Gasp: They Actually Hired a Christian!

How dare they even think of employing a Christian:

Woke Western culture is known for a few things. Among them would be hypocrisy and double standards, and a lot of rhetoric that has nothing to do with reality. Love, acceptance, tolerance and diversity are the buzz words of course, but it does not quite work out that way in the real Western world.

Those who will be tolerated and accepted actually comprise a rather narrow slice of society. If you belong to the various PC groups and have the right victim-hood credentials, you are home and hosed. But if you are part of the old guard majority – especially white, male Christians – well, good luck with that.

This quiet majority is being marginalised, demonised and treated as bantha fodder (if you know your Star Wars imagery). Anyone who dares to identify as a Christian today is doing so at great personal peril. While we now celebrate every lifestyle and belief system, Christianity is fully taboo.

If you need any further proof of this, consider this headline which has been making the rounds today: “New Essendon chief executive Andrew Thorburn defends his faith links as members quit”. What, is he a mass murderer, suicide bomber, or a child molester?

Nope, not even close. He is much, much worse than that. He is actually a Christian – egad! Another headline puts it this way: New Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn chairs church that says homosexuality wrong and labels abortion murder.” The article is brief, so let me offer it all here:

Essendon’s new chief executive Andrew Thorburn is also the chairman of a church organisation that claims homosexuality is wrong and labels abortion as legal murder as well as likening it to operating concentration camps. After announcing Brad Scott as head coach last week, Essendon locked in another key member of their new-look hierarchy on Monday.


But Thorburn is also listed as a leader of the City on a Hill church group in the eastern states. City on a Hill describes itself as “one movement of men and women gathered across eight churches, in five cities, united around the mission ‘to know Jesus and make Jesus known’”. The sight says the former NAB chief, who was forced to resign from his position in the wake of the scathing Royal Commission into banking industry misconduct, has been a part of the church since 2014.


A sermon first published by the group in 2013 addressing abortion reads: “Whereas today we look back (in) sadness and disgust over concentration camps, future generations will look back with sadness at the legal murder of hundreds of thousands (of) human beings every day through medicine and in the name of freedom.” Another sermon on the topic says, “What we ought to do is extend love, care, hope, and healing to those who have not aborted their baby”.


Thorburn was a part of the panel that vetted the Bombers’ coaching candidates and has been described by club president David Barham as a “man of great integrity and exceptional vision”. Speaking at the club’s Crichton Medal night, Thornburn said his role at the Bombers would be to “clear the way so Brad (Scott), the coaches and the players can get what they need to play that football that our members are desperately wanting to watch.” The 57-year-old did not address his role with the church. Thornburn is set to start his new position on November 1.

Gasp! He actually thinks it is not peachy to kill unborn babies? And he actually believes human beings do best – and thrive the most – as male-female couples? How horrid. Hang the guy. Better yet, throw him to the lions. We have no place for THOSE sorts of believers in the AFL. In fact, we have no place for such scum in a tolerant and equitable society.

Of course this is the AFL we are talking about here: you know, the group that values diversity and inclusion above all else. Thus on a regular basis they have some woke weekend, whether a homosexual pride round, or a Muslim pride round, and so on. But actually promoting and celebrating Christianity? That is obviously a step too far!

Never mind that the AFL has plenty of room for delusional footy blokes who now believe they are female. That IS celebrated and promoted, big time. That is perfectly sensible and praiseworthy. See more on that matter here:

And the AFL, along with other biggies in the corporate world, hire leaders and bosses and CEOs every day with all sorts of questionable things hanging around their necks. But that never makes it into the lamestream media. Just DARE to be a Christian however and all hell breaks loose. Especially one who actually adheres to the clear teachings of Scripture.

Now let me say at the outset that I know nothing about this guy and nothing about his church. But if these media reports are halfway accurate, he sounds like my kinda guy and this sounds like my kinda church. Affirming life as a basic human right and defending the institutions of traditional marriage and family have always been the hallmarks of biblical Christianity.

And a church that actually wants ‘to know Jesus and make Jesus known’? Um, I would have thought every real-deal church on the planet wants to do exactly that. Is that now the epitome of all evil? Um, are not the various AFL pride rounds all about that: promoting and seeking to make known all sorts of lifestyles, values and beliefs?

When it comes to Christianity however all that is verboten. Thou Shall NOT be a Christian or even think about letting your Christianity be made known publicly. Anyone who dares to do that is now Public Enemy Number One. How dare this guy actually be open about his faith and his beliefs, and not shy away from them?

But today to actually affirm your Christian faith is anathema. About the only sort of Christian the AFL and other big cheese organisations would be happy to hire today would be one who is a trans, save-the-whales, pro-abort, pro-drug liberalisation, anti-West, anti-capitalism vegan. He might get in with those sorts of ‘proper’ credentials.

