The Covid Cult: The State Is My Shepherd

We are in fact hugely religious:

If the past two years have demonstrated anything, it is that most folks have not abandoned God – they have just found a new god to replace the real one with. Forget the bunkum that we live in a non-religious culture: we are saturated with hardcore religionists. And they happen to worship and adore the secular state. They will believe anything it says and do anything it demands.

The ease and willingness of the masses to bow down to the Almighty State and buy whatever it dishes out has been one of the more scary things I have witnessed in my entire life. This is not mere compliance and obedience – this is the worship of a false god. This is idolatry in its most ugly and contemptible form.

Politicians and health officers have been treated as demigods, to be obeyed and cheered on at all times. The most idiotic, senseless, irrational and contradictory health orders have been slavishly followed with no questions asked. This is full-tilt cultism in action.

Indeed, those in cults are taught to ask no questions and to refuse to think for themselves. They just blindly go along with what their leaders tell them, and will do anything if it pleases their masters. We should know all about this from recent history, whether we think of those who were under Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana who drank the Kool-Aid, or the Branch Davidians who were under the spell of David Koresh.

But we have NOT learned the lessons of history. Thus we now have the Branch Covidians as John Zmirak rightly calls them. They are just as cultic and just as brain-dead as these other groups were. As he said in a recent piece:

The New Cult and Its Sacraments

Why did our culture succumb to what Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch calls a “pandemic of fear”? Because there’s a new religion, and Caesar is behind it. Long ago, the flailing, failing Roman empire tried to knit itself together by inventing a new cult for the people: the worship of the emperor. It didn’t matter whether you actually believed in it or not. The point was your public compliance. You had to burn incense in front of a statue of a living politician, and act as if he were a god. Or you’d be ostracized, persecuted, impoverished, maybe killed. With the COVID cult and its vaccination ritual, we’ve gone through each step but the last one.


Should It Shock Us When Pro-Choicers Take Lives?

There was no way our elites could lock down the economy (crushing small business and enriching billionaires) without a burgeoning panic. Or rush through fraud-prone mail-in and harvested ballot procedures for the 2020 election.


And to feed a panic you need steady death statistics, with no viable cures. So potential treatments for COVID had to be locked away out of reach, and nursing homes flooded with vectors of infection. To pump the otherwise unimpressive death stats. That way governors like Cuomo and Whitmer could seize emergency powers, and use them to confiscate guns. To close down churches. To ban political meetings — except for Marxist-led riots.


Yes, they were willing to cause thousands of preventable deaths, in pursuit of money and power. Does that sound shocking, that pro-choice zealots would show depraved indifference to human life? Really?


Keep in mind that the governments of Germany and Austria are about to put unvaccinated citizens under house arrest. That the government in Australia is locking potentially sick people in camps. That the mayor of New York, by decree, has just ordered every business in the city to force its employees to take an experimental gene therapy — even those with natural immunity, who already beat the disease. Obey or starve, that’s the American way, isn’t it?


“Science” Hijacked by a Political Panic Cult

The very word “immunity” has been redefined by the WHO’s website to refer only to vaccines. The existence of the human immune system vanished with a few keystrokes. A disease which was apparently created in a Chinese bioweapons lab using mice “humanized” with organs stolen from babies killed by partial birth abortion now “requires” treatments developed with thousands more such Franken-mice, and hundreds of newly aborted babies.


Do you still think we’re dealing with “science” here? The prophetic Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has shown that these power-grabs by elites have been coordinated globally. We’re witnessing the worst attack on personal freedom since the 1930s, when totalitarians gained power all across Europe. Millions of highly educated cowards refused to admit the truth while it was happening, of course. As they won’t admit it now.

Yes quite so. I actually once was in a cult, so I know a bit about how they operate. And as I look around today at the zombie masses I see cultism in full bloom. It is so very alarming to behold. This is man-made religion run amok. As my social media friend Glenn Christopherson recently put it:

I sometimes come across polls that claim Australians are not very “religious.” But, after watching many of my fellow Aussies over the last two years as they unquestioningly bow to government and bureaucratic “papal” decrees, inject unknown substances multiple times because their media preacher tells them to, wear masks everywhere as a sign of their allegiance, shun their “unbelieving” family and friends because they’re commanded to and sneering and harassing anyone who questions their politicised doctrines, I think not only are many Aussies very religious, but they’re Phariseeically, culticly dogmatic about their religion. I’ve decided I’ll just stick with Jesus and His word rather than this new strange religion, thank you anyway.

Exactly. When the cults abound, all the more need for the real deal to be affirmed. Christ is Lord. Caesar is not. Nor is Biden, nor Fauci, nor ScoMo, nor BoJo, nor Ardern. Away with all these false gods. Give me Jesus, and no one else.

But that is the real worry: Christians seem to have been at the forefront of this Covid cult worship. Even those who claim to be Bible-believing evangelicals have been up to their ears in Statism and fear-mongering. It is as if Jesus has bowed out and the secular state is now the one to be feared and obeyed.

