Folau and Unacceptable Truth

Not too long ago truth used to be valued for its own sake. Truth had to be told, even if it upset some people. But today in the West truth has become taboo – or at least certain truths. Some truths are now fully off limits, and those who dare to utter such truths in public – or even in private – are treated like pariahs and worse.

Political correctness and the militant left have combined to keep certain truths banned from the ears of the public. Certainly anything to do with things like homosexuality and the trans agenda is now verboten – that is, if it is in any way critical of these things. Dare to speak on this and you will be persecuted.

One noted sports figure has certainly learned this lesson the hard way. When the top-class professional rugby player and devout Christian Israel Folau said six months ago that he opposed fake marriage between two people of the same sex, he was roundly condemned by all the usual suspects. For stating truth in the public arena all hell broke loose.

Thankfully Folau is more committed to truth than to political correctness and kowtowing to the Left’s narrative. So a new social media comment of his has again helped to launch WWIII. And you guessed it, it is again on the topic of homosexuality. For daring to answer someone’s question while expressing his Christian faith, he has again stirred up the wrath of the tolerance brigade.

One news outlet covers his latest ‘sacrilege’ this way:

Australian rugby’s highest profile player Israel Folau has again courted controversy with a social media comment condemning gay people to “hell”. Six months after tweeting his opposition to same sex marriage ahead of the marriage equality postal vote last year, Folau said on Instagram that God’s plan for gay people was “HELL… Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God”. The dual international, who has 337,000 followers on Instagram, made the comment in reply to a question from another user on Tuesday, Folau’s 29th birthday.

“@izzyfolau what was gods [sic] plan for gay people??” user Mike Sephton-Poultney said.
“@mike_sephton HELL… Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God,” Folau replied.

The exchange was picked up and shared on Twitter before going viral around the world. A Rugby Australia spokesman said Folau had deleted the comment, although it was still visible on part of Folau’s profile on Wednesday afternoon.

It appears to be in contravention of Rugby Australia’s inclusion policy, which was adopted in 2014 and states: “Rugby has and must continue to be a sport where players, officials, volunteers, supporters and administrators have the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion. There is no place for homophobia or any form of discrimination in our game and our actions and words both on and off the field must reflect this.”

Of course the PC and Pink thought police immediately sprang into action. As but one not-surprising response, Qantas has said it may stop its support: “Qantas is considering pulling sponsorship of the Wallabies if further homophobic statements are made by Israel Folau or other players.”

Yes it is the end of the world as we know it: dare to utter a shred of biblical truth and the whole world goes mad. And before I go any further, let me say that I fully expect – once again – all the trendy lefty “Christians” out there to express their outrage at how “insensitive” Folau was, and how he “damaged the cause of Christ,” etc.

Oh good grief, just zip it guys. He was asked a question and he responded. Sure, we all might have done things a bit differently. One might have been a smidge more cautious or prudent in such a response, but at least he responded. Most of our invertebrate believers would not have answered at all. Or if they did, they would have blabbered on about how there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

I for one am glad he has the guts to speak up. One can say only so much in short social media comments, but I likely would have said the same thing, perhaps only with a slight addition: “Hell, which is where every sinner is headed… Unless they repent of their sins and turn to God.”

In order to get things fully right and nuanced on this issue, I have written hundreds of pages in books and articles to further detail my thoughts on all this. The social media is a different kettle of fish of course. But what he said happens to be 100 per cent biblically true. Again, he was not penning a PhD thesis on this, just a very quick response.

The truth is, I would rather take a short, perhaps crude statement on Christian truth any day of the week over all the namby-pamby, watered-down, and mealy-mouthed tripe most compromised believers would offer here. I for one have had a gutful of so-called Christians who say nothing and do nothing about the war against faith and freedom, but will happily attack Christians who at least have the courage of their convictions.

And he is an athlete after all, known for his physical abilities, not for being a Rhodes Scholar. But at least he knows his Bible and he is not afraid of sharing biblical truth even when everyone around him refuses to speak out. Give me a truth-teller – albeit an imperfect one – over all the craven and carnal cowards in our pews who never say a word about the vital issues of the day.

And this is what Scripture clearly teaches us: all of mankind is impacted by the Fall, and we are all sinners. We are all headed to a lost eternity, and that is why God sent his son to planet earth. By taking the punishment we deserve upon himself, Christ has made a way for people to be reconciled to God.

And that is a straight and narrow way: only through Christ. Those who repent of their sins and come to Christ can find forgiveness of sins and a new life with God. All this is basic Christianity 101. So all people are already condemned because of their sin, and all people must come to God on his terms, in faith and repentance.

This is the slightly longer version of what Folau said. Both versions are absolutely correct. This is the biblical gospel. Of course the MSM hates it. Of course Joyce and Qantas hate it. Of course the world hates it. But it is the good news that every single one of us need to hear.

Thank you Israel Folau for at least having enough courage and conviction to share biblical truth when asked. You have done more than the great majority of pew-warmers and arm-chair critics who have never opened their mouths once about the things that matter.

