TV Networks Become Activists For Militant Causes

There would be plenty of examples of the MSM pushing radical agendas and engaging in social engineering. And there would be plenty of examples of morally and mentally challenged celebs jumping on these bandwagons. The most recent example involves the Seven Network.

Their morning Sunrise program is starting a campaign in support of homosexual marriage this week. They have decided that the whole nation must now fall in line with the demands of this militant minority group. And a bunch of big cheese celebs known more for their looks than their intellect and ethics have joined in the crusade.

As one news item reports: “Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins have put the weight of their celebrity behind the campaign to legalise gay marriage. The models are part of a group of high-profile identities supporting the push that is being promoted through Channel 7’s Sunrise show and magazine Marie Clair.

“‘Love is quite commonly referred to as being universal and having no boundaries,’ Gale told Marie Claire. ‘With this in mind, I find it quite unbelievable that we can be living in a modern society, in a country like Australia, yet still not have the support from the Government to allow all couples the right to be legally bound.’ Hawkins agreed with Gale. ‘Everyone should have the right to get married and have a special day,’ Hawkins said. ‘Everyone loves the same way, so they should be able to celebrate it in the same way.’

“Other celebrities backing the push include reality TV judge Brian McFadden and Olympic gold medal-winning diver Matthew Mitcham. The campaign comes after US President Barack Obama changed his mind and announced he would support gay marriage.

“On Thursday, Sunrise will feature outside broadcasts in Melbourne and Sydney to launch the push that the program plans to take to Canberra. Executive producer Michael Pell said it was a first for television and while it wouldn’t please everyone, he said it was important the show took a stand. The move has the full support of hosts David Koch and Melissa Doyle.

“‘For a long time now they have both been behind the whole gay marriage issue,’ Mr Pell said. ‘They understand everyone does not support it, but a show like Sunrise, we care. We are trying to make a difference, affect change rather than just comment on it. It’s not an issue about sexuality, it’s a human rights issue’.”

Yet more cases of celebutards who are completely clueless. Of course we expect brainless remarks like this from those who give every appearance of being just that: brainless. How idiotic. Don’t these celebs ever think for one moment in their lives?

“Everyone should have the right to get married and have a special day”? Really. Everyone? Anytime? To anyone? For any reason? So if I love my library, then why not? If three people love each other, then why not? If a football team loves each other, then why not? If a girl loves her goldfish, then why not?

Megan, Jennifer, et al – just what sort of mental midgets are you? Have you ever had a moment of cognitive clarity in your lives, or do you just always parrot the latest social activist trends? And to be honest, who really cares what you think about these matters anyway.

That is the real problem here – the dumbing down of public discourse. Don’t worry about actually trying to offer a sustained and evidence-based argument – just trot out the usual suspects. Get the celebs to do your PR work for you. Sure beats making a coherent argument.

And consider the very revealing, and moronic, remarks of executive producer Michael Pell: “For a long time now they have both been behind the whole gay marriage issue. They understand everyone does not support it, but a show like Sunrise, we care. We are trying to make a difference, affect change rather than just comment on it. It’s not an issue about sexuality, it’s a human rights issue.”

“We are trying to make a difference, affect change rather than just comment on it.” Yeah that much is obvious. Since when does a lightweight morning entertainment and news show all of a sudden became an activist agent for change? Why have they taken it upon themselves to promote the agenda of 1.5 per cent of the population, and side against the other 98.5 percent?

And given that most homosexuals don’t even want marriage, these num-nums at Seven are actually agitating for a miniscule percentage of the population. Whatever for? Why not represent all Australians, instead of just a tiny fraction of militant activists?

And what is this baloney about a “human rights issue”?  It is nothing of the sort of course, as I carefully document in my new book, Strained Relations. And if they are really all of a sudden worried about human rights issues, why aren’t they championing a genuine issue like the right of the unborn to simply live?

Real social justice begins in the womb. But obviously for these trendy social engineers, not all persons have rights – only the militants do, and their radical agenda will be crammed down our throats whether we like it or not. Sorry, but these morally challenged elites at Seven are simply out of touch with the real world. They are not about representing Australian values, but are instead just promoting cultural Marxism.

I for one won’t take this lying down. Indeed, I have already made a stink about this. And I suggest you do just the same – and pronto. Please email Channel Seven and let them know you are dead set against this radical social engineering. You can contact them here:

And please do it now.

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43 Replies to “TV Networks Become Activists For Militant Causes”

  1. So whole departments of social science are set up to explore the effects of alternate families on children but these celebs have all the answers already?
    Damien Spillane

  2. Since when did having no common sense intellect, qualify them to speak ahead of mountains of research and studies that prove the very opposite of their intended agendas? Unbelievable, but then the Seven network has always been very leftist when it comes to what is morally right, just look at some of their programs.

