Our Children Under Siege

Sadly, secular humanists seem to know what most believers don’t know: we are in a war, and the long-term outcome must always be kept in view. And the real trophy of the culture wars is our children, and our grandchildren. Thus the secular left is working overtime on its long-range goals, and is especially targeting our children. Meanwhile, most of the church merely sleeps.

While we ignore the battles going on all around us, and the greater war these are a part of, the other side is tireless, committed, and determined to achieve its goals. And a primary way of doing this is to capture our children, and enlist them in their cause.

There are many ways this is being done, and I have documented this often on this site. Here I present two further case studies in how children are being targeted, and how the culture wars are being fought all around us. Fortunately in the second example, a good outcome transpired.

But these victories are few and far between. Everywhere we look the war against faith, family and life is making great headway. The first thing we must do to reverse this trend is to be aware of the battles taking place. Thus this article. These two recent episodes happen to be from North America, but plenty of similar examples could be found down under as well.

The first concerns a small North Eastern town in the US. It is simply the latest in a very long line of cases in which our children are being deliberately exploited and sexualised by our secular sexperts. An article entitled “With Liberty and Prophylactics for All!” describes the situation this way:

“A tiny town on Cape Cod has taken one thing off its back-to-school list: parental involvement. To the astonishment of most every media outlet in America, the Provincetown school board voted unanimously to pass out condoms to all students – starting with first graders.”

So let’s get that straight: condoms given to first graders. Just how many first graders need condoms? Just how many should even know what one is? This is sheer madness. Not only are kids not hopping into beds with each other as first graders, but how in the world would they even get a chance to do so in first grade?

Do they have little bedrooms set up next to the finger painting easels, if they start getting a bit too randy? Do they have a red light district next to the sandbox? The only thing that will even remotely get a first grader thinking about being sexually active is when some idiot school board decides to pass out condoms to them.

And this is not just some optional extra: “As if that weren’t outrageous enough, school leaders won’t allow parents to opt-out. The rule specifically states that Provincetown will not honor requests from moms and dads who want to keep their kids out of the distribution program.

“In fact, some board members argued that the new policy didn’t go far enough. Committee member Shannon Patrick actually complained that students can’t have private access to the stash of condoms. ‘I don’t like that students can’t be discreet about this,’ she told reporters. ‘They have to go and ask for it. I’d rather them not have the conversation.’ I suppose she would prefer baskets of free birth control at the elementary school doors?”

These guys ought to have some laundry detergent poured into their nasty, foul minds. Nothing is worse than adults seeking to sexualise young innocent children. And if young children do need information in these areas, it should come from their parents, not a bunch of secular humanists who are pretending they are teachers.

As the article states, “In most schools, kids can’t even take a Tylenol without their mom’s or dad’s permission, but now it’s okay to encourage six-year-olds to have sex without ever calling home? On matters that directly affect a child’s health, it is imperative that families are central in the decision-making process.”

The article continues, “Even parents who are supportive of condoms for older children should be warned that research shows they aren’t effective. Greater access to contraception doesn’t reduce teen pregnancies or abortion. David Paton, who has authored four major studies in this area, went so far as to say that ‘It is clear that providing more family planning… has actually led to an increase [in conception rates]… It appears that if people have access to family planning advice, they think they automatically have a lower risk of pregnancy.’

“Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of ‘health care’ that this administration envisioned for every school in America when it passed ObamaCare. School-based clinics, free birth control pills, millions of dollars for Planned Parenthood – it’s all in there. And when those fail, as even liberals expect them to, taxpayers will give free abortions to every woman who wants one. What a difference an administration makes. Under President Bush, kids learned about the real ABCs: abstinence, be faithful, and (as a last resort) contraception.”

If folks are not yet convinced that the West is bogged down in a major culture war, this episode should remove all doubt. On the one side are innocent children, their parents, morality and common sense. On the other side are social engineers and radicals who are deliberately targeting our children and destroying their childhood.

