Freedom Convoy Fights the Big State and Health Fascism

What an inspiration the Canadian Freedom Convoy is:

It would be difficult to determine which jurisdiction has engaged in the most Covid castrophism, panic porn, and power-hungry despotism. But certainly in any top ten list you would have to include Dan Andrew’s Victoria, Mark McGowan’s WA, Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand, and Justin Trudeau’s Canada. They have all been horrific, and picking a clear winner would be tough to do.

But Canada is certainly one of the clear odds-on favourites. So let me focus on both the good news and the bad news from there. I have plenty of articles documenting the horror story that is Canada. It is one of the most woke, far-left nations in the West. Under Trudeau things have simply gotten worse, and the Covid hysteria has been the perfect excuse for him to get even more authoritarian as he puts his jack boots down on the throats of his serfs – er, citizens.

I have shared much about this, but let me offer just one more recent and shocking example. Now in parts of Canada the great unwashed (unjabbed) are being given escorts in major stores to make sure they do not buy non-essential items. As one report explains:

In order to enter big box stores like Walmart and Costco, residents of Quebec, Can., now have to show proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” or else be chaperoned around the store by an employee to ensure they only purchase food. CBC News reports that the unvaccinated in Quebec are now restricted to buying only things like milk and bread when they hit up the IKEA food court for instance. All of that Swedish furniture, however, will be off limits to them. “Today, big box stores that have a footprint of 1,500 square meters or more are going to have to ask people, customers, to show proof of vaccination,” the CBC reporter explains in the segment.


“Now, pharmacies and grocery will be exempt from this. So, if you’re going into a Costco or a Walmart or something like that, where you might be going in to buy groceries or visit the pharmacy, in that case an employee will have to be with that person as they walk through the store to make sure that they do not go and buy other products or other items that might be in the store.” Only “essential” goods can be purchased by the unvaccinated, in other words. And the government apparently gets to arbitrarily define what essential means to only include the very basics of life.

Hmm, pity if you love toast but your toaster has broken down. That is now verboten for the lepers in the People’s Republik of Quebec. The good news to offset all this madness is of course the hyper-massive freedom convoy involving truckers from all around the nation.

Before sharing further about this terrific endeavour, one more indication of the fascism taking place in Canada. Jordan Peterson recently tweeted this: “Staggering. What is happening to my country? Nova Scotia bans gatherings along highway in support of the trucker freedom convoy.”

As Australian Ben Davis comments, “Never forget that most people in power are there because they want to rule you, not serve you. They want to control you, not protect your freedom to live without government interference. If you haven’t learned that lesson over the past two years, you’re probably beyond help…”

But despite the Big Brother Statist overreactions, and Trudeau calling this a “fringe minority,” this protest IS massive and is sending shock waves throughout not just Canada but all around the world. Many other countries, including America and Australia are now planning their own convoys.

Plenty has been said about this freedom convoy. Let me offer just one discussion of it – Jeffrey Tucker says this:

Few events in modern times have revealed the vast chasm that exists between the ruled and rulers, especially as it pertains to class. For nearly two years, the professional class has experienced a completely different reality than the working class. In the US, this only began to change once the highly vaccinated Zoom class got Covid anyway. Only then did we start seeing articles about how there is no shame in getting sick. It appears that in many countries, the working class that was forced into early confrontation with the virus are saying that they aren’t going to take it anymore (and many are playing that song to make the point).


It’s a massive workers’ strike but not the kind of communist dreams. This is a “working class” movement that stands squarely for freedom against all the impositions of the last two years, which were imposed by an overclass with almost no consultation from legislatures. Canada has had some of the worst, much to the shock of its citizens. The convoy is an enormous show of power concerning who really keeps the country running.


The convoy is being joined by truckers from all over the US too, rising up in solidarity. This is easily the most meaningful and impactful protest to emerge in North America. It is being joined by as many as half a million Canadian citizens, who overwhelmingly support this protest, as one can observe from the cheers on the highway along the way. Indeed, it’s likely to break the record for the largest trucker convoy in history, as well as the most loved. 


Trudeau, meanwhile, has dismissed the whole thing as a “small fringe” of extremists and says it means nothing to him and will change nothing. This is because, he says, these truckers hold “unacceptable views.” This is setting up to be one of the most significant clashes in the world in the great battle between freedom and those governments have set out to crush it. 

