Robots, Dolls, Love and Sex

When we reject the plans of our creator for our life, including our sexuality, we are asking for trouble. Sex is a wonderful gift of God, and when used the way he intended, it is a marvellous thing indeed. But when misused and abused, it can become quite ugly and repulsive.

As we know, in the West sex has become an idol of epidemic proportions. We are being inundated with a tsunami of all things sexual. So each new day brings more bizarre and frightening aberrations of what human sexuality is about, or is meant to be.

barbie 1Consider some recent headlines about the ever-degenerating condition of human sexuality. The first short item from the UK concerns a Russian woman who has transformed herself into a living, human Barbie doll. The story begins in this fashion:

“Most little girls grow up playing with Barbie dolls. Some even want to look like them. One 21-year-old has become one, or so she says. Valeria Lukyanova has become an internet sensation in her home country of Russia, claiming on her blog to be the most famed woman on the Russian-language internet.

“Her doll-like features, long blonde hair and ‘perfect’ body make her look like a real life Barbie. Horrified viewers have slammed the model over her looks. One commented: She looks not only ugly, but ridiculous while another wrote: ‘A woman with completely perfect features is a boring woman’.”

Or consider another example. It is one thing to make yourself look and act as a non-human. it is another thing to suggest that non-humans will make for great sexual partners with humans. but that is what a couple of academics from New Zealand are proposing. They believe that in the near future robot love will be all the rage. I kid you not.

Here is what one write-up about this says: “Are robots the future of prostitution and sex tourism? That’s what two New Zealand researchers claim. Ian Yeoman, management professor, and Michelle Mars, sexologist, are researchers at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Their work together revolved around the concept of futuristic sex tourism.

“The hypothesis? Sex robots would become the leading ladies of sex-for-profit in the seemingly distant year of 2050. The paper was called ‘Robots, Men and Sex Tourism,’ a work that made its way into a journal called Futures, according to a report in The Dominion Post.

“Part of their research involved the hypothetical creation of an Amsterdam sex club called ‘Yub-Yum,’ where robot women create a land rife with ‘sexual gods and goddesses of different ethnicities, body shapes, ages, languages and sexual features’.”

Hey, who am I to judge? To each his own right? I sure don’t want to appear to be intolerant and judgmental here. And hopefully governments will not be discriminating against these poor folks who get their kicks out of plastic and metal. They have their rights too you know.

But the interesting thing is, this is not the first time futurologists have talked about such sexual insanity. Consider a major article in the Futurist magazine of some years back. It too talked about all the brave new world scenarios of human sexuality.

The magazine is produced by the World Futurist Society based in America. In a 2004 edition a cultural historian wrote an article entitled “The Transformation of Marriage”. Stephen Bertman, professor emeritus of languages, literatures, and cultures at Canada’s University of Windsor, argued that marriage may be “a semantic artefact of a lost world”. He argued that it is not just the transience of marriage that is at issue now. “It is the very definition of the term that futurists must now address. A radical redefinition of marriage is now under way that promises to transform its meaning for all future time.”

He gave as his first example same-sex marriage. He did not stop there however. He then went on to speak of other types of marriage. Seemingly with a straight face, he first raised the prospect of “interspecies marriage”. This is the “potential for the sexual union of human beings and aliens”. From there he mentioned the option of marriages to pets. Why couldn’t an “individual choose to affirm the emotional attachment he or she feels for a pet with the formality of a documented ceremony in which the human partner promises to love and honor the animal companion?”

And finally, presumably still with the utmost seriousness, he speaks of the “theoretical possibility” of “the marriage of human beings to inanimate objects”. He speaks of how many men love their cars, or how many people have formed an intimate relationship with their computer. “Why should not this bond of tactile intimacy be validated by more than an owner’s manual?” he asks, seemingly in complete sincerity.

Given the major push for same-sex marriage today, I guess one has to wonder just how far-fetched all this might be. Indeed, the arguments for SSM can be used to justify all sorts of other strange combinations. As William Bennett has written, “once marriage has been detached from the natural, complementary teleology of the sexes, it becomes nothing more than what each of us makes of it”.

Or as David Frum once commented, “What we are doing by creating this institution to be called ‘gay marriage’ is smashing marriage and replacing it with a whole new set of arrangements that apply to everybody, not just homosexuals, everybody, in which marriage is a unique contract between any two or more adults who want to enter into it and set by any rules. It makes marriage impermanent, and it turns children into commodities.”

Quite so. So with the radical sexual revolution of the homosexual activists under way, and gaining ground in certain quarters, I guess we getting less and less able to withstand the other assaults on sexuality and marriage. If you love your robot and want government sanction for your union, I guess we have little ground to stand on once we legalise SSM.

As G.K. Chesterton wrote, “A society that claims to be civilized and yet allows the sex instinct free-play is inoculating itself with a virus of corruption which sooner or later will destroy it. It is only a question of time.” He sure got that right.

