, there are no dead bodies and leveled buildings, etc. – it is all made up. These people are clearly fools in the biblical sense of the term and you simply cannot reason with them.

  8. Strange the notion of reviving the Roman Empire should be mentioned in this posting, Bill. The old Russian Empire did see itself as a successor to the legacy of the Eastern Roman Empire that once had its capital in Byzantium AKA Constantinople… It’s no coincidence that “Czar” looks like “Caesar”.

    A little online reading reveals that what is now Ukraine has been part of a multitude of changing regional political geographies from late antiquity to the modern era.

    Did the West stoke the fires of mingled Russian territorial ambitions and fears of encirclement? Remember how Britain vainly promised to come to Poland’s defence in the lead-up to Germany’s invasion in 1939. Has an enlarged NATO overstretched the strategic realities of defending its Easternmost member states?

    The present morass of human misery on and streaming from the front lines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine cannot be justified by any dreams of “making Russia great again” that Mr Putin and his “friends in high places” may cherish. One is reminded of the Munich Crisis of 1938 and the subsequent German annexation of Sudetenland.

    As a grandfather, I cannot find any pleasure in military proceedings on the other side of the world that are causing mothers, babies, grandparents and children needless, cruel suffering as “collateral damage” to a “special military operation” by an army that evidently is incapable of anything other than a grinding war of attrition.

    God have mercy on Ukraine… Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

  9. Pretty much agree with everything in this one Bill, Putin has little or no regard for human life, or any life for that matter, he claimed he was saving Ukraine from Genocide, that’s ironic when the only one causing Genocide is Putin. He’ll go down as the Hitler of the 21st. Century!

  10. My view on this is both putin and zelensky are corrupt and evil.
    It’s the civilians and soldiers who suffer, on both sides.
    I refuse to take sides, as this is another crises globalists wouldn’t want to go to waste.
    Let’s face it, America and the globalists have been hammering the whole “Russia is our enemy” for a long long time now, meanwhile, failing to remember its own form of tyranny it brought upon most of the world through covid restrictions, mandates etc.
    I also believe the globalists/media are using this as a distraction from the damage mass vaccination has caused and will cause.
    I know a lot of triple vaxxed people telling me they don’t feel well at the moment

  11. I recently came across this article https://www.oneforisrael.org/bible-based-teaching-from-israel/has-the-church-replaced-israel/ . In the section on “The Impact of the Reformation” it says:

    ‘Keep in mind that Hitler was a professed Christian. In 1924 at a Christian gathering in Berlin, Hitler spoke to thousands and received a standing ovation when he made the following proclamation: “I believe that today I am acting in accordance with the will of Almighty God as I announce the most important work that Christians could undertake — and that is to be against the Jews and get rid of them once and for all.” ‘

    Much of the German church supported Hitler – partly due to antisemitic attitudes that had been promoted by Martin Luther:

    ‘Hitler then proceeded to talk about the influence of Luther on his life: “Martin Luther has been the greatest encouragement of my life. Luther was a great man. He was a giant … He saw clearly that the Jews need to be destroyed…” ‘

    Although Luther didn’t advocate the killing of Jews, his recommendations in “Concerning The Jews and Their Lies” weren’t that far off it, as explained in the previous part of this article.

    It seems like many Christians support Putin because, like Hitler, he portrays himself as an defender of Christian values. But like Hitler, he has little respect for human life or national sovereignty.

  12. So true and very encouraging to see so many sensible comments.

    Yes Putin is obviously in the wrong but we should not forget that this conflict could have been avoided except for the socialist nations which now corruptly control NATO. Just like in Orwell’s “1984”, it is in their interest to distract from everything their governments are doing corruptly and wrong and point to their preferred, designated villain.

  13. Totally agree that Putin is a cruel child killer and a merciless dictator and has nothing to do with Christ or God’s righteousness. He is carrying out a second round of Marxist-Leninist revolution which is strikingly similar to the first – massive loss of human life, incarceration, loss of person freedoms and theft of property.
    Sean Hannity from Fox News has a lot to say on the matter and is clear on his judgements.
    Communism is alive and well both in Russia and China. Both countries are waging war and intimidation around the world which is a massive concern, even though we are far from the conflict zones. Thank God!

  14. There is so much blame to go around and so many bad actors. The hardest part though is the people caught in the middle are the men women and children of Ukraine. None of the governments are clean here.

    In war there are 2 types of legitimate targets: the primary is military the secondary is governmental. Civilian targets are not legitimate except in RARE instances where they are being used as staging grounds for troops, either for preparation or as a launching point, or storage for weapons and in these instances every bit of caution must be taken when attacking them to reduce or if possible eliminate civilian casualties. The deliberate targeting of civilians is never legitimate or acceptable. While I may understand politically how this pushes Russia in a corner civilians should not pay the price for what politicians do. NOTHING justifies bombing civilians. If Russia wishes to go to war then it must stick to legitimate targets. I don’t support what NATO has been up to but I can not support Putin’s actions either.