The second example concerns a private school in Canada, which sought to exempt itself from some suspect ethics course. As one writer reports, “The case was initiated by Loyola, a private, anglo, Catholic high school located in Montreal. Loyola had requested an exemption from a provincially mandated ethics and morality course – Éthique et Culture Religieuse (ECR) – on the grounds that it provides its students with an equivalent program, albeit one imbued with the school’s Jesuit pedagogical principles.”

A Quebec court ruled that the school could not pull out of it. But the school did not stop there, but appealed the ruling. Thus on “June 18, Justice Gérard Dugré found that the government’s decision to refuse Loyola’s request was invalid because the refusal was based on the assumption that a confessional program could not accomplish the goals of ECR.”

Barbara Kay provides more background to this important decision: “ECR begins in kindergarten and continues through to high school graduation (with one year off). The course is supposedly benign, a means of exposing children to a panoply of belief systems by inculcating in them ‘absolute respect for every religious position.’ But according to ECR materials, ‘every religious position’ includes pagan animism, witchcraft (‘Wiccans are women like any other in daily life’) and even the nutbar Raelian movement. In one of the high school workbooks, Catholicism is allotted 12 pages, feminism 27 pages.

“Religious activists opposed to the program see it as a blatant case of social engineering, a statist indoctrination of children into the ideology of moral relativism. Their quite reasonable fear is that the course will convince impressionable children that no religion is unique or has any superior moral insight to offer or is worthy of special reverence.”

Most Christian schools do teach about other religions and worldviews. Thus they do not need some PC state-approved course muscling in on the territory. Kay concludes, “Absorption of a particular identity does not preclude learning about other religions and cultures, and students at religious institutions such as Loyola do that already. But ECR goes further, obliging religious institutions to treat many ethical approaches as morally equivalent. Loyola High School would be refused the right to teach that, say, deferred sexual gratification and fidelity to one’s mate is a preferable ethical choice to hedonism and early sexual gratification.

“In his 63-page decision, Judge Dugré issued a surprisingly aggressive and even humiliating rebuke to the Ministry of Education: ‘The obligation imposed on Loyola to teach the ethics and religious culture course in a lay fashion assumes a totalitarian character essentially equivalent to Galileo’s being ordered by the Inquisition to deny the Copernican universe.’ By insisting on rigidly secular guidelines for the teaching of religion, Judge Dugré said, the Quebec Charter of Rights had been violated.

“This is an excellent decision and sends a clear, strong message that secular institutions should stay out of the business of instructing children in how to think about religion. That’s not to say schools shouldn’t teach the objective evolution of various religions or religious wars and so forth in their history courses. But scientifically acquired knowledge is one thing, the inculcation of belief another. In a secular state’s education system, evidence-based facts are welcome; in-your-faith brainwashing isn’t.”

Hear, hear: finally a bit of common sense in a world gone mad. But such good outcomes are all rather rare today. But this case does demonstrate that if pro-family and pro-faith forces are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in, some victories will be had along the way.


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  1. On sexualising first graders by giving them condoms, I heard about this on American talk radio the past week. This just proves the point that the same announcer often says that “liberalism is mental disorder”! I have just started reading a book called ‘The Liberal Mind’ by a Lyle H. Rossiter, JR MD. While there is too much information to take in and retain it is obvious he saying the very same thing.
    Carl Strehlow

  2. I’m still wondering what these statist loons think will happen when they “win”.

    They seek to tear down society and rebuild it in their own image (oh I see). Do they really expect it to end well? It has never ended well anywhere else when it has been tried. Wasn’t there a definition of insanity that revolved around doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes?

    Jason Rennie

  3. I have a feeling they know this. I am willing to stand to be corrected here, but I think there are those who want an interventionist government and this is just on example, want to take our society down the road to serfdom.
    Carl Strehlow

  4. Giving condoms to first graders is ridiculous! It really is a worry because those formative years are so important to a child’s development and how they will grow into adulthood.

