Farmers Against Fascism

Why we must support the brave Dutch farmers against the globalists:

The Dutch are a tolerant people, and they have a long-standing reputation for that. I lived in the Netherlands for five years and saw it on display, and Dutch history is filled with examples of the Dutch offering help and aid to others. But right now a lot of Dutch citizens are NOT being very tolerant about what is happening to them. And rightly so.

I refer to the tens of thousands of farmers who have come out in protest against the globalist elites and their fear-mongering over climate change and their plans to radically change Dutch farming. The government is effectively stealing land from Dutch farmers due to a supposed nitrogen crisis.

But it is a food crisis that will be the result of these government attempts to fully involve themselves in farmers and food production. Consider the recent Sri Lankan crisis where people power has just toppled the government after it implemented draconian bans on imported chemical fertilisers last year, resulting in massive crop failures.

Also recall that Bill Gates has bought hundreds of thousands of acres of private arable land in the US, which has got many people very concerned. And also remember how the Soviets collectivised farms in the Ukraine. This terror-famine (the Holodomor) of 1932-1933 resulted in the starvation and death of some 10 million people.

So the Dutch know a bit about past and present history, and they are fighting back. The good thing is, Polish, German and Italian farmers have joined in with the protest. Once again we see people power in action, with the little guys standing up to Big Government, the EU, the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and all the other globalist fascists.

One Dutch freedom fighter that I have highlighted before, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, has been quite outspoken on all this. See my earlier piece about her here:

Eva has done numerous interviews on this matter already. For example, she was recently on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show in America to discuss this. You can see the interview here:

Consider also some of her recent tweets and social media posts:

The Dutch farmers have had enough and are courageously fighting back against the Great Reset. They deserve your full support. They certainly have mine. It’s very simple: No farmers, no food. @tuckercarlsontonight @foxnews @farmersdefence #DutchFarmers #boeren


I’ll be going live on @tuckercarlsontonight to discuss the criminal expropriation of the Dutch farmers by our government. I’ll be wearing a red handkerchief – which has become the symbol of their resistance – as a sign of my full support for them. Please tune in tonight between 8-9 p.m.

After the interview she was hounded and attacked even more by the secular left media:

The Dutch mainstream media used to call me things like “the shieldmaiden of the far right” and “aryan princess”. Now after my plea for our farmers on @tuckercarlsontonight they’ve moved on to “little milk maiden” and “Eva Braun” (Hitler’s wife). Seems like they still don’t realize that their name calling game won’t intimidate me into silence. The only thing their nasty attacks on my character show me is that we’re on the right track, all we need to do is to keep going. #dutchfarmers #boerenprotest #boeren

You also should be aware of her recent interview with Epoch News. Here is part of that discussion:

Dutch farmers’ protests have drawn the world’s attention. According to Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek, the government’s climate policy, which caused widespread protests, follows a communist agenda of the global elites. “It’s communism to the T,” Vlaardingerbroek told The Epoch Times’ sister media NTD on July 7. “If the state comes in and says ‘I’m going to take away your property for a so-called greater good.’ I don’t know what could be more essential to communism than that.”


The Dutch government has planned for years to drastically cut emissions of nitrogen and ammonia, which are produced by livestock, to meet the European Union’s climate goals. On June 10, the coalition government announced a national and area-specific plan for curbing nitrogen greenhouse gas emissions. Some parts of the country would have to slash those emissions by 70 or even 95 percent.


The protests culminated after the announcement. More and more farmers have joined protests, blocking highways and food distribution centers, and plans to protest at some airports. “This nitrogen law is really the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” said Vlaardingerbroek. “They’ve been subjected to so many insane regulations that have caused them to have to reorganize their entire farms over and over and over again, to now finally, oftentimes be completely shut down.”


Vlaardingerbroek said some farmers have sadly committed suicide because of these restrictions. Dutch ministers called the proposal an “unavoidable transition” and warned that farmers might have to face the prospect of shuttering their businesses. “The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” the government said in a statement when announcing its plan in June.


The government also didn’t rule out the possibility of expropriating land from farmers who don’t comply. “So it’s communism,” said Vlaardingerbroek. “It’s being done on a global scale, because this is part of a bigger agenda than just the agenda of the Dutch government.” “They are following an agenda called the 2030 agenda. These are restrictions and climate regulations that are imposed all over the world,” added Vlaardingerbroek.


In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda has 17 goals, including promoting sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, sustainable industrialization, sustainable consumption and production, and more. The Dutch government called the 17 goals “guiding principles of Dutch policy.”


The European Commission has planned to cut at least 55 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Vlaardingerbroek added that farmers in Italy and Poland have started protesting as well. A ban on chemical fertilizers in Sri Lanka led to a food crisis. The country declared bankruptcy on July 7.

