The Tolerance Brigade Strikes Again

Don’t you just love it the way the tolerance brigade operates? It seems the louder they shout ‘tolerance’ the more intolerant they become. This is especially to be seen in the various activities of the secular social engineers. As they seek to remake society in their secular image, all in the name of tolerance, they really show their true colours.

Consider the latest example of this gross hypocrisy and ludicrous double standards. A Sydney school has banned the word “Easter” all in the name of tolerance. It seems the school principal is so keen on tolerance that he will simply not tolerate anything that he finds objectionable – in this case Easter.

Here is how the Daily Telegraph runs the story: “A school ditched the word Easter from its Easter Hat Parade to try to teach students about religious ‘tolerance’. Bondi Public School principal Michael Jones wrote to parents about the decision, saying Easter was just one of many religious celebrations at this time of year.

“‘As we are an inclusive community which celebrates our diverse range of cultures and beliefs, I have not called it an Easter Hat parade,’ Mr Jones wrote in the school’s latest newsletter. ‘Many religious celebrations occur at this time of year but we want to include all students in any celebration at school. Teachers will talk to students about the different celebrations and the emphasis will be on tolerance and understanding.’

“However the ruling on Friday’s fundraising event was overturned yesterday, after parents from the school in Sydney’s east expressed anger. ‘This was done very quietly,’ Helen Robson – who represented a group of outraged parents – said. ‘Up until last month’s newsletter, these events were referred to as “Easter” events. Without warning, the recent newsletter deleted all reference and children came home with news their Hats and Raffle tickets were not to be called “Easter” anymore.’ Principal Jones could not be contacted yesterday.”

Well, it seems people power prevailed in the end, and some common sense was allowed to trump this PC nonsense. And it is fully understandable that this principal should now be in hiding. I would be too if I tried to pull such an idiotic and blatantly discriminatory stunt like this.

Imagine that: in the name of religious tolerance this guy just could not tolerate the core faith found in Australia and at a time when one of its two most holy days is being celebrated. Gee, thanks for all the tolerance Mr Jones. With friends like you, tolerance will really go far in this land.

And do you think for one moment this guy would ever even consider trying to ban something to do with Islam? Or with Aboriginal dreamtime spirituality? Not on your life buster. These secularist crusaders wouldn’t have the guts to try to do such a thing.

But as always it is open season on Christianity. Any time and any excuse will do as a reason to launch yet another secular jihad against Christianity in all its forms and shapes. And better yet, use the Christians’ most holy of days to launch such an attack.

This is how these spineless wonders operate. Pick on Christians all the time, especially at their peak seasons, but ignore altogether any other religious faith. And then have the gall to do it all in the name of tolerance. Yeah right. These guys are as tolerant of Christianity as a bull is of a red flag.

Fortunately in this case some sanity prevailed and concerned parents reclaimed Easter. But this kind of foolishness is happening all the time, and the outcomes are not always this good. The forces of anti-Christian bigotry are ever on the prowl, so religious freedom is constantly under threat.

Thus we need to keep ever vigilant and alert as to the various attacks taking place around us, and we must also be willing to speak up about such matters. Keeping our heads in the sand will help no one, but only make matters worse. So appreciate this minor victory today, but remain aware of the ongoing secularist crusade.

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27 Replies to “The Tolerance Brigade Strikes Again”

  1. I agree entirely with your article.
    The intolerance this Principal has shown regarding Easter, is a public demonstration of how intolerant he is – or, that he bowed to the fear of man-pleasing!!!!
    I am also concerned at the legislation that may be imposed on kindergartens and child-care centers and huge fines they may incur if they have time-out corners or Easter / Christmas activities.
    Barb Hoc

  2. But we have already moved into a phase of beyond equality, beyond tolerance, beyond inclusion and beyond non-discrimination. The two groups who are not content with mere tolerance etc., the Muslims and homosexuals are demanding that we positively celebrate them. And since their two sets of beliefs are diametrically and comprehensively opposed to that of Christianity, it is the Christian one that has to go. Christianity is not one amongst many faiths: it stands alone and unique against all else that can be classed as idolatrous. All other world views apart from Christianity are idolatrous and that includes secularism which worships man.

