Tucker and the War on Conservatives

What to make of the Carlson/Fox divorce:

CNN let go of long-standing leftist host Don Lemon today. That was news. But a massively bigger bit of news involves how Fox News let go of Tucker Carlson today. The most popular host on Fox and a consistent ratings winner has been unceremoniously dumped.

This comes just days after another top conservative host parted ways with Fox: Dan Bongino. Sorry, but some of the old guard like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham just could not match network superstars like Carlson. So many have already spoken about this shock move. Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said this about the news:

This is a terrible move by Fox and it’s a great thing for Tucker Carlson. I don’t know what drove Fox News to make this decision and it was clearly Fox News’ decision because they are not letting him say goodbye. That’s my supposition … I firmly believe Tucker will be better off. I think these cable networks are dinosaurs … getting out under the thumb of the big corporate management is a blessing. It is a blessing and I know he’s smart enough to know that. https://www.dailywire.com/news/its-a-great-thing-for-tucker-megyn-kelly-says-getting-rid-of-carlson-a-terrible-move-by-fox

Matt Walsh said this about the move: “Tucker makes headlines with his monologues. People talk about them. Nobody talks about Sean Hannity’s monologues. Fox is insane for letting that kind of cultural relevance go.” He also said this about the man:

Tucker sent me a text message out of the blue several years ago just to tell me he appreciates my work. I had a much lower profile back then. I didn’t think he even knew who I was. He took the time to track my number down and reach out. Very few people like that in this business. Extremely rare that someone much higher on the totem pole will send you a word of encouragement when they stand to gain nothing from it. There are only a few people in the business who will do something like that and one of them is Tucker Carlson. Great talent and a good man.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who will run for President in 2024 as a Democrat, tweeted this about the decision:

Fox fires Tucker Carlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers control TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. For many years, Tucker has had the nation’s biggest audience averaging 3.5 million — 10 times the size of CNN. Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma.

I do not know how true all that is, but even if partly true, it is quite telling. And other things could be mentioned here as possible contributing factors. Perhaps in part it had to do with his very hard-hitting speech he gave on Friday to the Heritage Foundation. Here is just one snippet from that:

If you’re telling me that abortion is a positive good, what are you saying? Well, you’re arguing for child sacrifice, obviously. It’s not about, oh, a teen girl gets pregnant, and what do we do about that and victims of rape. I get it. Of course, I understand that, and I have compassion for everyone involved.


But when the Treasury secretary stands up and says, “You know what you can do to help the economy? Get an abortion.” Well, that’s like an Aztec principle, actually. There’s not a society in history that didn’t practice human sacrifice. Not one. I checked. Even the Scandinavians, I’m ashamed to say. It wasn’t just the Meso-Americans, it was everybody. So that’s what that is.


Well, what’s the point of child sacrifice? Well, there’s no policy goal entwined with that. No, that’s a theological phenomenon.


And that’s kind of the point I’m making. None of this makes sense in conventional political terms. When people, or crowds of people, or the largest crowd of people at all, which is the federal government, the largest human organization in human history decide that the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake, “Hey, let’s tear it down,” what you’re watching is not a political movement. It’s evil. https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/04/24/include-country-your-prayers-tucker-carlson-reminds-heritage-foundation-50th-anniversary-gala/

That sort of stuff will upset the lefties of course, but nominal conservatives and fake Christians will also get all bent out of shape hearing truths like that. Whenever someone boldly stands up and speaks truth, the spineless wonders will always get real angry – and respond.

But the truth is, it is early days yet. We do not have any formal statements by Carlson on this matter. Instead we have plenty of speculation and commentary as to what exactly happened and why. In the hours and days ahead we will undoubtedly learn much more.

However, it seems to me that some things are rather clear, and that includes the whole matter of who is calling the shots – or who is footing the bill. The Murdoch empire has been shaky for quite some time now. I recall reading perhaps 20 years ago already how the sons of Rupert are far more liberal than their father, and they wanted to move Fox News more in their own direction. Evidently their wives are even more leftist.

But in so many places we find so-called conservative organisations shooting their own. As I have often noted, here in Australia things are quite similar with Sky News. Their conservative credentials are often questionable. Among other things, they have dumped Alan Jones and are keeping Rowan Dean languishing on Sunday mornings. In both cases these ‘conservative’ networks seem to be ditching real conservatives big time.

And so many of our so-called conservative political parties are in the same boat. We have far too many RINOs in America, and far too many fake conservatives in our own Liberal Party. All the true conservatives are hounded out, booted out, or forced into silence and submission.

