Universities No Place For Tolerance and Genuine Choice

If you want to go to a place where there is genuine learning, searching for truth, and openness of mind, then you better stay away from most Western universities nowadays. They can be the most closed, censorious and intolerant places around.

If the schools themselves are not enforcing fascist PC measures and ideologies, then you can be sure that plenty of students will be doing this. And we have a perfect example of this coming from the University of Sydney. For the first time ever a pro-life group just managed to scrape in there.

And already the tolerance brigade is spitting chips and blowing gaskets. Here is how one report has covered this story: “The board of the student union at the oldest university in Australia has voted 6-5 to approve the nation’s first-ever pro-life student society.

“The decision has been met with outrage by stunned pro-abortion students (one of whom described the pro-life society as ‘f***ed’ and ‘bulls***’), who have begun organising events, petitions and constitutional amendments which would ban pro-life groups from ever again gaining approval at the university.

“Yesterday, Friday June 1, the board of the University of Sydney Union (USU) approved the registration of LifeChoice Sydney, a nonpartisan, nonsectarian pro-life advocacy group which aims to ‘promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death’ at Sydney University. The Ukulele society was also approved at the same meeting.

“Outraged students have begun composing a motion calling for the USU board to rescind the registration of LifeChoice, censure the board members who voted in favour of their registration, and amend the USU constitution to read: ‘The Board shall be forbidden from registering or providing any funding, resources, publicity or use of Union premises to a group discriminatory on the basis of sex, sexuality, gender diversity, class, race and ethnicity or disability, including any group which opposes a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion.’

“Meanwhile, an online petition has been created on the website of activist group GetUp!, demanding that the USU overturn its decision to approve the group. ‘This isn’t about freedom of speech or equal opportunity,’ the petition reads. ‘This is about funding and giving legitimacy to a group whose sole target is women. This “LifeChoice” Society is an attack on women’s rights and by allowing its formation the Union is failing its students and undermining the inclusiveness it seeks to promote.’

“GetUp! has previously removed a user-suggested campaign titled ‘Human rights for Unborn children’, though it was ranked third out of 446 campaign ideas on its website.”

Ah, the sweet face of tolerance, reason, and acceptance! And above everything else, don’t you just love how very pro-choice these guys are! They foam at the mouth about how pro-choice they are, but this is nothing more than disingenuous rhetoric. They are not pro-choice at all.

They certainly are not in favour of the unborn being able to choose life. And they clearly hate anyone who differs from them exercising their choice. What a pathetic bunch of hypocrites and frauds. And note this appalling “pro-choice” group, connected to GetUp, demanding that the pro-life group not have any rights at all: http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/how-about-i-make-my-own-life-choices-stop-the-anti-abortion-society-at-usyd?time=1338549757

These anti-choice fascists are simply getting so angry because their lies and double standards are being exposed here big time. They do not give a rip about choice. They are only about denying others choice. They are campus fascists pure and simple.

Indeed, just how bizarre is all this? We have several hundred groups already on campus. For example the following clubs and societies are now operating on campus:
-Communist Club
-Students For Palestine
-Atheist Society
-Greens on Campus
-Queer Revue Society
-Muslim Students’ Association
-United Nations Society

These groups seem to be all hunky dory. So why is it so terrible to have a club that stands up for the rights of the unborn? Well, we know the answer to that one. The secular lefties who dominate most campuses today – both in faculties and student bodies – hate anyone who dares to stand up to their pro-death hegemony.

When a group finally comes along with enough guts to challenge the anti-life stranglehold, they throw hissy fits and show their true totalitarian colours. That is just what we are seeing here. Choice only extends to those committed to their own deathly agenda. No one else is allowed their choice.

It is a moot point as to whether this group will long last given all this pressure from the anti-choice brigade. We need to support them and keep them in our prayers. The group’s Facebook page can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/LifeChoiceSydney

Please send them all the supporting words you can – before it is too late, and they are pulled from the scene altogether.


