Seven New Year’s Resolutions

OK, OK, I know it is not exactly the new year, but well into the month of January. And I was not planning to write about resolutions anyway. But a very brief bullet point list I presented elsewhere seemed to be well-received, so I thought I would run with it here, expanding each point along the way.

We dare not remain inert and stagnant in our Christian walk, but press on each year to bigger and better things in Christ and for Christ. We must challenge ourselves and spur each other on. So here are seven resolutions which I hope all of you might consider taking on board, or at least something along these lines.

1. Resolve to read the Bible every day (maybe for the first time in your life!)
I am staggered at the fact that so many Christians have never read their entire Bible – ever. I am staggered at the fact that so many Christians do not read Scripture every day – or every week, or every month. As has been said, the Bible consists of God’s love letters to his people.

How can we not be reading them? How can we claim to be disciples of Christ and yet ignore his Word? Why do we take such a valuable gift and treat it with such contempt? As I have said time and time again, if you read a mere three chapters a day (3.25 to be exact), you will be through the Bible in a year.

Thus if you started with Genesis 1 on January 1, you should be up to Gen 36 by now. That takes you just ten minutes a day. That is the bare minimum. We all should read and study and meditate on his Word daily. Use some helps, such as a study Bible (eg., the ESV Study Bible) to help you through the tough bits. But get reading for heaven’s sake!

How many hours a day do we waste on mindless, immoral TV programs, or fruitless Facebook games? If we can waste so much time on such trivial pursuits, then surely we can find some time each day to read the most important book there is. We really have no excuses here.

2. Resolve to pray more for the Kingdom
What was said about Bible reading is equally true about prayer. We are to be a people of prayer; it is one of our greatest gifts – and weapons. Are we using it? Are we praying? And is our prayer more than just the usual laundry list of requests?

One good prayer help is found in the acronym ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. This involves what prayer is really supposed to be about. But we all can resolve to pray more, on a more regular basis. It needs to become a priority in our lives.

3. Resolve to work more for the Kingdom
As I have said so often, without prayer we will get nowhere. But without putting feet to our prayers, we will also not get very far. Prayer and action always must go together. We need to not only be praying a whole lot more, but we need to become much more active in promoting the Kingdom.

There are a zillion things we can do for Christ and the Kingdom, but the question is, are we doing anything? Too many believers are doing nothing. Too many believers are sitting in their holy huddles, having a real nice bless-me club experience. But they are having almost no impact whatsoever on the world around them.

The early church turned their world upside down, as we read in Acts 17:6. We can use some activist believers who will do the same today. Too many believers are sitting on the premises instead of standing on the promises. And those promises include doing great things for the Kingdom if we will step out of our comfort zones, trust God, and be men and women of action.

4. Resolve to work harder to protect marriage as an institution, and in your own life
There are so many things we can do as I mentioned in the point above. Simply resolving to share our faith and be more willing to be a Christian witness in every area of life would keep us fully occupied. Here (and in the next point) let me single out two specific areas which I think we really do need some strong and firm resolutions on.

The war on God’s institutions of marriage and family is at fever pitch right now all over the Western world. Yet most believers either seem to be unaware of this or unconcerned about it. How dare anyone who names the name of Christ be disinterested and apathetic about these utterly vital Christian institutions?

Whatever God values and champions is what we should value and champion. When his will is being blatantly and flagrantly attacked, we should snap out of our slumber and come to arms. There is a war going on here over marriage and family, and none of us can just sit back and allow these great social and spiritual goods to be destroyed. So please, get involved in this battle.

And one of the most important ways in which we can stand up for marriage is to make sure our own marriage is in good shape. In many respects that will be the greatest way to defend marriage – by showing what a real godly marriage is all about to a world that knows nothing of such matters.

