Why Geert Wilders is Right

With well over 30 venues and counting rejecting a visiting Dutch MP, it is getting very hard indeed to see how freedom and democracy have much of a leg to stand on in Australia. Things may already be too late. When a guest speaker is not allowed to warn us of threats to our freedoms, then things may have reached the point of no return.

One of the latest debacles was another Perth venue breaking its contract at the last minute, leaving many hundreds with nowhere to go. So at this late stage Wilders may not be able to speak there at all. In a democracy, allowing those with a different point of view the right to speak is paramount. But we are seeing this screeching to a halt here in Australia.

Of course it is not just the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by leftist activist groups. Indeed, they have been the main ones threatening to disrupt and shut down any event featuring Wilders.

The activist groups have been working overtime here, using the social media especially for a search and destroy mission: they have been asking anyone who knows where the meetings will be, or any catering for them, etc, to be exposed, so they can come and be their intolerant best – all in the name of tolerance of course.

The organisers said this about the latest Perth cancelation: “A paid contract is being broken by the manager of reputable four star hotel, scared by the possibility of anti-democratic fringe groups holding a protest outside. We have been working hard on possible alternatives over the weekend, but given required size and lead time for security arrangements required to hold such an event, no suitable venue was available in the shortness of time. We also tried a number of Christian organisations with suitable venues, but their leaders were afraid to help out.

“A school hall was suggested as a last minute option; but neither Mr Wilders nor Q Society will subject children to the likely impact of anti-democratic hate groups holding protests outside their school. We feel very sorry for all who’ve booked hotels and flights, but this is out of our hands. Our sponsors were prepared to more than double the already generous budget for a suitable venue and extra security, but still to no avail.

“The fear of venue managers is just too great. And when fear becomes stronger than civil courage, both the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear are denied. As Voltaire said: ‘If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticise’.

“We realise anti-democratic hate groups will now be dancing in the streets. But this is not the end of it; and sadly they are blinded and do not realise they are dancing on the grave of free speech. Freedom of speech is an absolute; freedom knows no left or right.”

All of this has a name: it is called dhimmitude, and it fully proves Geert’s point. The silencing of all opposition and alternate opinion, which is a hallmark of Islam, is working very well here. So too is the radical left’s hatred of all contrary views.

The odd thing is, all over the West the radical left is in bed with radical Islam. But as soon as the Islamists get into power, the first ones to lose their heads will be these stooges from the left. They and their spineless companions in the mainstream media, and the venue owners, are all simply PC cowards who at the end of the day can be labelled “useful idiots”.

This of course was the phrase Lenin used of all those gullible and ignorant Westerners who actually supported the agenda of the Communists. They were so clueless as to the real aims of murderous Communism that they actually defended Marxism in the West. Yet whenever the Marxists got into power, the first ones executed were all these useful idiots.

Today we sadly have plenty of useful idiots when it comes to the fascist ideology of Islam. Indeed, Islam is a repressive political ideology wrapped up as a religion. And millions of gullible and uninformed Westerners are rushing out to actually defend it! Yet when a nation has a Muslim majority, these spineless and brainless wonders will wish they were not so naive and misinformed.

Just as Communism successfully waged a propaganda war, conning millions of Westerners into believing that they were a benign and peaceful ideology, so too the Islamists have duped millions as well. Thus we have plenty of “interfaith” movements all over the West, fooling the naive and unaware. It is the same with the growing movement known as Chrislam. But see here for more on this: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2009/09/16/sorry-but-i-am-not-buying-into-chrislam/

Of course things like the interfaith movement and Chrislam are all one way traffic. The aim has never been to see Muslims become Christians, or leave their faith. The aim has always been to bring Westerners into Islam, and to see Christians abandon their faith.

So the problem of Islam’s growth in the West – the very thing Wilders is trying to warn us about – is due not just to Islamic expansionism, but Western naivety and credulity. We are allowing ourselves to be taken over by a foreign ideology which is at war with freedom and democracy.

The numerous setbacks for the organisers of Wilder’s tour are proof positive that the Islamists have basically won. We in the West have become so terrified of daring to offend Islam, that we would rather take away our own freedoms, and destroy our own way of life, than appear to have insulted the Prophet and his followers.

This is known as dhimmitude – the condition of second-class citizenship which non-Muslims are forced to endure as Islam gains the ascendency. When this starts happening, then you know that democracy is dead, or at least on its last legs.