That seems to be what is happening at Fox News. And how idiotic! Talk about another brain-dead Bud Light moment! Talk about a massive mess-up! Already reports are saying Fox has lost big bucks. Says one report:

Tucker Carlson, one of the most popular Fox News prime-time hosts, was worth more than $590 million to the parent company. At least that is what trading in the stock indicates. Class A shares of Fox Corp. sank as much as 5.4% Monday, the most since October, after the company said Carlson had left with immediate effect. https://fortune.com/2023/04/24/fox-loses-690-million-value-tucker-carlson-leaving/

Another report says this: “Fox Corporation stock fell as much as 5% on Monday and erased $962 million in market value after it was announced that Fox News Media had parted ways with its host Tucker Carlson.” https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/fox-news-tucker-carlson-exit-stock-price-decline-foxa-network-2023-4

But let me return to this matter of who is calling the shots. I wrote the other day about one area where it is always dangerous to rely on funding from outside groups and potentially hostile bodies. I spoke of things like government funding of churches and parachurch groups, tax-exempt status, and the like. The old saying always applies: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Church groups need to be very wise and careful in this regard.

And it is the same here. The question is, who is funding much of the so-called conservative media? If there is truth to what folks like Kennedy are saying, perhaps this does explain why – at least in part – Tucker had to go. If you start criticising the ones who are footing the bill, that will always be risky.

As to Carlson’s future, he will likely enjoy some time with his own family for the immediate short term. But I am sure we will be seeing him again. There are various places where he can go, and many would be willing to pay top dollar to have him. Just as Jordan Peterson is doing well working with Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire, so too Tucker could easily fit in there.

Or perhaps he and Bongino and other disgruntled conservatives can band together and start something new. There are plenty of options available. But for the moment real conservatives across the globe are quite shocked and saddened at the downward spiral that Fox News is on. Many are already saying that with Tucker gone, they no longer have any interest in watching the network.

So Fox will also go through a Bud Light season as I already noted. Idjuts! Their best performer and their biggest drawing card, and now he is gone. Their loss will be someone else’s gain.

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  1. “I spoke of things like government funding of churches and parachurch groups, tax-exempt status, and the like. The old saying always applies: ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Church groups need to be very wise and careful in this regard.”

    Brilliant analysis. If Christianity comprehends this the enemy will not know what hit them, or … maybe they do … as Lenin stated “They will fight each other to sell us the rope ….” Accepting “bribes” from the snake only gets yopu closer to being bitten !

    .Yep ! … The biggest problem modern “christians” have today … is getting their hand out of their neighbour’s pockets

    … to fund their [not The Creators’s] program of salvation !!!!

    Just look at the “policies and platforms” of any of the “christian” political wannabes … and boggle !!!

    Secularists are not going to complain … they have more and more [red] rope to hang you with !!!

    For free reading online visit here…

  2. I was shocked when I heard the news of Tucker Carlson’s departure as I have been a regular viewer. I thank you for enlightening me as there have been all sorts of reasons flying around mainly from the leftist media.

  3. Thanks Bill for keeping us up to date with what is happening with Big Media in USA. Tucker also had the first footage of the 6 Jan 2021 so-called riot given out by the Biden govt so just on Passover he had some footage of that to show the riot wasn’t what it was claimed to be. Maybe it was a sign to those still in jail for doing nothing wrong that they would be set free soon. In fact Big Media is now starting to fall as the economy falls in US. I hope Tucker and other conservatives do start up their own news station as that will definitely crush the others.

  4. I’m sure Tucker will pop up somewhere else. The way I see it, Fox News is the loser!

  5. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for the article on Tucker Carlson. We can always rely on you to give a fair and sensible explanation on what is happening in important matters. I used to watch Tucker regularly on Sky along with Andrew Bolt and Rowan Dean who are also conservative although apparently not religious. Tucker definitely came over to me as a man with true Christian values who was not afraid to call evil for what it is – evil. I also watched his address to the Heritage Foundation and was impressed by it. He won’t be finished by any means. He has too many followers but Fox News will suffer and good riddance to bad rubbish if they want to put the noose round their own neck. Thank God there are still many good Americans who are alarmed at seeing their beloved country going rapidly going down the gurgler and Tucker was one of them. Michael Matt of Remnant video is another. My view of ordinary Americans was formed during and after world war 2 when my American pen friend ”Lolly” short for Carlotta used to send us food parcels because her parents knew how much the English were suffering over shortages. Such kindness can never be forgotten. Lolly’s father was an Episcopalian Pastor and I remember well how much it meant to my mother in those difficult times,

  6. The leftist extremists certainly do have the edge in politics and the media, but there is a backlash emerging. If that backlash limits itself to somewhere near the center, that’ll be fine…I fear though that considering how far left society has swing, and movement to the right will be to the extreme in the other direction. That will be as dramatic and no less dangerous to our freedoms.

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