More on the SCOTUS Abortion Decision

What a momentous decision this was:

June 24, 2022 will go down in American history as Independence Day – freedom for Americans, at least for the unborn. After some 60 to 70 million American unborn babies were killed since Roe v Wade was passed in 1973, now we have the very real hope that far fewer babies will be killed in this way. That is terrific news. Let me say a bit more about this ground-breaking decision.

First, as to the actual decision, the full title is this: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This had to do with an abortion provider challenging the state of Mississippi’s 2018 law that banned abortion after 15 weeks (with some exceptions). Thomas Dobbs is the state health officer.

What the June 24 Dobbs decision did was uphold the Mississippi law, and declared that there is no constitutional right to abortion, thus overturning two previous SCOTUS decisions: the 1973 Roe v. Wade case and the 1992 Planned Parenthood v. Casey case. You can read the entire decision here:

As I stated in yesterday’s piece, Dobbs simply returned things to the way they always were: the citizens of 50 US states – through their elected representatives – will decide how abortion is done in each state. No longer will a handful of unelected justices make those decisions for the American people.

This is, in other words, all about democracy in action – quite the opposite of what the raving pro-aborts are saying, claiming it is an assault on democracy. Lefties are even saying this is a “rigged” court! Translation: If the conservatives win in a ruling, it is rigged. If the lefties win in a ruling, it is democracy in action. Abortion policy is now going to be determined by the American people as it should be, especially given that this is all about important life and death decisions.

And let me clarify some confusion as to the decision. Some media reports yesterday spoke of a 6-3 decision, while others spoke of a 5-4 decision. So which is it? Well, it was sort of a 5-1-3 decision. Those in the majority were Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Trump of course appointed the last three judges.

Those in the minority – and who wrote a dissenting opinion – were Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. John Roberts in fact wrote a separate concurring opinion in which he basically agreed with the majority but argued for “a more measured course.”

Speaking of who voted how, we can of course dismiss the foolish claim made by the radicals and pro-aborts that a bunch of old white men make these abortion decisions. Um, while none of the justices are spring chickens (Amy Coney Barrett is the youngest at age 50), we had both a Black (Thomas) and a woman (Coney Barrett) voting to overturn Roe. And if the fems do not like men voting on such matters, will they dismiss the vote of Breyer who voted their way?

And given all the hate the conservative justices have been getting over the past month or two, including the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh at his own home, this was a very courageous decision indeed. Robert P. George put it this way:

Please take a moment to appreciate the courage of the justices who today overturned Roe v Wade. In doing what they did, they took their lives into their hands. Each knew that for the rest of his or her life he or she will have a target on his or her back. They and their families have witnessed the ugly scenes in front of their homes. They’ve heard the abusive chants. They know that an armed man came to the home of Justice Kavanaugh intending to murder him. Life for the justices will never return to normal. There is no going back. The campaign of intimidation against them failed, but they will never again be safe. They know that. They knew it when they decided the case and authorized the release of the decision. It took guts.

And with the pro-aborts taking to the streets and threatening even more violence and bloodshed, all pro-lifers will need the same sort of courage. Indeed, this is not just flesh and blood we battle against, but the very forces of spiritual darkness.

The ironic thing is this: the biggest and baddest protests right now are in leftist states like New York, Illinois and California where abortion will never be made illegal any time soon. Moreover, a majority of Americans prefer a ban on abortion after 15 weeks. So we have already seen some states move towards life.

Bans on abortion went ahead after the decision in states such as Oklahoma, South Dakota, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Missouri. Around a dozen US states had such ‘trigger laws’ in place, awaiting the SCOTUS decision. And places like South Dakota are putting the penalties for violating the new laws on doctors providing the abortions, NOT on the women seeking to get them.

But the pro-aborts are enraged nonetheless. Just imagine people being so irate and demonised that they are happy to riot and tear our cities down all because it will be easier and safer for babies to be born. What sort of people think and act this way? And even more bizarre, most of these angry protesters just a month ago could not tell you what a woman is!

Not only should we not listen to these people, but we should also ignore them since for the past two years they were insisting that you had to have foreign substances jabbed into your body against your will. Their mantra “My body my choice” is simply bogus.

