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God’s Omnipresence

Jan 14, 2016

The omnipresence, or immensity, of God is another amazing divine attribute worth considering. On the one hand it can be rather straightforward to understand. Simply put, God is unlimited in relation to space. He is present everywhere and in all

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Ours is Not a Sissified Faith

Dec 28, 2015

The Christian faith is anything but a girlie faith. It is not for the faint of heart nor for woosies. It is strong stuff for strong people. It makes hard demands and expects firm responses. If you want to live

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On False Prophets

Sep 10, 2015

One has to speak about false prophets so often because there are so many of them around. Scripture throughout warns against false prophets, and we must take this matter quite seriously indeed. Jesus spoke often about false prophets and the

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5 Most Abused Christian Terms

Jun 12, 2015

It is a general rule of life that the more important or valuable something is, the more chances are it will be abused and misused. The greater something is, the more it will be attacked and slandered and misrepresented. So

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Five Really Dumb Christian Copouts

Mar 6, 2015

The fact that there are a lot of really dumb, unhelpful, and just plain unbiblical things being said by so many Christians today is quite telling. It is an indication of how poorly we are doing in getting contemporary believers

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The Appalling Apostasy of Rob Bell

Feb 19, 2015

Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood. I know that after I leave, savage wolves

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The False Gospel of False Grace

Feb 1, 2015

Here is a biblical truth you can bank on: any gospel which makes it easier for you to sin, and to feel OK about sinning, is not a gospel of Jesus Christ, but comes straight out of the pits of

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Against Annihilationism, Part One

Dec 4, 2014

It is fully to be expected that non-Christians will vehemently reject what is clearly taught in the Word of God. Happens all the time. Sadly however there are a growing number of people who claim to be Christian who also

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Against Annihilationism, Part Two

Dec 4, 2014

As we have shown in Part One, the truth is, on biblical and exegetical grounds, the annihilationists have very little space to stand on. The Scriptures consistently and coherently support the traditional understanding of hell as eternal punishment.


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Whither Theology?

Oct 29, 2014

Today it seems that theology is as popular for Christians as a ham sandwich is for Muslims. Most Christians avoid it like the plague. The surrounding culture says that the main thing is to feel good and be happy, so

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The Madness of Majoring in Minors

Sep 21, 2014

It is a perennial temptation of Christians to get their eye off the ball, forget what real biblical priorities are, and go off half-cocked on some hobby horse which is not really important at all. They will take up a

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A God Who Cares, and Gets Involved

Mar 14, 2014

No day passes without some tragedy or horrific case of suffering. And when these things happen, inevitably the questions arise: Why? Where was God? How could God allow this to happen? At the moment much of the world is still

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Kindergarten Christianity

Jan 3, 2014

We all know that babies, toddlers and very small children are pretty helpless and hopeless at looking after themselves. They need all sorts of help, and all sorts of care. Early on they need everything – they need to be

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The Real Love of God

Jul 30, 2013

Simply put, what most people talk about today when discussing God’s love has little if anything to do with the real love of God. That is, it is often a sentimental, humanistic understanding, which bears little or no likeness to

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Yet More Recommended Reading

May 3, 2013

Here is another in an irregular series on new books which I am happy to recommend. This time it features a mix of titles by both Christian and non-Christian authors. Topics covered include theology, politics, ethics, Islam and history.


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Wolves Endorsing Wolves

Apr 17, 2013

Like attracts like – for good or ill. Biblical Christians love to associate with others who love God and his Word supremely. And apostates are happy to hang around with other apostates. True prophets of God congregate with others of

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