So This Is What “Pro-Choice” Really Means

Now that we all witnessed firsthand what the “pro-choice” mob is all about, at least we have a crystal clear picture of what choice actually means for these folks. Now we can see exactly what they think of choice, and how they use it.

It is now perfectly demonstrable that choice for these guys means this:

-choosing to terrorise innocent men, women and children
-choosing to disrupt legal and peaceful events
-choosing to damage, vandalise and destroy other people’s property
-choosing to scream, shout, yell and curse at the top of one’s lungs
-choosing to use profanities and blasphemies nonstop
-choosing to bully, harass and assault innocent children and elderly people
-choosing to spew hatred and vile bile to everyone in sight
-choosing to close down democracy and destroy our very freedoms
-choosing to be as ugly and barbaric and demonic as possible
-choosing to attack police, show contempt for authorities, and vilify all who disagree
-choosing to steal things, wreck things, trample on things and destroy things
-choosing to intimidate, persecute and attack all those who dare to think differently
-choosing to shut down entire city centres
-choosing to violate one law after another
-choosing to act like spoiled brats and utterly selfish infants
-choosing to promote hate as goodness, intolerance as tolerance, and vice as virtue
-choosing to behave like feral animals and never have to apologise for it
-choosing to hold society to ransom for one’s diabolical agenda
-choosing to treat the public with contempt
-choosing to take no responsibility for one’s action
-choosing to take away other people’s choices in the name of choice
-choosing to use mindless and relentless violence in the name of non-violence

But this has always been how the pro-choice crowd has been. They are of course part of the larger world of the secular left, and this group has long been known for its real hatred and contempt of anything decent, worthwhile, and of virtue. They champion everything that is ugly, hideous, demonic and anarchistic.

Of course they wrap up all their hatred in nice flowery rhetoric. But what they actually do is of course what we must keep our eyes on, not what they say. Andrew Bolt has just penned a piece on this and is well worth quoting: “Chanting socialists and feminists on Saturday stormed up to Parliament House to confront 3000 anti-abortion activists gathered there.

“Now, remember what socialists claim: they are kinder and more moral. More sharing and caring. Remember what feminists claim: they want women treated equally. Want mutual respect. But here is what I saw. I saw those Socialist Alliance protesters and feminists for hours shout down, blockade, hit, abuse and destroy the property of citizens, priests included, trying to peacefully express a different point of view – that killing babies in the womb is wrong.

“I saw socialists and feminists yanking signs from the hands of women older than themselves and destroying their balloons, as if those women had no right to speak and no right to their own property. I saw some socialists and feminists push police and shove and hit anti-abortionists. One politician was hit with an egg; another was allegedly kicked. I saw a socialist wearing a ‘F… Tony Abbott’ T-shirt. I saw one feminist screaming hysterically in the face of someone trying to speak to her.”

He concludes, “The Left has been long presented by schools, universities and media outlets, especially the ABC, as people who are ‘progressive’ and ‘compassionate’. The Left I saw on Saturday is instead the natural home of the totalitarian and the bully. And that’s without considering that today’s socialists and feminists also endorse the killing of healthy unborn infants just weeks before birth.

“None of this is new, of course. Most of the worst modern tyrannies, from the French Revolution to the Cambodian genocide, were led by the Left. The greatest attacks on our free speech have come from Labor, a party of so-called idealists.

“But as British philosopher Bertrand Russell famously noted: ‘Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.’ We saw that in Melbourne on Saturday. They call themselves progressives. They are instead barbarians, so sure of their goodness they feel licensed to do evil.”

Let me conclude with another revealing comment that has just come in to my website: “We arrived late and went reverse route. Waiting for some time near Melbourne Town Hall for the march to arrive into Swanston Street. Alas it didn’t. One solitary lady with a pro life banner walked by, heading towards Flinders St, so we asked her where the march was. She explained it had been stopped by a protest barricade.

“We walked with her towards Flinders Street station, whereupon she was set upon by several irrational ranting radicals who emerged from around the corner en masse. In their very incensed state they tore her sign off her and set upon her with verbal rage en masse.

“The physical abuse didn’t eventuate, because several men and myself intervened between them. Men I might say who were simply members of the general public, not the march, and couldn’t abide the treatment she was receiving for no apparent reason. It was a physical jostle. One that brought tears to my 10 year old son, who was concerned for his Dad’s and the lady in questions welfare.

“Once that tension eased, my wife, our 2 boys and I then walked up Flinders street, finding 2 young couples with signature pink and blue balloons still trying to gather their composure, then we continued up into Spring St and joined the Parliament steps participants and listened to the speakers trying to make themselves heard above the protest noise. A very confronting experience. One that brought us alive in the spirit.

“The experience sponsored great discussion as a family on the topic of spiritual warfare and the need to make a stand to keep this country free. Free from such anarchy and disrespect for the rule of law. Of course Melinda’s testimony was such a joy to share with our boys this morning. Thanks Bill for being such a warrior and tireless promoter of peaceful social action. It was you who got me to attend for the first time last year.”

