Paul and His Unacceptable Behaviour

It has recently been brought to our attention that the apostle Paul was involved in an ugly incident involving those of other faiths, causing an uproar which is now making the headlines. Reports are emerging that while recently in Ephesus, he actually had religious and spirituality books rounded up and burned.

In addition it seems he actually tried to exorcise some persons of another faith tradition, but we await further word on that. However it does seem clear at this point that his reckless actions have resulted in the loss of numerous important religious works worth some fifty thousand pieces of silver.

An investigative team from the First Church of Tolerance is right now looking into this sordid event, and will soon issue a statement about it. In the meantime we are calling for the immediate suspension of this rabble-rouser. We demand that he be prohibited from doing any more teaching or speaking until further notice. This sort of activity is totally unjustified, and we expect that he will be properly disciplined for his offensive and uncalled for actions.


Sirs, thank you so much FCT for alerting me to this. I also have had many concerns and misgivings about this Paul character. He has always struck me as a trouble-maker, and quite over the top. He seems to delight in going out of his way to offend people. He has no consideration for the feelings of others, and he is doing great harm to the cause of Christ. His complete lack of restraint and tact makes him quite unsuited to being a representative of our newfound religion. I too call for his immediate sacking.

In Christian grace, Alice from Berea

Sirs. This was one of the most unloving and intolerant things I have read about in quite some time. This was nothing less than a case of hate speech. How dare this man come into a peaceful community and cause such an uproar? Indeed, it seems he and his band of deluded followers are trying to turn the world upside down. This is shameful. As a long-time follower of Jesus, I know he would never approve of such shameful conduct. I thank you for bringing this to our attention, and I hope for the sake of the gospel that this man is never allowed to preach again. He is a disgrace.


Sirs, as the head of the Ephesus Interfaith Council, I can assure you that we are completely staggered at this intolerant act. We regard this activity as being utterly reprehensible and unacceptable. Even though I am of course a Christian as well, the actions of Paul have damaged greatly our attempts at interfaith dialogue with those of other faith traditions.

His hurtful actions have set back our cause by decades. I certainly hope this trouble-maker is stripped of any authority he might have, and kept away from all Christian and religious activity. We had been making such progress with those in Ephesus, and I can vouch for the fact that these folks, regardless of their belief systems, are very fine people indeed. There is a wideness to God’s love and mercy, and he embraces everyone. We all may have different approaches to spirituality, but we have no right to condemn anyone else, or tell them that their beliefs and practices are wrong. That sort of bigotry is no longer acceptable in our day and age.

Ralph, director of the EIC

Sirs, as a new believer, I really don’t like this Paul fellow. The God I serve is all about love and acceptance. Jesus was into tolerance and inclusion. He ate with sinners. He did not burn their books. I am sad that in these enlightened days a fraud like Paul can get away with his judgmental and unloving activities.


Sirs. I am not a Christian, and would never become one, based on the crazy beliefs and actions of Paul. He is so intolerant and judgmental. If there is a God, he accepts us all and loves us all equally.

Sam from Corinth

Sirs, thank you for alerting us to this. I will make sure to give this fanatic a wide berth if he should ever come my way. We have long ago moved away from such narrow-minded bigotry and intolerance. We know that the only way we can get along as a society is to put aside all these petty bigotries and out-dated fundamentalisms, and learn how to just love one another. Thank you again for taking a stand on this matter.

Anon from Galatia

Sirs, this is nothing but hate speech, and the sooner we get some new laws in on this the better. We clearly need some religious vilification legislation put in place to prevent this despicable sort of behaviour from occurring again. We must champion toleration, and not allow these hot-heads to destroy our community.

Jack from Antioch

Sirs, let me also add my voice to this. I am a follower of Jesus and I am ashamed of this man Paul. He has nothing to do with Jesus, and is a lousy representative of him. The Jesus I know accepts everyone and is about love and peace. This Paul is just a narrow-minded oaf who should be put out of his misery.


Sirs, when I first heard about this I was shocked, and hoped it was not true. But sadly it looks like it is. When will these bigots be locked up so that we can live in peace? It amazes me how arrogant and self-righteous this Paul is. He actually thinks that unless everyone believes like he does that we are all doomed and condemned. Well I got news for this loser: this is the first century, and we have moved beyond such hate and intolerance.