5. Resolve to do more to protect the unborn
The other great moral battle of our time is of course the war on the unborn. With 45-50 million babies slaughtered each year around the world, no believer can dare sit back and remain aloof, cold and uninvolved in this. The killing of the innocent is something which lies heavily on the heart of God, and it should on ours as well.

Sure, there are all sorts of issues the believer should be passionately concerned about, but sometimes some prioritising is necessary. There is no question that the defence of the unborn has to be at the top of our lists. The quote attributed to Martin Luther is appropriate here:

“If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battle front besides is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.”

So please, resolve to take a stand for the unborn this year. There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Perhaps for some of you, the first step will be to ask God to break your hearts with what breaks his heart. He grieves deeply over the massacre of innocent babies. Do you?

6. Resolve to worry less about what people think and say, and resolve to get some Holy Ghost backbone
All of us should resolve to break out of our overwhelming timidity, cowardliness and lack of backbone. There are so many spineless wonders in our churches today. We have entire congregations full of evangellyfish who never open their mouths to share their faith or speak biblical truth into a needy and dying culture.

As Weary Dunlop is reported to have said, “The problem with Australia is that we have wimps in the pulpits and cowards in the pews”. Whether he said it or not, I love that line. It is so true. It is time to cast off the fear of man and concerns about rocking the boat and offending people. We fear man far too much. And the only real antidote to that is to fear God instead.

An ounce of the fear of God would dispel a tonne of the fear of man. We need more than ever fearless men and women of God who will stand strong in 2014 and trumpet his Word, testify to his character, stand for his truth, and proclaim his Kingdom values. Will you be one of those courageous saints?

7. Actually my original list had seven points, and seven is always a good number, but I wanted to add one more. So I have deleted one from my earlier list and will offer this one instead as a closing remark. This is actually taken from the words of a dying pastor spoken to me many years ago, and they are well worth adding here. As he lay in his sickbed he said something like this to me: “Make sure you do not do anything to bring shame on our Lord”.

That was great advice then and great advice now. Do we make it our habit to resolve each day to only bring glory and honour to Christ? Do we have a great fear of bringing shame and disrepute to him and his name? Is it our desire to always please him, serve him, honour him, and represent him properly and accurately?

This new year is a time for all Christians to resolve to be more Christlike, to be less filled with sin and self, and to more faithfully serve and represent Christ to a needy and dying world. Will you join with me in such resolutions?

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  1. Great post Bill, passing it on to my children and family. We endeavour to read a Bible chapter or a Bible study together every meal we eat, just after we’ve eaten.

    I like the the acronym ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

  2. Love it Bill – well written and succinct!
    I’m sending it on to my family…

  3. Good resolutions to build on Bill. My responses are-

    One- I have set the date of March 1st at the latest to read the Bible from cover to cover. Then I will take further advice to read some books again.

    Two- my prayer is slowly getting better. I just need to develop more praise of God

    Three- I have done some work for the Kingdom, in volunteer work but I could improve in som many more areas.

    Four & Five- as you know Bill, I have started to defend marriage and I have been given a bashing for it if you had time to read the email I sent you. Unborn, I have at least gaining knowledge. I may still remain weak in both area’s but I do support Family Voice Australia by their newsletters and also through the occasional donation.

    Six- I have just started in this area as it is shown in the email I sent and I hope I can build on that.

    Seven- I try.

  4. Dear Bill, We need to defend marriage to make sure our marriage is an emotionally gay marriage. Let us not be dictated to by thew homosexual activists.
    Regards, Franklin

  5. Thank you Bill for this encouraging, convicting and biblical blog; and writing this article, laying out good resolutions for believers to do this year.
    Up to Gen. 44 🙂
    What would you, or anyone, recommend to help overcome #6?

  6. Bill, I was considering sending you an off-topic post tonight but you’ve given me an excuse for a post about your point number 6: backbone – or lack of it.

    After playing for mass tonight I decided to eat out at a local restaurant. There was a large table of young people near us.