The warnings Geert Wilders came here to share with us may not be allowed to be vocalised because of the dhimmi status of Australian society. But his very inability to speak may be even more telling – it fully proves his point: Islam does not allow any contrary points of view. Nor does the radical left.

When the two work together to stifle freedom of speech and crush our democratic freedoms, then we are seeing firsthand tyranny on the march. Geert wanted so much to warn us of all this, and learn from what is already happening in Europe. But the way he has been treated makes for a perfect illustration of our already existing dhimmi status.

We are eyewitnesses to our own execution. These are very sad days indeed for the West.

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  1. These quotes say a lot.

    “We also tried a number of Christian organisations with suitable venues, but their leaders were afraid to help out…..”

    “The fear of venue managers is just too great. And when fear becomes stronger than civil courage, both the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear are denied. As Voltaire said: ‘If you want to know out who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticise”…

    What have they all got to be frightened about? There are no problems staging atheist conferences with the likes of Richard Dawkins being the star attraction. Here we have a contemporary example now why churches and other organizations meekly succumb to the Nazi juggernaut in the 1930’s when there was a time they could have shown resistance. What is the state Government doing about this? I didn’t think from that his opinion was that dangerous? I hope Geert Wilders comes back to Australia soon and comes to all capital cities.

    Carl Strehlow

  2. Bill, I can only pray that the curiosity of many, as to why all the resistance against this brave man, will lead them – as it did me – to do a little research. Finding out the truth is not so difficult if one avoids the MSM and exercises some common sense.

    Jan Greig

  3. Great article, Bill. Very sad, very, very sad.

    Why couldn’t they at least find one church somewhere to host him? Surely some churches are big enough for an event like this.

    Damien Spillane

  4. Thanks Damien

    Of course we already know the answer to your question. Most churches would not dare to rock the boat and do or say anything controversial. They want to be liked and accepted and keep the masses coming in. There are as many spineless wonders in our pulpits as in the rest of the community.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. What a pitiful shame
    Ok I get venues backing out but churches?
    No wonder I have been so frustrated at certain churches and to think their faith is so little, that God would not protect them.
    They are succumbing to an idol, Fear.
    This is what happens when you turn Christ’s church into a nursery of mothers and children, No one is willing to fight.
    Ok I take that back about the mothers but the men; well they don’t have an excuse.
    I’m so embarrassed of having to explain to my 76 year old mother that no, were not going to see Geert because the church is afraid.
    Daniel Kempton

  6. I am one of the, “hundreds with no place to go”! Hopefully the organisers can find somewhere where he can speak. There is no comparison on some levels but wasn’t one of the Wesley’s forced to preach in the open fields as no-one would have him??

    And top marks too to the Australian yesterday for publishing a piece by Wilders. Judging by today’s letters page a couple of people were supportive.

    One letter writer put it very succinctly by saying, “If Geert Wilders was a critic of Christianity he would have been hailed as an enlightened intellectual and given a spot on the Q and A panel. But because he is a critic of Islam he is branded a racist hate-mongerer and ostracised.” Couldn’t put it better myself!


    Dave Billingham

  7. What a tragedy!!!So much for freedom of speech. I am embarrassed and ashamed that we cannot get to hear what Gert Wilders has to say. What are his opponents afraid of? We only need to look at what radical Islam has done throughout world history. I am staggered that our MSM is so tame and uninformed. It’s pathetic. If ‘offence” becomes illegal what hope have we got. As a Christian I’m in double jeopardy. I’m off to do a bit of offending.

    Brian Hoffman

  8. We need politicians and church leaders, among others, to stand up publicly for freedom. It would be great to have Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott issue a joint statement telling the freedom-haters to stop their nonsense.

    And as for pigs flying…

    David Morrison

  9. Daniel,

    God may well not protect them in the same way He has not protected countless martyrs. Hard as it is to understand, God has his purposes and that sometimes, sadly to us, sometimes involves suffering of His church.

    Graeme Cumming

  10. Bill

    All I can say is: Keep doing what you do! These are very dark times indeed.

    Thank goodness some are still willing to speak out.

    Damien Spillane

  11. Thank you Graeme for your help
    I’m sorry but I’m still a bit confused, well maybe confused is not the right word, maybe disheartened. Not by God, but by the lack of church leaders in Perth, to not be willing to put their neck on the line.
    Martyrdom is a heavy load, but really…. do we have a choice? I could go on and on but maybe I should calm down a little but I think I have a point.

