The New Underground

We are now witnessing the development of a new underground:

Many of you would be aware of past “underground” movements and activities. I am. But few of us imagined that we would live to see such days now upon us again. Sadly, those who had to defy the authorities, run the gauntlet, seek out shelter, do what is frowned upon, escape from danger, and live a life of great risk are no longer just a thing of the past.

Let me first remind you of some of these previous examples. One obvious case in point involves the early Christian church. In the early days of the faith Christians often had to meet underground – as in the catacombs. Persecution meant that many believers had to engage in clandestine activities – including worship.

And today many believers in Muslim-majority nations or communist dictatorships are in the same boat – they would still meet in underground churches – whether out in the forests or wherever. Communist China would be one clear case of this sort of underground activity.

And in the past – for example in America – those wanting to help blacks escape slavery would set up underground railroads – a means by which these slaves could be helped to get to freedom. As one write-up about this states:

The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States during the early- to mid-19th century. It was used by enslaved African Americans primarily to escape into free states and Canada. The network was assisted by abolitionists and others sympathetic to the cause of the escapees. The enslaved who risked escape and those who aided them are also collectively referred to as the “Underground Railroad”. . . . It ran north and grew steadily until the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. One estimate suggests that by 1850, 100,000 enslaved people had escaped via the network.

In the more recent past – and in my wild leftist hippy days – there were radical groups around like the Weather Underground. Let me again rather lazily just grab another Wiki quote about this:

The Weather Underground was a radical left wing militant organization first active in 1969, founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Originally known as the Weathermen, the group was organized as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) national leadership. Officially known as the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) beginning in 1970, the group’s express political goal was to create a revolutionary party to overthrow American imperialism. The FBI described the WUO as a domestic terrorist group.

I discuss these various underground groups and activities for a simple reason: the West today is moving in such perilous and dangerous directions that the need for new underground movements is now imminent. In fact, it is already upon us. Let me look at various aspects of this.

Having mentioned the early underground church, it is quite evident that increasingly this is now happening again in the West as well. With so many states banning church worship or forcing them to discriminate against unjabbed lepers, many Christians have had to defy the authorities and stand up against such discrimination and tyranny.

Some brave pastors have refused to comply, and some have had to pay the price. Here in Melbourne for example the courageous Paul Furlong had spent three weeks in prison for refusing to go along with the ugly dictates of the secular state. See more on him here:

It is no longer foolish to ask whether real deal Christians in the West will soon be forced to meet as an underground church. Certainly many are already meeting this way in home churches now, or are using zoom meetings and the like to keep on fellow-shipping, worshipping, and praying for one another.

But it is not just Christians who may need to move in the direction of underground activities. Anyone who is now standing against the Big State and Big Pharma and daring to resist what is happening all around them is being pushed in this direction as well.

The idiotic and diabolical state border closures here in Australia is one case of this. Consider just one shocking recent example of this. A Perth Ch 9 news item began this way: “Perth parents say the McGowan government has ‘blood on its hands’ after their daughter took her own life after being rejected from returning to WA. The retirees are now stranded in NSW – locked out after travelling there to collect their youngest child’s ashes.”

A follow-up piece on this shocking story is found here:

When I posted this story on the social media one bright spark said this in reply: “We need to set up an underground railroad.” Yes quite right. People are dying, people are missing out on being with loved ones, people are missing out on weddings and funerals and even their own jobs because of these wretched border closures and draconian lockdown measures.

And then there is the whole matter of health care in general in a Big Brother world where the unclean are even being denied basic health and medical services. When this happens, all under the guise of ‘keeping us safe’ and ‘every life matters,’ then you know that we have gone off the rails big time. Thus some brave souls are now starting up alternative – underground – health care provision. Consider this recent news item:

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) organization, which opposes vaccination and other government measures to stem the spread of Covid-19, has promised to open its own clinics, inviting medical staff and pharmacists to join. AFLDS and its associated companies are currently under investigation by Congress, while the California medical board is looking into the right-wing organization’s founder, Simone Gold, after mounting calls to strip her of her license in the state.