    Fred Merlo

  3. I caught this rubbish this morning and while it should be a surprise, it really was not when Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam took the next 20 minute slot to explain his “spiritual journey”.

    What more can one say?

    Simon Fox

  4. Hello Bill,
    I have emailed them your list of 8 reasons why SSM should not be legalised.
    Channel 10 is another TV station that pushes the gay agenda.
    I thought journalists investigated their stories before going to air and sought overseas info on them. (One of my comments to them.)
    I also put in about the 32 USA states that have voted against legalising SSM. So they cannot blame just the Christian “bigots” this time.
    God bless,
    Paul de la Garde, Sydney

  5. I turned off Sunrise when this issue first came up and their bias became obvious. I haven’t turned it on since.
    If even a small percentage of Christians boycotted this show by turning it off they would notice the impact.
    Annette Williams

  6. Thanks Annette

    And we must also let Channel Seven know why we are boycotting the show. So make sure to contact them as well. This is very important.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  7. 0730 this morning:
    Dear Sunrise team, I am so disappointed that you have resolved to support homosexual “marriage”, giving special advantages to 1.5% of the population and turning your backs on the other 98.5%.
    It’s especially contradictory in the light of David’s latest tweet:
    david koch (kochie_online)
    “I love Christenings. Good friends Christened their little 7 week old son today. So much love, tradition and family. What life’s all about”

    If that’s what life is all about, what does homosexual “marriage” mean?

    John Angelico

  8. Voteline 0750 at the Herald-Sun page:
    Does the celebrity endorsement for gay marriage make it more likely you will support a change to the Marriage Act?
    Yes 14.09% (125 votes)
    No 85.91% (762 votes)
    Total votes: 887

    John Angelico

  9. And I am not impressed by the pic displaying the rude finger, although it does clearly indicate how much they really care about real people who disagree with them!

    John Angelico

  10. That anyone should give a peanut about what Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins think about a moral issue is almost as concerning as the drivel they spout.

    And as for gay marriage being a human rights issue – clearly I’ve missed something. In my ignorance I used to believe that human rights were about combating tyranny and oppression. Where did I go wrong?

    Nick Davies

  11. A line from a song that was written probably 30 years ago, still relevant today even more so.
    “fools that march to win the right to justify their sin
    Every nation that has fallen has fallen from within.”
    I like one thing they said though “we want to affect change, not just talk about it”.

    Boy, if every Christian could say that and act on it, we would have change towards godliness in a very short time.
    The frustrating thing as always, it could be done if…. How do we make that if come true?
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  12. I am unsurprised. Sunrise is a morally deplorable show. I will certainly email them.

    It is crazy that society cares about celeb opinions, but a submission from 150 professionals in opposition to gay ‘marriage’ is instantly written off. What is the world coming to?

    The most alarming thing about the push for gay marriage to me is that it means that, along with the divorce rate, people no longer even understand what marriage IS.

    Lauren Hughes

  13. I have emailed them, with considerable restraint.
    David Morrison

  14. Hi Bill
    Have sent an email to Sunrise suggesting they interview you. Hope you don’t mind, but you seem to be the man for the job. So starts another battle in the long war!
    Des Connors

  15. I keep checking myself to make sure my concern about this issue isn’t becoming obsessive. But then I realise that it is in our faces day in day out.
    Anthony McGregor

  16. Yes quite right Anthony. It is the other side which is obsessed with this, and is working day and night to push it in our faces and cram it down our throats. We dd not start this fight – they did. And as long as they have declared war against faith, family, and freedom, concerned believers will respond.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. And I really like what Mike Adams says about this:

    “Heterosexual gay rights activists like Gary Faulkner do not lead the march for same-sex marriage out of a love for gay people. Most do it out of a hatred of Christians. Faulkner, who has a well-documented history of making hate-filled and defamatory statements about Christians, has a political motive for supporting same-sex marriage. He wants marriage re-defined. Then he wants to see churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies stripped of their tax-exempt status. Finally, he wants to see churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies shut down in the name of “equality” and “tolerance.” The result would be a nation in which the only Christian churches remaining would be those that have abandoned basic Christian principles.”

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  18. I don’t watch the show anyway, but if people were to stop watching it as a protest action or better still as an action of obedience as we are not to fill our minds with such ungodly trash, but how would they know? I have no idea how this “ratings” buso works.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  19. Thanks Ursula

    As I told Annette above, it is not enough to simply not watch. We must inform the Seven Network as to why we are doing this. They must clearly be told that we are quite unhappy with what they are trying to get away with here

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  20. Don’t worry so much about Channel 7. Let’s get a list of their advertisers and boycott them and let them know we are boycotting them. That will have a real impact. Where do we get the list of advertisers?
    Anna von Marburg

  21. Dear Bill, Even more important and effective than voicing disapproval to the Seven network on this issue, is to watch the show and voice strong disapproval to their sponsors. Perhaps a listing of the culpable advertisers on Culturewatch?

