Lockdowns Forever!

We are in never-ending lockdown madness:

Blink, and you are in another lockdown. Victoria is now in its sixth lockdown – SIXTH. These are never-ending, perpetual lockdowns. It seems they will never come to an end. Our power-drunk leaders absolutely love the control they have over the masses. This will not end – and it will not end well.

Of course those making these draconian and irrational decisions to lock entire states down because of a handful of COVID cases pay zero costs. They still go to work on their full, guaranteed, taxpayer-funded salaries. Dan Andrews will keep getting his $8,500 weekly salary. He will not struggle on $400 a week or whatever crumbs are thrown to the rest of us peons.

It is we who suffer. The collateral costs of this lockdown madness is simply astronomical. Business and livelihoods lost, mental health problems, suicides, drug abuse, and domestic violence are just some of the costs that ordinary people must pay for these inane policies. And this incessant baloney about ‘we are all in this together’ could not be more false.

Our leaders, politicians, bureaucrats and health “experts” are not paying the price. They are not being forced to live on paltry government handouts that so many folks are now who are imprisoned at home and not allowed to work. Um, earth calling our tin pot dictators: those in construction and retail, those who are transport workers, tradies, caterers, etc – these folks do not work from home!

How many countless restaurants, pubs, venues and small businesses were given a mere hour to shut everything down once again, given that evenings and weekends are especially when they get so much business and patronage? Now it is all down the drain once again.

These people suffer enormously, and simply cannot function with being in home imprisonment every other week. Just the mental, emotional and psychological problems alone are enormous here. Recently, calls to suicide helplines have not been higher.

Locking people away for months on end with no relief in sight is just so damaging. People cannot even visit their lonely and desperate grandparents. No wonder one of the main punishments in prison is solitary confinement. We are social beings, and we thrive with others, but suffer greatly when isolated and alone.

I just earlier got a comment from someone so very burdened and concerned about all this. The person wondered if no one else cared about these things I assured her that many do, including myself. I said we are not alone, but the powers that be seem intent on keeping us alone, isolated and away from one another.

For example, my wife and I were to have had a terrific couple coming this weekend from rural Victoria to catch up, share a meal, and so on. A major reason we were all looking forward to this time together was to encourage one another, pray for each other, and try to cheer each other up.

We are all so devastated by this incessant madness by our tyrannical leaders, and we were so eager to briefly catch up to refresh our spirits and renew our fellowship. But now that is all off – yet again, as it is for millions of others. Five lousy cases and seven million Victorians are again in jail for an entire week – at least.

And we have had enough of the tired mantra being pushed by our leaders that once enough people get the jab, we can get our freedoms back. Yeah right. First of all, what arbitrary number are we looking at here? 75 per cent? 80 per cent? 85 per cent. Just what science is that based on?

And when the State steals away our basic freedoms and human rights, and then offers to hand a few of them back in dribs and drabs, there is nothing meritorious or praiseworthy about that. Indeed, they never should have taken our liberties away in the first place.

Furthermore, consider the case of Israel, a nation with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Has that meant the people are now free there? Not at all. Not only do the fully vaccinated still get the virus and pass it on, but now government authorities are talking about even MORE health mandates and lockdowns!

Consider what one recent article said about this:

Despite being the most heavily vaccinated country in the world, Israel has just imposed new restrictions on its population, and the body responsible for generating its COVID policies just admitted that a lockdown in September is no longer a remote possibility.


Israel’s coronavirus cabinet announced Tuesday night that starting Aug. 20, the country will revive its full green pass system. Starting Sunday, masks will be mandatory in all indoor and outdoor gatherings and even fully vaccinated parents responsible for caring for a child in quarantine will be demanded to isolate as well (for children 12 and under).


Israel reported nearly 4K new cases over the previous 24 hours it announced on Tuesday, the biggest daily jump in new cases since March, when the country’s vaccination program was still in its infancy. Another 7 people were reported dead from COVID on Monday, bringing the 48 hour death toll to 17, the highest level in four months.


Israel’s ‘green pass’ system grants access to places and activities only for people who have been fully vaccinated, who have recovered from COVID, or who tested negative in the past 72 hours. With the new restrictions, the system will only apply to gatherings with more than 100 people. But pretty soon, the restrictions could be tightened, according to the Jerusalem Post.


Earlier Tuesday, the Israeli Health Ministry announced that both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers coming to Israel from the US and 17 other countries will need to quarantine for 2 weeks starting Aug. 10. The JPost also reported that the Health Ministry has opened the door to a possible lockdown this fall if hospitalizations and deaths increase.


