More Ugly Anti-Christian Bigotry

The homosexual ‘tolerance’ brigade is without question the most bigoted, nasty, and hate-filled bunch of folks you will ever encounter. Their mission is simple: in the attempt to force their lifestyle on the rest of society, they are seeking to crush any and all opposition – especially from those of a religious persuasion.

My forthcoming book will feature one shocking case of this after another. It has been hard to get it out, since each new day offers us fresh examples of their intolerance and anti-Christian bigotry. But one has to draw the line somewhere, and these newer examples will just have to be the stuff of yet another book.

Here then are two more incredible cases of the activists at work in Australia. Both are mind-boggling, and sadly both are but the tip of the iceberg. An all-out war has been declared against mainstream Australia and its majority Christian population.

These two examples make it clear just how much is at risk as the militants ram their agenda down the throats of the rest of society. The first concerns a long-serving military man who also happens to be a Christian. But in today’s Australian military it seems that Christians are not wanted.

Bernard Gaynor explains: “In what may come as a surprise, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is now prohibiting Christian soldiers from practising their faith, even when not in uniform or on duty. It was certainly a surprise to me — not so much because I have served this nation while being a practising Catholic for more than 16 years, but because it was written in black and white in a letter from the Chief of Defence Force (CDF), General David Hurley. It was titled Notice to Show Cause for Termination of Appointment.

“These are the exact words that the highest-ranking military officer in Australia signed off on last August: ‘I respect your religious beliefs and your right to have, and express, opinions contrary to ADF and Government policy. However your public articulation of these matters whilst a member of the Army Reserve, whether or not you are on duty, or in uniform, undermine my confidence in your ability to uphold the values of the Australian Army and your effectiveness as a leader in today’s Army’.”

And the real cause of this anti-Christian bigotry? Yep, you guessed it: the gaystapo. He continues, “My crime was not to perform badly in the workplace. In fact, the ADF has not allowed me to participate in any Defence activities for a year because the leadership believe my personal political activities to protect the right of Christian schools not to hire homosexual teachers are offensive. Therein lies my sin: I have offended the Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS).

“The fact that this organisation exists probably comes as a surprise to many, and quite possibly a shock. It has been given command of Australian soldiers speech, even when out of uniform, and Defence flies its members to international military conferences promoting homosexuality. It campaigns politically to remove freedoms and funding from Christian schools, with the specific aim of forcing them to hire homosexuals. But it does not just confine itself to that issue.

“The DEFGLIS Chairman, Squadron Leader Vince Chong, appeared before a parliamentary committee to support homosexual marriage. He was given this opportunity precisely because of his role leading this Defence-backed lobby group. He even received a Defence Force commendation, not because he was good at his job, but for his activities managing DEFGLIS and its political campaigns.

“How times have changed since I signed up as a bright-eyed and cheery teenager to serve this nation. When I joined to protect the freedom that Australians enjoy, I never imagined facing the sack because I expressed Catholic beliefs that a not-yet-formed, Defence-supported, homosexual lobby group would find disagreeable.

“The only reason that DEFGLIS has such an influence over my career is because the ADF has allowed itself to become politicised and politically correct. Defence leadership have formed the view that wherever there is a clash between Christian values and homosexual political activism, the latter will prevail.

“Christian members can serve today, but only if they are silent. Going by this trend, chaplains will be pulled tomorrow. By Friday next week, Christians will be banned, around the same time it becomes compulsory to wear the Army’s new cufflinks that proudly display the revered Rising Sun emblazoned over a rainbow backdrop.

“OK, I’m kidding about the timeline — but I do not jest about the Army’s new and freely issued jewellery. The cufflinks came out late last year, the same day The Australian reported the ADF had briefed the new Abbott government about a funding shortage.”

You can read the entire tragic story via the link I provide below. This is just mind-boggling. The pink mafia now has free rein to do whatever it wants in our military, and any hapless Christians who dares to think otherwise about their agenda will be swiftly and harshly dealt with. Welcome to the Homosexual Brave New World.

Let’s All Hate Jesus

Our second example comes from Adelaide. As part of its “Fringe Festival” we have some particularly nasty and diabolical stuff being passed off as comedy. The event, held from 14 February to 16 March, has all sorts of questionable acts and performances, but one especially stands out for its blatant and gross anti-Christian bigotry.

