Truth Telling in the Culture Wars

The two biggest threats to faith, freedom, and family today come from militant groups dedicated to the destruction of the West, democracy, and Christianity. I refer to militant Islam and the militant homosexual lobby. Both are working overtime to destroy all opposition and take over an enfeebled and befuddled West.

I have documented countless cases of stealth jihad and creeping sharia on this site. Freedoms are being lost big time throughout the West and those who warn of such dangers, such as Geert Wilders, are pilloried and attacked. How much longer the West can withstand this onslaught remains to be seen.

But here I want to speak to the second major source of the new totalitarianism. I refer to homofascism, for that is exactly what it is. I have recorded numerous cases of this here, and my new book will have a very long chapter documenting many more such cases.

Everywhere the pink mafia is crushing freedom, destroying democracy, and waging war on anyone and anything that dares to resist its agenda. The West is fast sliding into one big homonazi state, where the militants rule and punish all those who put up resistance.

And a totally sold-out lamestream media is doing its best to slavishly promote every agenda item of the homonazis. For example, no one on the planet by now would not know of the coming out of Jason Collins, the Boston Celtics center.

He is the first athlete in any of America’s four major sporting leagues to do so, and you would think that the messiah had just arrived on planet earth. He is even bigger than Obama at the moment. In fact, this decadent president actually sent him a word of congratulations for announcing his perversion.

The MSM has gone completely nutzo over him, with everyone saying how brave and courageous he is. Yeah right. There is nothing brave at all about coming out in one of the most homosexual-friendly nations on earth. What takes a huge amount of courage today is to declare yourself publically to be a conservative Christian. You can lose your head for daring to do that.

And there is nothing heroic about a chump who has dumped his own fiancee. “Basketball’s Jason Collins made headlines recently by telling the world he’s actually homosexual, but the one person he didn’t notify was his long-time ex, as reported by the New York Daily News on April 30, 2013.

“The jilted Carolyn Moos claims that her former fiancé of eight years, Boston Celtics center Jason Collins, failed to notify her that he was homosexual, despite the fact that the two had been planning their nuptials for almost a decade. Collins came out of the closet this past week-end, thusly being the only athlete in a major American sport who has publically identified himself as a homosexual.”

Oh, and why won’t the MSM point out this inconvenient truth: Jason has a twin brother. And no, he is not a homosexual.

In the meantime, ESPN NBA commentator Chris Broussard is now being crucified for daring to share his Christian views on homosexuality and the Collins case. The entire MSM has come down on him like a ton of bricks. Go figure.

And consider yet another case of the pink mob in action: “Gay rights groups are trying to bar Pastor Greg Laurie from events at the National Day of Prayer because of his biblical stance on homosexuality. The Southern California pastor is set to lead prayer on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon. Now, a military group that supports gays says Laurie should be barred from the Pentagon because he has said that the Bible calls gay sex sinful.”

Gee, what a tolerant bunch these guys are; so into diversity, acceptance and non-judgmentalism. One of the best pieces to appear on all this has just come out by no less than a former bisexual who was raised in a lesbian household. “Meet the Gay Police State” is the very important article by Robert Oscar Lopez. Every one of you should read the entire thing, but I offer some nuggets from it here:

“On March 24, 2013, as I stood with other speakers waiting to take the stage at Paris’s ‘manif pour tous’ against homosexual marriage, I saw tear gas sail through the air at a crowd of peaceful protesters. Children, elderly people, and elected officials were hit by the gas. Christine Boutin, the president of a political party, passed out. Some videos showing what happened are posted on my blog here.

“As I stood behind the fence, waiting for my cue to take the stage, I was torn between two urges. One urge was to climb the fence and show solidarity with the people being tear-gassed. The other urge was to flee. In the end, I was spared having to choose, because the organizers called for me to mount the platform and speak.

“The images of a police force ‘defending’ a city ruled by a gay Socialist mayor (Bertrand Delanoe), shooting tear gas at children, was worse than the imagery of Lt. Pike pepper-spraying college students in Davis, and worse, I would say, than the Jim Crow police force using dogs and water hoses on black children during the famous protests led by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.”

