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In Need of Some New Theses (95 Or So)

Nov 19, 2010

Because we live in a fallen world, and all of us – even the redeemed – are still fallen and finite, there will always be the need for the church to continually renew itself, reform itself, and revive itself. When

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On Trapped Miners and Spiritual Truths

Oct 13, 2010

As I write this piece, the 33 trapped Chilean miners are about to be rescued, one at a time. They have been trapped underground since August 5, and all the television networks are now devoted to their final release. It

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On Living in Wartime

Oct 5, 2010

I have been watching a documentary series on the Second World War lately. Airing late on Monday nights, the American series chronicles in some detail this horrific conflict, and the lives of ordinary Americans caught up in it. The seven

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It’s Time for Some Passion Here

Sep 22, 2010

Some of you who are football fans may have watched the Brownlow ceremonies the other night. The winner with 30 votes was Carlton’s Chris Judd. This is the nation’s highest award for the best and fairest footballer. It is a

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Sin and the Need for Radical Surgery

Sep 15, 2010

When one’s sickness is severe, and one’s condition is terminal, then the need for radical measures is clearly called for. Any doctor knows that: the more radical the illness, the more radical is the needed cure. It is the same

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On Sin

Sep 14, 2010

The more important a biblical theme is, the more likely it is to be misunderstood, misrepresented, or mangled altogether. Thus going back to basics is never amiss in the Christian life, and that is why I so often return to

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Separating the Sheep from the Sheep

Sep 9, 2010

No I did not get the title wrong. You are thinking of the words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse when he spoke about the final judgment of the nations: “All the nations will be gathered before him, and he

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Christian Atheism

Aug 31, 2010

There has been a spate of ornery and evangelistic atheists who have appeared lately, ripping into religion in general and Christianity in particular. I have written much seeking to counter their ferocious attacks, and shall continue to do so. But

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The Reigning Kingdom of Self

Aug 31, 2010

The cult of self is of course endemic in Western culture. Yet to a large degree, the kingdom of self has invaded the kingdom of God as well. In many ways the church today has traded self-denial for self-fulfillment. Christians

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Living in Sodom

Aug 12, 2010

Let’s face it folks: Morally and spiritually speaking, Australia – or America, or England, etc – is now on a par with ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. These two wicked cities, along with three others, were destroyed by a righteous and

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World Versus Church: Who Is Winning?

Jul 22, 2010

Scripture makes it clear that there will always be an ongoing battle between the people of God and the surrounding culture. Both can have a big impact on the other, but the hope is that the values and beliefs of

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Who Will Reach Out To Christians?

Jul 19, 2010

I was interested to read an editorial in the latest New Life. Bob Thomas argues for “A Need For Christian Inreach”. He refers of course to the fact that we have outreach for non-Christians, but it may be time

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Are You In the Battle?

Jul 9, 2010

It is amazing how much the Bible speaks about the walk of the believer as being one of a life of battle. And it is equally amazing how many believers are either oblivious to these battles waging around them, or

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We Need More Prophetic Voices

Jul 7, 2010

It seems that in each generation, especially the really dark ones, God raises up a prophetic voice to speak into them. It may be a handful of voices, or perhaps just one, but God will not leave us without a

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I Am Amused, Therefore I Am

Jun 23, 2010

In ancient Rome the masses were pacified with bread and circuses. Today in the West we find ourselves in the same mind-numbing and soul-destroying situation. Almost all Westerners have the basics: food, clothing and shelter. So now we spend much

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Getting By Without God

Jun 9, 2010

There are millions of people who do not know Jesus Christ, and do not have a relationship with God. That is a tragedy and something believers must seek to rectify. But an even greater tragedy is the fact that many

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Falling Down and Mass Murder

Jun 4, 2010

Right now a lot of unanswered questions surround the latest mass killing, this time in the UK. Derrick Bird is now one of Britain’s most notorious killers, having shot dead 12 innocent people before shooting himself. Why did he do

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