Much more can and will be said about this. But two news items I caught on the social media tell us all we need to know about what is really happening here, and just how out of touch our oppressive and unresponsive governments are. It seems one grandmother has just made 10 dozen muffins to take to the truckers. As one report says:

“Huge shout out to our friend Judy in Ontario who at age 76 has been baking all day long in order to feed the truckers tomorrow morning. She is thrilled to be able to help in some small way. Bless her heart. We’re so proud of her and anyone else who is helping the truckers. And it goes without saying, we love all the truckers and the people who have joined the convoy, our gratitude is immense.”

And the convoy may already be bearing fruit. Consider this news item: “A Canadian premier said Saturday the proof of vaccine requirement makes no sense and he will end it in the “not-too-distant future” in his province. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said in a statement that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent one from getting the virus and the vaccine mandate “makes no sense.”

And there is more good news: plenty of Christians are involved in this freedom convoy, and now many Americans have joined in with it as well. There are numerous videos on the freedom convoy. Here are three short ones that give the spirit of what this is all about:

God bless these truckers and their supporters. May millions more like them arise all over the world.

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13 Replies to “Freedom Convoy Fights the Big State and Health Fascism”

  1. Thanks for this article. It is encouraging to see ordinary Canadians standing up for freedom.

    Much of the mainstream media here in Canada either downplays the extent of the protest or attempts to portray those participating as extremists, racists or misogynists – or possibly all three.

    Here is a priceless quote from the CBC (Canada’s state broadcaster):

    “Some of the protesters carried Canadian flags, while others held placards that urged people to “Think for Yourself,” a slogan used in anti-vaccine circles.”

    Apparently, “Think for Yourself” is not something you should try at home because it is a dangerous “slogan”, a tool of knuckle-dragging (sorry, I mean racist, misogynistic) anti-vaccine Neanderthals. After all, why do we need to think for ourselves when we have politicians to think for us? Disconnect your brain now before it’s too late and an original idea breaks in to disturb your inner conformist.

    Thank you, truckers, for thinking for yourselves.

  2. Thank you for the footage, Bill. There is almost nothing on the msm about the convoy. We have read with dismay about the arrest of pastors in Canada for simply holding church services. Trudeau is in hiding – what a coward! And turning off the only source of warmth at the venue when it is -22 degrees is pathetic!

  3. Yes I wonder how many Australians realise that we would be just as badly off had Labor got in the last federal election. At least with Libs in federally and in NSW there was a little shaming of the Labor states. Not enough, of course, to have them act justly and rationally, however.

    This, to me highlights the djokovic affair. You expect socialists to put politics above justice and reality – it is pretty much central to the socialist manifesto where the end supposedly justifies the means but what happens is people are only ever endlessly subjected to the means, but when supposedly conservative people sink to that level that really should be raising red flags, Whether it will, however, while the government is endlessly spending millions of dollars on socialist propaganda through the public media, is the question. Do people understand how low we have sunk and how close we are to permanently losing our freedoms?

    Meanwhile even the American CDC is admitting that natural immunity is better than just the jabs on their own and we have had multiple studies now showing that it (usually) lasts longer. Apparently we have not been subject to the virus long enough to determine just how long lasting it is but at least eighteen months.

  4. Trudeau’s words, “a fringe minority with unacceptable views”, reminds me of Ardern’s words, “we will continue to be your single source of truth”, which reminds me of Macron’s words, “we will,…”, let’s just say irritate people. These comments reek of ignorance and arrogance and come from the minds and mouths of people who have a duty to unify.

  5. Talking to a friend today and I asked her if she watched the television news.
    Yes, every night, she said.
    Have you seen the news about the Canadian trucking convoy?
    She has seen nothing.

    One guy addressing the truckies said that we have to be the media. We have to post the news to all our social media sites.
    A good point I thought.

  6. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for writing about the Truckie convoy – it is truly amazing! A sign of the triumph of the human spirit which won’t be crushed by evil dictators like Trudeau. I did know about it but I am making a point of telling everyone I know to watch it.

    However, I didn’t know that things were so bad in Canada that the unvaccinated had to be checked on in the shops to make sure they didn’t buy unessentials. Its unbelievable if it weren’t true and no wonder they are rising up.

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