The False Shepherds Strike Again

I have no problem in the least calling out obvious false shepherds and apostate churches. And if they keep on publicly spewing out poisonous and deceitful falsehoods, I will keep on publicly exposing them. I have dealt before with the renegades at Gosford Anglican Church:

The pastor there believes it is his primary duty to keep on peddling the homosexual agenda, and pimping the lies and furphies of the homosexual lobbyists. He is more than welcome to do that if he likes, but he dare not pretend to be a Christian pastor at the same time.

You can only be one or the other, but you cannot be both. To proclaim the truth of the Word of God is to denounce the lies of the militant homosexualists. To affirm the propaganda of the activists is to deny the clear teachings of Scripture.

So what has this apologist for the sexual militants done now? Well, he has again used his outdoor advertising sign to push more baloney, doing yet again great disservice to the cause of Christ and the integrity of his Word. Here is his latest offering:

“Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out OK”

Um, no, for a kazillion reasons. Now before I proceed, let me say that I know that a mere poster is quite limited in what it can say. But we all know full well what the pastor is seeking to say here, and he is just plain wrong on so many levels.

Indeed, the whole thing is utterly stupid. How anyone claiming to be a Christian pastor can make such an imbecilic statement is beyond me. First of all, using the holy Son of God to push what God calls an abomination is just about blasphemous.

And of course Jesus is fundamentally different from all other human beings, so trying to make lame comparisons between him and us is foolish in the extreme. While he was fully human, he was also fully divine. He is unique in every way, including in his birth.

That he has a heavenly Father of course has nothing to do with the one giving birth to the other. All three members of the Trinity are eternal and uncreated. His unique incarnation of course involved a virgin birth, and the mother Mary. So if anything, he is even further wrong here: there were no dads involved at all, just the work of the Holy Spirit and a physical mother.

And of course from day one he was raised by Mary and Joseph. So he had a completely normal family and a completely normal upbringing in this regard. He grew up in a traditional married two-parent family – the very thing we keep saying is in the best interests of a child.

And we know full well that children do not do well at all when raised by two men. The social science research of over the past half century is overwhelmingly clear on this: children do better by every social indicator when raised by their own biological mother and father in a married household.

This research is overwhelming, consistent, and undeniable. Any other family structure results in far worse outcomes for children, and that most certainly includes being raised in a homosexual household. And we even have people who were raised in such households coming out now telling us how harmful it was.

So I am afraid our pastor is wrong in everything he is trying to claim in this silly poster. It is completely false on every level, and is nothing more than an attempt at deception and indoctrination. Shame on this false shepherd. He has only one option here: repent, turn from his evil agenda, and start agreeing with God, or face the music at the judgment to come.

Now, have I been using strong words here, even fightin’ words? You betcha. Just like the prophets, Jesus, and the disciples whenever they confronted false teachers and false shepherds. They all used the strongest of language to challenge, rebuke and warn against these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And for good reason: the very gospel is at stake here. When someone comes along claiming to be a leader over God’s flock, yet effectively shakes his fist at God, calls him a liar, and mocks the clear teachings of Scripture, then this is a very dangerous place to be in for everyone involved.

Such overt and obvious error cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. Indeed, we sin against our Lord by allowing such blatant apostasy and false teaching to go unchecked. But as we warn about this outrageous defiance of God and his Word, let us keep praying for this pastor; pray that the scales will fall from his eyes, that he sees the error of his ways, and he gets restored to a right relationship to his Maker.

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