Never-Ending Leftist Hypocrisy

Leftism and hypocrisy are now fully synonymous:

It has gotten to the place that if you want to know how to spell the word ‘hypocrisy,’ you simply type in ‘the left’. The two are now almost synonyms. You can count on leftists to run with double standards and blatant hypocrisy all the time. This especially comes to the fore as they start hyper-moralising against conservatives, while they end up doing just what they are denouncing.

I have already penned far too many pieces on all this. By way of a generic example, there is the constant droning on and on about the need to be tolerant and inclusive, and to be into diversity and acceptance. That is the rhetoric at least. But as so many articles here and elsewhere have demonstrated, the left is the most intolerant mob around. It is NOT into diversity and inclusion. It does NOT accept other points of view.

Why do we have cancel culture? And where does it come from? The left is constantly cancelling others and their points of view. They are preventing people from speaking at events; they are working overtime to get people fired from their jobs; they are tearing down statues and setting cities alight; they are having books banned; they are censoring posts on the social media. The list goes on and on.

There is almost a new law we could create here: the more a leftist talks about tolerance and acceptance, the less of this we will actually find. Call it the First Law of the Left if you will. But it is something that is becoming as certain as the law of gravity. You can always count on the left to be the most censorious, most hateful, most bigoted, and most cancel-crazy bunch around. Um, hypocrisy much?

If that is a big-ticket example of leftist hypocrisy, there are plenty of more specific examples we could run with. Isn’t it strange for example how so many of the most vociferous critics of capitalism are lefties who tend to enjoy the good life, complete with mansions in exclusive communities and fleets of nice cars, outfitted with all the latest products that capitalism has to offer. Um, hypocrisy much?

Consider also how the leftists rail against having walls and borders to keep out illegal aliens, illicit drugs and the like. They want no walls, and they really do not want any borders. Yet most of these anti-Trump and anti-wall leftists live very safely and securely in walled compounds, complete with plenty of fences, security forces, and around-the-clock protection. Um, hypocrisy much?

Or take those who are most shrill about climate catastrophism: ‘We are all going to die as a result of climate change, and we must act now!’ Yet these same prophets of doom fly around in their private jet to climate conferences held in luxurious hotels or palatial convention centres. They warn us about rising sea levels while they built mega-mansions right on the ocean front. They urge all of us peons to live the simple, frugal life while they live like kings. Um, hypocrisy much?

Or look at the Rona lockdowns. Our leftist elites insist that ‘we are all in this together.’ Yeah right. Almost all of the lefties promoting perpetual lockdowns are in the public service with cushy, taxpayer-guaranteed salaries. They do not mind in the least being locked down. They not only have a secure and lavish income, but they enjoy nice spacious spreads in the countryside or along the beach.

Hey, who wouldn’t want to be locked down in those circumstances? Meanwhile us mere mortals in the private sector are seeing our livelihoods destroyed, our businesses lost, and our careers smashed – along with diminishing incomes to feed our families and pay the bills. Um, hypocrisy much?

Let me here look at another clear-cut example of this rank hypocrisy. Consider the matter of the left’s anti-police hysteria. They are demanding that we defund the police now, and/or get rid of them altogether. I have written before about the insanity of such proposals. See here:

And here:

Certainly, in this regard the left in general and America’s Democrats in particular keep on providing us with top-notch examples of what the word ‘hypocrisy’ really means. They want us ordinary Cretans to live in crime-ravaged communities and just put up with lawlessness, violence, bloodshed, and chaos on our streets.

Yet are THEY living that way? Um, no. It is once again a case of ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ It is another example of ‘One law for me, another for thee.’ A terrific article has just been written on this very issue. The hypocrisy-meter is spinning out of control on this one.

The piece, “Democratic Mayors Defunded Their Police, While Spending Millions on Their Own Police Protection,” by Adam Andrzejewski is a terrific expose of these two-timing lefties. Let me offer his opening paragraphs featuring just six cities – out of many – that are guilty of this:

In 25 major U.S. cities across the country, officials have already cut – or have proposed cutting — funds from police budgets. However, in as many as 20 of those same cities, mayors and other city officials enjoy the personal protection of a dedicated police security detail. In many cities, this security costs taxpayers millions of dollars per year.


We found that the defunding of police – coupled with taxpayer dollars spent on police security details protecting public officials – only occurred in cities run by Democratic mayors. In mid-May, our auditors at filed Freedom of Information Act requests with these 25 cities, asking which city officials have police details, how many officers are assigned, and how much money it costs.


Chicago, Illinois
The city spent $17.3 million between 2015 and 2020 to guard “unnamed city officials.” That’s as Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she’s opposed to defunding police while – we found – 400 police officers positions were quietly cut during 2020. Security detail cost peaked in 2020 – up $700,000 over five years: $2.7 million spent on 16 officers (2015); $2.9 million for 16 officers (2016); $2.7 million for 20 officers (2017); $2.8 million for 16 officers (2018); $2.8 million for 17 officers (2019); and $3.4 million for 22 officers (2020) – an all-time high.