“The Delta epidemic is extremely contagious, and is spreading all over the world,” said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. “Avoid crowds, and get vaccinated – now. Otherwise, there will be no choice but to impose more severe restrictions, including a lockdown.”


Defense Minister Benny Gantz added: “We need to prepare the public and public opinion for a lockdown in September, which is a month in which the economic damage will be less, and accelerate the immunization effort to try to prevent it.” https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/israel-revives-covid-restrictions-cases-soar-warns-possible-lockdown-september

When will folks realise we are being lied to? Our despots have no intention of letting us go. They do not give a rip of loved ones dying all alone, of private sector jobs lost, of the economy in ruins, of weddings again crashed, of more suicides and mental health problems, of funerals devoid of loved ones, of hopes dashed and dreams crushed.

Here in Victoria it is now lockdown number six – with more surely coming. That is our fate. The last lockdown ended only nine days ago. We have been effectively in lockdown for the past half year and there is no end in sight. This current one is supposed to go for seven days. Does anyone believe that? What a joke.

Enough is enough. Time to go Dan. And Gladys, Annastacia, Mark, Stephen. You have lost the plot and have proven to be utterly incompetent and useless leaders. You are the ones who should be in prison, not us.

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  1. Bill I hear what you say. I had hoped to come to Melb to see my new grandson who’s now 5 mths old. I long so much to see and hold him. Now this again
    But the reality is that Australians voted for Mark, Dan, Gladys, Stephen, Annastacia et al. So we have the leaders? Tyrants, despots we voted for. Mark was re elected during the Cvd “Drama” and not only re-elected but with huggggge huge huge margin. Virtually wiped liberal party out.
    Why? Because he kept us “safe”.
    So these leaders will continue. They’ve found a formula for control which works very well
    Sadly australians have never had to fight for anything and they know it and can bank on it.
    Im waiting “Mark” to suddenly impose a snap lockdown and then all the “comrades” will be in sync. Anastasia, Gladys, Dan, Mark.

  2. Thank you, Bill! It is distressing to watch this from masked but otherwise free-ish regional NSW. We can write ourselves a stat dec mask exemption here if we’re brave enough, though shops can still refuse entry. But it hurts to see what is happening to parts and the whole of our nation. I surrender to and I shall fear – GOD ALONE!

  3. Dear Bill, how to overthrow tyrannical leaders? I recently came across a book in the op shop on “successful battle tactics in history”. I thumbed through the yellowing pages and in my grumpiness was tempted to buy it, imagining myself coming up with a tried and true battle plan to win this war. But then I remembered that “blessing my enemies” is a command of every believer. How on earth can I bless these people who simply dont care about us – once ‘the people’ now, ‘the plebs’? It is a very real war and no longer stealth. People are waking up thank goodness and the phenomenon called the “in this together syndrome” which was attributed to the reason behind the positiveness and almost buoyant like mindset of many in the first major lock down, is fast waning and the cracks are really showing now. Thanks for being a voice of stark truth. Come Lord Jesus, Come (but please Lord, let us meet and have Thai food first at that marvelous Thai place in Melbourne).

  4. And here is a dose of truth from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Bear in mind that these reports are grossly underestimated.
    August 5 2021 COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 05-08-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    • ‘To 1 August 2021, approximately 12.4 million vaccine doses have been given in Australia – 8.4 million first doses and 4 million second doses.’
    This is highly misleading. 12.4 million doses are the number of doses that have been distributed not administered.
    3 more cases of blood clots this week after AZ vaxx. – 34, 51 and 67 years
    93 cases total
    A 34 year old woman died yesterday.
    A 34 year old woman died. Why wasn’t this on the news anywhere??
    425 reports of death post vaxx – 18 in one week!
    TGA has decided only 7 were due to vaxx. How do they know? Are the doctors that stupid? Were autopsies carried out?
    2257 serious effects post vaxx in one week. – 46,068 total ‘adverse events’.
    Total doses distributed – 12,393,893 – doses administered unknown.
    Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) – 41 reports to August 1
    66 reports of Guillain Barre syndrome post AZ vaxx
    Pfizer vaxx now extended to 12 – 15 year olds.
    12 – 15 year olds are extremely unlikely to have any negative effects from Covid!
    111 reports of pericarditis and myocarditis to date after Pfizer

    Did anyone here about the 34 year old woman who died post AZ vaxx?

  5. Thinking of the 2 suicidal women who came into our office today. Thinking of my work colleague who stayed back late after hours to follow up on their well-being. Thinking of the man who broke down in tears in a late appointment at work tonight. Thinking of a couple of colleagues in tears at work because their skin is reacting badly to the masks – causing the underneath of their eyes to redden and swell, and another whose asthma has been triggered by having to wear these soggy ‘deathtraps’ over their noses and mouths. Thinking of the latest local businesses we’ve lost because of the last lockdown. Thinking of the friend who called me in tears last night just because he wanted to hear a sane and comforting voice in all the madness.