I refer to the “Come Heckle Christ” routine which we are told is some light comedy. The website blurb about it reads as follows:

“Come Heckle Christ
Presenter: Jesus The Christ
Artist/Company: Joshua J Ladgrove
Artform: Comedy
Rating: PG
Origin: VIC
This is the perfect show for:
-Anyone who wears a WWJD wristband
-Disgruntled former Christians
-Men and women
-Those easily offended
-Priests (and by extension sexual deviants)
-Altar girls and boys
-Anyone who enjoys yelling at Jesus whilst watching a dramatic re-enactment of everyone’s favourite fairy-tale: The Crucifixion of Jesus The Christ
“This was the most memorable and daring performance I’ve seen at any Fringe: it was truly sacrilicious.” – Heckler, 2013 Melb Fringe
“A simple idea, bravely and brilliantly executed.” – Crikey!
Performers Dressed by The Lord
Warning: Jesus”

Um, yeah right, just wonderful stuff. Great creative entertainment here. Oh so very cutting edge and groovy – Not. This mindless attack on Christianity in the name of art is as new and clever and creative as grass growing. Been there, done that – a million times over.

And two main objections immediately come to mind here. One, why in the world should tax-payers be forced to subsidise this filthy bit of sacrilege? If Christ-haters think it is so very neat, then let them pay for it. Why should tax-payers – the overwhelming majority of whom are Christians – be forced to pay for this crap?

And the other obvious question here: so when are they going to have a “Come Heckle Muhammad” performance? Or would that in fact really be too daring and too controversial? The clowns behind this know full well that there will not be angry Christians flying airplanes into the festival grounds, or women and children with explosives wrapped to their bodies being set off at the show.

Such brave and daring “artists” – yeah right. They are gutless cowards once again picking on a soft target. They would never dare to do something like this to Muslims or other easily offended groups. They are just a despicable bunch of Christophobes who think they are being oh so clever.

I encourage everyone to make a stink about this. You can see here the complete list of sponsors to this rubbish:

So please contact your South Australian state MPs and make a stink, including the currently embattled Premier and Arts Minister, Jay Weatherill. See here for contact details:

And look at the above link and contact some of the sponsors, chief of whom is BankSA. You can contact them here and make your concerns known:

And here are some more specific email addresses to use:
-Premier and Minister for the Arts, The Hon Jay Weatherill MP:
-Minister Assisting the Minister for the Arts, The Hon Chloe Fox MP:
-The BankSA complaints line email:

It is high time that Christians rise out of their slumber, and start being a bit concerned when their Lord and Saviour is treated like absolute dirt – especially when SA Christians have to subsidise this ugly attack. Please speak out now. If we don’t, all this will simply get far, far worse.

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37 Replies to “More Ugly Anti-Christian Bigotry”

  1. Bill,

    Thanks for drawing attention to this. The odds are, that this show may also find its way into the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year.

  2. I have great sympathy for Bernard Gaynor as he’s been very badly treated. The Fringe Festival show is disgusting and I keep hearing the phrase from Galatians 6 v 7 running through my head – “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

    This is the open status page of the person doing the show –

  3. Thanks for the news on Bernard Gaynor. If he had been a Moslem making similar complaints would he have been treated differently?

  4. Thanks for this. Grandson put Fred Nile’s comments on facebook so had seen them but my email to the bank didn’t get through so tried again with your help.

  5. Regarding the cringe fringe I’m not sure this wouldn’t qualify for hate speech. Like you say Bill I would like them try a Mohammed one. Spineless weasels. You couldn’t do a public heckle gay show and survive either. Pray the Lord may send a couple of lightning bolts into the show to make it a bit more of a spectacle. I would go to see that.

  6. It is time for all Christians of all persuasions to draw a line in the sand to let these clowns know that we are no longer prepared to accept this crap. I’m calling all Christians to arms and as Bill has given us the links, to write and state our objections to these foul portrayals of I hope our best friend and confidant, Jesus Christ.

  7. The intolerance of some homosexual groups presents a risk and an opportunity. Since they are eager to crush all opposition, draw them into a fight. A legal battle can be costly but if you know what your doing it can be won. But the other battle is for the hearts and minds of the majority of Australians. If you don’t win the legal battle you can use the loss to win the war. Since these groups call for victory at any cost you may even be able to win some moderate homosexuals along the way.

  8. Thanks for the alert Bill. I have sent an email to the Bank of SA suggesting that their complicity with this hatred for Christ is offensive and unacceptable. I hope all their Christian customers do the same.