I will keep you in my prayers. And I suggest all Christians do the same. God bless you sir.


Folau is a Tongan and is married to a Kiwi/Samoan netball star. Just last night I spoke at a public meeting on the issue of homosexuality, transgenderism and the “Safe Schools” program. Overwhelmingly the audience was made up of Samoans and Polynesian Islanders.

They were all very responsive and receptive. They were all quite concerned about what is happening to our society and to our children. So Israel Folau is certainly not alone in having these concerns. And he is not alone in being an on-fire Christian who loves God and seeks to share biblical truth, despite all the vitriol and hatred.

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  1. Put Alan Joyce in the front row of the next test against the All Blacks.

  2. An excellent article Bill. I believe that Christians must come out of the trenches and fight for the truth. Here is my message to Rugby Australia:
    I read that you’ve issued the following public statement in response to Israel Folau’s response to a question about homosexuality: (statement pasted) If this statement is accurate then my response would be- I agree with most of it but would say this: That anyone has a right to express his/her views about homosexuality, transgenderism or any other lifestyle without being labelled homophobic, transphobic or any other phobia.
    A phobia is an irrational fear of someone or something. Simply to disagree with someone else’s opinions or actions doesn’t make one “phobic”.
    In fact it is a form of discrimination to give any person any such label.

  3. Good on him, The whole gospel is rarely preached these days . It’s actually exciting when someone walks out of a service (as happened last Sunday in church) because they were offended by the truth. It just might set them free.

  4. Here is someone who is willing to stand up. Many churches won’t. Many have capitulated! I wonder how long before people in professional sport or will be banned (or any job for that matter) from having any religious convictions that homosexuality is wrong and marriage is between a man and a woman… for life. I never cease to marvel how quickly the change in society this has come about on this.

  5. God bless you for your faithfulness and integrity in the face of intimidation, Israel Folau.
    We know it is not God’s will that any person would perish. God has given each person free will and the blessing of a span of years on His beautiful Earth for each one to make our choice to turn to our Creator God in repentance and faith, or to turn against Him. God has warned us of the consequences of this choice (to ignore God is in fact to make our choice). Eternity apart from God will be terrible, it behoves every one of God’s people to faithfully warn as many people as we can of the appalling implications of turning our backs on our holy God.

  6. This Brother has more to lose (in this world) than most but clearly he has his eyes fixed on Truth and eternity. The world cannot and will not understand the choice he has made.

  7. “Well done, good and faithful servant”, Folau can hold his head up high, he has spoken truth.
    It bears some consideration at just why the SS crowd are so vitriolic, obviously they are not able to respond in a civil manner as proper logic quickly see’s their case for SSM and homosexuality crumble like a house of cards. What is extremely disturbing however is how so many churches have given over to support homosexuality, all for the sake of popularity I suspect. Woe to them when our Saviour returns.

  8. What a true Christian soldier Izzy Folau is! He doesn’t just score tries each game with 100 meter runs but he is also speaking Gospel truth off the field. This is a brother in Christ who definitely needs our prayers and support!

  9. I don’t have a smidgen of his sporting ability, but I am challenged and impacted by the example of Israel Folau’s boldness.

  10. Mate you are better than the PC. This evil can be stopped. Read Psalm 91. Forget Qantas. Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. Many are boycotting all manor of sports. Those officials must be sacked.

  11. A lot of the online comments on social media are supportive of Folau which is interesting! Funny how people who allegedly don’t believe in God or Hell seem so offended and intimidated by his comments!

  12. Robert, it was a couple of years leading up to this, but I have stopped following the AFL. Their decision to support the so called ‘Yes” campaign to support so called ‘Same Sex Marriage’ with changing their logo for a day last year was the last straw. That goes for all other major sport too. It sounds like i am not the only one.

  13. What a true man of God should be. Fearless and truthful.

    Of course Alan Joyce once again proves he is incapable of running Qantas in accordance with very basic principles of business ethics and wants to use the corporate funds he has been put in control of for his own personal agenda. This is not only against Christian morality but is opposed to very basic and fundamental business principles. The sooner the Qantas shareholders wake up the better. I know quite a few people who are currently boycotting Qantas because of the immoral position it has taken. It is quite obvious that Joyce controls the books in such a way as to only allow dividends when it suits his own personal agenda.

  14. Alan Joyce’s Qantas would probably be the biggest utility on the Australia continent for getting something from A to B……for one thing it disperses itself more broadly than the sewerage system, and it’s chief designer Alan Joyce looks proud of his achievement. Fair enough.

    btw unlike coitus, sodomy is not an achievement.

  15. Joyce is a total hypocrite. I have emailed him several times to ask when Qantas is going to sever their connection with Etihad Airlines, which is owned by the United Arab Emirates, a country that executes homosexuals.

    I have not had one single reply from him.

  16. I have just discovered this site. It’s refreshing. I agree with your commentary on Israel Folau. Maybe there was a better way to say it but it’s still the truth. He has courage. He’s not politically correct. I admire people that are straight shooters.