    Daniel Kempton

  12. The sad part about human nature, is the inherent “herd mentality”. How the masses are so easily swayed and led by the nose, because they are too lazy to think for themselves. It is too difficult to swim against the tide, so they drift out to sea.

    Peter Coventry

  13. Driving home from work, I was shocked to hear a radio news report about trouble with protesters trying to stop people attending the Melbourne meeting. How on earth did they find out where it was?

    Ross McPhee

  14. Muslims make up less than 2% of the population of Australia, and the hard left maybe another 10%. Yet the left’s infiltration and control of opinion making organisations (schools, universities and the media) shows what out of proportion effect can be achieved in this case.

    Wake up Australians.

    Mansel Rogerson

  15. OK, let’s invite the man to a home, film his address, and then upload it on to the internet at various sites around the world, then send out links to the video to everyone we know. He can come to my place. I would be happy to have the man.

    Lance A Box

  16. It is sad, to see all the freedom that our fathers fought and died for in passed wars, squandered so easily. The useful idiots will be the first once to be disposed off, example the Iranian revolution, once the Ayatollah was in firm control, the leaders and activists of the liberation movement where quickly rounded up and disposed of, usually by firing squad.
    Will Stevens

  17. Support for Islam and Eastern Religions on the part of the radical Left has partial roots in the ideas of 19th-Century “God-is-dead” philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche.

    He lauded the philosophy of Buddha who, in his assessment, was the first to do away with the necessity for a god of any kind. Nietzsche also affirmed Islam for its embracing the “masculine principle” and the will to power.

    Nietzsche, with some justification, also saw the relatively tolerant Islamic regime which flourished in Spain during the early Middle Ages as a more civilised, less barbaric culture than the Christian kingdoms to its north which eventually overran it.

    Those who have scant regard for the Judaeo-Christian God will always be prone to side with His opposition, whatever form that opposition takes. Cain, his tribe, and the builders of the biblical city and tower of Babel were, after all, in their own way, cultured and civilised people, too.

    John Wigg

  18. Great idea Lance. My place and 100 acre farm is available too.
    Joost Gemeren

  19. Well, now that we have had the first public meeting and protest, we can see the actual situation.

    To be honest, I think we still have time, and quite a bit at that. But we need to use it well. The cancellation of the various venues gives the wrong impression. What is instructive are the facts. If the relatively small band of protestors were all the usual socialist/rent-a-hate/communist/racist/useful idiot mob and officially the Islamists did not turn up – that tells me they are afraid of the public perception still. I want to see who turns up at the remaining meetings, and especially if you see some of the same faces in the protestors at the interstate meetings. Please make it known if you recognise the same faces on the news reports that will no doubt take place interstate.

    I am not saying sit back and do nothing, quite the contrary. I think maximum leverage can be gained from the way Islam treats women. Push the fact that Islam cruelly subjugates women in countries where it rules – head coverings, body coverings, limited or no access to education, inverted justice for rape (the victim is beaten), half a vote, forced marriage at young age, etc. Remember that only recently we in Australia had the largest Islam school in the country wanting to force all female staff to wear the head covering. Not to mention that they have all those silly swimming pool ‘women only’ times. Why would Islam want to do any of these things if it treated women equally?

    Islam is the worst anti-woman ideology in the world. There’s your marketing in a nutshell. If people try to skew the argument towards the Old Testament without considering any historical context, just continue to bring it back to what happens today The fact is that Christian women can – vote, are protected as victims of crime, have access to education, etc. Under Sharia law – the picture is almost the complete opposite.

    The question to ask is whether these people think that a woman have more freedom under Islam or the Western Judeo/Christian ethic. Even a pause in the answer is informative because the answer is a no-brainer. Someone who pauses for that question is really saying telling you the level of political correctness poison they have imbibed and how they would rather ignore facts to remain sanctimonious.

    And those fools screaming out ‘racist’ are quite humorous – do they not know Islam is not a race? Way to go to declare yourself mentally challenged.

    Mark Rabich

  20. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for sharing the truth and helping us/me wake up to just how serious the situation is.

    Lance makes a very good point. If we could get a video of Geer’s address, then many of us could swamp youtube with the video.

    Not the same as seeing him speak in person, but nevertheless a way of spreading the truth about dhimmitude and the hidden, or not so hidden agenda of Islam.

    God bless you for standing up.