    From experience, I know that Muslim Children are allowed to skip homework during the time of Ramadan. Will all children be allowed to skip homework during this time as a sign of inclusion. Will Ramadan be called something neutral in order to accommodate other beliefs? Not on your life. Sharia and homosexuality both emanate from Baal worship.

    David Skinner, UK

  3. I can’t for the life of me understand what religious group is offended by children decorating a tree and singing carols ??? Islam believes in the virgin birth of Jesus, and my Church sings Carols every year in Bankstown and guess who lines up for the sheets and sings up a storm… yep the Muslims!!! And no doubt the party loving Hindus enjoy the celebration, and the message of “Peace and Goodwill” would resonate with the Buddhists, so is this really about religious tolerance or is it the ever growing atheistic agenda.
    Christine Taylor

  4. I agree with defending our Christian heritage as in this example. Me thinks that there must be something important in Christianity for all these groups to oppose and attack.
    Denis Colbourn

  5. The funny thing is, easter is not even a christian celebration. Passover was all the early church celebrated at this time of year. Easter eggs are a pagan celebration of the goddess of fertility. The Christmas tree is no less removed. Though this makes it no less an attack on Christianity as the general consensus is that easter is a christian celebration. As you well know the doctrines contained within Christianity/OT is the main opposition to the exhortation and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and will therefore be attacked at every opportunity whether we accept, love, forgive, or ignore them. The aim is to marginalise and discredit on all fronts.
    Russell Boden

  6. Isn’t it interesting, every religion but Christianity is tolerated. What is it about our beliefs that upsets so many in the community?
    Ilona Sturla

  7. Parents need to do this sort of thing more often. Part of the problem is that we just lay down and let these PC bullies take away what we value.

    And Christians need to be the first in the fight.

    Damien Spillane

  8. Well, Michael Jones, I hope you are going to change your first name as it comes straight from the Bible; you are named after an angel. And you should think about your surname too; it is Welsh and the Welsh have a tremendous Christian heritage. Or are you going to be totally inconsistent in your thinking?
    Greg Brien

  9. Good article Bill!
    This harks back to the days of the early church when Rome did not mind so much that the Christians worshipped Jesus, but that the Christians would only worship Jesus. The whole intention of the persecutions and trials was to cajole the Christian church into accepting Caesar worship. Rome would have been satisfied to hear even one “Caesar is Lord.” However, those who were true in the faith refused which led to Rome’s designation of Christianity as religia illicita (an illegal religion). The West could very easily slip back into this mode and it has been the adversary’s strategy all along to adopt this strategy. The church has been and must be prepared to refuse any form of syncretism or state enforced observance–including that pertaining to your article.
    The modern church needs to remember its rich heritage of no compromise whether the circumstances were favourable or not, and whether people were inclined to listen or not. This early church experience was the crucible in which the church was refined, purified and exploded in growth. I am positive by nature but perhaps this is what is needed in order for us to step into our true sonship and live out the prophetic call.
    Just thinking out loud.
    Mihael McCoy

  10. To Ilona – it’s not our beliefs that upset so many in the community – it’s Jesus.
    Robert Colman

  11. An Easter hat parade is surely an abomination – not a religious celebration. Like a financial Derivatives instrument, the core sacred observance of Christ’s ressurection has been packed and repackaged until it is unrecognizable, meaningless and bankrupt, almost indistinquishable from ancient pagan traditions of renewal. The word Easter derives from pagan sources such as the astral deity Ishtar Qeen of heaven; Norse goddess of Ostara; Eostre mother goddess of Saxon people of N. Europe; its date ties in with the first Sunday after full moon after March 20th, the Spring Equinox.