However, all the pressure and legal woes don’t seem to have affected the group’s plans to further expand its operations in the US. “AFLDS is opening its first medical clinic in the coming months, with many more planned shortly after,” Gold said in a newsletter, which was distributed among supporters last week. The location of the maiden clinic and the date of its opening were not mentioned in the email. She reiterated the claim that American medical workers are “having their rights stripped away by corrupt state and government actors” during the pandemic.


The newsletter included a special form so that doctors, looking to care for their patients “without interference,” and pharmacists, for whom “practicing good medicine means more… than bowing to corporate mandates,” could join AFLDS and work at its medical facilities.

Good on them. They are in the same camp as those conscientious business owners that have refused to comply with unjust State edicts, and have refused to discriminate against the unjabbed. There are now directories available where such businesses can be found. Good stuff – all part of the new underground.

We used to once laugh at and look down upon those known as doomsday preppers. Indeed, a small niche genre of reality television shows have featured these folks. The programs examine how these folks have headed to the hills, built fortified shelters, established self-sufficiency in food stuffs, and so on.

Now all of a sudden they are not looking so crazy. Now it seems they were not loony conspiracy theorists but those with a bit of foresight, having a useful early warning system in place. And as one indication of this, we now have record numbers of people fleeing one of the most tyrannical and moonbeam states in the world – the People’s Republik of Victoria.

As one mainstream media report on this mass exodus states: “Victoria lost an incredible 44,700 people at a rate of 122 packing up shop and leaving each day. The exodus marked an 0.7 drop-in population year-on-year. That comes after years of Victoria’s population going up.”

The times sure are a changin’. And many of these changes have been for the worse. Thus the need for a new underground. Thus the need for a new band of brave resistance fighters. Thus the need for a new group of people who are not slavish sheeple and brainless zombies who simply acquiesce to everything the Big State demands of them.

It is now time for some resistance. And I fear that underground activity will be a major part of this in the days ahead. A recent Paul Joseph Watson post which I have shared before seems to be worth again mentioning. At the very least it should make us all pause and think:

We’ve reached the point of governments enforcing a mandatory medical procedure and proof of compliance to allow you (not even to any true extent) to merely exist as you did before. If you don’t realise that this is your line in the sand, your ‘hill to die on,’ I can’t help you.”

Yes I do think this has become a make-or-break moment for many of us. Welcome to the new underground.

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  1. As of Sunday, the 26th of December 2021, a decree requires churches in Québec to exclude the non-vaccinated (demanding a QR code for entrance). Non-segregated churches will have to go underground… This is the new racism…

  2. Being a Hogan’s Heroes fan I thought about the German underground.

    It’s summer down under I believe that is supposed to mean hitting the beaches, building sand castles, splashing in the water, Speedos everywhere, getting a tan, surfing, and seeing the sights. I saw a picture recently of cape Jarvis very beautiful.

  3. I am now without a dentist after bravely standing up to Tassie’s absurd mask mandate.
    I was not allowed to have my dental check up visit as I refused to wear a mask. I could have lied and said I had an exemption but I chose to tell the truth. Considering I would have my mouth open for most of the half hour this is irrationality at its best. This was the dentist I consoled after he shakingly informed me that one of his best friends (aged early 40s) had died suddenly post vaxx. I sent him information on all aspects of the covid scam, a legal document and a document from healing from the vaxx. The last doc as he said he ‘had to get the vaxx for work’. Apparently they also have to follow the mask ‘mandate.’ Well don’t come to me when you develop vaxx injury and pneumonia from mask wearing Saf!

    However, good news, while I was there (briefly) I had a discussion with a lovely (and rational) young woman who said she felt like she was muzzled while wearing a mask. My thoughts exactly!
    I introduced her to Australia One, summarised legal and health aspects of mask wearing and pointed her to her creator while I was at it. Praise the Lord!

    If anyone knows of a courageous, rational, unjabbed, maskless dentist in Hobart I would be pleased to have the information.

  4. The Great Reset will continue as long as WEF trainees and those otherwise under their control remain in office. Based on the past 18 months, we know that they aren’t going anywhere. The economy is a dead man walking. The intent of Build Back Better is to destroy the current economy and democracy. The church will survive, but underground is likely. This type of website is unlikely to be permitted and we will need develop underground communications as did Christian’s in the Eastern Bloc nations under the USSR, and Chinese, today. I greatly appreciate what I have learned here.

