Pro-Aborts Say the Stupidest Things

The mindless rhetoric of the pro-aborts is really quite bizarre:

In my 2015 book on abortion I dealt with a number of common myths and furphies about abortion. That involved dealing with all the senseless and emotive rhetoric that went along with the claims of the pro-aborts. And since the recent SCOTUS decision on abortion we have heard a whole lot more of this moronic and irrational rhetoric.

No surprises there. As with most contentious social and moral issues, the radical left does not argue its case. It does not reason. It does not depend upon facts, data and evidence. What the loony left excels in is running on feelings and rage. They are fuelled by emotion and anger.

Thus they end up saying the dumbest – and often the most diabolical – things. Simply observing what is found on the social media will give you a good indication of this. A whole batch of brainless and hateful tirades have been tossed around following the American court case – most of them heard countless times before.

Let me look at a number of these claims and accusations. In somewhat random order I examine a few more of the silly and shocking things these pro-aborts have been saying, especially during this past week. Hopefully it will help to generate more light and less heat here.

Let me start with a real shocker: I actually had one guy who claimed to be against abortion say on the social media that he fears American states will now be able to go after women when a miscarriage occurs! Good grief, he has been drinking way too much CNN and NYT Kool-Aid. But that is the sort of lies, misinformation and hysteria being whipped up by the left.

And as we always hear from these folks, they get real upset when a male says anything about abortion. But so what if men comment on abortion? Males DO make up half of all abortions. It seems they have a right to speak out on this important issue.

But here is when the left really starts unravelling. They have been telling us for years now that there is no such thing as a woman, or we need a degree in biology to say for sure who or what a woman is. Yet now all of a sudden women seem to exist again. It really is mind-boggling.

How many times have we heard these maniacal pro-aborts screaming about if you do not have a uterus, you are not allowed to speak on the matter of abortion. But did they just assume our gender?! I like what Stefan Molyneux said about this: “It’s interesting that if you don’t have a uterus, you can’t have an opinion on women’s issues, but you can compete in women’s sport.”

And we also have the old, tired lines about “my body, my choice,” bodily autonomy, and the like. And this after two years of the left telling us bodily autonomy is NOT important. I like how one meme deals with this: it features an angry woman shouting, “I will never let any man tell me what I can do with my body.” The next image has a photo of a smirking male, Anthony Fauci!

Moreover, folks like American activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have run with the popular but dead wrong line about ‘women having a right to their own body.’ Just one small problem here: women (and men) of course do NOT have a right to another body. The baby is NOT the woman’s body. If it were, a woman would die in every abortion.

Image of The Challenge of Abortion (Life and Death Matters)
The Challenge of Abortion (Life and Death Matters) by Muehlenberg, Bill (Author) Amazon logo

Then it is so amazing to hear all the angry pro-aborts whining: ‘What about poor people?’ What about them? Does being poor give you a right to kill babies? Besides, poor folks will be able to kill babies now just as easily as they could the past 50 years. Abortion is not being made illegal in America. It is just that some states will have more restrictions than others. And “abortion tourism” is already being provided in so many places.

And then we keep hearing the old canard about ‘Pro-life Christians only care about babies before they are born, not after’. Um, what about all the hospitals, pregnancy crisis centres, women’s refuges, adoption agencies, charities and so many other services that Christians and conservatives have provided for and funded over the years?

I especially liked this reply to the charge that ‘You just love babies up to birth, then want nothing to do with them’: “Lifeguards, you shouldn’t ever pull anyone out of a riptide unless you can commit to providing them with a lifetime supply of free rent and groceries. Otherwise you’re not really pro-life, only anti-drowning.”

If killing babies is wrong, then it should stop, regardless of what the rescuer is or is not doing about the person for the rest of their life. But as I just noted above, it is a lie to say pro-lifers are doing nothing about babies saved from slaughter. Countless babies are looked after by prolifers, often adopted or fostered. One post said this about adoption:

I’m adopted!

I don’t know if I’m a product of rape.

I don’t know if I’m a product of a one night stand.