    Some of these secular activists are so hypocritical in that they are quick to say how religious believers should not shove their beliefs down people’s throats but this is exactly what they are doing themselves!

    Conor Ryan

  5. God bless you, Bill. It’s so encouraging to see somebody at least prepared to stand up for God’s word.

    My son is twelve and he comes home from school what seems like every day to challenge me with the latest secular humanist NONSENSE he has been preached to about. I fear I’m losing him. I brought him up right, to have belief in God and to see Jesus as his saviour, but it’s so hard for children these days to tread the path of righteousness. Some of his homework assignments make me choke. He’s being brainwashed with Darwinism in biology class already, and there’s not one science teacher in his whole school who represents the creationist view. They’ve told him that the world is so many billions of years old, and that humans have “evolved”. His Religious Education incorporates lots of other faiths, and they’re currently teaching Islam, I kid you not! It makes my blood boil. I keep telling him to read his bible and leave one in his room, but it’s getting harder and harder.

    The latest thing for him to challenge me with is that it’s “Ok to be gay”, and he thinks some people in his school might be gay. He’s asked me what I would say if he told me he was gay, and I’m frightened he’s being brainwashed into being gay by homosexual activists. One of the other parents tells me that one of their music teachers is said to be gay, and I worry that this is the thin end of the wedge.

    It makes my heart break because I know he’s a good boy really, he’s just wanting to find his own identity at that age, and I feel sure through the power of Our Lord that he’ll turn back to the path of righteousness; but if he doesn’t, it’ll be down to the heathen upbringing schools give young people these days. I feel so helpless.

    Mrs Barbara Murray-Leach.

  6. Thanks Barbara

    Sadly your story can be multiplied many times over. We not only need to pray unceasingly for our children, but many parents may need to ask whether some other option than public schooling is the way to go. Perhaps a Christian school, or homeschooling. I will pray for you situation. Blessings,

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. On the 18th of this month it was reported in Business and Leadership: “The French President Nicolas Sarkozy and UK Prime Minister David Cameron today marked the 70th anniversary of the famous speech made by General Charles de Gaulle to his countrymen to resist the Nazi occupation of France. De Gaulle’s speech, which included the famous line that “the flame of French resistance must not and will not be extinguished”, was broadcast on the radio from a BBC studio in London on 19 June 1940, one day after Marshal Philippe Petain’s government announced it had signed an armistice with the Germans and that France was surrendering. The speech is widely seen as the origin of the French Résistance against German occupation during World War II…”
    “President Sarkozy said that in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the de Gaulle speech, “the British nation and the French nation remember that their unity has always been a condition of their survival”. The French President also unveiled a plaque at BBC Broadcasting House, the place from which de Gaulle called upon the French people to resist the Nazi occupation in 1940.”

    How extraordinary, that both these leaders should be honouring resistance to an occupying force, when they themselves are invading our schools and homes with their secularist and atheist ideology, the sole purpose of which is to destroy our children. The speed with which this is being done and blindness of the population to see what is happening can only be put down to a supernatural cause.

    We are no longer citizens of a free country but have been occupied by an alien force. I don’t believe resistance, will come from the church because it has thrown its lot in with enemy. I believe the resistance movement will have to come from the man in the street, from mobilising individual parents and all those who are prepared to pay the cost of fighting this war.

    Groups of parents then need to challenge their individual schools to come clean on what they are teaching our children. Our war is bringing everything into the light, where all can be seen. What schools do in the darkness needs to be exposed.