  9. When they shut down our Christian schools, few will complain because they have no children.
    When they sack our Christian doctors, few will complain because presently they enjoy good health. .
    When they shut down the Christian adoption agency, no one complains because they are not a child in need of adoption.
    When they they shut down our Church, no one complains because no one gets married anymore.
    When they shut down our Christian baker, B&B, photographer and printer no one complains because they do not need their services at the moment.
    When they remove all Christian lawyers and judges, no one complains because presently they do not need justice.
    When they remove all Christians from the armed forces, no one complains because presently we are not, as a nation, under threat.
    But when that day comes when they take away anyone who dares speak up about anything, there will be no one left who has not already been cowed into silence.

    David Skinner UK

  10. I do hope the Australian Defence Force does not continue to follow America’s lead in the path down pro gay, anti christian ‘progress’.

    Also, looking through the comedy events at the fringe festival, their are only 6 events that are listed as ‘suitable for the family’, looks like the fringe festival is making families fringe dwellers.

    Father in heaven, forgive us our sins, and that also of our nation, let us all repent and turn to you, let us not follow the example of our Mother (Britain), or our older sister (America) who have traveled down the road, away from you, turning their back on you, the One who made them great.
    Father, open the eyes of this nation to the evil of the road that they have traveled, and let it seem like manure to us, something not to be desired.
    Father, turn our desire to you, let us come to you, and weep for the transgressions we have committed. May we seek your forgiveness and choose your way, your law, your grace. let us choose YOU and nothing else.

  11. There was an exhibition at the Melbourne gallery where a photographer took pictures of women who had their hair done like a burka. Naturally that got taken down because it was “offensive”. Yet they allowed the genuinely offensive PIss Christ up. Typical of the double standards in art.

  12. A pastor friend of mine in America took his whole (large) family to march in an anti-gay rally. Gay people stripped off and masturbated in front of the (small) children. They had human feces thrown at them, and they were urinated upon.
    He also was arrested for having a demonstration in front of an abortion clinic. He and many other were thrown in a crowded cell for a week. This included an old lady who needed medication and she was not given it.
    This man and his family have paid the price, and I think we need to start paying a similar price here. The time has come when we need to joyfully accept the confiscation of our goods and rejoice for being beaten for the name of Jesus Christ.

  13. This is the coming war that whatever we may do is going to try us all. Many will fail through persecution because the moral right, “will” in the eyes of these activists be there own and the one major hurdle they must destroy to enlarge their global numbers.This they will do via law changes, force or ridicule leaving those that hold to the moral right of Gods word as errants against them . The temporary winners in this initial skirmish until Satan is confined will be those that blaspheme against Gods word and his being.
    But! this doesn’t mean that we stop the fight, for it is in that fight where many silent Christians will come to abhor the filth and turn to our savior, It has been written clearly that Satan himself will blaspheme openly against God. He has no other option this is a kingdom fight and he mocks us before God and God himself.
    Sodom gives us a clear view -when Lot offered his daughters to the rabble- knowing that they only wanted the men (the heavenly visitors) that they were intent on corrupting even the angels. They (the homosexuals) went about their ways thinking that they could blaspheme/insult God and his creation without recompense but they were so very very wrong.
    WW11 had a total casualty list of over 70 million people of both civilian and military occupation and it lasted over five years yet people were still willing to fight to the finish.
    This is our purpose and as we slowly gather together we too will become stronger. Gods Kingdom is not of this world yet Jesus in his prayer instructs us that his Will, (Gods will). Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Who then will be the biggest losers?

  14. Bill, I have before flagged up an article you wrote, eight years ago, in 2006, entitled, “When Nations Collapse.”
    As our surroundings become ever darker and less familiar, it becomes more poignant. In the light of all that has transpired in these eight years this article makes for sober reading and perhaps needs revising, in order to be presented once again to a public who might now be more receptive, before it really is too late.

    David Skinner UK

  15. Now where’s those ABC/SBS journalists rushing to expose this case of DISCRIMINATION by the ADF against Bernard Gaynor?
    And where is the ABC/SBS rushing to expose the RELIGIOUS VILIFICATION that the Fringe Festival is committing against Christians?

    I guess these are just not politically correct cases of discrimination and hate, etc, in the eyes of the ABC/SBS.
    We do know, however, that the politically correct issues that the ABC/SBS will pursue are issues that fit in with the homosexual agenda or if it’s religious vilification against a non-Christian religion that can also be portrayed as racism.

