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The Great Reset, or Great Repression?

Nov 23, 2020

Many are sounding the alarm about globalist technocracy and the Great Reset:

No genuine Christian believes that mere man can establish heaven on earth. He has both Scripture and history fully informing him that such attempts always end up as

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Tech Giants and the War on Democracy

Nov 21, 2020

The media and tech giants are posing a very real threat to freedom and democracy:

Outfits like Google and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook are terrific on so many levels, and have been a massive help to millions of people.

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What Is Your Area of Influence?

Nov 19, 2020

We all have an area of influence – what is yours?

When I speak or write about some of the culture wars, spiritual flash points, and various battles Christians are involved in, I am asked quite often by concerned believers,

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On Theological Head-Hunters

Nov 17, 2020

We need to guard against theological vandals:

Some things you just can’t talk about too much. If you are a Christian, you can never talk too much about theology. But sadly, you can never talk too much about the misuse

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Creative Clarity on Abortion

Nov 15, 2020

Artists and others can share the pro-life message:

As with all controversial moral issues there is plenty of spin, hype, misrepresentation and euphemisms being utilised. That is especially so with those seeking to make excuses for great evil: they must

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Dealing with Praise and Criticism

Nov 13, 2020

How we deal with criticism and with praise is quite important:

Given that it seems I get much more criticism than praise, perhaps I should only claim expertise on just half of this article! But some general thoughts – along

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Teach Your Children – Well

Nov 12, 2020

We can so easily make or break our children:

If you are getting on in years – and especially if you were into the 60s ‘peace and love’ scene – you will instantly recognise the title I have chosen. It

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Children, Education, and the Future of the West

Nov 11, 2020

Schools today are more about indoctrination than education:

That so much of modern Western education – from kindergarten through to the universities – is becoming increasingly a hotbed for radical left indoctrination and propaganda is something I and others have

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The Sin of Cluelessness

Nov 10, 2020

There is nothing virtuous about being clueless:

If you go to any Bible concordance and look up the word ‘clueless’ you will likely not find it – whatever version you utilise. But a case can be made that what the

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Political Differences and Christian Unity

Nov 8, 2020

How far should believers go in maintaining fellowship?

When there are serious differences on serious issues, how much should Christians attempt to strive for unity? Let me preface this question by saying that each day I look for any connections

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Stand Back and Get the Big Picture

Nov 7, 2020

As to the US elections, we desperately need God’s perspective on what is happening:

Politics is important. But the biblical Christian knows that God is more important. He knows a number of related truths as well: God is sovereign; God

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Trump and the 2020 Election

Nov 5, 2020

Thoughts on the current American political drama:

This is about the third rewrite of this article, and it will likely need to be rewritten or revised several more times. About all we know for sure at this point in time

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