    David Skinner, UK

  8. To Barbara Murray-Leach & other parents
    I would highly recommend contacting CMI – Creation Ministries International. They have excellent material for children & adults including books, glossy magazines & DVD’s. Allow your son to see the huge amount of evidence from highly qualified scientists who believe in God. It’s all presented in easy to understand language. Give yourself & him what he needs to go back to school and challenge what he is being taught.
    Lyle Hutchinson

  9. Dear Barbara Murray-Leach
    It appears that you understand what is happening to your son in the public school system and say you are encouraged by what Bill is prepared to expose but are you prepared to do what is necessary to, firstly, protect your son and, secondly, be part of the solution for the future? By keeping your son in a school you know is ‘brainwashing’ him and hoping that God will keep him on the right path is neither wise nor faithful to the mandate you have as parent to “teach a child in the way that he should go”. I don’t mean to seem harsh or cause you offence but there is a real war going on here in which our children are the pawns. Those the secularists are not able recruit to their own ends they will try to destroy spiritually so they are a no longer a threat.
    I am sorry you feel so helpless but the reality is that you are not. You need to get your son out of this situation even if it means you take over his education for a time. I don’t know your circumstances but it is clear from what you say that you believe he is in danger. You may need to make hard choices but I don’t believe you have an option. Many Christian families are now making sacrifices to both protect their children from indoctrination hostile to their faith and withdrawing their support from schools and other organisations that would attempt to destroy the Christian foundations of the West.
    This is not just something that just you need to do but every Christian parent who wishes to raise Godly children and be part of the making disciples of the nations. Unfortunately the public education system is fatally flawed from the top down (especially with the new PM) and is becoming more and more instrumental in pushing forward a new form of national religion antithetical the one that founded this nation.

    God Bless. Be strong and courageous.
    Phil Twiss

  10. I agree that it’s hard for Christian kids to stay strong in their faith at school. I’m training at university to become a teacher at the moment, and I can tell you it comes straight from there. The lecturers are so liberal it’s not funny!
    On a side note though, I’d like to point out that parents need to be aware of what their children are learning even at a Christian school. I had some fantastic Christian teachers who taught me a lot of things (even in non-religious classes) but was still taught evolution (among other things) by other teachers who clearly didn’t accept the Bible at face value.
    Christie Ewens

  11. Thanks Christie

    Yes quite right. Not every Christian school is necessarily reliable and safe on a whole range of issues – and not just on the question of origins.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  12. Sadly what we are hearing & reading about is already here. I work with high risk adolsecents, some as young as 9yrs old whom have already had their first sexual experience smoked a bong or taken various drugs.
    Secular humanists are ripening the youth of our generation at an alarming rate. We need to speak out and be bold ! Not sit back and accept this as change. Set boundaries for our kids and stick by them. Stand up and be counted for righteousness. Remember what happens when good men do nothing. NOTHING !!!!
    Kerry Etherington

  13. My two little grandchildren – two and three years old – were in childcare one afternoon a week so that they could enjoy the stimulation and socialisation. One evening when they were staying at our house, my grandson started talking about ‘two mummies’. It can only have come from childcare and has stuck like glue in his mind. He will play with his cutlery, standing them up together and saying ” two mummies holding hands.” I will say, ” No – you mean mummy and daddy!” and he will laugh and say, “NO! Two mummies!” Fortunately, the first time it happened we had just withdrawn them from childcare for other reasons. So glad we did – but Kindy is coming up soon.
    Debbie Ryan

  14. Thanks Debbie

    Thanks for drawing this to our attention. It is a real worry indeed. Of course there are a number of homosexual books aimed at toddlers, such as Heather Has Two Mommies. So that book may well have been there, and others like it. It is indoctrination and propaganda aimed at the youngest of children. It really is diabolical, and every parent and grandparent should be aware of what their children and grandchildren are being exposed to, at the very earliest ages.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. To Bill and Lyle and Phil,

    Thank you all very much for your kind and considered responses, especially for praying for me, Bill. It’s reassuring to know that there are still people willing to stand up for Christian values.

    Unfortunately, my son is in the best school I can get him into; and since his dad is no longer on the scene (which was not my choice) I have to work, so can’t home school, and we are not wealthy. But he is a bright boy and academically gifted, and always does his homework and I’m sure he will do well. He tells me he enjoys classes, which I feel I should be glad to hear, but he’s most interested in “sciences”, and this is causing a great deal of conflict between us, as I feel it is taking him away from Christian values and scripture. He seems not to care about religion, or languages which is another big disappointment.