  5. We recently went to a ‘house’ church here in western Melbourne and we found out they accept vaccinated and nonvaccinated. And apparently they kept going during Melbourne’s lockdown and just alternated between their houses, making sure to not all park outside the house. They tried ZOOM but didn’t like it. They start with a bible study, songs and prayer and then have a meal together. It’s on a Saturday afternoon.

  6. I wonder what to believe. The number of vaccinated seems very high. Can these numbers be correct? Further is it possible that as some have suggested many people are getting willingly or otherwise a placebo vaccination of some sort?

  7. In Canada, some healthcare professionals have started a chain of Ezra Wellness Clinics “in response to the ongoing long-term erosion of the integrity of the government’s healthcare system and ultimately in response to the coercive vaccine mandates imposed on healthcare professionals.”

    Several clinics have opened up in three Canadian provinces since September 2021. They are “somewhat underground”, depending on the location… It is growing in popularity with more clinics opening up.

  8. My dentist wasn’t worried about me being unvaccinated and didn’t seem to worry about masks and this was when I couldn’t go to work in NSW so just shows how different states and businesses differ. Riccardo Bosi of Australia One Party says he believes only about 40% of the population have been vaccinated and I think he also said some of the vaccines were just saline solution. Makes you wonder if the vials have been tested for authenticity and whether they all have to same stuff in them as it is very strange how some people are getting adverse affects and even dying from the vaxes while others have no symptoms at all. One whistle blower in a European country said the elites getting the vax for photos were just being given saline solution as the vials were marked differently or kept separate while other people had the real stuff – but I haven’t heard any further comments by others backing this up.

  9. Seems like the churches in S.A. and NT, based on current vaccine mandates and directions for churches also will have to go underground, if they want to include unjabbed in the ministry including even singing. Some have Gone underground already.
    Thanks Bill for challenging articles on covid 19, and in this article stating it is a make or break moment regarding the resisting of vaccine mandates …and should become a hill to die on.

  10. Thanks Lucy. Well there would be many options, in addition to the ones I mentioned in the article: lists of businesses that do not discriminate; alternative health care providers; heading to the hills and setting up your own self-sustaining veggie patches, livestock, etc. But others options could easily come to mind.

  11. Dear Bill, Thank you for the info, so much to take in.

    My husband and I both in our eighties had our first Pfizer vaccination a week ago. I didn’t really want it because I don’t trust it and I now have more reason not to. However, my husband who is chronically ill with diabetes and heart disease insisted on getting it because he was afraid of getting Covid when WA opens up. Therefore I reasoned that there was no point in him getting vaccinated if I didn’t so we went ahead.

    A week later he developed a sore throat, a headache over one eye and a noticeable deterioration of his mental state which a doctor I went to described as delirium and referred him to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. He also said that there was multiple reasons why an elderly person could become confused and one of them was bleeding in the brain which would require a brain scan. I had outlined his medical history and emphasised his tendency to blood clotting. He eliminated the obvious causes of the delirium such as fever, urine infection, high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

    I mentioned to the doctor in the emergency department of the hospital that he had had the Pfizer vaccination a week ago and he had a history of blood clots but she brushed this information off as if it was nothing. They did a blood test and a chest xray on him but no brain scan as the other doctor had suggested.

    The official diagnosis according to the hospital’s emergency department seemed to be that he was low in magnesium and he was treated accordingly but I am far from satisfied.

    I think there was a combination of factors at work in my husband’s case. The extreme heat [43c], his chronic illnesses and advanced age but also a reaction to the vaccination which they weren’t prepared to investigate or take seriously.

    I will be following it up and it goes without saying that we will be having no more vaccinations.

    I read that of the patients who had Covid 73% had delirium and some developed blood clots so briefly it doesn’t make sense to me to give someone as frail as my husband what amounts to a mild dose of Covid.

    I came away from the hospital with a very depleted sense of confidence in WA’s health system which after five years of the McGowan government is so run down that it has absolutely no chance of dealing with a pandemic that threatens WA after they open up the borders.

    I thought it was important to share this with your readers but once again I would like to ask to remain anonymous. Thank you so much.

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