Another great example of what “choice” means for this feral mob.

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  1. This is reminiscent of the ‘hail satan’ chants from a recent pro-abortion mob in Texas. The prince of darkness no longer feels he needs to hide; he owns a critical mass of the world’s population.

    Graham Jose

  2. I wonder if there is a way of finding out the training methodologies used for the police force in VIC
    Are they encouraged like at school to be pro left wing?
    Are the police themselves following strict orders from the heirarchy?
    At least in NSW we have a Christian police commissioner in Andrew Scipione
    Do these marches occur in Sydney?

    Dameon McManus

  3. We need to define the terms in our own way. Don’t let the left define the terms. They frame it to make their agenda look noble.
    Anti-abortionists. They sound really nasty.
    Pro-choice. They sound really nice.
    The side that frames the debate wins the struggle.
    We are pro-life. We are for-babies. We are for-families.
    The other side is anti-baby. The other side promotes baby-killing.

    Tasman Walker

  4. Let us not miss this opportunity to advance the real cause we are fighting for.
    This vilence was caused by the government. The reason for the trouble is that the government has refused to protect unborn children. This government needs to act on law reform. This government needs to stop approving the shedding of blood of healthy, innocent babies. Protect families. protect babies. Support mothers in their distress.
    As a Queenslander there is ONE issue that I think of the Victorian Labor Government: they authorized the killing of babies. ONE issue.
    And there is ONE issue that I think of the current Victorian Government: They did nothing to protect their weakest, youngest, most vunerable people–the unborn children.
    The Labor Government is akin to Hitler who authorized the killing of unwanted people. The Liberal government is akin to his henchmen who did not lift a finger to protect life.
    Let’s really get stuck into the government on this one.
    Who is going to stand against this tyranny?
    Who is going to be remembered for upholding life?
    This government needs to be held to account, and the responsibility for the violence on Saturday is entirely the fault of the government.
    And the violence on Saturday is nothing compared with the violence every day that babies are chopped up and thrown in the garbage.
    This government needs to get a soul. This government needs to protect life. This government needs to provide the first requirement of government: protect life for all its people.

    Tasman Walker

  5. I was not there but can imagine how terrible this would have been. Andrew Bolt is a good ally as he has wide media exposure. The Police need to be held to account for standing by and not intervening. If it were the other way round and Christians tried to disrupt a gay pride event, action would have been taken against the Christians for sure!

    Jo Deller

  6. Seems to me these choices are exactly the same as those of the Sodomites and Islamites.

    Eddie Sim

  7. The conservative governments tend to be hypocritical. They feign moral outrage when the Labor party brings in these laws, about marriage, abortion, euthenasia, etc. But when they have the power they do not change them back. It’s a long term rachet effect whereby the country is clicking bit by bit into more and more immoral culture.

    When Rudd approved abortion as part of Australia’s foreign aid, the liberal opposition expressed their outrage. I wrote to the leaders of the party and asked if they would make it as part of their policy to repeal those laws. Most fobbed me off. Abbott replied, sincerely I thought, and said he would like to think they could but he could not guarantee it because of the dynamics of the party room.
    And let’s face it, the dynamics is determined by what really concerns the Australian people.

    Tasman Walker

  8. I have registered my complaint through the Police complaints website. Yes it is strongly worded, but not (I trust abusive). It runs as follows:
    “I wish to protest in the strongest terms about the police response – or to be more precise, the lack thereof – in “handling” the Socialist Left etc. counter-protesters this past Saturday. The way they simply stood by while innocent and law-abiding, decent people were abused incessantly, screamed at, jostled, pelted with eggs and water-bombs, subjected to verbal thuggery and obscenities – often through loud hailers. This was at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Sts, which I witnessed first-hand, being immediately behind the police line. I could say more by way of description, but here is the testimony of someone else who was there:
    The stock response of the police on the spot was, “They have their rights too”, and so they simply stood there and did nothing to disperse the thugs (as I will call them), and although for the pro-lifers its was a notified and approved march, in the end we were the ones who were told to back off, thus giving victory to the thugs.
    At Parliament House it was a similar story: the thugs tried to interfere with the audio equipment, jump on to the stage, steal some of the equipment, and then play heavy rock music and shout and scream incessantly, while the police just stood there like so many stuffed dummies.
    What happened to the rule of rule, which your force is supposed to uphold??
    What happened to thee police motto, “Tenez le droit” (Uphold the right)? The stock line from the police on the spot was instead “Keep the peace”, a very different concept and task.
    “They (the thugs) have their rights too” was the stock response. NO THEY DON’T!!
    -They do no have the right to abuse people in a public place, especially when some of them were small children in family groups. What happened to the laws against public vilification?
    -They do not have the right to throw missiles like eggs and water bombs (I was almost hit with one – only my sign stopped me from getting hit in the face)
    -They do not have the right to obstruct a peaceful and authorised march which has under normal circumstances the right of passage.
    -They do not have the right to abuse and molest older people, and knock people to the ground (as happened to a Member of Parliament, of all people).
    I could go on, but that will suffice. In my considered opinion, the rule of law perished in the street on Saturday with the blithe inaction and mealy-mouthed excuses of members of your force.
    A letter in similar vein will be going to the Police Minister and to my Member of Parliament.”