    School seems set up to liberalise children these days, and take them away from their home upbringing. Bill’s article about the giving out of condoms makes my blood freeze, and although I’ve not aware of anything like that going on at my son’s school, he has already started to masturbate when I feel sure he’s not ready for it, not to mention me. I knew I would have to face it one day but feel certain that it wouldn’t have been so soon had it not been for the liberal values he’s exposed to in school where they simply will not let them just be children. I hear him talking about girls to his friends on the phone as if they are objects. It is a challenging road ahead because in six months’ time he will be a teenager.

    However, I will continue to pray and seek guidance in getting us both through. I do believe with God’s grace anything is possible.

    Thanks again,

    Barbara Murray-Leach

  16. Recently I attended two meetings in London, one at the British Museum on November 19th 2009 and the other at the Drill Hall, February 6th 2010. It is only a matter of time before such an even takes place in Australia.

    I was the only outsider there, and it was here that I witnessed the then Secretary State for Culture, Ben Bradshaw, Sir Trevor Phillips (chief of the Equality and Human Rights Commission), other government ministers and officials for then Department of Children Schools and Families, and Pav Akhtar, an out and proud Muslim gay man (who also is head of Diversity at the Training Development Agency for schools and who, as he explained, “ has responsibility for the recruitment and training of over 40, 000 teachers every single year and ensures the continuing professional development of teachers within the system”), laying out their social engineering programme for changing the fundamental nature of what it means to be human and family.

    I also listened to teacher and student union officials, National Health officials, representatives from charities like Doctor Barnados, the NSPCC and many other organisations, all celebrating the progress that was being made in advancing the cause of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) cause, which is to normalise homosexuality, transsexuality, transgender, bisexuality and other sexualities already in the pipeline, to the point where society no longer takes any notice of who is practising what sexual behaviour with who or what. But as those at the meetings said, before that time arrives, “There is so much more work to do.”

    The event being hosted at the British Museum, the director of which is Neil Macgregor, himself an out gay man, was the pre-launch to the LGBT History month that is held every February throughout the UK. The aim of this event was to introduce children to the fact that homosexuality and pederasty have existed in all cultures and at all times and is therefore normal and acceptable.

    Schoolsout are sponsored, apart from the then DSCF and the National Health Service, by Ministry of Justice, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the TUC, Amnesty International, The Crown Prosecution Service, Metropolitan Police Service, HM Revenue and Customs, Metropolitan Police and many more.

    Most the day’s event can be seen here: http://www.lgbthistorymonth.org.uk/events/preHM2010.htm

    This is of particular interest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ornkc0cFrms

    David Skinner, UK

  17. I know a number of people who whilst not Christian would certainly be considered as being good persons. As a sample, one is an atheist whilst the other simply has no beliefs in a God or Jesus. I talk to them about Christianity and whilst they are polite the shutters just go down and they seem programmed not to listen. Now despite being a little extreme and almost telling them they will go to hell, I find myself getting very frustrated at their blindness. However it is then that I am reminded of the parable when Christ compares the long term believers and the last minute converts. This is located in Mathew where he sums up his saying with the statement that the last may be first and the first maybe last. There are millions of people in this world where conversion and the final seeing of the real truth and the real way through the love of Jesus often occurs very late in life. Anger at the apparent unfairness of this from the long term believer does God no justice. We each take a time to come to know him and as believers we should rejoice that another has finally found their way home. We all live different lives and to put it bluntly we are all exposed to varying degrees of crap. Then slowly it falls away as we search for his grace and a better way. This in essence is the story of the prodigal son and it is the time when we must give our full support without any recriminations.
    Please consider this that through the teachings of the liberalised agenda many of todays young are facing far more insidious “no guilt” temptations than most of us experienced at their age and the road back is often a longer journey.