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20 Replies to “Universities No Place For Tolerance and Genuine Choice”

  1. Dear Mr Muehlenberg, compliments on your lucid and well written coverage of the issue. I couldn’t agree more with you. As a student of USYD, on various social networking sites I was presented with the petition. I wrote in response: “Respectfully I must say that, no matter what my own views on abortion, I do, regardless of the petition’s claims, think it IS about free speech; pro-choice people see it as disempoerment of women but the pro-life society maybe sees it as empowerment of unborn babies rights*. They are entitled to have their view and I do not see it as an affront for their society to exist. There is nothing stopping Pro-Choice people, if they wish to, to make their own society, I do not understand why try and prevent this one from existing though. It is important to be tolerant of other’s views; even if you may not agree with them; to see it as promoting disempowering of women’s rights is only seeing it through your own lens.”

    I NEVER get involved in politics for fear of aggressive responses, but their one sided attack of a society just because they do not share their views seems a violation of free speech – precisely for the reason you note – they have plenty of other clubs which are representing one particular view, yet only this one is attacked. Although I tried to be as respectful and diplomatic as I could, this is what was written in response to me: “it is ridiculous to just identify and then equate different views without examining the content and impact of those views on people in the real world. Someone may have the “view” that black people shouldn’t have the right to vote, or that women shouldn’t vote, or that homosexually should be illegal, or, in this case, that women shouldn’t be allowed to have abortions. Do we just say that, oh well, because there are different views we can’t say which are better or worse, or humane or not? What differentiates pro-choice from (i hate the phrase) pro-life, is that pro-choice is about giving women the space to make their own decisions about their own body/lives, pro-life is about taking that away; that is, imposing their own view on to another person, intruding into a matter that is absolutely not their business. If pro-lifers don’t like abortions, they don’t have to get them! Why on earth they should be allowed to have an organization on campus and intimidate people on a matter that is so personal and serious (and traumatic enough without being called a baby-killer) is completely beyond me. And please, don’t let them say that they are just giving out information about the procedure, because that’s a conversation to have with a medical professional-not some crazed random on campus.”

    Needless to say, it crushed me (who is shy to speak up in the first place) to be compared to a bigot who believes black people shouldn’t vote because I was standing up for the rights of a minority opinion to EXIST as a club.

    *I find very profound Ron Paul’s words on the issue “Some people believe that being pro choice is on the side of freedom. I’ve never understood how an act of violence, killing a human being, albeit a small one in a special place, is portrayed as a precious right’ To speak only of the mother’s cost in carrying a baby to term ignores all thoughts of any legal rights of the unborn, I believe that the moral consequence of cavalierly accepting abortion diminishes the value of all life…If all life is not precious, how can all liberty be held up as important? It seems that if some life can be thrown away our right to personally choose what is best for us is more difficult to defend.. In the age of abortion, with nearly a million being performed each year in the IS , society sends a signal that we place a lower value on the small and the weak”

    Anonymous Student of USYD

  2. Thanks Anon

    My rules require a full name, but in this case I think I can bend those rules and make an exception. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  3. Well this is off the topic of abortion but it is one of the many heads of the homosexual hydra. Opposition to Christian views in universities and schools may well soon go beyond mounting campaigns and abusing the law to silence Christians; it will soon move to thuggish tactics used by all fascist bullyboys. In other words they will do away with the niceties of rigged debates and shouting the opposition; they will simply use physical violence and get away with it.

    In February of this year I attended a public meeting in an English University, where a so-called gay activist, professor of sport and sociology gave an hour long indoctrination to sports students on homosexuality and the joys of homosexual behaviour. It became rapidly obvious that this was not an open debate but pure, neat, vintage propaganda of which Geobells would have been green with envy. At the end there was only room for two questions. The first was of no consequence – something completely irrelevant. Thus not wishing to miss the opportunity, I raised my hand to make a comment. My request was reluctantly accepted by the Equality and Diversity Advisor. So I stood; but before posing my question. I objected to the obscene language, slander and insults that laced the so- called professor’s lecture.

    Before I had time to question nearly everything he had said, he shouted from the podium, “Out, out, out!! He then leapt from the platform, rushing towards me with arms outstretched. Buffeting me with his body and shouting into my face, he forced me backwards. I had a job keeping my footing. Then the rest of the academic staff joined in evicting me in a most humiliating manner. As I was going backward, I called out to the assembled students, who looked like so many card board cut outs, “Look. Open your eyes; this is Britain. This is so-called freedom of speech.”