He continues, “Having grown up with a lesbian mother, and having spent so many years as an out bisexual, I found the thought utterly repugnant. LGBTs, the movement based on rolling back bullying and ‘bashing,’ are now fully integrated into society’s disciplinary institutions: they run schools, command armed forces, dictate jargon to the press, govern cities as big as Paris, run congressional committees on banking regulation, and get to rule on Proposition 8 from the bench of federal courts.

“And now, having come into wildly disproportionate power, the movement demands the right to own children as property, insists on safe passage to India to lure poor women into paid surrogacy contracts, and threatens to put adoption centers out of business if they refuse to turn orphans over to gay couples. When people step up to defend children, as did the people of France in the massive mobilization of March 24, the gays call in street thugs, riot police, and monsters wielding tear gas.

“It was another turning point for me, from which I have yet to recover. For having seen what I saw in Brussels and Paris, I know something I didn’t feel comfortable believing before: gays cannot claim that they would be any kinder in power. They are in power, and they are happy to sit atop a police state.

“I suppose it was a long time coming. Go to any Gay Pride event, and you see the floats celebrating ‘leather men,’ sadomasochistic outfits of dominatrices and gleeful torture equipment – both gay men and lesbians are shamelessly fond of eroticizing power. There is nothing in gay culture that is incompatible with a police state. If anything, the evolution of gay culture since Stonewall has set us up for a gay police state. Now it has arrived.

“I suppose I should be happy at least knowing what underlies the cries for gay liberation and equality. Whatever becomes of same-sex marriage in the United States, the gay movement poses a much longer-term problem.

“Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but rather an ideology. The LGBT movement is not a community, but rather a political machine backed by big business. Until it can show that it is capable of increasing its reach and profile without abusing power, it has to be resisted, for it is the face of an ancient urge which must always be resisted: the lust for power and domination.”

Did you get that? “Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but rather an ideology.” Yep it sure is, and it is hell-bent on crushing everything in its path. So don’t take my word for it. Listen to those who have been there – before it is too late.

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  1. Jason Collins’ twin brother isn’t gay?? But I thought it was genetic? Must be epigenetics or something like that that allows me to excuse my behaviour….

    Joel van der Horst

  2. I see these attacks as the Philistines who have been empowered by our (Western Christendom’s) idolatry.

    We’ve had well over a century of Evolution-ites, then Sexual-ites, now Homo-ites. Next, with no repentance forthcoming, it will be off to exile by the Islam-ites.

    Tim Lovett

  3. If you go back to Roman times you have the same situation only a slightly different variation. In the days of the arena and the killing of Christians and gladiatorial combats etc you have the blood lust and the insatiable demand for cruelty to others unto death with unimaginable sadism, but not for the mob. Stepping out of line and suddenly becoming one of the victims made many of the day fearful of challenging the wrong. Today we have laws that persecute us for trying to restrict The homosexual agenda on the grounds that we are not being politically correct, are being sexist or persecuting a minority for their life style.
    Today we have a degree of that same blood lust in the TV crime programs that usually present a preview poster depicting a man or woman nearly always brandishing a gun. And as the gore of the crimes get ever more detail so too will the Homosexual agenda become more graphic with no complaint against its exposure for fear of the homosexual onslaught and persecution against those attempting to curtail their perceived rights to expose.
    This is the weapon by which they will ultimately suck in their young recruits.
    In their view such exposure of what they convince themselves to be a natural act has a right to be shown until they have pummelled the next generation into the inescapable sewer of same sex lust and their perceived normality of its act.
    We believe the Bible to be the word of God and it is inescapable in its righteousness.
    When Lot was brought out of Sodom the whole city was destroyed because it had perverted itself completely into the unnatural acts of the homosexual way. What else is there in life when the only thing left in men is a lust for another man, again and again and again.
    God said to Adam to go forth and replenish the earth knowing also that this world could support twice its number if we didn’t have the greed and global destruction of his creation that exists today, And if as Christians we truly cared about each other then it would be so.
    God knows the time of ending for he counts the souls not the years. So in him we trust, but first it has to get worse.
    The mere fact that the days of trauma are coming as predicted must surely sustain our faith.
    In the city of Sodom things changed and the scourge took over.
    And so God came and he will surely come again.