    Murray R Adamthwaite

  9. The selective ‘turning a blind eye’ by the Victoria Police is little short of cowardice, and is in itself breaking the law. If those outrages had occurred on a Saturday night, or if the Police themselves had been assaulted, the ferals would have been charged. The Police should learn that those who break the law forfeit their rights.

    Lindsay Smail

  10. Murray, good on you for making your complaint and taking it further. But I have to say it really does not surprise me that Victorian police acted, or rather failed to act, in the way they did. In morally corrupt regimes police are inevitably used as an extension of political power in order to quell dissent to state policies and actions. By allowing the demonstrators to disrupt the peaceful, lawful pro-life march, the police were probably not just being inept but actually carrying out the orders of their political masters. This is the beginning of the road to tyranny; after all, if a state believes it can legalise the killing of babies why would they respect the right to protest peacefully or any other right? In the final analysis, history shows, it is only the moral power of the citizenry that overcomes such tyrannical governments. I fear, however, that it may get a lot worse for Victorians and Australians before that happens.

    Mark Henderson

  11. This is nothing new. I recall an article in “The Humanist”, an American secular-progressive atheist journal, that described a clash with Pro-Life demonstrators who were derided as gorillas and road-kill. That was decades ago.

    Daryl Snowden

  12. Thanks Bill for keeping Sydneysiders informed of what is happening.

    It’s was clearly an incredibly ugly situation and must be very frightening for children with projectiles being thrown.

    What the heck were the Victorian Police thinking and doing?

    At least in NSW the Police have in the past put themselves in a position as a barrier between pro marriage and pro gay supporters in Martin Place Sydney.
    It’s a courageous action but praise God for our NSW Police in Sydney and for the Commissioner who is a Christian.

    Thanks also to Andrew Bolt (NEWS) who is unafraid to make a comment.

    God Bless you and your family,
    One wonders how bad Society will become in the last days,

    Phil Browne, Sydney

  13. The officer in charge of the police at this protest was an Acting Sgt from Melbourne north station. Bernie Finn’s electoral officer told me that this lady police officer was antagonistic to the march. A case of Nixon’s tenure coming to the fore perhaps – of appointments being made on special interest groups and not merit.

    Wayne Pelling

  14. Sent my complaint to the police though I’m not a Victorian. Others should too. Don’t just vent here. Get moving.

    Damien Spillane

  15. Thanks for that, Wayne. I’m not at all surprised. Christine Nixon made the police a thoroughly “leftised” outfit, and what we saw on Saturday amounts to persecution by proxy, whereby the police passively encourage the anarchist thugs to do what they really want. I fear it will only increase, and we as Christians must prepare for it.
    Eggs and water-bombs today. Who knows? Tomorrow Molotov cocktails and bullets?

    Murray R Adamthwaite

  16. I was incensed at what I witnessed last Saturday. The pro-abortionists were a group of callous thugs who threatened everyone that supports life. They were a selfish lot behaving as if only they were privy to a view. Overall, I was most disappointed at the impassive behaviour of the police who did nothing to protect the peaceful march. I had lodged my complaints against the police as well as to our Premier, Minister of Police and Emergency Services, and Attorney General as a matter of urgency seeking an investigation to this inaction against attacks by an illegally staged protest by the pro-abortionist group upon the public.

    Victor Soo

  17. We must investigate the Commander, a police-woman who told Richard Grant that she was pro abortion and not sympathetic to our cause. No doubt she has had a huge influence. So many good police there on the day were overwhelmed and misguided. We must pray for our police, and to this Commander who has taken over a most prestige position. We pray for you!!

    Mrs Jane Byrne

  18. How right proverbs simply puts it. “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruelties”.

    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  19. So good to see the Queensland Govt & police take a tough stance against the Bikies and change the Law!Let us pray that one day the same will happen to all abortionists for their criminal activities, namely the murder of our most precious brothers and sisters!!

    Mrs Jane Byrne

  20. Bill,

    Just letting you know that I received a letter today from Andrew Falconer, Acting Inspector, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Chief Commissioner informing me that my correspondence (on the police’s failure to control the anti-demonstrators) has been referred to the Assistant Commissioner, Professional Standards Command for attention, and that I’ll receive further advice from that department.

    Antonia Feitz

  21. Update. Today (11/11/13) I received a letter from Victoria Police advising me that there will be a formal debrief in the next two weeks relating to the planning, execution and overall management of the police response by an independent senior officer who had no involvement in the demonstration.

    The investigator will consider the findings and recommendations of the formal debrief and gather relevant information such as video footage, witness accounts, and the views of parties involved, including the police.

    I am very impressed with the responses I am receiving from Victoria Police. Let’s hope something good comes out of this disgraceful episode and that the investigation won’t be a whitewash.

    Antonia Feitz

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