    As my husband and I were finishing dinner one of them started saying a grace in honour of the Lord for the food they were about to eat, their fellowship, their hopes for safe travel.

    I approached their table and complimented them saying how refreshing it was to hear young people say grace before meals in public and how civilized they were. They were really chuffed that an older person in a strange town praised them.

    So seize the moment, people. Follow the Holy Spirit’s urge. Just do it when the opportunity arises as I did in a very modest way.

  7. Like the Beatitudes, and the Ten Commandments these resolutions are humanly impossible but with the Holy Spirit they are. God would not give a commandment without it being possible, such as “Have not anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” If He says do it; do it!

    David Skinner UK

  8. Love your post Bill – you sure have started 2014 firing strongly! No. 6 – as I walk with a big “sea of glass” flag around the local high school and primary schools, at the Lord’s request, I say either quietly to myself, or out loud
    ‘The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof”. This helps to remind me of the timeless truth, that I will only be here for a few short years, and that Bill Gates, Bunnings, K-Mart and Myer may think they have large empires, but Father God really owns them, and everything else, and that we are but temporary tenants on His earth. This helps me. Antonia – love your post.

  9. Nice sentiments there Bill.

    But I might add if I may, that we need to make resolutions each and every day. making them at the beginning of the calendar year sounds all very well and good, but they will not get you through the year.

    What I suggest people do, if they have difficulty reading scriptures and other things, is make a to do list for each day, then cover it with contact, then with a removable marker, mark off each thing they have done on the list. then before bed, wipe it off, ready for the next day. Do this with real intent for 30 days, and watch what happens.

    Make each day the start of your year, make each day the day of new commitments to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Just make the decision and make a start, otherwise this time next year, you will wonder what happened to 2014 and be no wiser as to why you could not seem to find time to really do anything.

    Kindest regards and prayers for increase in Holiness in one and all this calendar year.

    Neil Waldron

  10. Thanks Bill for this post. If I was writing my own list of Resolutions for 2014, I couldn’t really add to this as being the most important and needful for me to adhere to. I appreciate so much your forthrightness and insightful articles to continually challenge us to go up higher for the Kingdom and be the true disciples of Christ He has called us to be. God Bless you and your family this year!

  11. Just what I needed to hear Bill as I have been feeling so tired! Your passionate response to the enormous battle we face is so inspiring..God bless you Bill in Jesus name!! Praise God for your awesome gifts!! You are one of the toughest, yet most gentle person I know!!

  12. I remember reading this post last year, Bill, and being inspired by it. I stayed on track all year and finished reading through my Bible yesterday.

    A few days ago, I was reading through a variety of different Bible reading plans online, looking to try something different this year, and found a very challenging plan. I’m going to give it a go, but it will certainly take much longer than a year.
    The plan is simply the following –

    1. Choose a book of the Bible.
    2. Read it in its entirety.
    3. Repeat step #2 twenty times.
    4. Repeat this process for all books of the Bible.

    That’s it. The idea is to go deeper with the Word, absorbing it and letting it change your life. I link to the article below about this system. It recommends starting with the shortest books to encourage you with your progress, and then progressing to longer ones.

    I’m a scripture ‘memoriser’ as well, and this is similar to the approach I use to memorise chapters, where I read through a chapter 50 times, before I start to memorise it, and much of the memory groundwork is already subconsciously done this way.

    Probably the way to make this plan work best would be to read more than Bill’s recommended 3.25. If you applied this plan to the longest book of the Bible – Jeremiah – with 52 chapters – reading it through 20 times makes it 1,040 chapters, then dividing this by 3.25 chapters a day, it would take 320 days just to complete the book of Jeremiah.

    Just think how much the Word of God would master you, reading it this way. Well, I’m weak, flawed and prone to distraction, but I’m going to give it a go.

    Here’s the link if anyone else is interested.