  17. According to a newspaper article quoting a former immigration minister in New Zealand, Folau’s Biblical views are grounds to ban him from entering the country. Apparently Christianity is now a threat to the public interest and to the public order. The world is going mad, just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  18. Don’t you find it amusing that people who don’t believe in God can get so bent out of shape whenever Hell is mentioned….

    I love this quote from Lecare: “If I’m wrong about God I’ve wasted my life, but if you’re wrong about God you’ve wasted your eternity.“

  19. This incident throws into sharp relief the need for the Ruddock Committee, in the wake of SSM, to provide serious protection for freedom of conscience, religion, belief and parental authority for the community at large; and not just pay lip service to them. After all, Australia is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in which these freedoms are enshrined. Not that you would ever know, if you relied for your information on the MSM; and all those who led you to believe that: “Nothing will change with SSM”.

  20. Bill, “A hot iron though blunt will pierce sooner than a cold one no matter how sharp.” -from John Flavel.

    Clive Skewes

  21. Is there something a bit OFF here?
    The NRL has an inclusion policy, but it appears to selectively exclude some? How convenient. They talk of the ‘rights and freedom’ not to be excluded.
    “Rugby has and must continue to be a sport where players, officials, volunteers, supporters and administrators have the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion…”
    There are no rights and freedoms of the NRL policy being affected here, except Israel’s.
    Go Israel….

  22. It is so refreshing to hear a man speak out in the ‘public domain’ the plain TRUTH of our LORD Jesus Christ! It’s also amazing the reaction Israel has received since it was simply a response to a question asked of him. Reminds me of the Pharisees asking Jesus a question & when He answered truthfully, how they hated Him for it & finally crucified Him – for what? Truth, love, true hope & His Peace! I think the world actually craves for more hope & direction in this increasingly sick society. Do not be afraid believers; His Spirit is with you! Thank you Israel for yours & Bills stand for Him! Who should we obey – Jesus (God) or the lefty socialists !

  23. “…a social media comment condemning gay people to “hell”.”

    Well, that’s a misquote for a start!
    And next:

    “Rugby has and must continue to be a sport where players, officials, volunteers, supporters and administrators have the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion. There is no place for homophobia or any form of discrimination in our game and our actions and words both on and off the field must reflect this.”

    Fine but that should also be a protection for Folau. Instead, RA has chosen to obscure their hypocrisy and the fact that the policy is supposed to work both ways by hanging him out to dry. They should be telling the Qantas Board and Alan Joyce to pull their collective heads in.

    Michael Weeks, I don’t believe you can say that about the dividend policy of Qantas.

  24. It was the pro -gay psychologist George Weinberg who coined the word “homophobia” in 1965, whilst helping two gay activist friends Jack Nichols and Lige Clarke who had founded the notorious Mattachine society to normalise and validate homosexuality by bullying the American Psychiatrists Association to remove homophilia as a mental disorder from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, a handbook of psychological disorders, in 1973. Psychiatrists after all do not deserve the awe and respect in which society holds them. They are mere men and as such are capable of craven cowardice.
    Whilst homophobia is now considered a mental condition, far worse is homophobia phobia, a kind of spiritual ebola which destroys a whole nation’s ability to reason, to make rational and moral judgements, or supremely have the courage to resist evil.
    As Winston Churchhill, famously said in Munich Agreement speech in 1938,
    “And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.”
    David Skinner UK

  25. What a blessing to know that a little light can make such an impact. Just imagine if all the light was shining at the one time – the evil would take fright and run for cover!

  26. “Rugby has and must continue to be a sport where players, officials, volunteers, supporters and administrators have the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion.”

    Have they read their own policy? It says that, “players have the right and freedom to participate regardless of … religion … without fear of exclusion.” It seems pretty clear that Rugby Australia are not standing by that statement, as being religious (Christian) entails speaking the truth, the truth in this instance being: homosexuality is sinful, unnatural and inherently hateful. Aren’t Rugby Australia being hypocritical and exclusionary toward Israel Folau for his truthful statement?

  27. Isreal Folau is right the whole earth is going to be judged by GOD on every sin we all have commited

  28. Dear Israel Folau,

    I sir salute your courage and dedication to stand by your Christian beliefs. You were asked a question and responded accordingly as quoted in the Bible. In an age where the government promotes homosexuality within our schools and persecutes Christians for disagreeing, practicing or even expressing their faith, you stood strong my brother, for you chose to build a house on rock and not sand. Attacked by everyone, you stood firm, in an age where many luke warm christians are worried about what other people think and instead of transforming society are transformed by society.

    Western countries have become literally Sodom and Gomorrah, lacking morality and promoting as good what was once considered evil and evil what was traditionally considered pure. Shame on the Hillsong Pastor who didn’t have the courage to defend you, but I’m not surprised as modern disco like entertainment and warm fluffy christianity is more prosperous.

    I thank God for your courageous stance. My only regret is that I can’t see you in person and hug you, my brother.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly

    God bless you in every way


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