    One third of the trees will be burnt up……………Done.
    One third of all living things in the sea will perish………….almost done.
    Satan has come down to the earth. Woe to its inhabitants…………He is here.
    As in the city of Sodom when humans thought they knew better and didn’t listen. God came and he will he return again.
    Dennis Newland

  4. Bill, this paragraph that you quote from Robert Oscar Lopez is brilliant. It truly hits the nail on the head:

    “Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but rather an ideology. The LGBT movement is not a community, but rather a political machine backed by big business. Until it can show that it is capable of increasing its reach and profile without abusing power, it has to be resisted, for it is the face of an ancient urge which must always be resisted: the lust for power and domination.”

    I too shall quote it whenever I need to!

    Dominic Baron, NZ

  5. Thank you, Bill for courageously standing for Biblical truth, and not being afraid to defy Political Correctness. Sadly, it seems that the church in general appears to be either ignorant of these threats to our freedoms or is unwilling to address them from the pulpits for fear of offending members of their congregations. I am reminded of the words of the Keith Green Song ‘Asleep in the Light’- “The world is sleeping in the dark that the church just can’t fight ‘cos it’s asleep in the light”. Thanks for your boldness, Bill.

    Peter Harvey

  6. I could not believe the media frenzy when the New Zealand Parliament voted for SSM. I tried to get on 3AW “talkback”, where you are asked your point of view before going to air, and guess what … “sorry, out of time”.

    Dennis Newland makes some great points, and one that particularly resonated with me was the escalation of gore and violence on our TV’s. The constant depiction of women pointing guns is most disturbing (bad enough with men). Yet hollywood seems hell bent on portraying women in this macho type of image.

    With ever more violent video games etc., is it any wonder we are witnessing so much violence in the community today? We are all being fed a diet of unbridled violence.

    Keep up the good work Bill.

    Peter Coventry

  7. I think another Keith Green song is also very fitting:

    “No one believes in me anymore”

    Oh, my job keeps getting easier
    As time keeps slipping away
    I can imitate your brightest light
    And make your night look just like day
    I put some truth in every lie
    To tickle itching ears
    You know I’m drawing people just like flies
    ‘Cause they like what they hear

    I’m gaining power by the hour
    they’re falling by the score
    You know, it’s getting very simple now
    ‘Cause no one believes in me anymore

    Oh, heaven’s just a state of mind
    My books read on your shelf
    And have you heard that God is dead
    I made that one up myself
    They dabble in magic spells
    They get their fortunes read
    You know they heard the truth
    But turned away and followed me instead

    I used to have to sneak around
    But now they just open their doors
    You know, no one’s watching for my tricks
    Because no one believes in me anymore

    Everyone likes a winner
    With my help, you’re guaranteed to win
    And hey man, you ain’t no sinner
    You’ve got the truth within
    And as your life slips by
    You believe the lie that you did it on your own
    But don’t worry
    I’ll be there to help you share our dark eternal home

    Oh, my job keeps getting easier
    As day slips into day
    The magazines, the newspapers
    Print every word I say
    This world is just my spinning top
    It’s all like childs-play
    You know, I dream that it will never stop
    But I know it’s not that way

    Still my work goes on and on
    Always stronger than before
    I’m gonna make it dark before the dawn
    Since no one believes in me anymore
    Well now I used to have to sneak around
    But now they just open their doors
    You know, no one watches for my tricks
    Since no one believes in me anymore

    Well I’m gaining power by the hour
    They’re falling by the score
    You know, it’s getting very easy now
    Since no one believes in me anymore
    No one believes in me anymore
    No one believes in me anymore

    Mario Del Giudice

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