San Francisco, California
The city spent $12.4 million between 2015 and 2020 to protect the mayor, London Breed. That’s as San Francisco officials promised to divest $120 million from police over two years and reallocate the money into health programs and workforce training. The mayor’s police security detail cost spiked nearly $1 million over the past five-years. The police department wouldn’t say how many officers were assigned. However, the city spent $1.7 million (2015); $417,489 (2016); $2.5 million (2017); $2.7 million (2018); $2.5 million (2019); and $2.6 million in 2020. In San Francisco, the police officers are called “peace officers.”


New York City, New York
The city slashed $1 billion from its $6 billion police budget in 2021, reallocating $354 million to mental health, homelessness and education services. The cuts mostly haven’t yet materialized. That’s while Mayor Bill de Blasio sports a NYPD security detail. However, the NYPD has not yet responded to our open records request with more detailed cost information. While de Blasio traveled the country during his failed 2020 presidential campaign, his police detail reportedly cost taxpayers $358,000. His wife and son also have security details, while his daughter canceled her protection a few years ago.


Baltimore, Maryland|
The city spent $3.6 million in 2020 for 14 police to cover the Mayor, Brendon Scott; the States Attorney, Marilyn Mosby; and the Police Commissioner, Michael Harrison. Yet, Baltimore has eliminated about $22 million from its police budget. This story first aired on Fox Baltimore. Protection for the mayor included six officers and one sergeant, costing almost $2 million. The state’s attorney has three officers and one sergeant, costing $1.3 million. The police commissioner’s security detail included two officers and one sergeant, costing $464,948.


San Diego, California
The city budgeted for 2021, $2.6 million for 12 full time officers to protect the mayor, Todd Gloria; the city council during meetings; and for city administration building security. However, the mayor’s budget calls for cutting $4.3 million from the police overtime budget, and spending more than $1 million to set up the new police oversight body, the Commission on Police Practices.


Denver, Colorado
The mayor frequently argues against defunding the police. However, the national media highlights Denver’s policy as a prototype “defund the police” model. The city is beta testing the use of healthcare workers to respond to domestic mental health calls instead of police. Mayor Michael Hancock’s security detail is comprised of one sergeant and six detectives. In the last six years, the security cost taxpayers nearly $4.2 million: $621,399 (2015); $643,092 (2016); $716,262 (2017); $716,487 (2018); $740,737 (2019); and $746,743 (2020).

Wow, says it all, doesn’t it? Leftist, thy name is hypocrite.

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12 Replies to “Never-Ending Leftist Hypocrisy”

  1. If these lock-downs weren’t so diabolically tragic for so many, it would be the funniest comedy show of the century. Fewer than 300 cases from a population of over 27 million, and over ½ of them are in total lock-downs, including only 14 in SA from a population of 1.5 million. Absolute, total paranoia and power control of media, political so-called “leaders” and pseudo medicos and white coat so-called “experts” who very obviously don’t care about the physical and mental health of the rest of the population.

  2. Relative to Lyn’s comment:

    The SA Chief Medical Officer’s definition of a “super spreader venue” – 2 cases.

    I give up.

  3. Bill, Thank you and I’ve just caught up reading your informative articles from the last few days and hopefully without getting out of context I just want to say, Yes, I agree lockdown mania and climate change propaganda are related. Revelation 6:8 speaks about a fourth part of the earth will be killed by war, famine, disease and wild animals before the Great Tribulation, I believe. The ‘disease’ bit could happen as a result of getting the experimental covid jab – Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Michael Yeadon are just two doctors who speak about the consequences of the jab.
    Also the Daily Trump Report I received on 13/7/21 had an article called ‘Australia Announces The New World Order’ and who should announce it but our NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard. I believe he was in charge of the medical experts who let people off the Ruby Princess without checking their coronavirus tests and the virus spread to several nursing homes where they didn’t know how to treat the patients causing more deaths. And now he tells us the harsh lockdowns imposed are to do with the New World Order which means we will own nothing and be happy. Here is the article

  4. I often heard if it wasn’t for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

  5. It’s time to turn things around & get a class action & charge those on the Left with Crimes against humanity!
    The Climate lies, the Gender lies, the Covid lies, the Experimental vaxxes, Abortion, Euthanasia, defunding Police, Lockdowns & mask wearing = are all killing people, businesses, families = Crimes against humanity!

  6. BLM and their appeals about antebellum slavery, all the while wearing shoes and clothes produced in Bangladesh and elsewhere post war. Hypocrites.

    Then there are the trans where you have to call them ‘they/them/…’ all the while they still describe themselves as I/me/myself…. I just address them as ‘Hey, you! or just plain you!’ Hypocrites.

    Language has gender and humans have sex, they aren’t confused, they are just being confusing as they want you not to be you, they aren’t changing anytime soon as they never have changed; lycanthropy is the delusion that one is an animal, biology says so…..and also says xx chromosomes are not xy chromosomes…..
    There is an abundance of Napoleons housed worldwide in asylums, some being female. There are also several women who claim to be John of Arc……

    Legislators make judges and police parade around like released lunatics – and unbelievably this is the only bit that is actually true in this entire sham! I’m not joining in Bill, I’d rather be placed in the men’s jail. Hypocrites!

    Thanks again for all your good work Bill and God Bless.

  7. Thanks guys. Check this out for the height of leftist idiocy and hypocrisy: In Dictator Dan’s Victoria people can NOT visit their own parents in their own home, but they can go to a brothel. While I have never been in one, I am pretty sure that the action does not take place there with any sort of social distancing! Idjuts!!

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