    Of course the ABC/SBS assures us that they’re not biased and that we should believe this in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
    And the ABC/SBS also expect that we taxpayers should be content funding their prejudice.

  16. Now where’s all those ABC/SBS journalists rushing to expose this case of DISCRIMINATION by the ADF against Bernard Gaynor?

    And where is the ABC/SBS rushing to expose the RELIGIOUS VILIFICATION that the Fringe Festival commits against Christianity?

    I guess these are just not politically correct cases of discrimination and hate, etc, in the eyes of the ABC/SBS.
    We do know, however, that the politically correct issues that the ABC/SBS will pursue are issues that fit in with the homosexual agenda or if it’s religious vilification against a non-Christian religion that can also be portrayed as racism.

    Of course the ABC/SBS assures us that they’re not biased and that we should believe this in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.
    And the ABC/SBS also expect that we taxpayers should be content funding their prejudice.

  17. A number of years ago I was speaking with my dying 80 year old mother in Brisbane hospital and I commented in a negative manner about homosexuals and my mother looked in surprise and replied that their ways are fine. I was so shocked at how my once very conservative mother could be so won over! Remembering that she was an avid T.V. disciple, I guessed ‘have there been some nice homosexual people on the soapies?” Bingo! The great whitewashing controlling enterprise, on its throne in practically everybody’s main room is establishing Satan’s mind control. Christians are putting fingers in the dykes while the tide has been channeled in to swim in. Lot was in the valley while Abraham was on the hill. Something much bigger is in our era.

  18. Good points, Harold. I wish they would cover the stories and show their supposed lack of bias for once!

  19. The same tired mantras of inclusion and diversity are vomited from the DEFGLIS.
    But whether they realise or not what they are saying, they are not creating cohesion, stability and security within the armed forces. They are creating division, destabilisation and disorder between competing, protected groups, a minority of whom have significantly more rights than anyone else.
    In the name of inclusion, The Australian Air Force will have to scrap all its selection procedures and allow anyone to claim their human right to fly a plane: the blind; disabled; drunk and even branch members of the al queda based al-Risalah Islamic bookshop in Bankstown, Sydney.

    The DEFGLIS talk about the right to love whoever one wants and the fact that you cannot legislate against love. But the kind of love they are talking about is not the sacrificial kind of love demonstrated by Jesus Christ, or that required of a soldier to offer his life for his country , wife and children. . The kind of love that they talk about is a need love. It is narcissism. It is an appetite, which if allowed to develop becomes an insatiable desire. It finally becomes an addiction that can only be temporarily assuaged by feeding off another. in other words it is, violent, parasitical and predatory. it is the kind of love that homosexuals demonstrate disproportionately 20 – 30 times more for boys than male padeophiles do for girls.

    View these candidates undergoing selection process, to see how much they can demonstrate their love for the ADF

    David Skinner UK

  20. I think this article sums up the situation nicely.
    Members of the ADF need to look seriously at their options, not only for their own personal life prospects but for that of the continuance of Australia’s very existence . The enemy is not beyond its coast but within its armed forces and Muslim enclaves. Whilst Islam is procreating, the Australian government is showering awards on those who promote abortion, euthanasia, sterilisation and bestial sex acts.

    David Skinner UK

  21. Surely the end must be near now, so mired in filth has much of society become. We may need great courage to remain faithful in the months and years ahead. God have mercy on us and on all the little children being so relentlessly targeted by the forces of evil.

  22. My deep concerns for the culture our children are now exposed to and the sheer ignorance (brainwashed friends and family that I once respected and believed were intelligent etc) of so many that surround me. The whole ADF is in a complete shambles and I weep for all our ANZACS fought and stood for. Bernard is a treasure getting slammed for truth and genuine integrity while those in charge are gleefully damaging and throwing away all that was valuable. My children will not attend scouts or join the armed forces amongst many other now questionable institutions that once were honourable. It’s also frightening to know that my tax dollars are supporting such sleaze in the name of art, also in Perth now…

    I pray for all above and others who fight the good fight and won’t give up. We will overcome with His glorious power.

  23. Uphold the “values of the Australian army”.
    If these values are the promotion of ungodly and unnatural life-styles, these “values” will not contribute to a self-sacrificial attitude of members of the armed forces, for they themselves, these “values” encourage exactly the opposite behaviour, self-centredness, and instant gratification.
    In case of a military attack, civilians will therefore not be protected.
    But we probably won’t need a military attack, what a waste of resources anyway, to undermine us from within is a much more successful and gratifying enterprise.
    If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. It looks like the ADF is out to prove that.
    I pray that every Christian worth his salt will stay away from any of those festivals.
    That is the least we can do and then pray and write letters.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  24. I wrote to Robert Brokenshire MLC of the Family First Party and he agreed the show was ‘disgraceful’ and said that they would write to the Premier requesting the show be withdrawn.

