The Frankfurt Declaration of Christian & Civil Liberties

This new document on the limits of the state is very important indeed:

Around the globe people are beginning to wake up to the rise of totalitarianism – within the West. Many have long suspected it, some have warned about it, but the Covid outbreak and government responses to it have now convinced many millions that something is not right in the free world. It just is not free anymore, and it is getting worse all the time.

The way a crisis was harnessed to give the state unprecedented powers and control over the masses was a frightening wake-up call for many. Power-drunk politicians and leaders milked this event for all its worth, taking away the most basic of civil liberties and human rights from its citizens.

Scarier still is how many of these citizens went right along with it: ‘Well, the government knows best, and they are just trying to keep us safe’. When you get to that place then freedom is basically gone and tyrants have nothing left to do but enjoy the spoils.

That is why various declarations have been penned over the past few years, reminding us all of the vital importance of freedom and the devastating impact of statist overreach. These have included things like the 2020 Great Barrington Declaration:

A brand new Declaration has just been released, urging believers to do more to stand against oppressive statism and to champion the cause of liberty around the world. Penned by Christian leaders from Europe, America and South Africa, the Frankfurt Declaration of Christian & Civil Liberties is a short but powerful reaffirmation of some basic biblical truths.

As such it is much-needed in these ever-darkening days. Those who have signed it so far include well-known leaders such as John MacArthur, Douglas Wilson, Voddie Baucham, James White, James Coates, Joe Boot, Jeff Durbin, Tom Foord, and Justin Peters. It is hoped that many more will do the same over the coming weeks and months.

The 2000-word document, replete with scriptural references, contains an Introduction, five articles, and a conclusion. Let me share parts of it with you. The Introduction says this:

In the course of human events, it sometimes becomes necessary for people of good faith to speak out against the abuse of power. This should be done only after serious and prayerful deliberation, and even then, in an attitude of humility and with respect for the authorities that have been established by God. Such protest should be expressed in the hope that civil authorities who are found to be eroding rights and liberties may yet fulfill their responsibility as their rightful guardians.


A few concerned pastors from different continents, moved by an emergent totalitarianism of the State over all realms of society, and particularly the Church, and the disregard of God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights during the Covid crisis, joined in common cause to craft a solemn declaration, which seeks to address these threats with the timeless truths of God’s Word. The following affirmations and denials, derived from biblical principles, we put forth for consideration by all Christians and relevant authorities, in the hope that this document will give light and strength for faithful witness to Jesus Christ in our day.
2 Sam. 12:1-14; Acts 4:24-29; Rom. 13:1-7; 1 Pet. 2:13-14

The five Articles are these:

1 God the Creator as Sovereign Lawgiver and Judge
2 God as the Source of Truth and the Role of Science
3 Mankind as the Image of God
4 God-given Mandates and Limits of Authority
5 Christ as the Head of the Church

Article 4 says this:

We affirm that all earthly authorities derive their authority (‘the right to be obeyed’) from God, who is over all and to whom all must give account. We believe that He has established their different spheres of responsibility (i.e., mandates) and in so doing has set limits to their authority. God has delegated authority to civil governments for the purpose of rewarding good and punishing evil, and to protect the God-given rights and freedoms granted to all people. He has also delegated authority to the Church in its various expressions, particularly to make disciples of all nations by preaching the Word of God, and to establish and administer redeemed communities of faith living under the authority of Christ. In addition, He has delegated authority to the family as the basic unit of society for the purpose of fostering societal cohesion and sexual fidelity, and to protect, provide for, raise, and educate children in the way of the Lord. We affirm our right as citizens, parents, and Christians to freely self-determine our beliefs and behaviors based on these truths.