I don’t know if I’m a product of a relationship good one minute and bad the next.

I’m taking a guess I wasn’t “planned”.

I’m not sure if my birth mom was rich or poor.

I’m not sure if my birth mom had big dreams or no dreams at all.

I don’t think they had all the tests, (back then), to tell her how I was growing or if I might be “different”.

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding my existence.

What I DO know……. My birth mom CHOSE LIFE.

regardless of all the circumstances… SHE CHOSE LIFE.

She was selfless. She pushed through the circumstances. She chose to see me as the life inside her. She chose my body.

I’m not sure I’ll ever meet her, but if I could I would tell her…. thank you. Thank you for choosing life. Thank you for choosing me.

Because of her decision to choose life, now I’ve gotten to experience that beautiful feeling of life inside me…five times. I’m so thankful that I was able to feel all the kicks and movements. Such sweet reminders of human life.


We should be making abortion harder while making adoption easier. As one online post put it: “‘Where will the unwanted babies go?’ There are 36 families waiting to adopt for every child who is put up for adoption. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby. Stop calling them that.”

Then you have the fems cheering on corporations and businesses that will pay for their abortions, as if they are being so virtuous and noble. Um, not quite. These businesses know full well that funding an abortion is much cheaper than paying for maternity leave, child care support, insurance for kids, and so on.

I quite like what Aimee Terese said about this on Twitter: “The idea that employers will pay a female employees expenses to go kill a baby, so she can remain at work as a productive employee, is so much more dystopian than any of the handmaids tale fan-fiction.”

The mindless rhetoric continues. One picture has a very pregnant woman with the words “not yet a human” scrawled on her bare belly. Um, just ignore biology, science and reality. What do you think he or she is if not human? A dingo? A carrot? Of course the child is human. And in contrast to this another social media post features a smiling pregnant woman with these words written on her shirt: “This baby is not my body. She is my daughter.”

Also, one meme has a pro-abort saying, “Hard to believe that girls being born today will have fewer rights than those born 50 years ago.” The next picture is of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) raising an eyebrow and a finger, saying, “But they will be born”!

Then we have all the raging fems who are saying they will go on a sex strike. Hey, that is the best news I have heard in a long time! That is what we have been calling for all along – a bit of abstinence and chastity! As Abby Libby posted online: “Denying sex to men who aren’t willing to marry you and raise your kids is empowering, actually.”

And as prolife warrior Lila Rose said: “Abstinence trended on Twitter last weekend because some people realized they may no longer be able to use abortion as back-up birth control. Our nation needs a new sexual ethic. One based on love & commitment, not hook-ups and abortion. One that sees the dignity of every person.”

Finally, we could simply focus on the perpetual rage machine. The sheer hatred and demonic rage of the pro-death crowd tells us everything we need to know about which side of the spiritual ledger most of these folks are on. As Jesus put it in John 8:44: “You are of your father the devil”.

Thus the spiritual side of things is a vitally important component to all of this, and I devoted an entire article to it not long ago:

As I made clear there, this really is a spiritual battle. At the very least, we need to pray for all these angry fems and pro-aborts who are just as eager to burn cities down as they are to kill their own babies. They need a Saviour and they need deliverance big time.

Abortion is perhaps the most important human rights issue of our time. That is why I not only wrote an entire book on the matter, but this is in fact my 400th article on it. I will keep fighting for the rights of the unborn as long as I live. And yes, that does mean fighting for the well-being of women and men as well. It is a package deal. They ALL suffer when babies are killed.

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14 Replies to “Pro-Aborts Say the Stupidest Things”

  1. Such a great article Bill.
    When the left recognise that the elites are using n sustaining them only for a time may well be too late. This thought gives me no joy but serves to keep me focused on Jesus all the more.
    Then for those times when my desire for revenge is stirred He in His own way reminds me ” There but for the grace of God.”

  2. Two of the stupidities comments I have read/ heard over here:

    “You May as well go ahead and get your daughter’s fitted for their white bonnets and red robes. They are going to be so busy pumping out babies they won’t have money or time for a career or education”!

