Our Mental and Moral Freefall

When the moral state of a nation heads downwards, so does its mental state. The two seem to be closely linked: as we become more and more immoral as a culture, we seem to become more and more stupid as well. Moral myopia and mental moonbattery seem to go hand in hand.

Of course this becomes a two-way process: more idiocy leads to more immorality, and more moral meltdowns lead to more mindlessness and madness. Examples of this are easy to come by. This site documents them all the time. I should get paid for doing this – I would be filthy rich by now.

My first example comes from – yep, you guessed it – “our” ABC. Worse yet, it involves a ‘sexuality expert’. Whenever you hear that someone is a ‘sexuality expert’ you know it might be time to head for the hills, especially if they are given a free pass on the ABC to push their lunacy.

This is how the story goes:

A sexuality educator has claimed that parents should ask their babies for permission before they change their nappies. Deanne Carson, who identifies on Twitter as a sexuality educator, speaker and author, said that doing so would set up a culture of consent early on.
She explained that she works with kids as young as three years of age on issues surrounding consent, but encouraged parents to introduce the idea much earlier. She said that while she recognises the fact that babies are unable to actually give an answer, it’s important to use eye contact to teach them that their response matters.
On an ABC segment on consent laws, she said: “We work with children from three years old. We work from parents from birth.” The reporter was pretty confused by the suggestion, asking again: “from birth?”
Ms Carson continued: “Yes, just about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes so ‘I’m going to change your nappy now, is that OK.’ Of course a baby is not going to respond ‘yes mum that’s awesome, I’d love to have my nappy changed’. “But if you leave a space, and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact then you’re letting that child know that their response matters.” Viewers were very “dumb founded” by the suggestion, with some calling it “lunacy”.

Talk about a triple facepalm moment. Talk about lunacy on the loose. Talk about yet another reason to put the ABC out of its misery. Thankfully much of the world is still somewhat sane, and so this story has been reported all over the place, and she and her goofball ideas have been universally panned.

Just who is paying these people anyway? Why do I suspect that somehow my hard-earned tax dollars are propping her up, and that in the real world she would never find a real job with all this looney tune political correctness? And I am not alone in being flabbergasted at this insanity.

Kirralie Smith of the Australian Conservatives for example said this: “Many children never want you to change their nappy. Asking them for consent is a serious indication of severe mental problems. Nappies must be changed to prevent serious skin damage and pain for the child. What is worse is the fact the ABC actually spent our tax dollars on this moronic opinion.”

My next case in point is a commentary piece found in today’s Herald Sun. Because it is hidden behind a paywall, I can only offer the opening lines: “It’s time sex work was recognised as skilled labour … Sex workers are enormously skilled and talented workers.”

While it would be useful to be able to see the entire piece, I think we can all get the drift here. Indeed, a google search reveals similar pieces. It seems that New Zealand for example had already done this, and it seems that the above writer is drawing upon pieces like this. It begins:

Would-be migrants to New Zealand can claim valuable points as skilled sex workers or escorts, according to Information on Immigration NZ’s (INZ) website. But an immigration expert says it would be difficult for any applicant to succeed.
The agency confirmed sex work/escort is on the skilled employment list, despite it not being on the skill-shortage list.
A sex worker or escort is defined as someone as providing clients with sexual services or social companionship. “The list itself comes from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) list and not INZ,” an agency spokeswoman said.
According to information on INZ’s website, sex worker or escort is listed as an ANZSCO level 5 skilled employment, and applicants could claim points if they were paid at or above NZ$36.44 (US$25.87) per hour, which is NZ$75,795 (US$53,818) based on a 40-hour week.

OK, so let me see if I got this straight: spreading your legs and taking someone’s money for doing that is now skilled labour. Um, it may be risky, foolish and unhelpful labour, but it is not quite up there with brain surgery and rocket science. It does not take advanced degrees to allow total strangers to do what any animal can do.

Yes, “skilled labour” is used as a category for certain immigrants that a country may prefer to take in, or give special emphasis to. So these folks are telling us we should give those who sell their bodies some priority here? We may not be putting hookers at the front of the queue, right up there with doctors and lawyers, but we are still giving them preferential treatment over others.

Good grief, what next? If escorts and prostitutes will be preferred over others, who else? Perhaps those involved in bondage and sado-masochism? Will a dominatrix get preferential treatment over a mere house painter? Will we decide that drug dealers are also skilled labourers?

It seems to me that successful drug smugglers are involved in highly complex and skilled work, requiring a lot of intelligence, expertise and years of experience. I suppose they should be bumped up the queue as well then. Mere law-abiding bakers or candlestick makers can just languish at the bottom.

Those involved in money laundering also must have a high degree of intelligence, skill and creativity to engage in their “occupation”. It seems if we want to be a fair and just country, and one that does not engage in evil discrimination, we should be giving them special priority as well.

Just think of all the time, effort, planning and dexterity a bank robber must have to perform his craft successfully. Why not give them a bit or preferential treatment as well? We need those skilled labourers. Just think how much good they would do to our nation and to our economy?

But hey, who am I to question what our enlightened politicians, leaders and intelligentsia think is best for us? I am a mere peon, and would likely be at the bottom of the list If I sought to emigrate elsewhere. And hey, I don’t even ask babies permission first before I seek to change their stinking nappies. What kind of monster am I?