Justin from Rome

Sirs, thanks for the update. This is not surprising in the least. Our churches have long ago banned this fanatic. He is not someone who deserves entry into our church services. All he does is alienate people and cause offence. His message is one of hate and division. That is not the gospel I know of, and that is not the Jesus I follow. I hope all churches follow our example and keep this nutter out. He is doing nothing but great damage to our cause.

Mike from Thessalonica


Acts 19:11-20

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9 Replies to “Paul and His Unacceptable Behaviour”

  1. Dear Bill, The preaching methods of the Apostle Paul were certainly not politically correct, but they were faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why his letters are part of the Bible. Thank you for a different perspective about the Apostle Paul.
    Regards, Franklin Wood

  2. Bill,
    I have only recently discovered your web-site, and I thank you for your stand for ‘true truth’. When a culture embraces the deception of Political Correctness as its moral code, including its buzz-words like ‘tolerance’, discrimination’ etc., instead of the Law of God, then to varying degrees, the Church and individual Christians tend to be influenced by this. Especially where the Bible is not clearly embraced as God’ written Word, and where pastors are selective and don’t preach the ‘Whole Counsel of God.’

    Bill, could you please advise me where to find the articles ‘Coming Home’, which I understand is your personal story? Thank you!

    John Gillespie

  3. I wonder if anyone has done a similar thing to Luke for his obviously fallacious writings to Theophilus. Clearly this former doctor, because no doctor in his right mind would ever believe any of the rubbish that he produced in the self titled book he released about the story of Jesus.
    The first erroneous thing he wrote was about the so called “virgin” birth. What a joke; no one can be born without a father and a mother and this joker has the gall to even suggest that this Jesus was born of a virgin. Absolute madness.
    Secondly he says that this man fasted for 40 days, this guy would be dead if he did that.
    Thirdly he says that this man could clean people of their leprosy just by touching them. This is outrageous, since we have no cure for the disease and what he did was very dangerous.
    Fourthly he says that this man healed a man who was paralysed. This is utter nonsense and no one can do that. The fact that this man walked afterwards was just a planted ruse for people to follow this so called miracle worker. This is a common tactic we have seen plenty of times before and it clearly shows that this Jesus is charlatan of the highest order.
    Fifthly he says that this man healed a sick servant of a centurion by his word alone. He “does” this many times, but clearly the centurion was part of the act and the servant was slipped something to make him ill for a short period of time.
    Sixthly he says that this man raised a young man from the dead. Once people die, that is it, clearly the man wasn’t dead and Jesus had some trick to revive this man out of his drug induced sleep.
    And finally and worst of all, Luke says that this man died and we have proof of his death as the doctors overseeing his execution saw a clear separation of blood and water and was certified. Now he says that this man has risen from the dead. This is utter nonsense and the fact no one has seen his body since it was taken by a band of his followers, since we know the guards were sleeping after being drugged by the followers of this Jesus so they could incognito steal the body and make it look like he rose from the dead.

    Now these are just a sample of the many medically scientific errors found through out this book. It is my contention that the Luke should have his medical license taken away from him and he should never be able to practice medicine ever again. We simply can’t trust this fellow to ever follow acceptable medical knowledge.

    Ian Nairn

  4. Great article Bill.

    Can’t help but think Elijah was likewise intolerant of the prophets of Baal and should have welcomed their diversity and been less judgmental.

    Elijah’s actions are are staunch reminder to us of the Baalophobia that existed during his time.

    Doug Holland

  5. Hello Bill,
    Wow, what a great read this one was. It reminded me that truth is truth regardless of whether it is “officially certified” or not. Jonathan, your link was also a great read. Yes, often our greatest critics come from our own side and very few have the courage to swim against the tide. May we all find the strength that Paul had before we get swept out to sea and awash amongst the dirty waters of appeasement.
    Frank Norros

  6. I see this more and more, I thought it was only a couple of loose-ends I knew who thought like this, but now it seems to be popping up all over the place. Why are so many exaggerating scriptural books, verses, biblical characters, doctrine, wrath and the Bible itself? These guys portray one extreme just so can teach an opposite one.

    Johannes Archer

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