More Mental and Moral Meltdowns

One question almost too difficult to answer concerning the state of so much of the West today is this: which is worse, our mental meltdown or our moral meltdown? Chances are they are both equally abysmal. We live in a moral sewer nowadays, and our minds seem to be completely emptied out as well.

We can no longer think straight, and our morality abilities have all but disappeared. The grinding mill of political correctness and political radicalism are ensuring that the ability to think and make clear moral assessments have all but withered on the vine.

For all of our progress, growth, learning, and advances in technology, we may be the dumbest and morally numbest culture on earth. We are producing mental midgets and moral misfits, and the hopes of turning all this around seem to be fading every day.

pcThe examples of this are of course legion, and not a day goes by when we find more proof of this. My website cannot even begin to keep up with all this, try as I might. But I can report at least some scenes from this moral and mental meltdown.

Take as an example a seemingly inconsequential news item. It had to do with the latest evictee from a popular food show, Masterchef Australia. In this cooking competition one or more folks each week are eliminated, and eventually the last man or woman standing will be given their reward.

So a recent article about the latest contestant to lose out made the headlines. Again, what’s the big deal in all this? Well, it should not have been a big deal, until I actually read it a bit more closely. And what I found still has me shaking my head.

Consider this caption beneath a pic in the article: “Former Masterchef contestant Sam Gant and wife Celeste prepare for their new venture at South Melbourne Market.” Now for those not in the know, Sam happens to be a woman, a female. So run that by me again! Her wife? And said with a straight face? Puh-leese!

The article refers to her throughout as “Ms Gant”. So what then, pray tell, is her other? And what is Sam? The husband? Another wife? An it? When we totally massacre the institution of marriage, we end up in these idiotic situations. If we can call her partner a wife, we might as well also call her a rock, or a kumquat, or a farglesuvjf.

We are just making things up as we go along We are just inventing words, and taking older established words, gutting them of their meaning, and adding instead anything we want. This is sheer madness. And even more frustrating is the fact that any media outlet would even succumb to this moonbattery.

How could any journalist or subeditor actually stoop to such insanity as to actually write something like this with a straight face? Just how lobotomised are those in the media today that they simply parrot any PC nonsense as if it were gospel truth.

The mental and moral vacuum found in the lamestream media today is absolutely staggering. A few short years ago to write such foolishness would have meant you would be laughed out of court. Today hardly anyone bats an eye. That just demonstrates how successful the stranglehold of political correctness and the homosexual juggernaut has become.

These guys can do and say anything they like with complete impunity. Well, I don’t care if I am the last man standing, but I will keep calling out these social engineers. They are not just destroying our culture, but they are destroying our language as well.

The most important principle we can get out of this is to understand this truth: social engineering is always preceded by verbal engineering. Write that one down if you must. Commit it to memory. When the activists want to completely destroy a social or cultural institution, they know that the best and easiest way to accomplish this is to first assault the language.

By use of euphemisms, half-truths, deception, and by simply making language up as you go along, their job of smashing society becomes so much easier. And the militant homosexualists along with their PC buddies in the mainstream media have perfected all this. So now we can talk about a woman and her wife as if we are talking about 2+2 and what that equals.

The collusion of the media with the militants is a very worrying thing indeed. We expect the activists to lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and secure their revolution. But when brainless and immoral journalists do their every bidding, then that is a real concern.

All this is why the alternative media has sprung up. We are sick and tired of the mental and moral midgets in the MSM siding with those who want to destroy society and establish their bent and twisted agenda. The truth is, these things matter, and they are worth fighting about.

I will keep doing this. Will you?

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  1. It seems to me that these people are deliberately put on television because it helps to advance the “progressive” agenda, as if television is our moral compass.

  2. Just like abortion is now “reproductive rights”. Orwell called it “newspeak”.

  3. One causes the other so the answer to your implied question in the initial paragraphs is our moral (or even more specifically *our spiritual*) breakdown!

    Consider how the natural man understandeth not the things of God, that the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe and we are called to tear down imaginations (thoughts, but more than just mental, it encompasses moral, spiritual etc) and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God.

    (Apologies to those who hate the language of the KJV but that’s how I have those thoughts memorised.)

    I am sure many more verses bear on this issue, but I suggest that you’ve only partly addressed the real issue here.

    Yes, it’s easy to highlight the stupidity of the left and even of all unbelievers and even many believers whose minds are not fully renewed, but that on its own is not a solution. A person whose thinking is not in line with scripture is going to be (potentially) annoyed and angry and is unable to see that the problem likely lies with them.

    Simply pointing out the stupidity is usually insufficient as it is the foundation issues of presuppositional thinking that needs to be addressed. Both in those who are arguing against this guff and those who speak and support it.

    We need to start with truth – i.e. God, Jesus, His (their) word, etc. Then it makes sense why this is stupid, and also how to fix it.

    So I return to an earlier point, it’s not moral or mental. It’s spiritual.

    (And hear me clearly, I am not calling your article pointless or totally incorrect – just insufficient. This whole world lieth in the grip of the evil one.)

