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Draconian Citizenship Tests?

Jan 3, 2008

There have been some complaints about the new Australian citizenship tests. Evidently around 20 per cent of those taking the test for the first time are failing it. Ethnic groups are calling for their scrapping, or at least a major

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Why Britain is No Longer Great

Apr 11, 2007

Once the greatest nation on earth, Great Britain today is – like much of Europe – heading downhill big time. Back in its heyday it was both feared and respected. Today it is much more an object of scorn and

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Burqa Wars and Public Policy

Apr 3, 2007

In the recent film, The Children of Men (based on the 1992 P.D. James novel), illegal immigrants in a futuristic UK are rounded up and caged like animals. That is one way to deal with the problem of foreigners. A

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Appeasement Is No Solution

Mar 5, 2007

The weekend talkfest in Canberra designed to smooth over Muslim and non-Muslim differences is now history. The gathering was meant, in part, to help Muslims integrate better into Australian society, and help non-Muslims more readily welcome them, by getting to

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What’s Wrong With the Ten Commandments?

Feb 28, 2007

Political conservatism and religious conservatism tend to go together. Not always. Not completely. But there does tend to be a connection. It can be said that secularists tend to align themselves more with the left side of politics, while those

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Islam, Women and the Veil

Nov 28, 2006

Holland has just recently declared it would ban the burqa, and other face veils, worn by Muslim women. It will be the strictest law of its kind so far in Europe, and follows a number of other nations which have

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Academia and 9/11

Sep 15, 2006

How have the universities grappled with the tragic events of 9/11? Have they learned anything? Have they had a change of heart? Have they given up on some of their radical ways? Not according to Harvey Mansfield. He should know.

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When Nations Commit Suicide

Feb 27, 2006

Many Western nations are committing cultural hari-kari because of their commitment to extremist agendas and radical ideologies. Probably the two most noted examples of this would be Canada and the Netherlands. Both nations have pursued such radically dysfunctional and politically

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A review of The West and the Rest. By Roger Scruton.

Sep 21, 2005

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2002.

Roger Scruton is one of England’s best conservative writers and philosophers. He is the author of several important volumes, and for many years edited The Salisbury Review. His numerous articles and books on philosophy, politics,

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