    She has a daughter too. It saddens me that she thinks her daughter incapable of controlling herself of of using the many other forms of birth control.
    Does she really think men are just itching to gang rape women and have a passel of kids to support?

    The second one, same person,

    “Women and blacks will now loose all of our rights including the right to vote!”

    I guess she doesn’t know the original suffragettes were very pro life and against abortion before the movement was high jacked, by men!

  3. I totally agree with the perspective of an adopted child. My birth mother was 15/16 years old and had a relationship with a boss who then walked away from her. What I do know (which is limited) is that her home life was miserable with no father in the home and mom had many other kids. She chose to think of me first above herself. She chose to give me a better chance at life than she could ever give. She chose to do that and also give her a chance at a life than as a single teenager trying to raise a child. She gave my parents a longed for child.

    No one’s life is perfect, but mine was pretty good. I was able to be involved in a church and come to know Jesus Christ thanks to my parents. I was able to learn and develop the gifts I have in music. My parents are my parents, but each year on my birthday, I ask God to bless my birth mom for the gift she gave to me that I can’t ever repay except to not squander her gift.

    I have always said that one day if I received a phone call that she was in her last days and her final wish was to know she had made the right decision and I had had a good life. I would get on a plane, train or drive to see her to thank her for thinking more of me and giving me a wonderful gift and that she had done a wonderous and very noble thing.

    That day may never happen, but I do hope God has and will continue to bless her.

  4. What grieves me also is the realisation that so many women have been brainwashed into believing that to be equal with men they have to sink to the lowest level of manhood.

  5. Thanks Bill for your wise words.

    When I think of how draining this is, I think of a bloke who has faithfully spoken up for pro-life for the four or five past decades. Thank you dear brother.

    Just when I think I can’t be surprised any more, I read comments today in the Aussie media like one jaw-dropper from a woman (?) who laments the future for her daughters and granddaughters if abortion is not guaranteed. Not sure if this is demonic delusion or plain old stupidity or a steaming pile of both.

    But my biggest angst is felt about the goats that slouch in the pews and preach from the pulpits who shut down clear biblical thinking and discussion amongst church members in the public forum.

  6. Bill, one of the most distressing elements of this whole debate is the number of so-called conservatives and Christians who give in to the pro-abortion lobby just to win votes.

    Classic phrases they use are “I oppose abortion up to birth” or “I oppose abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, to protect the life of the mother etc etc.”

    Abortion is the taking of human life; as such it is murder. And ALL of us oppose murder. Murder is universally recognized as one of the most reprehensible crimes known to mankind – it is pure evil.

    And you don’t negotiate with evil. You oppose it, and you fight it with every fibre of your being.

    And so it should be with abortion. Politicians, Christian lobbyists and pro-life advocates who are willing to comply with the forces of darkness to redraw the abortion debate to merely discuss WHEN not WHETHER abortion is appropriate must be called out each and every time.

    And those of us fighting for the lives of unborn innocents in the pro-life movement and politics (I’m in both) as well as in the media, covet the prayers and support of others in resisting the temptation to compromise or cower on this life and death issue.

  7. Yes they like to blame men but it takes two to tango. Heaven forbid girls grow up admiring chastity and virtue. Or heaven forbid your daughter lose her virginity on her wedding night rather than in middle school and grow up to be the school slut. It’s going to also be easier to teach boys how no means no if there ACTUALLY are girls who will say no!

  8. Abortion – the ultimate act of selfishness.

    I hear the the pro-abortionists crying out “MY body” ,”MY rights”, MY life, My convenience.
    It says it all.

    How about adoption? LOVE for the baby, LOVE for the adopting parents. LOVE by the mother who carried the baby and then hands it over to be adopted.

  9. Thank you Bill, although it seems your voice is just like a lonely voice in the desert. Everything truthful and wholesome is being drowned out by screeching protesters sounds. I copied and pasted the quote you included in your text from the adopted persons account.
    Often thinking of you, my master journalist, one of very few I enjoy reading.
    Bill Heggers

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