And our leaders have been just as bad, be they Biden, Macron, Johnson, Ardern and others. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said American women can come to Canada to kill their babies. He actually said we must respect “bodily autonomy”. Um, this is the same miscreant who jailed people who demanded bodily autonomy over the past two years.

It is also quite amazing to hear all the angry pro-aborts whining: ‘What about poor people?’ What about them? Does being poor give you a right to kill babies? Besides, poor folks will be able to kill babies now just as easily as they could during the past 50 years. As my friend Mark Rabich put it: “‘Do not murder’ is not qualified by economic status or the availability of free stuff. Some people don’t realise they openly broadcast their selfishness. Sex is not a licence to murder.”

One final thought: none of this would have happened were it not for Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the USA. His appointment of three pro-life justices (and hundreds of conservative lower court judges) made all the difference. With Roe aborted, Trump will go down in history as America’s most pro-life President. “God made the decision” is what Trump said when asked if he played a role in the decision with his three conservative SCOTUS appointees.

Where to now?

As I said in my previous piece, the war is definitely not over. We may have won an important battle, but the fight for life continues. The other side will NOT just roll over and play dead. They will intensify their pro-death crusade, including even more violence and hatred in the public arena. So we must keep on standing up for life.

And as George Grant put it in a recent piece, we must keep standing up for the gospel as well:

The primary conflict in temporal history always has been and always will be the struggle for life by the church against the natural inclinations of all men everywhere. This was the case long before Roe and it will be long after, for as long as the Lord tarries.


So after Roe, what’s our job now? It is the same as always: we must be gospel advocates of all that is right and good and true. We must care for the poor, the hurting, and the marginalized. We must speak the truth in love. We must remind our magistrates of their responsibilities. We must disciple. We must be unflinching in the proclamation of the good news, which changes everything. Our intercessions and labors must be unceasing.


Our local crisis pregnancy centers need our support like never before. Our pulpits need to ring out with practical, pastoral, and prophetic urgency like never before. And we need to remember God’s glorious promise like never before: “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Isa. 43:19).

And two concluding quotes from prolife Christians can be shared here: Eric Metaxas said this: “UNCONSTITUTIONAL ROE IS OVERTURNED! Praise the Lord!!! Anyone who thinks prayer doesn’t work — or that America’s best days are over — needs to think again.”

And prolife activist Scott Klusendorf said: “Tomorrow: If your church says absolutely nothing about the monumental striking of Roe and Casey, you are most likely in a church that cares little about applying biblical ethics and a biblical worldview to its Christian witness.”

Quite so. In fact, if you belong in a church which is silent on this issue, or worse yet, is condemning the Dobbs decision, you clearly are in the wrong church. You need to get out now. Life really is that important.

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  1. I had the choice, l chose life and adopted my child out.
    Years later she found me and she was so pleased l did what l did.
    I never regretted it.

  2. How long did the U.S. have slavery before it was overturned? The Democrats were on the wrong side of history then too. In both cases their belief was that the rights of some override the rights of others. This, of course, is common among left wing socialists even though they deny it. They will, yet again, be judged appropriately harshly by future generations.

    Of course there was never a constitutional right to abortion just as there was never a constitutional right to redefine marriage. These were always simply judicial activism used to bypass democratic lawmaking processes.

    Under no conditions should people give in to extortion – giving in can only ever make things worse.

  3. Fair comment. I didn’t raise it as a praise point this morning, but I will next week. All it takes for evil to prosper ….

  4. Great summary Bill. Many thanks for enlightening us on the facts of the decision, to correct all the inaccurate info that is flying around, particularly in prolife circles.

  5. What a sad world we live in when women will fight for the right to kill the most innocent….the fact of the mater is they are Babies and not blobs. Thanks Bill for speaking up all the time and again putting it all into perspective

  6. The entire resources of six modern first world governments and the institutions of their civil societies are all now invested in every unarmed unborn child. I’ll back the southerners this time.

  7. The left frequently, if not always, calls America a “democracy”. Thank God that we are not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic. In a true democracy, the majority could determine to deprive a minority of their basic rights, granted by God such as the right to live. This was the case of bad law in Roe v. Wade. What is going to happen to America after this, only the Father knows but this decision in itself, is wonderful. While the decision is correct, I think that it is just one step closer to the end of the nation that was so blessed by God and yet has continued in a downward spiral away from acknowledging him and considering his word. I don’t know how this will play out but it’s going to get ugly. Thank God that as followers of Jesus, our future is assured. The short period that we are here on Earth is already proving to be trying but after this, the reward of being with our true King is beyond imagination.

