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Dispelling the Myths of Appeasement

Mar 27, 2007

Appeasement takes many forms. One is to make excuses for those intent on destroying us and our way of life. Instead of pointing out why our enemies are wrong to hate us, we make excuses for them and their actions,

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The Jihadist World War

Dec 20, 2006

Not too long ago the West was involved in a life and death struggle against totalitarian communism. The battles were being fought across the globe, and the fate of freedom and democracy hung in the balance. Fortunately the West found

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Exporting Democracy and the Case of Iraq

Oct 4, 2006

Detractors of the war in Iraq say we have been bogged down in another Vietnam and we have simply made matters worse. Critics cite the escalating violence and bloodshed, and say things were better under Saddam. They imply that a

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