    If this was ‘Come Heckle Mohammad’ it would not be tolerated.

  25. Last year I wrote a polite letter to the Chief of the Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison objecting to the army’s treatment of Bernard Gaynor, as well as its participation in the disgusting Sydney Mardi Gras in uniform.

    I did not even receive the courtesy of an acknowledgement, such are the slack standards in today’s army.

    No wonder morale is low. What decent parents would encourage their children to serve, given that the armed forces are becoming the employer of choice for disturbed people who want a sex change.

  26. We must use the “prophetic” and “kingly” sorts of our sons and daughters together, to forge a methodology on how to stop the humanist bigoted agenda in various areas – especially law, education and politics. Your articles, Bill, are very stimulating and directed. We must continue to build various groups that actually preemptively act upon the principles we embrace, in order to protect our freedoms. Bill you are a son of Issachar who understands the times. Hopefully you and men of like mind can empower a few Davids who will battle on the political and legal front. I have three sons who are Christian lawyers and with the help of a few other sons of Issachar, our Christian young men could be co-opted to pointedly fight the battle. In Christ and our heavenly Father are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. In Him we can do all things.

  27. I contacted PM Tony Abbott a few weeks ago about the rainbow surrounding the symbol of Rising Sun and the rainbow cufflinks. He forwarded my email to Brigadier C.A. Pearce AM – Chief of Staff – Army Headquarters. Part of his response is:

    “Army is an inclusive organisation with a clear commitment to shape the collective attitudes, systems and behaviours of our people to improve capability. This is consistent with Army’s core value of Respect (his capitol letter) meaning having respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our community, and our history of service to the nation.
    The Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General David Morrison, is fully supportive of Army’s position that cultural reform is integral to our ongoing capability. Consequently, there have been a number of diversity initiatives put in place of which the Army pride lapel pin and cufflinks is but one.
    The lapel pins and cufflinks were developed as a symbol of the Army’s commitment to supporting and acknowledging our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) soldiers and officers. Previously Army issued a similar type of pin in support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members.”

    I would not want a member of my family to join the services these days – and we were a family sho served in all of the wars and did so proudly – not now though! I am still trying to work out how to respond to this rot.


  28. Lee, Rev 14:12.
    Paul, conservative does not mean Christian. It is only the roots put down deeply into Christ that will prevent us from falling over when the tempests of life blow.
    My parents did a similar shift on values. Remember that hymn “Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?”
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  29. Another tack: any Christians with accounts in bank SA should close them. They won’t listen until their bottom dollar is affected.

    Mick Koster.

  30. When the Israelite’s faced the philistines and remained cringing in their camp afraid to do anything because of the fear of Goliath, David stepped forward and railed against them and said how much longer will you allow this man to defile the name of our God. Ultimately David said he would fight the giant and slew him by a stone hurled at the giant from his simple weapon, his sling. He then cut off the giants head and held it up for all the philistines to see. As well as showing the Israelite s that God is with them.
    Similarly Governing using Gods Laws brought about the strength and might and the prosperity of the US. Now we see the Slow corruption, the narcissistic perversions and those that purvey evil have infiltrated the halls of government for their own ends. They have taken the gift of Gods commandments and his declaration for government from its people for their own ends. And They have surely blasphemed against God, his name his moral codes and commandments in the name of Liberalism.
    Government by consensus is impossible, so called democracy (not that we have any) will never work especially when they need to take God out of the equation.
    In the simplest of descriptions it must be known that God is a benevolent, loving, trustworthy Lord of our souls and our being. He is the absolute and only redeemer of all things.
    Have we been bound by the falseness of democracy and the weakness of consensus that make us of no account?. How can we have consensus if we are governed by a powerful minority and the conclusion resides outside of Gods Laws?
    Maybe just maybe we need the righteousness and the boldness of David.

  31. In case nobody has mentioned this earlier, Bank SA is owned by Westpac who also owns St George as well as Bank of Melbourne. So if you are wanting to make a statement, but don’t have a Bank SA account to close, you can always close one of your accounts with the above mentioned banks and state why you’re doing so.

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