    The second point I would make concerns evolution and the one question I find that evolutionists can’t answer is this. Evolution is supposed to be a perfection and adaptation process to our surroundings in as much that we should be the most evolved or progressing to be the most perfect being most suited to our environment and moving towards the most efficient way of perpetuating and refining ourselves ad infinitum.
    If we go back to basics where we are supposed to have come from the primeordal slime then we, in whatever form would have been self replicating. This then would have been the most desirable and surely most evolved method of procreation before immortality.
    If we were living thinking humans (or microbes) then surely we would have the choice when to replace ourselves without the rather messy and hap-hazard method currently available.
    With this in mind we must surely ask; at what stage did the process of evolution suddenly take this giant leap backwards requiring two different genders of nearly all species before replication could succeed?
    And seriously would any evolution process leave that option open to be tainted by the uncontrolled worst scenario corruption and teachings of such a large component of the young and malleable offspring. I think Not.
    In fact if you really consider the beliefs of some that evolution is the ultimate conclusion of mans destiny then it is through the efforts of these most ardent of liberal believers that the human race will ultimately collapse or revert us back to apes.

    Dennis Newland

  18. Hi Barbara,

    Sorry to hear about your experiences. Unfortunately there is a lot of that going on in our schools. My daughter is in a state school, which isn’t toooo bad, although she also has come home spouting rubbish.

    One thing I keep an eye out for is the educational groups that visit schools. There is one here in Vic called Family Life Victoria Inc (excuse me if I don’t provide a link). They have a bus that visits schools, and provide “sexuality education” from K-12, including parents.

    When they came last year, I kept my girl away. So did half the other kids’ parents!

    One of the school mums who had an older son told me how when her boy was in grade 3 she let him participate, and came home sick and disgusted because he’d learned all about reproduction. As in all the gory details. He was horrified.

    On the Christianity front, we go to church regularly, make a point of catching up socially and for bible study with other church families, and I insist on saying Grace and evening prayers.

    It’s difficult when her father is a determined atheist, but church is one area that is not-negotiable.

    Of course, my daughter is 8, so she’s not quite at the same stage as your boy, but we’ve all got the same issues, and it’s probably about time we started to get a bit louder.

    Debra Franklin

  19. Thanks Bill for the article. Although these victories are few and far between I am glad that somebody is willing to write about these (and publish them)!
    Kathy Loh

  20. This is absolute utter filth, no other way to describe it, Bill,
    Remember when you provided an email address so believers could protest to the medical board that sacked that Christian nurse in England? Can we get an email address for that school board & bombard the living hell out of them? As for Debra & Barbara above, keep praying, be faithful & take every opportunity to engage with your children, interact with them as much as possible and build your relationship with them every day, this is what I do with my son who is in year 8. One very important thing you must do – tell them the whole truth about these things and about God’s truth, pray with them, take every opportunity no matter how small, it might be only a few words but COMMUNICATE & ENCOURAGE!
    Steve Davis

  21. Creationism versus evolution is not a faith issue for me. The Genesis stories were written long after God created the cosmos. What I firmly believe is that “In the beginning was the Word; the Word was in God’s presence, and the Word was God. He was present to God in the beginning. Through Him all things came into being, and apart from Him NOTHING CAME TO BE. John 1:1-3 .The details of how God creates and sustains all things in existence can never be fully understood by a finite mind. How could the finite encompass the infinite?
    It is arrogance I think, that seeks all knowledge. That same arrogance was behind the fall of Lucifer and of humanity and is behind the secular humanist agenda to claim the minds, hearts and souls of our children. Despite the fact that we are assured of the final outcome, we must engage fully in our local battles wherever we are. I pray for all Christian parents and families as we struggle to keep our children on the right path. So long as we do our best to be faithful, we can trust God for our children because He loves them more than we ever could. How to be faithful in daily living is well summarised in Micah 6:8 It always cheers and encourages me to read the posts on this site and realise that there are many of us alert, active and prayerful. “Let God arise, His enemies be scattered.”
    Anna Cook