    I will finish by congratulating you one standing firm, of holding the course and not getting discouraged in the face of what often seems like an overwhelming and insurmountable flood of evil, stupidity and muck.

    I greatly appreciate that one of the most important things I have ever heard you say is that we can win this! In fact, He already has!!

    God bless, bro. May you ever be steadfast, immovable, and may more and more join you.

  4. Bill,

    Let me give you an example from Canada; a mental meltdown. Bear in mind, that these instances are rare in comparison to other countries. Yes peaceful Canada.

    A few days ago, there was a crazy on the loose in New Brunswick, Canada, in Moncton. He was a sniper, and he shot 3 RCMP officers. Yes, national police officers. There was no reason at all other than he snapped.
    Today, they buried them. There was a beautiful funeral with hope and encouragement.

    Anyway, instances like these are really rare, and mental illness was to blame.

  5. “Partner” was the beginning. To this day, I fight that word because that was meant to soften all of us to receive a “wife” as having a “wife.” Bill, you know I’ll stand with you, come hell or high tide. Keep up the fight.

  6. As an aside, let me share a news item with you.
    A recent legal case involved a man having consensual sex with a 15 year old girl. Clearly, as the law stands, what the man did was illegal.
    However, in declaring the law draconian, the judge dismissed the case against him.
    What meaning does any law have, if judges are able to disregard them on a whim?
    Heaven help society.

  7. I am curious what word “partner” replaced. Was it ‘floozy’? Maybe we should all just go back to using the old terms, calling a spade a spade, an adulterous woman an adulterous woman or a rake a rake. At least it would be clear. It may also carry some shame, something that is sadly lacking in our society.

  8. I really don’t know what to say about these depleters of our society. But! I have one truth to cling to. Jesus said to beware not of those that can harm, kill or physical injure you but those that can steal your very soul. Jesus also told us that when we worship our father we must do so in the spirit. Often when one twin is hurt the other will feel the pain a pain not transmitted by words but by the pain in our souls. I am convinced that God feels each of our souls its emotions and its pain as it gasps out for righteousness as we move among the tares of this world.
    Jesus said that we should also worship the father by ourselves in a hideaway momentarily to totally free from any influence of the outside world. Here our spirit will be heard as it becomes tuned out from the interference of the railing chaff as it enters our inner being as a pleasing and reviving spirit to cleanse our soul and claim the truth.
    A time is coming and now is when the harvest will be gathered as the evil ones vainly beat against the door of the ark. Hold fast, worship in the spirit and not with vain words and glimpse the loving abundance of our coming Lord.

  9. Amen to your article and to all who have contributed comments here! The same is being done on American TV and it has become glaringly apparent that the media is not merely a stooge of the homosexual agenda but totally complicit with it. Homosexuals have always been prevalent in the performing arts…not much of a surprise there. It’s in government where the real socially destructive growth has occurred. The constraints of self-censorship have been loosened by it’s own brand of advocacy. Thanks again, Bill. Your continuing fight (mental, moral and spiritual) has emboldened me to speak out as well!

  10. Last week a national company that I do work for announced at a general staff meeting that the Annual Christmas Party will have the word “Christmas” dropped. I objected to the change, and was just given the usual PC line about diversity and inclusiveness. Whilst surprised at the change, most employees just accepted it. I was told that “not everyone celebrates Christmas”. Well, surprise, surprise … has that not been the case for 2000 years!

  11. When individual tastes or passions become the prime arbiter of meaning in language, a human culture launches itself into a new Babel, where even shared, familiar words come to mean so many diverse things as to render them effectively meaningless. Words become mere pious-sounding mantras to assuage conflicted consciences and smooth over glaring cognitive dissonances.

  12. As we are all putting our two cents worth in, I thought I would throw an idea out there.

    It starts by watering down/ weakening/ changing the clear message given to us by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    From there the morals get watered down/ weakened/ changed.

    From this comes mental confusion, which causes a loss of the ability to have correct mental clarity, which causes a decrease is moral clarity, which causes death of spirituality (bringing one self into line with God’s and Jesus Christs way).

    But the simple truth is, when you turn away from God and Christ, everything else falls over like domino’s and when that happens, its game over most of the time, unless someone can come to the rescue and turn the spirit around, in which case the morals and mental clarity shall regain their rightful place in ones life.

    Or to put it another way, what we see is sickness within mankind, now we can skirt around the edges picking here and there, looking at one symptom in isolation from all the others, or we can get serious and look at the underlying cause, which is the spirit. If the spirit is sick, the whole body is sick (think of the parable of the eye, when it is focused on the Lord, the body follows, when it focuses away so does the body).

    So let us look to the spirit and the rest will come under control by training and education. Also lots of love, compassion, charity, steadfastness, hope and the rest of the list Paul gave us.

    Oh and btw Bill, nice article, I like it a lot.

    Neil Waldron

  13. I agree totally Bill. What is this moonbattery that we must succumb to. New meanings to words and institutions that we’ve understood for decades, if not longer. I don’t know how I’ll cope in the new world order. Thank you for your vigilance.

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