A Review of A Letter To Liberals. By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Skyhorse Publishing, 2022.

This new volume by Kennedy deserves a very wide-reading:

Back in May I posted an article examining 21 of the best books then available on the related issues of Covid, the lockdowns, vaccines, masks, government overreach, Big Pharma, and the Great Reset. One of the books included in that list was of course The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The article is found here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/05/15/top-21-books-on-the-great-reset-and-the-covid-wars/

That important book by Kennedy was a large and very well-documented look at the issues, made up of 450 pages with 300 endnotes. This brand new volume is just 100 pages long, and has a total of 239 endnotes. It not only offers some very helpful summaries of the mountain of data found in his larger tome, but brings it all right up to date as well.

Kennedy, who is a lifelong Democrat and “FDR/JFK liberal” writes his new book especially for those who are on his own side of politics. He asks them why they have abandoned real liberalism, free speech and critical thinking and instead wholeheartedly embraced ugly statism, censorship, anti-science agendas, group-think, Big Pharma, Big Tech and the cult of un-reason.

Of course much of this information and data is found online, but to have it all nicely put together in one brief book is quite useful. And many folks may have found it somewhat daunting to go through Kennedy’s earlier and much more densely packed book. So this is a very welcome volume indeed.

Let me look at just some of its contents, mainly in the form of quotations. He begins by noting how his questioning of government policies on the pandemic have made him “a pariah, primarily in liberal circles.” He says that like Galileo’s colleagues, the “Lockdown Liberals” of today refuse to run with the science, but just push the government line:

“This blind obedience is itself a kind of novel virus that now infects the entire upper deck of the Democratic Party. The core of this ideology is a cult-like fealty to COVID-19 countermeasures that are, in fact, scientifically indefensible.”

In 13 brief chapters, and with plenty of documentation provided, Kennedy looks at some key questions that deserve answers. For example, did the COVID vaccines really bring such great outcomes? He writes:

There is meager scientific evidence that vaccines reduced COVID infections or deaths. To the contrary, there is abundant evidence that mass vaccination had only very brief efficacy against COVID, including the now-undeniable fact, summarized in the February issue of the European Journal of Epidemiology, that “Countries with a higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.” Consistent with this global pattern, US deaths attributed to COVID in 2022 were—after mass vaccination—higher than they were in 2020, before vaccination.

Image of A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals (Children’s Health Defense)
A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals (Children’s Health Defense) by Kennedy Jr., Robert F. (Author) Amazon logo

Moreover, consider the nations that were among the least vaccinated:

Many of these countries with the lowest COVID death rates had minuscule vaccine coverage. Nigeria, for example, with a 1.5-percent vaccination coverage for a single jab, experienced a rate of 15.25 COVID deaths per million population compared to the US death rates nearly 200x higher—2,995 deaths per million. Nigeria provided ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to the vast majority of its people, while US government officials crusaded to block access to these proven prophylactics. By following Dr. Fauci’s protocols, America achieved the world’s 16th-worst record in deaths per million population. The US with its single-minded vaccination strategy also racked up the highest overall COVID body count; with only 4.25 percent of world population, the United States endured 16 percent of global COVID deaths. Dr. Fauci’s policies yielded fatality rates 63 percent above the average among all industrialized nations.

And many of the things that Fauci and Gates and others insisted on they have since backtracked on. Asks Kennedy:

We liberals need to ask ourselves this question: If the vaccinated are equally likely to spread COVID as the unvaccinated—as Dr. Fauci now acknowledges—then on what basis do we justify the draconian mandates that denied unvaccinated workers their jobs, children their education, and encouraged the bullying and bigotry that made the unvaccinated reviled second-class citizens?

And government Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) figures are alarming indeed:

VAERS data suggest that the vaccinated are dying at unprecedented rates. VAERS has recorded 28,141 reported deaths since the vaccine rollout began. That is more fatalities over seventeen months than have been reported for all the billions of vaccines put together during the 32 years since CDC and FDA created their reporting system.

And again:

In 1976, CDC pulled the swine flu vaccine after 25 reported deaths. In contrast, CDC and its slavish and scientifically illiterate media allies have responded to the tsunami of fatalities and injuries linked to COVID jabs by hiding harms from the public. Nevertheless, insurance companies are reporting massive waves of unexplained excess deaths (increases in all-cause mortality) in 2021—among previously healthy vaccinated Americans.