  13. Some fantastic New Year resolutions here… lets be about our Father’s business ! Amen. Kevin McDonald

  14. Wonderful Bill. I hope you, your wife and your family all have a wonderful 2019. Thank you for everything! Yours and His.

  15. Re Point 3. Compared to the number of people you know that are saved (and God is the only one who really knows) the rest are LOST. So what do we do about it? I can only reiterate the experience of my wife and myself.
    We are not what you would call Evengelists in the ‘Church’ sense of the word. We started giving out Chick tracts and susequently over the years concentrate on challenging people on the present origins story of Evilution. Paul at Mars Hill found a reluctance on the part of the Athenians to give credit to the Resurrection so he changed tack and started to use a Creation message and some people said they would listen more to him – the start of the Gentile Church.
    The vast, over 99% of people that we talk to, when we ask them this question ‘Do you believe in Evolution?’ will say yes. BUT, when we ask them ‘do you believe that you Evolved from Apes or Monkeys?’ will exhibit a strange reluctance to agree to that idea. We always have a little convesation first, how are you, where do you come from, nice day or whatever but you can see their mind engage when you ask pivotal questions like the ones quoted.
    We give away back copies of the ‘Creation magazine,’ or, Creation Ministries have a new smart coloured leaflet on the Historical evidence that people lived with Dinosaurs or Dragons. This destroys the Evolution story that Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and is a good stone to put in someones shoe. Most people are not adverse to telling a lie but object to being lied to so the fact that they are bombarded with this LIE, when there is evidence that Dinosaurs lived with people until a few hudred years ago can result in a profitable conversation. We do not sell anything but aim to give people facts they can research.
    Most people do not know that there are Marine Fossils on the top of Mount Everest and we link them to the website with over 11,000 fully researched articles on the Creation v Evilution topic and encourage them to use the earch engine to research Everest Fossils.
    The early Church was dynamic because people took chances with their Knowledge and Faith, today how can we neglect such a large Missionary field on our doorstep?
    We estimate we have given away about 2000 back copies of the magazine and we only count the refusals, so far 18. Back copies if you buy them in reasonable quatity cost $1.50 each, we don’t mind giving away $1.50.

  16. Ha! Ian Hartley – I love it. We just ordered a bunch of back copies and yes, they are much easier to offload than a typical tract. By far the most effective, attractive, intellectually stimulating, not-something-you-would-throw-away, truth telling tract you could ever get for $1.50. All the more so considering it targets the very issue that has caused western Christianity to be kicked out of public life in the first place. It is very obvious that we got into this mess like this:
    early 1800’s: Geologists suggests the earth is older than the Bible says
    1859: Evolution questions creative power of the God of the Bible
    Late 1800’s: Theologians cast doubt on Bible’s historicity. Evolution embraced by academia
    Early 1900’s. Evolution publicly entrenched. Bible now considered as stories by most people
    1920’s & 30’s: Sunday no longer sacred, ever increasing divorce,
    1950’s: Rise of media power, teenagers as a separate culture, euphemistic blaspheme popularized by TV shows
    1960’s: Sex, drugs, rock n roll disaster, increasing media hold, decreasing media standards.
    1970’s: Sex outside of marriage, children born outside of marriage, removal of Christinaity from public school
    1980’s: Homosexuality, New Age and alternative religions popularized, abortion established
    1990’s: Gay rights, rise of left wing power
    2000’s: Left wing established as the system – running media, education, politics, big business. Rise of Islam, collapse of western family values
    2010’s: Gay marriage, gender fluidity, legal attacks against Christians. massive increase of Islamisation, marriage and traditional family ignored by most young people, massive increase in lesbianism esp among the Anglo Saxons.

    Want to fix it? Destroy the evolution foundation, then all the subsequent symptoms can be dismantled.
    Want to fight a losing battle? Try to fix the symptoms without addressing the evolution foundation.
    (Beautifully illustrated by this AiG image: – The original of which I did see on the wall of CMI Brisbane offices)

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