  15. Even CNN has taken Ukraine’s side! I read very little that supports Putin. If the USA had a stronger President I suspect Russia would have backed off. As they did with the Cuban missile crisis. The challenge now is to avoid starting WW3 . Pray for wise heads to prevail.

  16. Thanks John. As I keep saying, some folks must move in different circles than I do! Every day I see heaps of pro-Putin, anti-Ukraine posts and comments.

  17. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the post. I am so sorry you are feeling depressed. I feel like that sometimes but I say the rosary which makes me feel better.

    I am in a troublesome position myself so I would be very much obliged if you didn’t publish my name. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and underwent an operation and five weeks of radiotherapy. Since then I have had a gallbladder operation and a hip replacement. I am not worried about all that as I was fortunate to recover well to say I am in my eighties.Realistically I know that I can’t have that much more life left and I am grateful for the good long life I have had.

    However, what hurts far more than all that is that my husband of 67 years had a stroke last December which has affected his memory so he cannot really appreciate my feelings or what I have suffered anymore. It’s not his fault but he seems like a stranger to me. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the kind, hardworking man I married but to be quite honest I feel he is mostly lost to me already. To me that is far worse than any of the other things I mentioned. In another sense I am glad he can’t worry about me as much as he used to and it will be harder for you with your wife simply because your mind is so agile.

    Like you my own mind is agile enough to know that the world is in great turmoil and that does worry me but unlike you as I do not participate in social media I am not worried by the knowledge of how erroneous some people’s thoughts are. You are a true Christian, a deep thinker and are good at expressing yourself but these people might not be as clear thinking as you so you WILL be frustrated to read such posts from people who claim to be Christian but sound very unChristian.

    In my opinion it is no more morally acceptable for Putin to bomb civilian targets in Ukraine than it was for the US to use the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Neither was it morally acceptable for Bomber Harris on Winston Churchill’s orders to flatten the old mediaeval city of Dresden in Germany killing many thousands of civilians. [I am English] It doesn’t make it RIGHT for the reason to be for the so called ‘greater good’ either. War as Our Lady of Fatima said in 1917 come about because of the sins of men [and women] and war always results in more atrocities.

    There are ALWAYS two sides to any war and the war in Ukraine is no exception and we know that the first casualty of war is TRUTH. I don’t think for a single minute that we are being told the whole truth by the MSM here. What can’t be disputed is that Putin’s Russia was taking a very different direction than the increasingly godless West BEFORE the war started which WASN’T two or three weeks ago. If that makes me an apologist for Putin then I am sorry. It is not meant to be. I have to admit I don’t know the real reason why Putin has made homosexual ‘marriage’ illegal in Russia or why he wants to make abortion illegal or why he acknowledges Solzenitsyn the greatest Russian who ever lived or who has publicly denounced the gruesome deaths of Zsar Nicholas and his family. I could go on about the other good things he has done for Russia. He may be doing it for his own selfish reasons and not for the good of Russia and its people. Hopefully that will become clear with time. All I know is that the the godless monsters of Davos and the Great Reset plan they have for our world which is now out in the open is something to worry about because we have such weak leaders.

    In a word I think the Ukrainian war is about Globalism!

  18. If anyone examines the history of Putin, from his young years in Leningrad to post-1999 Russian presidency, he will see a bloody trail all over the place. One example, in 1999, when Putin’s fake elections campaign was promoted by Boris Eltsin’s FSB men, four massive apartments were blown up, with civilians inside, including little children, in various Russian cities (in Buinaks, two in Moscow and Volgodonsk on 4, 8, 13 and 16 September 1999). These ruthless events created massive fear in Russia and were used as the justification to carpet bomb Chechen towns as part of Second Chechen Campaign and in order to bring Putin to power. It was all blamed on Chechens with a shred of evidence. The fifth attempt to blow up civilian apartment in the city of Ryazan was stopped by the local police when a man spotted suspicious car with men unloading strange substance in the morning of 22 September 1999. Two men were arrested by the local police and then strangely freed by the FSB, and their criminal file was granted a “State Secret” seal for 75 years. Previously, on 13 September, by a bizarre mistake, the speaker of the of Russian Parliament referred publicly to a terrorist act which did not take place yet (3 days before it happened), which indicated clearly that the atrocity on own people was orchestrated inside the government. And so on. These are not conspiracy theories but real things that happened in Russia and yet not investigated properly. See some info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_apartment_bombings And Putin is at the centre of all this. His remaining in power is crucial for him as this is the only way to keep his atrocities secret. Any departure from power would open ways to reveal his bloody past. And he knows that well and it terrifies him. This is why Putin changed the Constitution to remain in power forever. This evil man cannot and must not be liked by Christians. Any affection with Putin by a Christian indicates ignorance and simple lack of knowledge of reality.

    To add to the above, I was listening to Putin two days after the invasion of Ukraine when he threatened the world with nuclear strikes if the West helps Ukraine, and I could sense satan in his face, willing more blood, more murders, more terror. How can a Christian admire him is beyond me! Really.