    This was clearly a case of assault and yet because I had no physical injuries, the police are not interested. I am therefore being forced three months later to take out a private prosecution, but this I believe has to be passed by the Public Prosecution Service – a totally corrupt body. I cannot give details of who? What? or Where? because in the event of my being successful with lodging my case, doing this would jeopardise it.

    The irony is that the professor claimed that homosexuality will make society less violent, less macho, more sensitive, more in touch with its feminine side.

    I am just an old age pensioner. My pension cannot be stopped and I cannot lose a job, but pity any student or member of the academic staff who dares to confront these thugs. If I had attempted to defend myself, I would have been seen to have been the aggressor.

    David Skinner, UK

  4. Lately education is not about learning but about indoctrination.
    Ian Nairn

  5. Dear Bill, it’s been a while but this matter is very worrying for me as my son is going to Uni next year and he wears his beliefs on his sleeve. He has been thrown off websites when he tries to give his opinion or speaks out what God’s word says on a given subject. My fear is he is going to be demonized by these Fascists that seem to have taken over all our educational governance. HOW is my son who is a country boy going to stand up on what seems to be by himself to these wicked people who are leading so many astray.
    Doug Matthews

  6. Thanks Doug

    He will stand by your prayers and the prayers of many others (including mine), and by banding together with other like-minded students.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. Hello anon, if you are still listening.
    That last quote was very significant. All those who are now strong and want to decide who is allowed to live and who is not, once were just weak as those over whose lives they want to now pass judgement. Is there nowhere in their conscience that realizes the only reason maybe why they are alive today is because someone loved them, not only while they were in the womb, but while they were babies and the only thing they could do for themselves was breathe and pass out their waste. If someone had not nurtured them from the cold, kept them clean and fed them and, as crewl studies on humans in the 50’s have shown even gave them the comfort of human touch, they would have died.
    Such lack of reasoning ability is to be bemoaned rather than applauded.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  8. Something I meant to add to my first comment:
    I am very sorry you are experiencing the backlash of the PC-brigade, just because you question their tactics. Multiply that by 10 and you have the potency of venom unleashed on those who dare to question their presuppositions.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. David, reading your comment, I just want to cry and warn “the cultural revolution is coming”, but who would listen, who listened to Bonhoeffer, who listened to Watchman Nee?
    But, don’t stop speaking, David, you are like Bill one is prepared to get hurt for the sake of the good of others. It is the reverse with the other crowd, they want to hurt others for the sake of them getting what they lust for, nothing else.
    Many blessings,
    Ursula Bennett

  10. On a perhaps more trivial note, but nevertheless one which is an important matter of principle, while I was doing an ancient history unit and a few French units at the University of New England in NSW I had the word “mankind” struck out on one of my essays. I found out that it was University policy to permit only “inclusive” language in submitted work. Of course I was using “mankind” inclusively, as people of both sexes do regularly in the mass media, but the University authorities had set themselves as arbiters of whether we could use normal English expressions or not. I think some people are terrified of feminists.

    Since at my age I have nothing to lose I complained to one lecturer and also wrote a letter to the Vice-Chancellor who didn’t have the manners even to acknowledge my real, paper letter. The lecturer in that case was sympathetic but said she was bound by the rules.

    That’s just one minor example of why the idea of universities being places of free learning is becoming more and more of a bad joke.

    David Morrison

  11. To David, it’s terrible what you went through and I feel the embarrassment you were put through. Did no one stand to your defence? I simply can’t imagine an academic getting violent in a public lecture, but I guess the militant fascists know no bounds. I hate to imagine what international news it would have created had some one done that to a gay for expressing his view. I am encouraged by the determination and strength you showed to even put forward your question when so many people are becoming more afraid every day to speak up for the reaction they will get. However, your example and the brilliant articles by Bill such as his recent reply to Jeff Kennett provide invaluable ammunition for us to make our own replies.

    Frank Norros

  12. Thanks Frank. I had nothing to lose, except my dignity. It is up to us retired folk who at present have unassailable pensions – I use the word ” assailable ” advisedly – to speak up. And you are right. If this had been a Christian meeting and we had spoken in the same disrespectful, slanderous and hateful manner towards gays and there had been a gay man in attendance, we would not even have had to attack him for the police to descend on us and drag us off to jail and even prison.
    Two weeks ago Christian lawyers were to have held a conference at the Law Society London, in order to have a debate on marriage. The Law society banned it saying that it contravened their diversity policy.
    Also just prior to that we paid for adverts to go on 26 buses in London, with the slogan, “Not Gay.Ex-Gay, Post Gay and Proud. Get Over It!” This was in response the the gay lobby Stonewall being able to put on 1000 London buses, the poster ,”Some People are Gay. Get Over It! Our poster was banned by the mayor of London Boris Johnson. He accused us of being intolerant in a city that is shining example to the rest of the world of inclusiveness and diversity! He said that he will not tolerate intolerance!!