  8. Thing on that last quote: how many churches spoke out AGAINST this ruling??? Believe that murdering the unborn CHILD is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT of every woman (that they somehow are able to define now). Remember there is a liberal/progressive half of the church out there and a less than fundamental conservative chunk out there who will bemoan the decision.

  9. “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

  10. Contrast the outrage at this decision to the rejoicing celebration and cheering when laws were passed to allow abortion unto birth. Shows how our society has descended into the depths of moral depravity. How long before judgement?

  11. Well said Bill, I too had the choice with my first child of abortion, or single parenthood. I still remember thinking I could never kill a baby and at the time I was not a Christian. So women know, even before we had ultrasounds to see, we knew, it is a baby. I pray the women who have had abortions can find forgiveness and healing for what they chose, and pray that the younger generation can choose life for their child.

  12. Ultimately, be it same-sex marriage or abortion, they are the symptoms of a deeper disease—refusing to honor God and the idolatry entailed. There is one weapon in our arsenal that is effective—the gospel that changes hearts. May God revive his church and may we wield that weapon faithfully through courageous and confident preaching while praying on our knees for our nations.

  13. The Left love to spruik to us that ‘love is love.’ Well, folks, murder is murder.

  14. Hi Bill. As usual very good articles the past 2 days on SCOTUS/Abortion decision. My question/comment is how much further does the U.S. need to go on this issue? If, as we know, abortion is the killing and taking of a human life, should the individual states really decide on whether abortion is legal in their state, or should a national law be the next step? Should I be allowed to kill another person if I went to California, but not in Mississippi? Is making abortion illegal and punishable like the murder of another person in the entire U.S. too much too soon? Certainly we should be about preserving human lives for now and not yet going too far into the criminal aspects of an abortion, but there are cries of true abolitionists to be heard in the near future. For now we rejoice in the Lord’s victory and it is still His battle, and we are just instruments and soldiers in this battlefield. Thank you for all you do in keeping us informed of the cultural issues involved in our everyday life with the Lord.

  15. Thanks Alex. Well, one of the main reasons why Dobbs was so necessary was to take this issue out of national hands (at least that of 9 national justices) and put it back in the hands of the people. America is a republic, so putting this back to the states is a step in the right direction.

  16. Hi Bill,

    I just discovered your site from your writings on Spectator. As a fellow Aussie, I think sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the culture wars in the US (i.e. gun rights, universal healthcare). However, ever since I was a teenager and abortion came up as a topic, I could for the life of me never understand how anyone on this planet could defend it let alone celebrate it. I never understood how it was a framed as a secular vs religious argument, as us pro-lifers have always framed it purely from a scientific perspective. I love your site and keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

  17. Marilyn Jackson biggest problem for so many women is they buy into one of satan’s lies about this and the like so many lies after the abortion is done the lie is exposed by truth and so many do at least beg God for forgiveness because they know what they did. We must help them become whole while helping them get their stories out. Pro aborts try to claim no ill effects of abortion and they aren’t there for these women we should be and people must know that.

    I think Alex the best thing is to get a law passed, a simple law, that the unborn are human and thus persons and entitled to all rights given to all other humans and people. Very simple law BUT very powerful!!!

  18. Hi Paul: Thanks for your comment and this is what I was referring to in my note above to Bill. A simple, but powerful law, that says taking a human life, including the unborn baby, should be protected by law and entitled to all rights given to other humans. When slavery was abolished, it was not allowed in any states. Abortion, as of now, would be allowed in some states and not in others. Maybe this is just the beginning after 50 years of killing the newborn, so I should be rejoicing in the Lord’s victory and be patient for God’s ultimate timing and in His way to eventually get a law that would outlaw the taking of the unborn. You said it much more simple and eloquent than I had stated.

  19. Ok I HATE to be a killjoy but as I feared, from what I have been reading online, we Christians and conservatives are OVEBLOWING the significance of this and talking like the culture war is now OURS and satan is on the run. Let us take a little inventory shall we??