I have written far too often about this already. How many churches and church leaders have just bowed down and submitted when the secular state told them to? How many churches have been and still are segregating, treating the unvaxxed as lepers to be shunned and scorned? And how many Christian businesses and charities have just caved in without a whimper, refusing to stand against unjust discrimination?

As Chuck Baldwin put it in a recent column:

One of the most mysterious paradoxes of the modern church is how most evangelical pastors can be so deaf and dumb when it comes to the Biblical Natural Law principles of Liberty. And nothing illustrates that reality any more graphically than the way most evangelical pastors have rolled over and played dead regarding the antichrist Covid narrative. As I have said before in this column, most of the resistance to Fauci’s fascism is coming from outside the church. On the whole, the evangelical church has submitted to the beastly Covid Empire lock, stock and barrel. By submitting to the beastly Covid narrative, evangelicals have demonstrated that 1) They have zero awareness and discernment regarding all things antichrist and 2) They have zero resistance to all things antichrist.

The cowardice and compromise of most churches and faith leaders has been such a massive disappointment. But to the extent that it separates the tares from the wheat, it may be a good thing nonetheless. In a culture of mass false religiosity, separating the cultists from the true believers is vitally important.

As Paul put it in 1 Corinthians 11:19, “there must be sects among you, so that those who are sound among you may be known”. We sure are seeing who is who during this reign of Covid panic and Caesar worship.

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  1. Some unanswered Covid questions:

    1 What does a Covid Passport represent when 1? 2? 3? booster shot(s) are required????

    2 Does a passport automatically ‘go red’ every six months????

    3 What about natural immunity????

    4 How is it Pfizer and the other vaccine manufacturers have insisted on indemnity from legal action????

    5 How much has the Australian Government (we the people) paid for all of the vaccines and the administration thereof????

    6 Why are antivirals, which have been proven to work, banned????

    7 How / by whom are people indemnified following vaccine injury????

    8 Why aren’t we given more information on the dubious PCR cycling????

    9 Why don’t authorities separate out co-morbidities ?????

    10 Why is there not more information on ‘with Covid’ and ‘of Covid’ deaths????

    11 Why do we not get information on the vaccine status of people who die of Covid????

    12 Why do we not get information on the comorbidities of people who die with Covid????

    13 Why do we not get information on ages of Covid deaths????

    14 How do the annual number of Covid deaths compare with Flu, Pneumonia, etc, etc????

    15 What is the impact of Covid vaccines on children’s developing reproductive systems????

  2. Working in a hospital last year I cried the day masks were enforced. The only thing I could think was I’m partaking in the beast system by doing this. Now I have no job thanks to our ‘great leader’. As with all things in life my hope, trust and faith is only in the Lord. And for that I’m so thankful. .

  3. How is it that only three days after the state borders opened, the virus had “rushed” to all parts of Queensland???

  4. Thanks, Bill. ‘Branch Covidians’ coined by your friend John Zmirak sounds about right. Thanks for all you are saying and doing to awaken people from their slumber.
    I’m grateful for the warnings we’ve received in scripture. Thank you for the reminder of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 11:19. Praying.

  5. Thanks for this punchy article Bill. My attention was caught by these lines: And how many Christian businesses and charities have just caved in without a whimper, refusing to stand against unjust discrimination? It reminded me of the saying- “the standards we walk past are the ones we are prepared to live under. I shudder when I think of the way these current standards can be easily redirected to become even more punitive against Christians. Thankful to God who sustains and guides in these troubled times.

  6. Bill I remember when I first became a Christian in 1977 I too read the article of the mass suicide of over 900 people under the influence of Jim Jones in Jonestown Guyana.
    I remember thinking how can apparently reasonable sane people be so deluded to take their own lives along with their beloved children.
    I now know how the global COVID-19 Cult is wreaking havoc on the whole world.
    Tragically as the bible warns “my people perish for lack of knowledge”

    Terry, New Gisborne

  7. Lord God of Heaven and Earth I pray be merciful to Helen Davis and all those like her who have lost their means of income. We trust in you Lord. I pray you show your mercy and greatness through this trial we are suffering and that you would stand before the forces of evil and be our meiciful champion. You, ancient God of Israel and Lord Jesus, are our creator and God. We trust in you and look to you to help us in our troubles as we look to you and thank you for your blessings.

    What I see, Bill, as one indication of the level and extent of media indoctrination and mind control is how the animal rights people have reacted. As you have pointed out, there is reason for animal rights people to be opposed to the vaccines in a similar way to those opposed to the use of aborted children but this is not what we have seen.

  8. For some reason Bishop McKenna of the Bathurst diocese has come out with a statement on the Covid vaccinations. His comment is dated 01/09/2021 and he encourages people to get the jab unless their medical condition precludes it. One wonders what expertise he has.

    The Bishop admits he has had the jab, so he gets a ‘good boy’ for that and a pat on the head from his civilian overlords. To give his decision to have the jab credibility he says he (a) relied on reputable medical advice about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine and (b) on the teaching of the Catholic Church that it was morally lawful.