    Paul Copeland

  21. It is time to coin a new word. What do we call it when we are not against a race, but against a particular religion? Are we then religionists?
    Islam is a religion, because it has its roots in the supernatural, the unseen and the unexplained and unexplainable, but the roots are in the kingdom of darkness and not the kingdom of light and we know the name of the king of that realm.
    Vickie Jansen spoke very well this morning on RN breakfast. It is extremely frustrating to hear the MSM’s inability or lack of willingness to make the distinction between being anti-islam or being anti-muslim. From this springs, I believe much of the miscommunication and misunderstanding and thereby the branding as “rightwing extremist” that Geert Wilder and those who believe that is right, are stuck with. If they would only listen to what he is saying they might understand.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  22. Daniel,

    I share your disheartenment with many church leaders. Thankfully, our recently retired senior pastor was never afraid to make political points from the pulpit. Just writing that made me realise I am not sure whether his successor, a good pastor in general, does or does not share that courage.

    Graeme Cumming

  23. Mansel,

    You wrote, correctly in my view, that the left has infiltrated schools, universities and the media. Which is why we need to infiltrate back.

    Graeme Cumming

  24. There are no brave men and women in government today, and there are no churches that are brave to STAND up for their country, for freedom. They are spineless, they all need to read the book of Daniel. It just shows you just how much power the communists and radical Muslims have in this country. Gillard and Abbott are not fit to run this country, when Abbott rubbishes Geert’s views on Islam. I”m very concerned that leaders in Australia will not listen to Geert, a gracious man. How can he be called a racist, when he is telling the truth? This world is very sick, people out there do not want to hear the truth. Shalom.
    Gail Webster

  25. Gail (and Bill),

    I disagree that “there are no brave men and women in government today” – our own Federal LNP MP has spoken in Parliament re: moral issues such as homosexual marriage and abortion. Oxley’s Federal ALP(!) MP Shayne Newman has spoken against gay marriage, though I’m disappointed with his lack of a stand against abortion. Cory Bernardi has identified the link between homosexuality and beastophilia (e.g. Brown and Singer) – was it he who was involved in getting Wilders to Oz. There are many cowards, but there are a few who have “not bowed the knee to Baal.”

    Gail also wrote “there are no churches that are brave to STAND up for their country.” As per my comments above re: our former senior pastor, yes there are.

    Few in number. But they exist.

    Graeme Cumming

  26. “our own Federal LNP MP has spoken in Parliament re: moral issues such as homosexual marriage and abortion” – George Christensen

    Graeme Cumming

  27. Our priest says that we should not pray for the conversion of Muslims but pray that they become better Muslims. He cited the dialogue between Muslims and Christians and the movie ‘Of Gods and Men’ as authority. Gail you sound like an enraged prophet-ess? How can he (Wilders) be called a racist when he is telling the truth? – it’s simple, some people lie or perhaps, like our parish priest, they march to a distant drum. Don’t forget that Jesus spent a lot of his time dealing with blind people.

    B T Walters

  28. It seems Colin Barnett has also thrown his lot in with extreme left and their radical hatred of freedom. They have no problem with the Australian media being used to facilitate wide scale leftist indoctrination and yet they use their position and resources to silence one man who frankly doesn’t have a very wide audience anyway.

    The problem is that by the time the Chamberlains of this generation step down, the war will already be in full swing.

    Simon Fox

  29. Mansel & Graeme, are correct but I would state the problem more strongly. It is not that: “the left has infiltrated schools, universities and the media”. There is nothing subtle or covert about their influence: rather they have effective control where freedom of speech is censored and banned in “schools, universities and the media” (and even in some churches), where criticism of Islam, homosexuality and evolution are considered as unloving, hate crimes, that must be censored.

    But true love persists and warns of danger. Christians must pray and sound the alarm.

    Peter Newland

  30. Ursula,

    I don’t use the word “race” in conversation its loaded with to many different meanings. There is only one race and it’s called the human race and it goes back to Adam. I now use the term “people groups” and then one is able to make comments (positive or negative) re various cultures, traditions and religious practices without offending the person, who of course is made in the image of God.

    Dallas James

  31. Also, after the Wilders meeting last night, Islamic pamphlets were being handed out at the gate alongside police. I collected three but the Islamic website referenced has 21 pdf pamphlets.
    Where are the Christian pamphlets that counter the errors and misrepresentation of those pamphlets?

    Peter Newland

  32. Bill , its odd that the left is so hostile to Geert Wilders. He is pro gay, pro same sex marriage, pro euthanasia pro abortion. He has worthwhile things to say about islamification but as Christians we could not possibly support him if he headed a political party in Australia. On these other moral issues muslims would support our position. So why be so gung ho about Wilders. For the sake of populism he is prepared to give ground on every moral front. Europe has turned its back on it’s christian heritage. I don’t see that he is in any way marking the way back. He’s by no means a true prophet. We need to be cautious about such public figures.

