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Politics, Religion and the Dalai Lama

Jun 15, 2011

A lot of, well, weirdness, has been taking place in regard to the Australian visit of the Dalai Lama. The spiritual leader of Tibet has been touring Australia recently, and there has been a lot of rather confused thinking surrounding

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Elijah and Baalists in Ecumenical Service

Jun 7, 2011

In an unprecedented move to show unity, love, respect and interfaith cooperation, the prophet Elijah has announced that he will be holding a major ecumenical service with the prophets of Baal this coming Sabbath. Calling the event “Faith Shared” the

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Chrislam and Religious Syncretism

Mar 1, 2011

I have written before about the new development known as Chrislam in which some misguided Christians believe they can somehow combine the two religions (Christianity and Islam) and still have something recognisable as the Christian faith. Sorry, but it can’t

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Watering Down the Christian Message

Dec 18, 2010

There are always attempts being made to water down the Christian story, and that is certainly true at Christmas time. What is meant to be the celebration of the birth of the Saviour of the world is reduced to a

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More Western Decline: London the New Mecca

Oct 28, 2010

The Islamification of the UK and Europe is well under way. Creeping sharia continues unabated, and the indicators of this transformation are everywhere to be found. The most recent was this headline from the Daily Mail: “Mohammed is now the

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When the Church Goes Nutso

Sep 15, 2010

The day Christians start burning Bibles while passing out Korans is the day when Christianity has gone completely bonkers. Sadly however that day is already here. Yep, you got it right – we now have Christians thinking it is a

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Concerns About Halal Foods

Jul 15, 2010

Various religious groups have particular dietary laws. One thinks of Kosher foods which Jews are allowed to eat, for example. In the Islamic religion there are also allowable foods and prohibited foods. With the influx of Muslims into Western nations,

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Islamist Indoctrination in Our Schools

Jul 12, 2010

Do you think the school system in a Muslim-majority nation would happily embrace booklets informing Muslim students how great Christianity is, or Judaism? Do you think any positive curriculum about non-Islamic faiths is found in Muslim-majority school systems? Somehow I

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Another Jesus

Jun 8, 2010

That biblical Christianity is an exclusive religion clearly distinguished from other truth claims and religious expressions is clear simply from taking the words of Jesus at face value. No one reading the four Gospels without some preconceived agenda can overlook

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How Not to Think About Easter

Apr 1, 2010

I was flabbergasted last night when a television show about Easter appeared – one which had absolutely nothing to do with Easter. Indeed, the most amazing – and pathetic – thing about this program was that it was produced by

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Christianity and Religious Syncretism

Dec 2, 2009

This week the Parliament of the World’s Religions (PWR) meets in Melbourne. Thousands of delegates from all over the world are expected to attend this week-long conference. People from all religions, and even atheists, will be in attendance.

While there

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Worshipping at the Altar of Tolerance

Nov 10, 2009

As people more and more reject the notion of absolute truth and universal morality, they do not remain without belief. The religious sphere, like nature, abhors a vacuum, so people will always find something to take the place of the

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When Truth Goes Missing

Oct 23, 2009

I have been thinking a lot lately about the soon to be held Parliament of the World’s Religions (PWR). And moments ago my eyes noted an ad in a magazine I was flipping through. The ad was for an upcoming

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Parliament of the World’s Religions

Oct 22, 2009

Very soon the Parliament of the World’s Religions will meet here in Melbourne. The week-long event (Dec. 3-9) will be attended by many thousands of people from around the globe. According to their website, this Parliament is “the world’s largest

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Sorry, But I am Not Buying Into Chrislam

Sep 16, 2009

Chrislam, as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims. Indeed, it actually seeks to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a syncretistic movement that speaks about “spirituality without boundaries”.

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Mars Hill and Common Ground

Dec 17, 2008

There is a very important biblical text concerning how Paul shared the Gospel with a non-Jewish (Greek) audience. It is of course the very well-known passage in Acts in which Paul gives his defence of the Gospel at the Areopagus

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Good News for Muslims

Dec 7, 2008

Some Christians think that they can help Muslims by affirming them in their faith, and encouraging them to be good Muslims. That is more or less how Christians in the interfaith movement operate. But there are other Christians who think

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Peace on Earth and Interfaith Dialogue

Nov 30, 2008

There are all sorts of reasons why people get involved in interfaith dialogue. Some are better than others. Some Christians, for example, may think in so doing they are being Christlike, or fulfilling biblical injunctions to be peacemakers and the

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