We therefore deny totalitarian ideologies of governments which do not recognize the boundaries of their authority and usurp the authority delegated by God to the Church or the family. In particular, we reject the tendency of governments to centralize beliefs and conduct for their citizens by creating an authoritarian society in which the State is absolute. Such totalitarianism and statism is built upon beliefs that have fundamentally redefined good and evil and the nature of human beings, and are contrary to the divine order of things. The effect of such beliefs is to enslave individual and religious freedoms, and engender an ideological intolerance which seeks to silence, cancel, and re-educate those who disagree. We also oppose the view that children are the property of the State and therefore subjects to be indoctrinated, and also any encouragement or manipulation of children to undergo medical procedures without parental consent.
Deut. 6:6-7; Matt. 22:20-21; 28:18-19; John 17:14; Rom. 12:1-2; 13:1-7; Eph. 5:21-6:4; Phil. 2:14-16; Col. 3:18-20; 1 Tim. 2:1-2; Heb. 13:17; 1 Pet. 2:13-14; 4:15; Rev. 13:7-8

It concludes as follows:

A Call for Respect, Repentance, and Resistance

We commend and express our gratitude to those civil authorities who respect the essential nature of these Christian beliefs and practices and who have a high regard for individual and religious freedoms. To those civil authorities who have disregarded these freedoms, we call on you to repent and to become again the protectors of liberty and of the rights that God has given to all men, lest in the abuse of your God-given authority, you become liable to God’s wrath. To those who desire to compel us to obey the secular State rather than God, we respectfully, but firmly say (like the three Hebrews who refused to worship Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue), “We have no need to answer you in this matter. The God we serve is able to save us from you, and He will rescue us from your hand. But even if He does not, we want you to know that we will not serve your gods or worship the idols you have set up.” (Dan. 3:16-18)


To our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world we say: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh 1:9) It appears that the world may well be entering a time of testing, not only for the Church, but for everyone who believes in freedom and who opposes tyranny. Let us stand with those who are hard-pressed, arrested, or forcefully isolated because they have chosen to do what is right. Let us stand in solidarity with those whose churches are forcefully closed or who are exiled from their congregations. Let us help and support in practical ways those who are fined or have to forfeit their employment for the sake of Christ. And we ask our brothers and sisters who have lived under persecution all their lives to pray for us, that God would give us the grace to bless those who persecute us and to pray for them; that God would give us the courage to stand firm in our faith as His witnesses; and that He, who is Lord over all, would give us the strength to remain faithful and persevere to the end. Amen.
2 Sam. 12:1-14; Dan. 5:22-23; Matt. 24:12-13; 1 Cor. 16:13-14; Eph. 5:10-13

The site for this important document is here:

Please have a read and share it widely.

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13 Replies to “The Frankfurt Declaration of Christian & Civil Liberties”

  1. All arguments regarding the woes of mankind can be shelved in a single sentence:
    God gave man dominion over all things!
    As such, without responsibility we become irresponsible and then suffer the consequence.

  2. Sadly there are many denominational leaders who not only followed directions but encouraged congregations to obey government. Going so far as to persecute Pastors who questioned ‘what they deemed were authorities overstepping their authority’ (thus many Pastors left or were pushed out)
    For example;
    While many places were restricted they were allowed to operate with directions that informed them that masks were only needed when standing but could be removed when sitting!

    While church numbers were restricted,
    •they had to wear masks in a service,
    •sing with a mask on,
    •YET they could have tea, coffee, snacks later without a mask!
    The silence of leaders during this time certainly showed their true colors.
    No doubt many left churches during this time due to weak leadership.

  3. Bill,

    As always, you keep the Christian Community informed. I am grateful that you posted this document. In times like these, it provides a vehicle for believers to attach themselves to and register a voice of disagreement.

    May God be known by the action(s) that this movement creates.

  4. I was looking for the website and came across a scathing review of it on the Baptist News website. It is a true demonstration of the state of the American Church to read such hate and vitriol against something as this Declaration stating Biblical truths.

  5. Dear Bill. Thank you once again for drawing attention to this document. We should be grateful for any attempt to educate people about what is going on. Again, we can’t rely on our useless media or most church leaders to keep us informed. The MSM are too busy using the bread and circuses technique to keep the masses distracted from the real issues whilst most Church leaders are too weak and confused to admit to what should be obvious. As for the majority of the population they think that because the pandemic has died down the worst is over but of course it is far from it. The politicalisation of Covid 19 was only just the beginning. The globalist elite won’t give up their evil objectives for godless world domination so easily. As they admitted themselves, the pandemic provided an excellent opportunity to ‘reset’ the global economy but as it turned out the politicalisation of the pandemic didn’t quite succeed in accomplishing it so they are forced to try other tactics. We are living in very uncertain times and the main thing most ordinary people can do is storm Heaven with our prayers. Let us hope that there is enough people prepared to do that or we are doomed because Our Heavenly Father must be appeased.