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14 Replies to “Robots, Dolls, Love and Sex”

  1. One is almost thankful for the veniality of women. I am sure that there will be no ‘future’ for sex-robots as envisaged by our best and brightest academics (how do these people get onto the public-funded payroll so easily) as they will be too much competition for the surprisingly large minority of women who sell sex. Or should I say exploit men’s drives. It has been a woman’s means, a ‘fall back position’ if you will excuse the pun, for extracting money from men since the very earliest times in recorded history.
    Chris Langan-Fox

  2. Thanks Chris. Of course men who seek these services are also quite to blame. As we learn more about sexual trafficking, we find that many women involved are there against their will.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Hello Bill,

    The “entertainment” industry as usual seems to have anticipated these academics who obviously need to find something useful to do.

    The 1996 Star Trek episode “First Contact” included the following scene which featured the android known as Data and the Borg Queen:

    “Borg Queen: Are you familiar with physical forms of pleasure?
    Lieutenant Commander Data: If you are referring to sexuality, I am… fully functional, programmed in… multiple techniques.
    Borg Queen: How long since you’ve used them?
    Lieutenant Commander Data: Eight years, seven months, sixteen days, four minutes, twenty-two…
    Borg Queen: Far too long.”

    This only one of many sexuality based scenes in Star Trek and the entertainment industry in general. Many actors and actresses seem to revel in their own immoral lifestyles and will not be satisfied until everyone else is down in the mire with them.

    Interestingly Sir Laurence Olivier said that acting was lying and that actors had to be good liars.

    Donald Battaglini

  4. Its what the left has been wanting for so long, to get rid of the “natural”, once they can do that its anything goes.
    Sex, reproduction, marriage, freedom, pretty much everything is on the line, all at once.
    But as there is nothing new under the sun or in creation, those who fall for this will destruct themselves, and those of us left behind will slowly pick up the peaces, yet again. Unless of course Jesus returns and puts an end to this madness.

    Neil Waldron

  5. Hi Bill,
    It’s sad that these nutters are actually funded by tax payers for their university employment. With the pressure on academics to publish these days I’ve seen some really bizarre papers getting through. Unfortunately, they get attention not for their quality of research but for their shock value and the exposure it gives the researcher. As a sceptic, I’d say that Michelle Mars is seeking publicity for her private consulting and Ian Yeoman is testing the market for a possible future enterprise. In any case, it’s insulting men by implying that we are such sex fiends that we would have sex even with robots! If that were the case, every time I see some bloke admiring my motorcycle I would have to remind him about the commandment regarding coveting thy neighbours wife.
    Frank Norros

  6. Futurama is not that far off when they had that episode about robot dating. They even invented a name for it being robosexual. Of course they were have a joke, but it seems like they predicted the future far too easily, but this is what happens when you leave God’s plan for sexuality.
    Ian Nairn

  7. Further to Don’s comment, we only have to look at the sci-fi genre to see that Asimov’s Robot series explored the idea of robot sex too.
    John Angelico

  8. Who can ever forget that 1973 Woody Allen movie, Sleeper, where Woody’s character gets lured into a robotic sex machine called an Orgasmatron, alone. It seems to be another case of fiction turning into sad reality.

    Woody Allen had actually discussed the scientific feasibility of some of the technology with science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, over lunch during the filming of this movie. But, when Diane Keaton’s character asks Allen to go into the sex machine with her, he says he’d prefer to do it the old-fashioned way. Hallelujah! Amen!

    Monica Craver

  9. One could almost be relieved at the idea of “sex robots”, I said almost, that is if one’s compassion would only be for the poor women caught in the sex slave trade and not for the men who violate their own bodies and souls in the activity of prostitution God certainly took a risk when he left the gift of sexuality in the hand of fallen humanity.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  10. Just of topic for a moment please, But Donald Battaglini said something that has been going around in my mind for about a year.
    (Sir Laurence Olivier said that acting was lying and that actors had to be good liars). I’ve been having great difficulty lately, coming to terms with acting in general and the worst thing is I love movies. I can’t quiet convey my thoughts on this.
    1.I’ve never known an actor
    2.I really enjoy Christian movies
    3.Is acting compartmentalization?
    4.Was stage dramas 1600’s the platform to where we are now?
    5.Are actors to be trusted, seeing they can fake emotion?
    Daniel Kempton

  11. The problem with pornography (one of the problems) is that it teaches men they can have their jollies without anything being demanded of them, whereas a live woman would expect some intimacy. So porn corrupts a male’s concept of a good sexual relationship. It will be the same with sexbots, an outlet for men who are lazy about expressing their sexuality.
    If I remember rightly, that article said sexbots would also remove the risk of STD’s. They can’t guarantee that.
    John Bennett

  12. There is also the movie ‘A.I.’ (2001) in which Jude Law plays the part of a sex robot. I find myself begging more and more these days ‘come Lord Jesus, come.’ But even though he is coming that doesn’t mean we can give up the fight while we wait, it is actually more of an encouragement to fight for the souls of the lost all the more.

    Raymond Cox

  13. Further to John Bennett’s comment regarding STD’s. I have just remembered being told by a Christian co-worker that he knew of someone, employed in another department of our workplace, who had caught an STD from a sex-doll which he had borrowed.

    This would have occurred about 1974, in Sydney.

    John is right about there being no guarantees against transmission of STD’s.

    Donald Battaglini

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