And what would have happened if a Muslim CEO was appointed to an AFL club? Would there be similar sorts of headlines everywhere about this? Would they be demanding that he be checked out for his views? Would they ask him if his mosque teaches that homosexuals should be killed, infidels beheaded, and women subjugated? Um, I don’t think so.

Christophobia is alive and well. As I said in a radio interview recently, I am old enough to have lived through three phases in the West. When I was born one could still speak of the Christian West. It soon moved into being a post-Christian West. Today we clearly are living in an anti-Christian West.

Don’t believe me? Just have a quick chat with Andrew Thorburn.


This news just in about the situation: “Daniel Andrews says he will renew his Essendon membership and encouraged supporters to stick with the club despite the ‘absolutely appalling’ views of CEO Andrew Thorburn’s church.” Hmm, so we have an absolutely appalling premier telling us that not murdering babies is absolutely appalling. That tells us everything we need to know about Dictator Dan.

Update 2: Gasp: They Actually Fired a Christian!

Well, that did not take long. The new Essendon CEO Andrew Thorburn has already been cancelled by the fascist Christophobes – forced to pull out of his job for daring to be a Bible-believing Christian!

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  1. Very well said Bill! Your clear understanding of the truth is so refreshing. ‘And we know that we are of God and the whole world lies in wickedness’ 1 John 5:19. Lord bless Bill and his wife and family and his ministry for the Kingdoms sake in Jesus Name Amen.

  2. Hey Bill, I’m a lay pastor at City on a hill church in Melbourne’s west (there are churches in Geelong, CBD, West and East sides of City). for the most part its a great church that preaches the true gospel. Its been growing steadily and we are about to celebrate our 15th year. Usually we preach through whole books of the bible but at the moment were doing a special Jesus and politics series which has been very interesting and helpful for many people.
    If you are ever in the Footscray area pop in 🙂
    If anyone else here is looking for a great church in Melbourne then feel free to visit. Obviously no church is perfect and will tick all your boxes but if you are after a spirit filled church with great bible teaching and community I’d recommend it!

  3. It is absolutely hypocritical, where political parties demand Christian schools employ non-Christians, when NOT ONE OF THEM would accept party membership from a person from an opposing political party.

  4. I just read that Andrew Thorburn has been forced to resign from his new appointment at Essendon football club because of his christian views. What intolerance! What has society become now?

  5. Hey Bill. I can reassure you that it seems Andrew held to his convictions and Essendon forced his hand. Very sad.

  6. The “City on a Hill” church is certainly living up to its name with national headlines over a manager being attacked for being a Christian. That is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. (Matt 5:14). He goes on to say “…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
    Or they may sack you instead, as Jesus had already warned a few verses earlier.
    10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
    Yep. Looks like the fulfilment of the words of Jesus. City on a Hill is following Jesus and Dictator Dan is much more comfortable following the other character.

  7. Dear Bill
    Well Well Well,

    So much for diversity, decency and openness in the Victorian AFL. The bullies were out for the new Essendon CEO straight away including Dan Andrews because Andrew Thorburn was a Christian. Sadly, he should have stood the pressure but he caved in. The woke left has scored another hit and it looks very much that Andrew resigned in shame. Which isn’t the case.
    This is sadly the level of anti Christian hatred that Daniel Andrews is responsible for. Not every Christian is the same as the straw man Andrews likes to create. Utterly shameful. Essendon Footy club is now in a huge mess and has lost a brilliant CEO that could have brought the club to greatness. I used to love AFL and followed the sport for decades.

    All interest has now gone. I won’t support a sport where personal beliefs and rights of employment and equality are smashed all in the name of straw man deceitful arguments or out of context 6 word statements that create a false understanding of biblical truth.

    No one in Essendon club had the guts to say that’s our decision and we stand by it. Truly pathetic weaklings. Where is courage and backbone within the Club?

    A very sad day for human rights, merit selection and Christianity,

  8. I tried to email my congratulations to Andrew Thorburn. We need churches to take a stand. We need to pray that the judgement of God falls on those who blatantly oppose the servants of God. We prayed that for Qantas and they certainly suffered accordingly, after their attack on Israel Folau.
    AFL has become a god, and I will no longer support it. Christians need to remove any financial support from these bodies that are ruled by Satan.
    Thanks Bill for all your articles.

  9. I’m not sure if you will publish my comment without a name, but I have to withhold it for obvious reasons. My cousin visited me last Friday. She is not a Christian but is a midwife working in a public hospital. ‘Health care’ (abortion) means that she told me how one day in one room a woman who was 24 weeks pregnant was having a termination, yet in another room they were trying to help a 27 weeks pregnant woman to save her child from a premature delivery. Death to one child and hopefully life to another all depending on whether the mother wants the child. My cousin could see the difficulty in reconciling the two different scenarios. Yet our society continues to condemn anyone who respects the life of the unborn, as in your example above.

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