    As to (a) and the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, the Bishop should be aware that not all reputable scientific advice shares that view. The Bishop’s silence on the possibility of serious adverse effects of the vaccine renders his statement reckless in the extreme. He should have referenced the work of scientists like Dr Judy Wilyman PhD to ensure he presented a balanced view; her work is not difficult to follow. The ‘adverse effects’ issue is important and to ignore it is to present a dangerously biased view. By avoiding the issue the Bishop has demonstrated his moral ignorance.

    As to (b), I believe the Pope said one could have the abortion tainted vaccine if no alternative vaccine was available. The unavailability of a non-abortion tainted vaccine has suddenly made the abortion tainted vaccine legitimate. This is the same pope who was quite happy to throw faithful Chinese Catholics under the bus. The same pope who said of the homosexual union – who am I to judge. The same pope who has jumped into bed with pagan idols and gutted the Latin Mass. The same pope who stoops to kiss the hand of some Arab leader then bows before a pro-abortion president and hands him our most cherished Catholic treasure. One wonders at the wisdom of taking advice from him.

    Does the Bishop seriously believe this is Catholic teaching. Isn’t there a Moral rule that one may not do evil so that good may come of it. In any event, how is it that the Bishop is suddenly so eager to resort to Catholic Moral Teaching. I’ve never heard him cite Catholic Teaching on Abortion or Homosexuality or the Contraceptive Pill or Pornography, or any other moral issue. He’s very keen to save people from dying of Covid, not so keen to save people from dying of that far more lethal pandemic – abortion. He claims solidarity and care for the common good while the blood of slaughtered infants cries out for vengeance from beneath the altar of sacrifice.

    This snag of a bishop doesn’t like to confront people, it might hurt their feelings. It might also cause them to admit their sin before God and pursue their right to forgiveness.

    It is true that we all have a duty to a well-informed conscience. Indeed, the Bishop would be the chief informer of that conscience, so he should know. Tell that to the many Catholics who voted yes to gay marriage. How does the bishop explain that the divorce rate and the abortion rate among Catholics equals the National average. How well are the consciences of young people informed as to the dangers of pornography. The Bishop may not know it, but he is presiding over the slow agonizing death of Catholic Biblical Morality.

    At one point the bishop talks about Catholics in the third person. He should have us Catholics front and center because on us rests his eternal salvation. Don’t forget that.

    It’s too late now. Bishop McKenna has chosen solidarity with the enemies of Christ. There is no place in the Kingdom for traitors, and faithful Catholics will weep at never being able to trust their bishop to correctly inform their conscience. Good luck on judgment day.

  9. Branch Covidians is a great term for the whole craziness of the past 2 years. The ramping up of the fear by the various governments around the world should be known as pandemic pandemonium and it’s devastating effects have become well known sadly too.

  10. Another term that I’ve seen recently is “Pandemania”. Your explanation is spot on. Despots often begin their reigns by creating universal fear and offering a solution to the false narrative. It becomes a cult when all reason is abandoned and slavish devotion is given to the “savior”. You are 100% correct. Please continue your work in exposing falsehood and shining a light on truth. You’ve never been more needed. May God protect you as you do His work!

  11. It is less than a week to go before many of us will be attempting the traditional hours of family visiting.
    Christmas is well known as a time for the testing of patience and grace, but this year as Bill points out, there is another religion in town, that will have all kinds of devotees and zealots, primed with a new holiness or righteousness, that few can define except to say, that it is ‘my truth’.
    I am likely to be the only one in our family, some of whom are Christian believers, who has not taken the holy water of life in my arm.
    I can tell you that I have not been welcome inside that house in recent weeks, so I am at a loss to imagine what is going to happen.
    There are going to be thousands of people under extra pressure this Christmas, including those who are the new Covidian disciples.
    God help us!!
    This for some will be a watershed moment even with the full employment of patience and grace.

  12. Imagine! We arrive at the family Christmas party, get to the door, will you please wear masks!

  13. …or we arrive at the family Christmas party and are asked to show our vaccine certificates. No certificate, no entry. I’ve already been asked not to come so I guess I’m in the same boat as you, too, Bill. Thankfully, I have friends – Christian friends – who are willing to include me, but I’m sure many will be isolated and lonely. I pray for them.

  14. We have to try and understand them. They are victims, suffering from coronaphobia. It is similar to arachnophobia, but much more irrational. Their fear is heightened to such a degree that anything is justified. Whilst it sounds like I’m joking, I keep this in mind so I don’t take things too personally.

  15. Unfortunately the church has a history of trying to cozy up to tyrants. The church was a big supporter of Hitler. “If we just give some support we can still do our work”. And what type of work do you think you can FOR God while UNDER satan???? Compromise is a terrible thing but something the church has a long history with.

    Fact is MOST people are not willing to lose their lives even though we are told to lose you life is to gain it. You can be a brain Christian and not a heart Christian. Intellectually you know the Bible’s true but in your heart you have doubts. Those Christians can be great in debates and defending the faith academically but when their life is at stake they crumble failing the ultimate test of faith. You can be a heart Christian and not a brain Christian you truly believe but you’re not adept at defending academically or winning people to Christ and you can be both a heart Christian and a brain Christian not only winning people to Christ and defend the faith academically but truly believing both good from a soul perspective but being all brain and no heart Christian is not going to get you far eternally.

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