    Gerard Spoelstra

  33. Thanks Gerard

    But you might as well argue that it was wrong for Australia, the US, and the Allies to align themselves with the USSR to fight Hitler. On limited tactical battles we can and must work together or we perish. When Hitler was defeated we of course broke off with the USSR. We live in the real world, and a fallen world, not some fairyland, so such alliances are necessary. Wilders is quite right on his stand against imperialistic Islam. Therefore I can most certainly support him here, while not supporting him in every other area. If you were looking for that sort of perfect alignment with complete agreement in everything, you better not try to get married. I just wish Christians had as much guts and determination as he does to stand up for our freedoms.

    Of course he and his party are not far right, as the MSM like to make them out to be. They are a mix of left and right. And I have said often that he is not a Christian and that his party is not correct on all the issues. Then again there are hardly any political parties that are right on every issue. If God can use Balaam’s ass to get his word out, then he can use an agnostic to speak truth on some vital issues of the day. I have no problems supporting him when he is worth supporting. In other areas where he is not worth supporting, I won’t.

    And in the meantime we should pray for him that he does become a Christian. He is well aware that the Judeo-Christian worldview has made Europe what it is, so he needs to come on board himself. So instead of simply criticising him, we need to pray for him. He would be great on our team.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  34. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME re those who’ve bowed their knee to the devil & his lies & not standing up for truth.
    Let’s hope that 60 – 100 venues open their doors to allow the truth to be revealed!
    Barb Hoc

  35. Hi Bill, Thanks for yet again exposing the truth about this situation. Last night I felt exactly as you say it is, “the death of Democracy”. How true it is, all these things happened under communism in eastern Europe. It is very sad that now we have actually reached a stage where a vocal minority has control over the cowardly majority. I hope that the Q Society will spend the funds they collected for the Perth event on a massive campaign to drive home the real implications of this tragic end of our Australian democracy. I for one don’t mind the Q Society use my funds for this purpose, possibly they could let us have a video of the Melbourne events.
    Mind you I think that the Canberra leaders in power are doing a good job of killing democracy at a great speed of knots.
    Bill Heggers

  36. Dear Bill,

    Quite right Bill. I would have laughed heartily if it wasn’t so serious when Nick Xenophon arrived back in Australia after a spell in a Malaysian prison for being a security threat saying what a thriving place Australia was for freedom and democracy compared to that country! I don’t know what planet he is living on! What freedom is he talking about? What little there was evaporated when Mr Wilders was refused a venue to speak.A friend of mine made the comment that it was bad enough for Pauline Hanson. A few years ago she had to run the gauntlet of left wing activists [rent a crowd] to get inside the building where Pauline Hanson was due to speak.I told her things have been deteriorating rapidly since then. I also thought Tony Abbott’s response was pathetic and as for the Christian Churches if they are frightened now they will never stand up to what is to come because this is only the beginning. I think many ordinary, decent Australians who have never been particularly active or interested in politics are beginning to realise now that the freedoms they took for granted are rapidly disappearing but as it was in Nazi Germany when the masses woke up it was already too late.

    Patricia Halligan

  37. Yes i agree Patricia, if they are frightened now they will curl up in a ball when the trouble really starts.
    And Hanson yes she had a unfortunate manner but she was not a lefty nor a tolerance bigot.
    Daniel Kempton

  38. Dear Bill.

    Geert Wilders was interviewed on channel 7 morning show this morning (sunday).

    Here is a link http://au.tv.yahoo.com/video/-/watch/47a97f71-2d5c-3036-9d77-a344f322ccef/aoks-full-interview-with-wilders/autv_sunrise/

    I hope we can get a download of this to put up at youtube so that folk can comment. The interviewer made a complete fool of himself throughout the interview, while Geert Wilders very graciously corrected all the false statements made about Islam ideology.

    God bless.

    Paul Copeland

  39. Paul
    Watching this interview and his clever in his own eyes technique made me think of Proverb 27:3: ‘Rocks are heavy, and sand is weighty, but a fool’s provocation outweighs them both’.
    The interviewer bought up aboriginals in Australia because of their incarceration percentages to compare them against Islam. But Aboriginals don’t fly planes into buildings do they?
    Daniel Kempton

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