The mainstream media’s censorship and cover-up about all this deserves full investigation and censure:

Most of my fellow liberals are unaware of all these alarming facts due to a highly orchestrated global pandemic of journalistic malpractice. At the outset of the pandemic, most of the world’s leading news organizations—BBC, Reuters, AP, AFD, CBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, Financial Times, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and others—organized themselves into a collusive antidemocratic and anticompetitive cartel known as the Trusted News Initiative (TNI)—pledged to squelch and censor all reports about government COVID countermeasures that challenged official proclamations.

And we must get real about fake science versus legitimate science:

When will liberals face the fact that the scientific fact is not always the self-interested pronouncements of Sanjay Gupta or Anthony Fauci? The current head of the CDC should not represent the beginning and end of scientific argument. As Galileo understood, monolithic orthodoxies are the enemies of science. Science is a dynamic and continuous search for empirical truth, and the term “scientific consensus” is therefore an oxymoron. Second opinions are critical safeguards of both patient care and public health. I challenge liberals to, at long last, engage with the many esteemed and principled scientists and physicians and other experts who have presented well-evidenced and principled opposition to the official dogma promoted by Big Pharma and its government allies.

And the lockdown madness also deserves to be closely looked into and condemned, so that it is never again repeated:

Anthony Fauci’s quarantine was a prolonged pajama party for upper-crust Americans who could afford DoorDash food deliveries and Amazon shopping. Lockdowns provided a novel adventure in telecommuting for the laptop elites, and a cushy year of remote education for their children. But even mainstream critics are increasingly recognizing that COVID policies have devastated workers, the poor, minorities, and children. The lockdowns created nearly five hundred new billionaires—who are now gorging on the bleached cadavers of America’s massacred middle-class—and engineered a $3.98 trillion shift in wealth from the poor and working Americans to a new oligarchy of Pharma billionaires, social and mainstream media titans, surveillance state robber barons, and military contractors. Shouldn’t liberals be particularly skeptical that media and social media billionaires raked in fortunes from the lockdowns while actively collaborating with government officials to censor and deplatform critics of these controversial and failed policies?

And since Australia was one of the world-leaders in destructive and tyrannical lockdown policies, vaccine rollouts, and heavy-handed statism, Kennedy at several points discusses the country. Just one of his points can be shared here:

“Australia, another mass vaccination leader, saw record-breaking COVID-19 outbreaks in 2022 with deaths 1,700 percent higher than at the start of the pandemic. The tendency of COVID vaccinations to increase COVID illness and mortality is a predictable outcome of the well-documented phenomenon of vaccine-induced ‘pathogenic priming’.”

Kennedy concludes his book with these words:

Orchestrated fear, systematic censorship, and fierce tribalism have pushed our country into a political polarization more perilous than at any time since the American Civil War. If we are to find a better future— if we are to imprint this rising dissident movement with liberalism’s traditional idealism and avoid its capture by corporate tyrants—liberals need to start talking to people with whom they otherwise disagree.


It is in this spirit that I continue to dialogue with individuals with whom I differ on many other issues. Liberals have criticized and canceled me for speaking with conservative populists like Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon. If we don’t talk to our political opponents, how will we ever find common ground? If we can’t explore scientific truths through debate, how will we ever bridge the widening chasm between America’s warring tribes?


Those fierce disputes between Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and Whites, vaxxed and unvaxxed serve only the intentions of the global elite who exploit the distraction to systematically rob us of our treasure, our health, and our freedoms.

This book is a must read. While it can be read in an hour, it contains many years worth of research and study. We must wake up to what is happening, and Kennedy has become a prophetic voice in this regard. Why not get two copies of the book? – one for yourself and one for a friend.

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  1. Thanks Bill for your review of this book. I receive two emails with about a dozen articles in each by the Children’s Health Defence; the agency that Robert F Kennedy Jr is in charge. His agency has produced large quantities of materials by reputable scientists and doctors. The amount of materials his agency produces is colossal. I tend to just read the various headlines but every few days there is always something that draws me in. Clearly, Robert F Kennedy Jr is only one small contributor in this agency, but nevertheless, I am very grateful for his work.

  2. What an important writer for our times is Robert Kennedy jr . Will be great to see debate in days ahead across party lines in Australia , discussing the facts raised in a book like this and working together to rectify wrong health policies. Thanks Bill for quoting from this book .Every politician in Australia and Heath officer should read this book or at least this article .

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