  22. Hi Bill. You mention, “Most Christian schools do teach about other religions and worldviews. Thus they do not need some PC state-approved course muscling in on the territory”. We homeschool and this is one of the prime reasons for it. It’s only going to get worse in the public system and they’re working on taking from us the option to choose where our kids will be schooled. Thank God we still have Christian schools in this country. But there is a concerted effort in the far left to sully and besmirch the whole concept of private schooling, painting it as the domain of those evil wealthy who can afford it. Truth is, faith based schools by far outnumber these other, more elite private schools. We need to fight for the right to choose who is going to educate our kids.
    Incidentally, we still have a window of opportunity in the state of NSW to teach Scripture in schools. Yesterday, I told my two classes that Jesus wasn’t ‘magic’. He didn’t get His power from a fairy or a witch. I asked them where He got His power and they all called out from God. And I asked them who had the greatest power, God or Harry Potter. “GOD!!!” was the enthusiastic response.
    If they are trying to sneak their agendas into schools, let’s get ours in while we still have the God-given opportunity!
    Dee Graf

  23. Thanks Dee

    Yes quite right. Religious freedoms are quickly being lost (stolen) all over the Western world. Unless we fight for them, we may well lose it all.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  24. Here is a thing. I would think that most of the people teaching in the schools system just want to do what they think is the right thing. Generally it would be what they think is reasonable and what most of the rest of society is happy with. The real secularists, activists and others are not in the majority but form an elite who like to meet at places like the British Museum where they can work out ways to push, fund and perpetuate their agendas. They are the ones who really aren’t very good at teaching and become union reps and administrators of one kind or another driving the agenda and causing grief to all around them. (Really, how many normal teachers want to spend their days wondering if they have been diverse of equitable enough)

    Sadly, the activists seem to be the only ones who are doing all the talking and the kind, thoughtful, meek Christian majority do not want to be seen as pushy or upsetting anyone – so stay pretty much quiet about things. Under the prevailing doctrinal mishmash Jesus never really stopped being a hippy (thanks Jesus People) and the world belongs to the devil and we are all (hopefully) going to be raptured soon anyway. This is not the worldview that took the world from pagan domination to the Christendom that set captives free (literally as well as spiritually), showed that God created all men equal, built robust institutions that protected the rights of everyone from the least to the greatest (including even animals) and infused practically every area of life in any country that was worth living in with a graciousness rarely found today.

    Isaiah in chapter 9 said that the government would be upon HIS (Jesus) shoulders and of the increase of HIS government and of peace there will be no end. Jesus affirmed this himself and then did what was necessary to accomplish it. When these people attack the rightful governance of Jesus they attack the very kingdom of God. In the West particularly they are acting treacherously because our constitutions and systems of government are built upon the facts of such passages as Isaiah 9. We as Christians need to be bold in affirming this and calling them to account, as they have no legal right to tear down the protections that God put in place. However, we do need to do this bearing in mind that they are made in the image and likeness of God. Not that this means we defer in any way but we respectfully and firmly insist that they desist in what they are doing and refuse to play by the counterfeit rules they have begun to establish – leaving their institutions to establish new ones if need be. If we don’t do this now we will be doing it under harsh persecution. If enough of us do it the truth will once again become established and all those people just trying to do their jobs will probably thank us. Either way the zeal of the Lord will continue to accomplish it. However, it would be a shame if for want of faithfulness ground previously won is given over for a time.

    Phil Twiss

  25. Barbara, no easy answer. Keep communication open and hear out your son as well as giving him answers. Kids know who feeds and clothes them so keep praying and try to keep aware of what he is hearing so you can discuss it. I’ve not had my own children but I was pleased to hear a young man laughing at the crazy “rights” the school was telling him he had. Obviously 14 years of care from his parents spoke louder than the school curriculum.
    The wife of one of the FGBMI leaders in Geelong was doing something positive in schools but sorry maybe someone else knows more than I do.
    Katherine Fishley

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