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Dealing With the Dutch Disease

Nov 18, 2011

In my back yard – and in many others – there is an ongoing battle with Dutch elm disease. These little varmints (elm bark beetles) are destroying plenty of elm trees. But that is not what I am talking about

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Force-Fed Multiculturalism

Sep 5, 2011

The multi-culti never rests, but continues to seek to grind everyone under its weight. A grand failed social experiment continues apace in the Western world. But fortunately at the same time there has been a strong reaction to this of

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On the British Riots

Aug 10, 2011

With five days of anarchy on the streets, buildings burning, streets unsafe, looters running amok, and already a billion pounds in damages, it is not too soon to start asking a few hard questions concerning the riots in Britain. Why

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The Death of Multiculturalism

Feb 13, 2011

The home of modern multiculturalism is quickly becoming the burial grounds for it. All over Europe not just the people, but the leaders, are beginning to see what a failed experiment multiculturalism has been. Speaking primarily of the refusal of

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Christians and Asylum Seekers

Nov 9, 2010

There is a lot of fuzzy thinking on the issue of asylum seekers, especially from the religious left. They want to take the high moral ground here, criticising those who say we need to be a bit careful about who

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Islam and the Failure of Multiculturalism

Oct 18, 2010

There is good and bad multiculturalism. The good kind aims for diversity amidst unity. That is, it seeks for common social values, and encourages newcomers to assimilate, integrate and affirm the core values of the host country. The bad kind

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Concerns About Halal Foods

Jul 15, 2010

Various religious groups have particular dietary laws. One thinks of Kosher foods which Jews are allowed to eat, for example. In the Islamic religion there are also allowable foods and prohibited foods. With the influx of Muslims into Western nations,

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Sharia Finance

Jun 9, 2010

All over the Western world governments are bending over backwards to accommodate sharia finance. This is an interest-free banking and finance system which Muslims want to have run in Western nations as a parallel economic stream.

The UK leads the

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Whither Multiculturalism?

Jan 25, 2010

Multiculturalism, like so many modern nostrums, was always better in theory than in practice. Indeed, it can work when it is simply allowed to happen, as was the case with the American melting pot. There social cohesion was possible despite

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Islam and Dutch Tolerance

Jan 25, 2010

The Netherlands is a nation long known for its emphasis on tolerance and liberal thinking. However those qualities are being put to the test at the moment with the trial of politician Geert Wilders. The outspoken MP has been at

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Western Immigration and Global Jihad

Aug 27, 2009

There is always a moral asymmetry between the free West and its enemies. The West is meant to play by the rules, and it usually does. It seeks to conduct its affairs within a moral framework, and certain things are

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Why the Sun is Setting on England

Jul 2, 2009

In its heyday it was said of the British Empire that the sun never set on it. Because so many lands across the globe bore the English flag, it was once the world’s great superpower. Of course today that grand

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When the West Sides With Its Enemies

Jan 28, 2009

In times of universal crisis, there is a great need for great men and great women to stand up and be counted. For example, when the Cold War was at its peak, it seems that three world leaders were providentially

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How Free is the Free West?

Jun 10, 2008

A case can be made that there is some sort of connection between the Judeo-Christian worldview, and basic Western goods, such as freedom of speech. And a case can also be made that there is a connection between the decline

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Thoughts on Islam and Australia

Apr 14, 2008

The issue of Muslims living in Australia is part of a bigger, broader debate about such things as multiculturalism, immigration, Australian values, the war on terror, social cohesion, and so on. The thoughts presented here largely spring from the context

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