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17 Replies to “Our Mental and Moral Freefall”

  1. Some people give clear meaning of Romans 1:28.
    It seems a reprobate mind can not even reason with reality.
    When the FBI closed back door, people protested saying it harmed those in the sex trade. Knowing that back door was turning a blind eye to minors and appeasing pedos. Good is evil and evil is progress.

  2. Police say when there is a gangland killing that it was a “professional hit” – um the ABC missed that.

  3. Bill,

    A great article informing Australians about the truth. State governments around Australia have given Australians a legal right to change their name on legal certificates/documents/records. The other identifications of people’s mother and father, sex, birth date and place of birth can also change to reflect people’s self-determination because the government no longer wants to discriminate against anyone’s idea/belief/values/behaviours. It won’t be long before my children will be able to self-identify as either their mother or father in order to avoid stamp duty on our property and this will give them control over our assets. The Australian government has accepted the idea that people can self-identify their gender, so they can’t discriminate against the idea that people can self-identify to be their parent.

  4. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is certainly unbalanced in more ways than one. Until people get motivated enough to force the public broadcasters to become truly secular i.e. giving all views, including Christian perspectives, appropriate air time then this nonsense will continue. They constantly push immorality, stupidity, atheism, anti-Christian bigotry and left wing political views and are constantly allowed to get away with it. We either need a Royal Commission inquiry to sort them out or, as you say Bill, shut them down. Society cannot afford to be constantly compromised by the unending ABC immorality and propaganda which decent people are forced to help fund.

  5. Absolute Lunacy for sure, there must be a planet out there somewhere we can send these people to, our tax payer dollars would be better spent fueling a rocket to send them there. I’m willing to put my house on the fact that this ‘Sexsplurt’ has never had children, has no real world experience in raising children and was sleeping when commonsense was being handed out in class.

    And yes meanwhile Israel Folau is coping a beating for simply stating truth. The man deserves our prayers and support, Bill do you have any direct contacts so we can send messages of support?

  6. This fully justifies the reduced ABC funding allocated in the budget announced this week. The trouble is that the broadcaster is of such a perverse mindset that they will spent scarce dollars on rubbish like this, and instead dispense with programs that still have some value.
    Bill Heggers

  7. These situations are crazy. If someone wants to immigrate as a sex worker how do they establish their expertise? Do they have to pass an examination? Do they have a qualification for this? Do they need a certificate for this? Do they require a reference from a madam or a rich and famous client? Do you need proof that you have worked in this industry? I have no idea how their expertise and qualifications would be evaluated. Does the New Zealand government have a system for this? I hope not. Can a client sue a sex worker for not being “qualified”? After all doctors and nurses have to be qualified. Most occupations have qualifications and standards to be met. A doctor can do serious damage to a person if they are not qualified so I suppose the sex workers must need qualifications. (I am joking of course.)

  8. If we ask permission to nappy change, it is the same as asking a child if they like certain foods, it gives the child an opportunity to think and consider if they should reject the food…or asking a child if they would like to sit in a pram when a mother needs to shop..

  9. Kudos to Mark Wong for mentioning Israel Folau!!! I’ve been reading articles from both Australian and New Zealand sites and the sheer Christophobic content is downright disturbing. From memory only 1 article to date has been anything other than hostile, and numerous articles with only the most tenuous of connections to the subject have inserted a line or two about Folau and ‘antigay bigotry’. The Wilkerson video mentioned in the ACL article for instance is primarily a call for repentance, and yet it’s being reported as Folau tweeting more anti-gay content. The MSM clearly don’t comprehend what the Bible teaches, or are implacably hostile to those with a Christian orientation, most likely both. Given how frequently they parrot phrases like tolerance, respect, anti-discrimination, or opposing hatred, this double standard is … frustrating, albeit all too Biblical.

  10. Bill do you have an email address for Israel Folau? There are obviously many of us who would like to send our support to him. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with what’s happening in the world/Australia/ABC. Those of us who can’t get about can “PRAY”!!!
    God bless you for your work and God bless Isreal Folau!!! ?

  11. I happened to watch the ABC TV interview referred to above. The matter of “consent” in matters of physical sexual intimacy is surely intimately bound up with the capacity of the person or persons concerned to make an intelligent and informed decision with regard to their interaction with another person.

    The age of consent laws and the legal notions of statutory rape, etc attached thereto imply that minors don’t have the same capacity as adults to make wise and ethical decisions. There is surely also implied a duty of care inherent in adults in all their actions towards minors.

    Some matters in intimate personal experience are not rightly the domain of children’s experience. The Kinseyan/Freudian assumptions of libido as expressed in anal and oral retention phases of early childhood development and of an inherently sexual nature of the state of childhood would appear to be at the base of the sexuality expert’s approach to children and sexual matters. Kinsey and Freud no longer remain supreme and unchallenged in their respective fields of behavioural expertise. Neither Kinsey or Freud ought to be accepted as infallible authorities upon which to build a sane approach to issues of sexual exploitation of children in our dysfunctional, “anything-goes” contemporary Western culture.

  12. Ms Carson is not an ‘expert’, she is a nut with a degree; it is considered child abuse not to change an infants nappy.

  13. Maybe they should start to ask for permission from the unborn before dismembering them and removing them from the womb.

  14. Brilliant, Ernesto. Only problem is that abortionists persist in believing foetuses have no feelings and are not people. Seems to me it’s the other way around-abortionists have no feelings and are not human.

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