  6. Yes Bill – lied to!

    We are watching Stockholm syndrome – “a psychological response wherein a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands”.

    Like a fox mesmerizing its prey . .

  7. Thanks Bill for summing up what most of us are feeling so succinctly. It is comforting to know others feel the same frustrations.
    No-one is any longer mentioning that these vaccines are still not approved as safe, rather only approved for emergency use as a trial until 2023. Have they caught Daniel Andrews selective amnesia?
    I noticed even Morrison qualified his enticement of an end to lockdowns if we reach 80% vaccination with a “may lead to”.
    AZ is not safe if you’re under 40, then 50, then 60 – then it’s OK if your Dr agrees regardless of age.
    It’s irresponsible to be injecting children this trial vaccines if they’re under 18; but then under 16, then under 12. Pregnant women are fine to get it now?
    The pollies will change the rules to help them achieve their ends (eg higher vaccination rates), regardless of peoples health or freedoms. One gets the feeling they are out of their depth.
    I’m just hoping they don’t impose the useless mask mandates on children. There is so much evidence against it – “wearing masks by children does little to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and may harm children psychologically, emotionally, developmentally, and physically.”
    But if they want to impose a bit more fear or control, I fear they won’t hesitate.
    We live in the most troubling times of our lives, but have to stick together and hang in there, and CultureWatch is a great mainstay.

  8. Attended the protest in the city tonight to show my disgust with lockdowns!

  9. Angry and frustrated at the continual stupidity in our country, looking for inspiration I came across some strong observations in a philosophical website The Academy of Ideas.
    Why an obsession with Safety creates Sick minds and a sick Society.
    Our age has been called many things, but an age of cowards may best describe it given the immense fear, anxiety and helplessness that most people display in the face of even trivial threats. We are not a generation that moves forward into the uncertain future in a bold and heroic manner,instead most people fear the future and prefer safety, comfort, and ease of life to risk taking, experimentation and freedom.
    Overawed by uncertainty, fearing the future, conceptualising oneself as vulnerable, weak, and fragile is not a recipe for individual or social flourishing. Rather this way of life promotes mental illness and paves the way for authoritarian rule and so the world would benefit if more people were willing to live just a little more dangerously. For danger , when a by product of pursuing worthwhile goals or in defence of values like freedom, justice or peace, is life promoting and as the Roman historian Tacitus put it “The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise. Relieving people of the burden of freedom in order to make them feel safe is a recurring theme in the history of authoritarianism.
    Frank Furedi . How Fear Works.

  10. Couldn’t agree more, Bill. It’s a huge delusion and a huge mess.
    Hope you are going ok.
    God bless you and yours.

  11. I’ve seen it repeated often that the indication of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and to expect a different result. How many lockdowns are required to get a different result? Regarding masks, which are clearly ineffective, a fact borne out from simple science and math, how many should we wear? The leaders are absolutely evil and the people are sheep. For the believer, life now, in this age, is the worst it’s going to be but the future is indescribably bright. I have to remind myself and my wife as we go about and see how scared the majority of people are that when you don’t have that blessed assurance, this is all there is and you would be desperately and foolishly relying on your earthly kings to save you. I know that it’s extremely frustrating when we look around but rest assured that God has got this. Habakkuk 3:17-19 Though the fig tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
    though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
    though there are no sheep in the pen
    and no cattle in the stalls,
    18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.

    19 The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to tread on the heights

  12. Covid, the lockdowns, smashing small businesses, and being fully controlled and surveilled is all about the Great Reset.

    Professor Klaus Schwab, WEF Founder and Executive Chairman and author of “Covid-19: The Great Reset” writes that the ‘plandemic’:

    “represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to . . reset our world”

    . . . if we let them!

  13. Dear Bill,
    Just a few thoughts if I may, I wonder how many readers of CultureWatch read but do not write in?
    I have received three pamphlets in my letter box now over the last six weeks or so, the third yesterday from Clive Palmer. He is asking some questions of the TGA.
    Have you or any others seen his work?
    I for one would be happy to see it sponsored and on the front page of ‘any’ media.
    Cheers, Bill and I do pray for you and you family’s protection.
    Mark Bryant

  14. Bill,

    You missed Scott, our ‘Christian’ Prime Minister. About as Christian as Rudd was. And about as rudderless.

    In another age, we would refer to him as a collaborator.