    The word Easter was errononeously translated in the King James bible Acts 12:4. from the the Greek word pascha (derived from the Hebrew word pesach; there is no original Greek word for Passover), and it has only one meaning, Passover. Other translations, including the Revised Standard Version, now correctly render this word Passover.

    Rachel Smith

  12. Thanks Rachel

    If it is unhelpful to equate modern secularised and commercialised Easter celebrations with Resurrection Sunday, it is equally unhelpful to get into rather wild conspiracy theories about the pagan nature of Easter, Christmas, and so on, which atheists bring up time and time again. The historical truth is a bit different. See here for starters:

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  13. Barb and Bill, on the child care centre point:

    This is emerging as a demonstration of the clash between parents raising their children according to their own beliefs vs the collective approach of child care centres.

    If parents want the supposed “freedom” and “convenience” of placing their children in the care of others in order to go off to work (AND have the government subsidise that choice) then they need to face up to the loss of individual choice about child-care / child-rearing practices which their little ones receive.

    John Angelico

  14. Would Mr Jones like to tell the retailers that they can no longer sell chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns in the interest of tolerance?

    Recently we celebrated “Harmony Day” and I think it is time that we celebrate “Unity Day”.

    Peter Coventry

  15. Bill,

    Thank you for these articles. So many of the things you write make me annoyed. But it is important that people whether they believe in God or not are aware of whats going on. Ultimately, if this continues, I see that everyone will lose their freedoms, not just people who hold onto the Judeo-Christian world view. It’s encouraging though that there are sane people who are willing to fight.

    Carl Strehlow

  16. Thanks for the useful link Bill – it answered a few questions.
    Rachel Smith

  17. The secularists and atheists have hijacked multicuturalism and will justify the the ban by saying we need to be sensitive to other cultures and religious beliefs. Really? Which cultural group is protesting. I only hear one set of voices. But without any thought, multiculturalism will get the blame again.

    Barry Koh

  18. The thing that I find really frustrating about all this is that “tolerance” is being set forth as an absolute value. The truth of the matter is that no-one is absolutely tolerant of everything. This article shows that in the name of tolerance, Christianity is not tolerated. Christians are often accused of being intolerant if they will not accept gay relationships as valid, yet how far is our tolerance supposed to go? Are we to tolerate anything or everything – bigamy, incest, bestiality, adultery, child abuse? The real point is not one of how tolerant or intolerant we should be, but what should we or should we not tolerate? Who decides? For Christian, this will always be the Bible. And this is what others will not tolerate.
    Martin Clacker

  19. Christine Taylor,

    You are spot on. It’s a secularists and atheists agenda. They are deceptive and use the ploy of political correctness and sensitivity to other cultures as a pretext for removing Christian traditions and practices from public places. And multiculturalism becomes the scapegoat and gets the blame.
    Barry Koh

  20. The moral cowardice shown by that school principal has alse recently been exhibited by the recent story in the Melbourne Herald-Sun where a so-called “Baptist” theologian has condoned a “Fantasy – Sci Fi” service to be held at a Uniting Church. What else would we expect when departure from the Truth leads to all forms of apostasy?
    Lindsay Smail

  21. In 40 years of teaching in state schools I’ve witnessed the progression from:
    School assembly for morning prayer and notices three times weekly, Bible stories read and discussed at Easter and Christmas and prayerfully discussed,Scripture classes weekly in denominational groups and Christian values fostered and encouraged as a matter of course with a morning prayer in class permitted at the teacher’s discretion {The Lord’s Prayer}
    to :
    Easter bunnies and hat parades, Santa claus and”Christmas” jingles, Scripture reading and prayer banned in classrooms and sex “education” of a most unpleasantly explicit nature as part of the curriculum, comparative religion taught with no understanding that our cherished democracy emerges from our Judeo-Christian heritage {Greece and Rome did not have democracy as we understand it or once understood it}

    If I could believe those parents were truly defending some appropriate recognition of Easter I’d be very happy.

    Anna Cook

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