And see her discussion of the Bill Gates’ connection here:

Others have been speaking out about this. The American-based LifeSiteNews has a petition on this:

Protests led by thousands of farmers in the Netherlands, and other countries around the world, have broken out in response to threatening new environmental regulations that are currently being pushed by globalist entities like the European Union (EU) and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

These farmers, along with other working people and concerned citizens from across the globe, now know that their livelihoods are at risk due to climate hysteria and the environmental extremism of the Great Reset.

That’s why we’re asking you to SIGN and SHARE this petition in support of farmers across the world against intrusive, overreaching policies of globalist organizations and political leaders who seek to prioritize their own extreme environmental ideology over the ability for everyday farmers to earn a living and provide for their families and communities.

Doug Mainwaring said this about the petition:

The standoff began after Dutch lawmakers approved legislative proposals to significantly decrease greenhouse emissions by the end of the decade, most notably by cracking down on ammonia and nitrogen oxide, which are common in farming. This plan seeks to exceed the globalist EU’s agreement among member states to reduce greenhouse emissions as a means to combat climate change by at least 40% by the year 2030.


As a result, it would seem almost inevitable that thousands of farms could find themselves in jeopardy within the coming years, but Dutch farmers have no plans to stand down. In fact, this embrace of EU and World Economic Forum (WEF)-style environmental demands is the primary force behind the ongoing protests by as many as 40,000 farmers, who, in response, have taken their tractors to highways from the Netherlands to Italy, making an unmistakable statement of resistance reminiscent of that of the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers in order to protect their livelihoods.


Such policies are a clear tenet of the Great Reset, pushed by globalist entities around the world like the WEF. Let there be no doubt: these extreme environmental policies and transgressions against working people cannot be expected to stop any time soon.

Thank God for the courageous Dutch farmers who are resisting the globalist fascist agenda. We need more champions like them, and like Eva.

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6 Replies to “Farmers Against Fascism”

  1. One of the more significant setbacks the Dutch Boeren suffer is the lack of support they receive from the disproportionate left voters. Dutch city folk are strongly influenced by climate change ideology. Beside the MSM is extremely lopsided in their reporting on what are the facts about agricultural production.

  2. The other thing that never gets mentioned in the news is how many ruling families around the world including Europe are in involved in this Luciferian conspiracy. The Netherlands has one sitting in the palace right now. Every royal family in Europe that so many people read about and go out and cheer at an appearance are involved. God bless to the Dutch for standing up against this tyranny! May more people around the world join them.

  3. While food production apparently has to pay the price for climate change the bureaucrats get a free ticket to jet-set around the world pouring tons of C02 into the upper atmosphere where it does not come into contact with the rain and weather, the sea and turbulent mixing of the lower atmosphere which brings the C02 into contact with vast numbers of plants and microbes. Estimates are that the C02 in the upper atmosphere remains for over a hundred years whereas in the lower atmosphere it is dealt with much more quickly.

    To me food production is multiple orders of magnitude more important than bureaucratic jet travel. One more reason not to leave the decisions to socialist bureaucrats.

  4. Great article Bill and you are right along with Wilhelmus, if these lefties get their way we will be in a famine which is predicted from 2025-2032 but there’s no way of telling these lefties as they haven’t lived on a farm, and if they did, they wouldn’t produce much.
    My brother had to close down the family’s dairy farm in 2006 as he couldn’t keep up with all the rules and regulations from the Dairy Authority. The dairy had produced cream and bulk milk for nearly 100 years and as my brother didn’t make enough money to renew the dairy, he couldn’t keep up with all their requirements so they shut him down by not taking his milk. My brother needed a rest anyway but that is what happens to little farmers, they get shut down while the bigger ones get funded by bigger investors and so take over.
    Some good news is that there is supposed to be a reversal coming to all this takeover and the globalists are going to get found out and made to repay all that they have stolen from us the people ie farms returned to their rightful owners etc for God has heard the cries of his people and He has had enough of what has been happening.

  5. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for drawing attention to the protests of the Dutch and other European farmers. Their circumstances need to be known about as widely as possible and we can’t rely on our pathetic MSM to cover this important issue. As usual they are more interested in entertaining Australians with ‘bread and circuses’ eg the activities of the entertainment industry.

    We should also be very worried about our own farmers too especially with the foot and mouth disease threatening to come into Australia from Indonesia. Australians are blithely enjoying their holidays in Bali apparently without a care in the world of the devastating effect it will have on everyone if it gets here. Many returning travellers have said that hardly any attention has been given to where they have been in Bali and there has been none of the basic but crucially essential disinfected foot mats in place at airports. This is neglect on a grand scale from the new government compared to the attention the so called climate change issue has been getting for months.

    Perhaps the decimation of the farming sector is what the green zealots living in the rich suburbs of Australia secretly want because then ‘Farmer Bill’ can set up his plans in this rich farming nation to change to synthetic beef to save the planet.

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