    At present the homosexuals and feminists dominate Britain and there seems to be nothing that anyone can do to stop their blitzkrieg. As each day passes they become more and more confident and the public are becoming more and more fearful, not daring to raise their heads above the parapet.

    Well bring it on I say.


    David Skinner, UK

  13. David, if they won’t allow you to put them on buses, make smaller posters for private cars, surely people are still brave enough to drive around with something like that on their cars?
    I beg forgiveness for my ignorance, I have the great privilege of living in the country and have no idea of the pressure put on people in big cities.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  14. Ursula, we had thought of that. No, people are not brave enough to do that en masse. And who wants to invite attack on their car with such a provocative poster – and to achieve what? That is not a runner. But the great thing about the bus poster was that even though it never saw the light of day, we got publicity that we could never have paid for or dreamt of. The story appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Canberra Times and South America. Out team, of which I am the least, consisted of only seven and one us, Mike Davidson appeared on countless radio and TV programmes, including being interviewed for Russian TV! We are at present taking the Mayor of London to court for abusing his position. And even though every newspaper accused us of homophobia, they also were alarmed at the blatant loss of freedom of speech.

    But do not think that living in the country, as opposed to living the city will save you. The gaystapo will not rest until they have reached the most remote parts of Australia. People in Britain talk of emigrating, but wherever they go it will be waiting for them when they arrive there. Running is no option. We either fight this curse or go under their jack boots.

    David Skinner, UK

  15. Pro-Choice, what an enigma. Thanks for exposing these people of democratic tru’ism at USYD. I am sure the word CHOICE will soon become yet an other word the free speaking society can’t use any more. Like Gay – being distorted from it’s original beautiful meaning. Pity the anonymous student of USYD first of the rank with strong comments wishes to stay anon. I congratulate the Life-Choice Society, for their courage to oppose the slippery sloop of the Pro-Death hegemony (thanks Bill for teaching me a new word) Actually there are lots more like “Campus Fascists” and “Secular Lefties”. Keep up the fight Courageous Bill.
    Bill Heggers, Perth

  16. To David S. Your commentary is most inspiring, glad you often enhance Bill’s work. I am sure he does not mind me giving you praise. Besides, you are working at the “coal face”.
    I wonder what the pervert professor would have done if your physical stature was like Koos my friend who is near 7 foot and 18 stone, all muscle. Sorry David, I only know you as an intellectual pensioner, you could be a giant for that matter.
    You can probably sense the undertone of my anger coming to the surface. I would have liked to sand besides you with that demon flying at you.
    Be courageous,
    Bill Heggers, Perth

  17. Wilhelmus, size in these matters is not an issue. As long as we stand up to the protagonist and are prepared to speak the truth we have nothing to fear. I would love to reveal the identity of the professor and what he has said elsewhere but this might spoil the legal case I am trying to mount against him and possibly the university.
    There are times when we have to physically defend ourselves and others, but this was not one of those occasions – even if I had been nine foot tall!

    David Skinner, UK

  18. Yes, David, I understand what you are saying. 30 years ago when I migrated from Germany I was running, more from myself though than from anything in particular. I became a Christian in Australia, I believe God’s appointed nation for me, but we are in the country because this i9s where God put us. God needs His people everywhere. I stand for the Christian Democratic Party in elections, not running any more, not hiding. Last year we had a representative from C.D.P. talking to our congregation and appearently a protest was organised through the ABC face book page. 2 women arrived late and atttempted to hi-jack the meeting without success. I still pray for them when the incewdent passes through my memory. But I do pray for special protection for those who are doing stuff like you and Bill, for you are far more exposed than we are.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  19. Wow, great to see people shining light where there is darkness. I`m sure they will cop plenty of abuse, so lets pray for strength, protection, wisdom and blessings upon them in the name of Jesus Christ.
    John Archer

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