  15. Even Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt are now staunch advocates of the “jab”. I am sick of seeing people getting “jabbed”. Alan Jones seems to be the only reasonable voice. When will this madness end? People are terrified. Lining up in thousands to be “tested “. Yet even the test is unreliable. The 20 or maybe 30% of us who resist are going to find ourselves marginalised and discriminated against. Surely Scott Morrison is aware of what is happening? If so why is he so muted?

  16. Hi Bill. I often ponder where God is in all of this. Pastors I know seem to have no answer but to keep the faith. “God moves in mysterious ways” etc.

    I know you are not a theologian but have you come across any well-reasoned theological or theosophical discussion of the crisis?

  17. Thanks Jim. Actually, having read, studied, written on, and lectured in theology for nearly a half century, I guess you could say I am a bit of a theologian. And in the 145 articles I have now written about the virus, many have looked at biblical, theological and Christian considerations (but not theosophical). Two of my earlier pieces were these:



    And a more recent one is this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/06/28/corona-judgment-and-our-response/

  18. You called the policies of these despots as inane more likely insane. We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. The minions driven by the MSM ie the moronic stupid media into behaving like the so called Karens is frustrating for anybody who is awake to the scam. At least the recent protests around Australia and the world are encouraging. Those who desire to be free or citizens under no tyranny must fight back against these communist united nations tyrants.

  19. NSW health minister just admitted on TV that credit card info is being used to track people. We always knew this was coming. Every time you use a card your presence at a particular location at a particular time is recorded centrally. This is as bad as the QR codes but less obvious, At the same time we are being warned about the eventual demise of cash. The same thing is being done with public transport cards. Every card contains a RFID chip and we have succumbed like sheep as we stuff them in our wallets. Has the Great Reset already happened?

  20. Dear Bill, I say dismiss all levels of bureaucrats, both state and federal. Appoint Susanna Balfour and her family as sleuth and chief over all. Her research is amazing.
    Keep it coming,
    Cheers Mark Bryant

  21. Martin raises important issues. We are tracked everywhere. Our Hillsong church now uses tap-and-go collection plates. Our cars are tracked everywhere we travel by cameras with number plate recognition, and I don’t just mean toll points. Facial recognition is now well established technology. Even in the absence of cameras we are tracked via our phones as we move between mobile phone towers. Are there any Pacific islands for sale where Christians might establish a new society? It’s an option I would consider for my family.

  22. Well said Bill, I am totally in agreement. These so called leaders can be seen in total light if we look at Janette Young – Chief Health officer in Queensland who said – when asked as to why it was OK for 35,000 people or more to be able to attend a football match when others have to social distance by 1.5 meters, her answer: “because football is important”.
    You are quite right – we should confiscate all their properties as criminal gains then lock up these clowns and throw away the Warden.
    John Abbott

  23. All for a disease with a case fatality rate for people under 60 of 0.0008.

    Pollies, are both afraid of death, and afraid of people who are afraid of death, thinking that destroying society, but not really stopping death, will win them an election.

  24. Rosemary, our congregation is well advanced in negotiations to buy Tarawa atoll in Kiribati and all move there. Local population thinks the end is nigh and have arranged to move to Fiji. We got a good price and we know God will prevent rising sea levels. It’s easily done when you pool resources and we will be able to self-govern free of the madness of the West.

  25. Can’t speak for down under but in America they seem to be fixated on ZERO COVID as the goal as in absolutely NO cases at all. Probably want 100% vax rate too. With that as there goal we will NEVER see freedom again as you will NEVER get to ZERO COVID. Also you will NEVER get to 100% vaxxed especially since some can’t get vaxxed because of compromised immune systems or other biological reasons.

    I wish they would just round us up and kill us. It this death of a thousand cuts that is unbearable. A beheading or even crucifixion would be preferable. A few seconds or hours of pain is better than months or years of isolation slowly going mad.

  26. Rhonda Townsend, I must warn you and your fellow churchgoers that you are victims of a scam. Kiribati islands are not for sale, especially Tarawa which is home to 60,000 people. The nation is indeed facing a desperate future owing to inundation of rising seas from climate change but they are a kindly people who would not be so cynical as to exploit gullible citizens of another country. I hope you haven’t sold your property or invested money in this scam. Report those pushing this hoax to the police.

    Disclaimer: I am a geotechnical consultant advising the Kiribati government on their environmental crisis. A colleague in Australia alerted me about this post.

  27. Exactly right Bill. The lockdowns are never going to stop and are going to keep on happening. There is an evil agenda behind all of this. Things are never going back to the way they were. Those days are well and truely over and the old normal is never coming back. The old normal is gone forever. It’s going to keep getting worse and it’s going to get more oppressive and more restrictive. We are in the end times and Jesus is coming back very soon which is wonderful and great.

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