  6. I was thoroughly disappointed with the response from “my” church whilst Andrews and co. were brutalizing Victorians.

  7. Many forget “if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my father in heaven!”

    To “go along to get along” IS to deny him before men. Remember many cry Lord, Lord wanting to be let in and are told be gone I never knew you ye that work iniquity! They TRULY believed they were Christian and belonged with the Lord, even stating what they had done, but they were more than head Christians they’re hearts were empty and the ears closed to the truth. They were they world’s Christians the kind that gets along with all, smiles, is nice and pleasant, and sings sweetly and attacks anyone who is an enemy of the world. If not for the church building the crosses and Bibles and generic Christian words and phrases you wouldn’t be able to tell the apart from any other dutiful member of the world’s good squad.

    Remember after WWII when Nazis took off their uniforms and blended into crowds how could you tell the genocidal murderer form the grocery store owner?? Or toy store owner??? They blended into the world to avoid punishment for their crimes while these phony Christians blend into the world to avoid standing up to those committing crimes either against man or God! But in both cases cowardice is the driver of their actions not bravery, not duty, not honor and certainly not love! A coward dies a thousand deaths (probably more) a brave man tastes of death but once! A brave Christian stands for God come what may even death by another or by government, a cowardly Christian dies millions, billions of time with each compromise till death take him away to await the final death.

    We also must always remember compromise isn’t usually something we will notice in ourselves so we have to be receptive to correction if we are compromised or are beginning to show signs of compromise others will notice it but we most certainly won’t so we must listen to those around us telling us about signs of compromise because they do so to help us and get us on the right track not because they are jealous or are trying to stop God’s work in us. A person who is delusional will not know they are delusional nor will a insane person know they are insane. A person who has been believing lies will not know they have been believing lies until you point the truth out to them. A person who is compromised will likewise not know they have been compromised until you point the truth out to them.

    The only thing I will mention in regards to pointing the truth out to people or confronting sinners with truth is sometimes it is beyond your ability and someone else must be chosen. For instance we want to help people in the LGBTQ+ community but MOST of us are not suited for this. To put it bluntly they would eat us alive! For people in that community, especially the activist part, and are radical communities it is best to leave things to those God SPECIFICALLY CALLS to go to them. The same can sometimes be true of the cowardly Christian and the liberal/progressive Christian it is best to leave things to those God SPECIFICALLY CALLS to go to them. I truly believe that saving souls is a gift of God some can work years on someone and get nowhere and another weeks after starting with the same person they have a conversion.

    Each of us has gifts from God and should learn to A) recognize our gifts B) make the most of them and C) not try to do things we haven’t the gift for just because we want to. A lot of us would love to pitch in a big league game (baseball for non Americans) but that doesn’t mean when the starting pitcher is tired we tell the manager “I got this” and proceed to the pitcher’s mound. Somethings you can’t do even if you REALLY REALLY want to. Athletic ability is a gift and ever if you DESPERATELY want it if you don’t have it you don’t have it. God has granted me an amazing gift of being able to work so wonderfully with children yet I tried conversion once stayed up ALL night but nothing. Someone else managed to do it though so he was saved. As was said we are part of a body and not all are hand or eyes or feet. Well hand eyes and feet each have specific functions and should be glad in the function. Seeing is quite a thing but not every part of your body has to see. Just your eyes. Hearing is great but not every part of your body has to hear. Just your ears so too not every Christian needs the same gifts. Not every Christian needs to convert though many do have this gift some in greater abundance than other, as seen by the numbers they’ve converted, but it isn’t required all have this gift. A really good bodily analogy would be how most of the body has hair covering it either the androgenic kind or the vellus kind BUT a few parts don’t: the soles of the feet, the inside of the mouth, the palms of the hands, the backs of the ears, the lips, some external genital areas, the eyelids (except for the eyelashes), the navel and scar tissue. The first 3 areas are the largest the others increasingly smaller but it show how a part of the body doesn’t have hair while the rest does to varying degrees and kinds. So too might conversion be something not everyone has the gift of while others have it to varying degree and perhaps even kinds.

    I know this might all seem a bit disjointed but hopefully it works together.

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