    Clive Skewes

  22. Two ways Anna: some of the sponsors are already featured on Seven’s web page. Also, some brave troopers in each state need to sit down and watch the lousy show, and take note of who is advertising. So who will do this brave task!?

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  23. Email sent – and with restraint! Personally, I don’t watch the show, but I reserve anyone the right to do so without having this sort of idiocy rammed down their throats.

    Joan Davidson

  24. Bill the ‘Today’ show is on to the same thing. About ten days ago I’m told the presenters carried on about it. There has been a bit of a session since.
    Then this morning I popped into the house and ‘Mornings’ was encouraging a female to sound off about it.
    Open warfare???
    Pat Healy.

  25. Me too I got in early when news broke late last night and a few like minded I let know have also taken action.

    Contacting the advertisers and also follow up emails to Seven are also advised – their campaign is appalling and on the road to chaos.

    Peter Murray

  26. The Australian Marriage Forum website advises Sunrise’s partners include, Purina, The Coffee Club, Accor Hotels, Myer and Jetstar.

    The AMF article includes a hyperlink to the partners to facilitate contacting them and some points to pursue in making the contact.

    Peter Murray

  27. Also, if you are interested the list of celebrities who are involved in this campaign can be found in the attached link.
    They are all wearing ‘I do’ tshirts and give us a little lecture on why they support same sex marriage magazine.
    But don’t expect any reasoned arguments, just more of the same mush that they love to serve up.

    Very disappointing to see who some of these people are, like Kylie Gillies, I thought she was a mum and would put some value on motherhood for raising children…obviously not.

    Annette Williams

  28. I have emailed and told them I disagree and won’t be turning on to Sunrise any longer.

    Joan Sweet

  29. Well done Bill – I’ve already told 7 what I think of their desire to make the news, rather than accurately report it!
    Karl V. Kuhle

  30. Have sent in my protest. Thanks for providing the link, making it easy to do.
    Fr Luke Joseph.

  31. I’ve posted on the coffee club and jet star Facebook pages. Bill, I cannot believe what you endure in defending traditional marriage. I have even more respect for you now. People were posting about wishing my children death, hoping I choked on my vomit, accusing my husband of being gay, and wanting to forcibly sterilise me. As I said on their fb page, obviously the tolerance police were having a donut break when people posted their comments.
    Anna von Marburg

  32. Yes exactly right Anna. I am afraid it is an occupational hazard. Which is probably why so few folks are willing to engage in these battles. So thank you so much for being willing to stand up and be counted here, despite all the vile abuse and demonic hatred. You are a champion.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  33. Hi Bill, well this is all leading somewhere down the track isn’t it and the thought is frightening.

    Add all these trends together and it it is not hard to see how in the future a certain body of people being excluded from society because of their intolerance and even their right to buy and sell and partake in life removed in an attempt to force them to comply with what society think should be the norm.

    I have never seen Sunrise and for that matter not watched any of the Australian soaps that are so popular so I guess I am a bit odd anyhow. I have though enjoyed some old fashioned British shows. The bible indicates there is a time of “sorrows” and a time of tribulation coming generally before the great tribulation centered on Israel. I am sure it is not far away. I had already contacted Sunrise to voice my reasons for concern including a recommendation for them to consider your timely book, Strained Relations. Though I doubt it will have any affect as these people now seem driven by unseen forces and have disconnected what we once called reason for the new dialectic nonsense at arriving at truth.

    Rob Withall

  34. I`ve emailed 7 too, it encourages me immensely knowing others too are contacting them.
    Though some media like SMH probably just press delete after reading the first couple of words I write.
    John Archer

  35. Thanks for the article. I have emailed ‘Sunrise’ with my concerns about their support of weakening marriage & families. It is hard for my wife & I to know what is going on, as we only get ABC …(on a good day), since digital came in, even with set top box etc etc. Maybe I should rant & rave about how unfair society is, as a ‘second class citizen’, because I have chosen to live in the ‘Bush’…..Equal rights for all owners of a TV…. I guess we are seeing Romans 1: 28-32 before our eyes. However..”Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord”. 1 Cor 15:58

    Gavin Kedar

  36. I noted that in the interview with the Jim Wallace and co. that the host managed to slip in that there had been 40,000 messages in support of SSM. Do you think so?
    Did anyone else pick that up?
    Lee Avery

  37. Yes Lee, I saw the video link above, & am a little confused? 15,000 emails received by channel 7 in relation to the topic, so about 13,500 supporting traditional marriage, obviously, 1,500 supporting redefining marriage. So where does the 40,000 come in? Is that the figure ‘Getup’ have received? Anybody have an answer? Regards.
    Gavin Kedar

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