  19. Bill, Dalton Thomas and Joel Richardson have also done an amazing job with their very recent video commentaries of bringing out the reality of this situation in quite some detail! Dalton of course is based in the middle east on the Golan heights with his Frontier Alliance International Missions based on the Old China Inland method of bringing medical and practical aid in the most dangerous places on earth close to the battle fields like Syria, Iraq Iran, and to the Kurdish people. Putin is doing exactly what he did in Syria in Ukraine and it is no accident his targeting of women children civilians, and he is an expert in propaganda and manipulating the media. They go for awhile and are well worth listening to. One of the last, the session was on the issue of the Bio labs,the one before on the Neo Nazi’s in Ukraine but what we are hearing in the MSM and on line is half truths and not the reality! To have a watch and listen one has to download the fai missions app and click on New. This is an extensive websight and everything is free, including some excellent full length feature films. DR Michael Brown is one of the commentators along with some very astute others! Their global bible studies on Revelation and Daniel are as good as you can get!
    There are “huge” implications for the middle east from the Ukrainian war that people may not be aware of!
    Regards Rob

  20. Meanwhile President Biden is terrifying with his continual gaffes, that have to be explained away by his toadies- the latest one, declaring that Putin cannot remain in power, enraging Russia.

    I am reminded of Shelley’s poem, ‘England in 1819′.

    An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying King;
    Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
    Through public scorn,—mud from a muddy spring;
    Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,
    But leechlike to their fainting country cling
    Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow.
    A people starved and stabbed in th’ untilled field;
    An army, whom liberticide and prey
    Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield;
    Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay;
    Religion Christless, Godless—a book sealed;
    A senate, Time’s worst statute, unrepealed—
    Are graves from which a glorious Phantom may
    Burst, to illumine our tempestuous day.

  21. Thanks Bill and to who who have responded. Several similarities to the WW2 situation stood out to me which others have mentioned in part too.
    1. Hitler used his religion (a Catholic) as a smoke screen to win over people in his country and appeared to be a good man (but really was masquerading as ‘an angel of light.’ )
    2. Hitler needed a scapegoat so he used the Jews as a way fool the people about the causes of poverty and hardship in Germany at the time of economic decline.
    3. This scapegoating grew to become (a ‘Satanic) hatred of a people who were in fact innocent and who had brought blessing to Germany and countries in Europe because they were hardworking, good business people, intelligent and gifted.

    But there are differences too- in this situation of the Ukraine war and invasion by Russia
    1. When Ukraine drew up their own democratic rights as a country and were supported by the USA and some western powers and promised protection in time of hostility by the West this act and formal legal agreement incensed Putin who immediately took over Crimea as a ‘payback’ and never forgot that Ukraine was once a part of Russia.
    2. Apparently, Putin also was incensed when some in Ukraine broke away from the Russian Orthodox church and created their own form of Ukraine Orthodox church. This was another provoking factor as under the Russian orthodox system he could still have some influence but not with the new Ukrainian church.
    3. Russia wants to gain a monopoly power over all countries and the oil industry and so needed to invade Ukraine in order to gain control over their supply.
    4. In order to have a reason to invade, it was convenient to say that Ukraine had biotech laboratories as a pretext. (From what I understand Obama and others in Govt persuaded Ukraine to set up biotechnology so they could have some form of defence but also to help USA have yet another country to experiment biowarfare in.) Since Ukraine had been forced to surrender all nuclear weapons in order to become a nation in their own right, they were left defenseless except for the promises of USA to defend them and several others- if they were ever under threat in the future…so in view of this a biolab would have been a possible way to at least have a form of possible protection or at least have a US ally helping them. (no doubt this was kept as low key as possible (just like Wuhan and the US collaborators.)
    The sad and unfortunate thing is that this has been used by Russia as a pretext to invade instead of saying upfront ‘I want your oil reserves’ and trade.’
    Overall I see Ukraine as the ones who have gone ahead and developed a more democratic nation with good values, hard work and integrity but they have now had to pay the price of breaking away from Russia.
    I see it as a tragedy that a power hungry president bent on gaining oil, land, technology and a seaport will go to such horrendous lengths to kill innocent women, children, elderly and soldiers.
    The slaughter of the innocents means their blood cries out and God will ask this man in power to give an account.
    I feel sorry for the Russian people who don’t want this war and for the Russian soldiers who don’t want it either.
    The only part that makes spiritual sense is some Jews will make Alleyah to Israel due to the war and unbearable suffering and all in the land of Ukraine will pray at a deeper level and cry out to God for mercy and be drawn closer to Him…While in Russia many will be praying too and we in the West and elsewhere pray on and support where we can and ask that God delivers many to safety.
    Whatever the case God still grieves when even one sparrow , child or youth or man falls to the ground no matter what country they are from, as every human life is precious to Him and the death of the saints is incredibly precious in His sight…He alone is a just God and sees all.

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