    One: 24 states (48%) still allow abortions even in third term and some up to the second of birth, with some seeming to consider after birth abortion.
    Two: 14 states (28%) still allow abortion up to a certain point six weeks in my state 15 in many other or they are about to pass such legislation.
    Three: only 12 states (24%) completely ban it. So in just over 3/4ths of the states SOME abortion continues and in JUST UNDER 1/2 all abortions continue.

    Yes this is a great victory. Yeas we should thank God. But please don’t think for a moment we have as some I have seen put it “turned the tide in the culture wars”!! gay marriage is STILL legal and the Court made sure you knew it’s ruling DIDN’T apply. Transsexuality is still plowing through society and being FORCED on children either through education or through forcing a trans identity on them. Porn is STILL rampant. Child porn is STILL a problem. God hating and God redefining (making God in OUR image) is STILL QUITE rampant. Let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s not over celebrate and think too highly of ourselves and our country’s trajectory. We won a big battle but we have hardly turned the tide. We AR still LOSING THE WAR for our nation.

    Look at the Germans in both World Wars, the South in the last half of the civil war and all losing sides during the period they were losing their wars. They had victories too even some MAJOR ones but that didn’t “turn the tide”. I’m not trying to say give up but I am saying don’t overestimate the importance of this. Don’t ascribe to this a power it doesn’t have. This will REDUCE child sacrifice yes but to think we’ve “turned the tide” because of this is a conclusion looking for evidence.

    It is unfortunately a habit I have seen among many Christians and conservatives. We punch satan in the nose and run around like we beat him to a bloody pulp and victory is ours. Or we slap the left across the face and act like we hit them into the next county. Let keep our perspective here lest we be caught unaware when satan and his minions on the left make a move to negate this hard fought victory.

  20. Thanks Paul. Well I certainly have not said that Dobbs was the birth of the Kingdom of God on earth. I said the fight has really just begun. And I am sure most pro-life believers feel the same way. As one US Anglican bishop said about the decision: “While this decision doesn’t end abortion in the U.S., it will lead to fewer children being killed through abortion. We thank God for this limited victory…” We need to avoid two extremes here: one is to think this has brought heaven down to earth and our work is finished. But the other extreme is just as bad: to pooh-pooh the decision and overlook what a really very significant ruling it indeed was. We can and should celebrate it, while also fully knowing that we have plenty more work ahead of us.

  21. I’m not saying you have but I see on some sight this jubilation that is greater than the victory at hand and talk of “the tide has turned” in the culture wars I worry we are getting ahead of ourselves as a whole as Christians and conservatives. I don’t want either 1) the overjoyousness to lead to us not going quite as hard on things because we just had such a great victory, 2) over estimate the importance of our victory and feel we have won more than we have and not fight as hard on the areas we should because the walls are tumbling down so we don’t have to push as hard or 3) celebrate so much we don’t see satan’s countermove as he most certainly will move against us after we have removed several child sacrifices from him!

    I am only 44 years old and I have seen TOO many times in MY lifetime us getting ahead of ourselves as a whole. The church and conservatives have tended to see minor victories as major and major victories as substantial. I think we are used to seeing losing so much we want to read more into a win than is there. We aren’t used to how long a war take and how many minor victories there are before major one and how many major victories there are before substantial victories the ones that DO turn the tide.

    As I have said I don’t think most Christians have the stomach for spiritual warfare. And that is because it is LONG, it is DRAINING, it is FULL of defeats and yes has victories but it takes a long time to get some of them and those can be the more minor ones. When speaking of a nation spiritual warfare can be a GENERATIONAL endeavor and you may see VERY LITTLE if ANY success. Many Christians simply don’t have the stomach for that. This was a major victory since it puts it back in the states where we can have a better shot at stopping it but it took over 49 years to get here! 7 times 7 years plus 5 months.

    I’m glad for that Bishop said. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve just seen too many time this has not resulted in continuing the momentum and continuing the fight. The siren call of the world starts calling and when new victories are not immediate the sirens seem to win out all to often. I try to be realist but when I see so many time the church continue to not take the fight to satan or to score a victory and not continue the fight when it gets rough I guess it turns one more towards the pessimistic side.

  22. Thank God for the late President Ronald Reagan. How about Amy Barrett for President?

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